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Re: Stargate Toughts?

By Santeh

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Hello All,

Being interested in astrobiology and astrochemistry (it is apart of my schooling) as well as a fan of the Stargate series (both movie and television series) I have had an interest in the Stargate pin for sometime. As it happens, a guy I know in my area has one for sale that he states is in fantastic cosmetic condition (pictures seem to back this up), including working rope lights and handrails in the backglass, as well no board issues, thus he states it plays well. I have watched all the YouTube videos that are available and it looks like a fine game with plenty of varied shots and a fairly deep rulesheet. So far the main criticisms I have come across are that it is a Gottlieb-Premiere and that the call outs occur too often. On those two issues, I have noted that many feel the Stargate pin is really the only Gottlieb-Premiere pin worth owning and that the call-outs can be greatly lessened by holding the two flipper button in at the start of a ball. As such, with all this, I am intrigued and my friend is not asking an outrageous price for a very nice, error free Stargate ($1550US). I am going to look at the pin on either Friday or Sunday depending on scheduling.

As it happens with most pins, I know of nobody that owns a Stargate thus I cannot try one out until I am in front of the one for sale. As I noted, the gameplay from the YouTube videos look good and the only personal downside is that I have a feeling I would need to get used to the "music". I was therefore wondering what people's opinions are of this title? Is it worth considering? If I pay $1550US for it, do I stand a chance to get my money back if I decide to sell?

As for likeability, I know that everyone's taste varies yet here is my current line-up which gives you an idea of what I like:

Twilight Zone
Lord of the Rings
Bride of Pinbot
Jurassic Park

The only other pins I have really considered adding due to funds are ST:TNG, CFTBL, and MB (pipe-dream as I will never be able to afford it).

Thanks for the thoughts all...

#2 9 years ago

Stargate is my most recent pin purchase. Awesome game, audio wise it's a little weak. I kind of like the 16 bit era music though. Very odd playfield and interesting ruleset. Tons of multiball modes, more balls get spit out in some depending on shots made. Balls are always moving thanks to 3 of the stand up targets having kickers behind them. I don't know of any other pin that had this. Very interesting drop target scoring. Quartz mining etc.. Built like a tank, everything under the playfield is labled. Gottlieb used pezio-electric smart switches that never need adjusting. You can read through the main rule set on the DMD before play by holding in the right flipper button while tapping the left.

Top 10 pin IMO.

#3 9 years ago

I used to have one on route right by me. It's a very fun game, easily the best Gottlieb/Premier ever produced. That's a fair price for one in the condition you describe. I say buy it, and if you decide it's not for you, you shouldn't have a problem dumping it for what you paid. If there was one for sale by me at that price, I'd already own it.

#4 9 years ago

I am sorry to take a bit to get back to you all, yet work is keeping me busy today... However, I wanted to thank you all for your thoughts! I will probably go for the $1550 if I like what I see and feel when I take a look later this week. However, it is very comforting to know that this Stargate, since it is in nice condition, would be a good buy even at $1550.

Thanks again all! I REALLY appreciate your feelings on the game!


#5 9 years ago

I'm getting SG this week as a matter of fact. Cant wait to get it and the price seems good on yours as well. I paid $1500 for the one Im getting and its in great shape as well. I havent really seen this title sell for any less so you shouldnt have a problem getting what you put into it. Cant really throw out an opinion because Ive only played it on Visual pinball but theme alone sells it for me. Not sure what the big deal is about the premier games. Some of the best built for sure IMHO. This is my second premier and wont hesitate to get another.

#6 9 years ago

I think there are quite a few Gottlieb System 3 games that are worth the price they go for. Compared to the ones on your list, I would take all of those games over Stargate with the exception of JP.

#7 9 years ago

"I think there are quite a few Gottlieb System 3 games that are worth the price they go for. Compared to the ones on your list, I would take all of those games over Stargate with the exception of JP."

Hmmm. This is encouraging since I love my JP. As such, SG should fit in well!

