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RAZA Pre-order Club: A Cautionary Tale

By NoMonkey

10 months ago

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Post #2440 Link to SEC filings story. Posted by BMore-Pinball (68 days ago)

Post #2468 Story of SEC indictment Posted by DakotaMike (67 days ago)

Post #2527 DR never owned the Zidware entity per report. Posted by wcbrandes (67 days ago)

Post #2676 Summary of DR outlandish things. Posted by TheFamilyArcade (66 days ago)

Post #2864 Charging back a RAZA preorder Posted by Mr68 (59 days ago)

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#1173 5 months ago
Quoted from NoMonkey:

Just wait for the mid-May update and then asses.

So the May update is followed by a collective mooning. I can't wait to learn what's in store following the July update. ; >

#1382 5 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Oh, it’s an ORDER for something that doesn’t exist? Gotcha.

Exactly. Think it’s a stupid concept. It’s either an order or not an order. The “pre” is utterly gratuitous.
But ok. A pre-order for something unavailable. Checks out!

Having "pre-ordered" RAZA #4 from Zidware, and having sued Zidware and Jpop in Illinois for a refund (and having received restitution), I thereafter concluded that the "pre" in "pre-order" stands for "pretend." ;>

On a serious note, I suspect that like Magic Girl, a smattering of deeproot RAZAs will be made. However, from a purely objective standpoint, the odds on deeproot's survival quotient are dubious at best. Nevertheless, I will continue to root for you pre-order Pinsiders.

#1396 5 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Thx Bruce. It’s been a long journey but this ain’t no Magic Girl. Lol
You aren’t still one of the dwindling plaintiffs left are you? I hope you can pull some $$ out of him

Welcome back from your surgery, Doug.

My case was resolved within about 2 weeks of my lawsuit filing, at the time Bill's Pintasia entered the scene. Seems like forever ago.

There are about a dozen plaintiffs who joined my suit. They each successfully obtained favorable judgments against one or more defendants.

When Jersey Jack began taking ECLEWOZ preorders about 10 years ago, I felt comfortable with that risk inasmuch as JJP was then in southern NJ, just an hour's drive from my house. I figured that if I had a contractual dispute, JJP was in my jurisdiction.

As a Texas attorney with litigation resources, I imagine that you feel similarly about deeproot. Your risk is somewhat lower than a RAZA preorder customer overseas, for example.

1 month later
#1570 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Some people are doing something inside that building and I assume it’s not playing tiddly winks.

Could it be that Alice In Wonderland has been supplanted by a heretofore undisclosed title: Tiddlywinks? ;>

1 week later
#1809 3 months ago
Quoted from kklank:

I’m going to have some Miller Lite bottles .

I hear that Mueller Lite in pinpods is particularly popular lately.

2 weeks later
#2022 82 days ago

Toyotaboy--- post #2011:

You posted only the prelude. To be fair, below is the full exposition of a world without lawyers.

Toyota, the company, even appears in the clip.

#2024 82 days ago
Quoted from kklank:

Nothing is over.
Did they say it was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??

Germans? Nope.

RAZA alien, Neb? Possibly.

#2027 82 days ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Watch the movie.

Animal House, I get it. Is that trivia really that famous?

#2217 77 days ago
Quoted from jlm33:

I can bet JPop will be involved in at least one of them. As a cat, he's got 9 lives and only burned 3 so far (Zidware, AP, Deeproot).

Arguably, the Jpop cat is down to 5 lives. Pintasia belongs in the cluster of 4 enterprises which attempted to rescue the project.

#2373 74 days ago
Quoted from benheck:

Oh I agree Matt Andrew's art was great on the OG Houdini.
But yeah. Just acrylic BS representing toys, shots to nowhere, nonsense word inserts. That's when I lost all respect for John. He spends all this time on stuff like Houdini or KISS and it's not even a real game. More like an impression of one, and if you didn't know better (cough cough the AP owners) you'd think it was real.

The two Houdinis.

FB_IMG_1628962178008 (resized).jpgFB_IMG_1628962184582 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#3203 43 days ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

You are always going to be successful with your card company when this kinda crap happens and is reported but do not think for a minute these companies don't do their homework! Once they see the details and the fact you signed Roberts basic "your fucked" contract, I would be very surprised if anyone gets to keep their refunds. Sorry to say this and I know everyone deserves it back however you had the opportunity to cash out and once you rolled the dice the credit card companies are off the hook. Lets hope in some circumstances they miss this! Fingers crossed for all of you!

This is an interesting argument. I can certainly imagine the disreputable credit card banks utilizing this logic to rescind refunds.

Nevertheless, it's a specious argument. This is because refunds were essentially predicated upon delays as opposed to nondelivery. In other words, a buyer's deposit remained the consideration given in exchange for a nondelivered product. The fact that a buyer passed on one or more refund opportunities (while foolish) does not alter the immutable money for goods dynamic of the transaction.

The credit card companies can hang their hats on a variety of straightforward factors, particularly the long passage of time, to deny charge-backs. They probably don't need to dig deep into a refund time-line analysis to do so, if they're so inclined.

If a credit card company is consumer-oriented, all that will matter is that the deposit was taken and the product was not delivered (and never will be, given the SEC revelations and the closure of the deeproot facility). I imagine that credit card customers who regularly charge large sums to their cards will succeed, particularly with AMEX, whereas other cardholders will fail to recoup their deposits.

#3216 37 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

What store would you get credits for?


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