#8 9 years ago

"Not sure what the big deal is about the premier games. Some of the best built for sure IMHO. This is my second premier and wont hesitate to get another."

I'm a big Gottlieb/Mylstar/Premier fan myself!!! I think they really got the issues nailed down when it came to System 3. I have to admit, their earlier stuff, had me pulling my hair out!

#9 9 years ago

I think you are going to dig Stargate, Santeh.

It has quite a bit of stuff. A lot of people complain about there being way too much on the playfield. I like it for that very reason. There is a lot to do in Stargate.

If you are familiar with Premiere machines during that DMD time period, they were really trying to keep those playfields barren in order to cost cut. Take a look at Freddy for example (great game, but not a whole lot on that playfield).

For whatever reason, Gottlieb put a ton of stuff on Stargate. To top it off, Stargates go for ridiculous cheap prices. For the price and value, you really can't go wrong.

Will last you a while that machine. NoVArcade, summed it up. They are "built like a tank".

Post pics of the machine, when you check it out.

#10 9 years ago

Can't wait to try this one out.
I'm buying Novarcade's this weekend. =)

I've seen lots of Stargate love around the past couple months.

#11 9 years ago

Sweet, my SG is supposed to be here tomorrow. Good luck on yours Santeh and phrmtek!

#12 9 years ago

Thanks all! I am trying to set-up a meeting to see the pin on Friday and I will let you all know how it goes!

I hope you all enjoy the Stargate pins that you are getting. It is indeed neat to see so many picking them up! And I agree this particular title seems to be getting a lot of love lately!


EDIT: It looks like the viewing will have to wait until Sunday. Yet I will let you all know what happens.

#13 9 years ago

The verdict is in....Here at least. SG is in the house and played several games last night. Very enjoyable game and yeah, the PF is packed with cool stuff. Has a nice flow that really gets it with this "rookie". Even when I miss my shots I still feel pleased because theres so many to go for. Man those ramps are steep! Shooting the pyramid is a difficult shot as well. Going to take me a while to really learn the shots but really like it thus far. The sound is a definite buzz kill. That has allot of room for improvement but thats the only complaint that you will find here. Good luck on yours Sunday Santeh!

#14 9 years ago

Well my Stargate issue has apparently come to a close. I went to see the game yesterday and found that the game was possibly a re-import from Italy (the coin mech. had the price marked as such), it had some scuffs on the cabinet and side of backbox, the rails were a bit rusty, the wireform ramps were oxidizing (once it starts it is hard to stop on this game) and were missing their brackets and rivets (makes the ball sort of bounce down the wireform ramps), the game did not recognize the multiball sequence and would think the round/game was over when a ball was lost (although the seller said he fixed this), and the playfield was really quite dirty (although I did not see any wear). All of this and the seller wanted $1550 total which I know to be high for Stargate. Yet, to be honest, this is nitpicking but for paying a premium for a title it should be okay to do so.

However, even with all the above I was still tempted to get it as the rest of the game was nice and it seemed like a fun title... However, one of the main reasons I was looking at Stargate was that since my wife and I are both fans of the movie and show I thought this pin would be a good choice for us. However, the seller had other pins and my wife took a spin on most of them (I was focusing on the business at hand with the Stargate) and she ended up gravitating to the Simpson's Pinball Party. Oh no! Now I have gone from a $1550 game to a $3500 game! Ahhhhh! And, even more, seeing my wife like the Simpson's was a surprise as she played it about a month ago at a friend’s and really did not like it. Yet she said that the one yesterday played differently and she liked this unit a lot. Goodness... I am not sure I can go for a $3500 game... Oddly, as it happens I have a friend in Georgia who is looking for something like a Simpson's so I will see if they are interested. For me, right now it looks like no pin at the moment then.

Oh well. It was an interesting day, though, and the seller is a really nice guy (friend) so it was great to see him again as it has been awhile.

Thanks to everyone for their input on the Stargate.

#15 9 years ago

Simpsons is a class A title. Best of the Sterns. You should have no problem finding a nice HUO first run for 3K.

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