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Rarest Pinball game and Best Game (Plus worst game!)

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By Pin-Bert

6 years ago


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#1 6 years ago

What is the rarest pinball game you've ever played? I know mine is called Pinball Circus and only two where made in the world!
The Best Game is Theatre of Magic because it's awesome!
Worst is Wheel of Fortune. It makes me want to puke!
Please respond: I'm Curious!

#2 6 years ago

Hmm, my rarest ever game was Big Bang Bar. And that was the 2007 rerun

Best game? Tough one, but I'd have to say Medieval Madness or maybe Scared Stiff? Attack from Mars? Twilight Zone? spiderman? Aaargh.. So many great games!

I kind of understand your loathing of Wheel of Fortune. I have tried to like it myself but it was just no fun to play... Hmm, but I want to give it a second change as I have only played it for 30 minutes. For me one of the worst games ever would be some of the 1990-1996 Gottlieb machines, like Waterworld. But I also remember I really hated Viper Night Drivin' and -more recently- kind of get annoyed by Elvis (Stern).

#3 6 years ago

Hey! I have played that Pinball Circus too! You have to goto Las Vegas to play it at the pinball hall of fame. I think the other machine is in one of the designers collections. It's definately a different kind of game to play. The game is in an arcade cabinet with all sorts of levels to get the ball to. Its one of those short stalky playing pinballs like pac-man, and the pinball 2000's. The concept and ingenuity for these games is outstanding, but the gameplay just doesn't work for me. I played it for a bit, took a picture of it and went onto the next machine.
MM is still holding its ground for lots of people as the best game! I think it would be for me as well. Great gameplay and flow and the humor factor is just hilarious!
I don't really have a particular game that I don't like, but the games that I would only play once would be slow flow kinda games. Like most of the older EM's with annoying (ding dong) door bell sounds, and even some newer machines like said above with the late Gottlieb's. I would probably never buy one of the new Stern games either. There is a couple of good ones like Rollercoaster Tycoon, and maybe LoTR or spiderman. But other than that, the gameplay gets boring fast and not too much humour in any of them. You just have to look in the TV guide to see a list of THEIR machines!!!

#4 6 years ago

Haven't played any Pinball Machines considered rare!
But my all time favorite is a real battle between 1993 Indiana Jones and Attack from Mars,both awesome themes and DMD graphics,beautiful to look at and play.
Worst game so far for me is Sega's Baywatch..liked the nostalgia in the music but that was about it.

#5 6 years ago

Favorites would include LOTR, 1993 Indiana, TWZ, MM, CV, BK2000, and a few others... I own a excellent TOM and that is not one of my favorites im actually trying to trade it the mutliball is weak as well as that boring trunk and lame GF. It is perty to look at. Anyone want to trade ha

Worst would be def Gottlieb and im not a fan of older machines/vintage also pool themed games suck to me I use to own a Cue Ball Wizard uhh. Ive played Wheel of Fortune it was acutally fun to me.

#6 6 years ago

I would really like to see Pinball Circus, I have seen it the Tilt movie... The rarest I play is Cactus Canyon, but its still not close to BBB.
I hated Grand Prix by Stern

#7 6 years ago

I'd love a capcom Kingpin. they're pretty rare. Sterns new 24 reminds me a little of the hotel in Kingpin. A long, tight shot. kingpins theme is way better though.

Favourite? - all of them!

#8 6 years ago

About a year ago there were news about a rerun of Kingpin, like BBB. They started collecting the deposits, but I hear its not going to happen due to the crisis...

#9 6 years ago

I don't know what the rarest machine I have ever played is, I'd have to think real hard about that one.

The best pinball game I have played is a three-way tie between Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars, and The Addams Family.

The worst machine I have ever played is South Park. I don't mind some of the newer Stern games, but this one is a total dud. The first time I ever tried it I had been playing for about 20 minutes straight and was still on my second ball. All the shots were very easy to make, getting an extra ball was effortless, and the modes are very repetitive. During my 3rd ball I got completely bored and I trapped it on the flipper and asked a kid in the arcade if he wanted to play the last ball. This is a machine that I'd probably not ever bother playing again unless it was on free play and I just wanted to throw my initials up on the board.

#10 6 years ago

My rarest would have to be 1982 Gottlieb Spirit played at a arcade around '86 or '87, which I'm still looking for!

Favorites Late 80's early 90's Williams, Cyclone, Earthshaker, BOP....

Worst Sega Pins......Especially Sega Star Wars Trilogy, What the F*** Happened!

#11 6 years ago

I have played Pinball Circus (Las Vegas version)- believe me, it's a good thing it never went into production.

The rarest Solid State game has got to be Zingy Bingy, which is probably sitting 95% complete in Python Angelo's basement. The 1995 Capcom production team were a bunch of geniuses who were having all their good ideas about a decade late. Just think how successful the company could've been if they'd launch those ideas in the late 1980s or early 1990s ! That Big Bang Bar and Kingpin were still "re-made" years later stands as a testament to their excellent design.

#12 6 years ago

Rarest : two player joust pinball.
Best: Addams Family, Cyclone, Bone Busters are my picks

WORST: Spring Break, and Bad Girls not only are they ugliest machines out there, but.., they are practically unplayable for more than the time it takes you to stop laughing. Its like someone gave a monkey a bunch of pinball machine parts.

#13 6 years ago


> Rarest: "grand huit" and "nosferatus", 2 french pinball machines - "new star's phoenix" by Zaccaria - "Asteroid Annie and the Aliens"

> Best: "Monster bash"...

> Worst: "Raven" or "the game"

#14 6 years ago

Rarest has to be a tie between Joust and Mystery Castle.

I now have owned 2 of the 500 Mystery Castles made and I still have one in my collection.

Best for me would be Star Trek tng or Twilight Zone.

Worst one that I played would be Water World.

#15 6 years ago

Rarest: Krull

Best: many good games. Personal favs are: LOTR, MM, MB, CV

Worst: no such thing. The worst pinball beats the best day at work.

#16 6 years ago

Rarest: I haven't really played anything considered rare...although CV and BR have low(er) production runs, I haven't played anything distinguished for its rarity.

Best: Theatre of Magic (my personal favorite), Cirqus Voltaire, Black Rose.

Worst: any new Stern. Nope, I'm not really a Stern person, although LoTR is quite good.

#17 5 years ago

Probably the rarest machine I have played would be Big Bang Bar. I only had a chance to play it for fifteen minutes, however, it was a blast. Great gameplay and theme.

Best: Tough call between Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Cirqus Voltaire, and Champion Pub. Probably have to go with Medieval Madness.

Worst: Probably the Stern Pirates of the Carribean. For some reason I can't stand that game.

#18 5 years ago

Rarest: Joker Poker EM.

Best: Pinbot, LOTR.

Worst: Hmmm, not sure. There were some that I never really got into, but I don't remember what they were.

#19 5 years ago

Best: The ones I own.

Worst: The ones I don't own but would like to.

Rarest: The ones that appear on Craigslist and have their listings deleted before I even see it.

But seriously, I enjoy Gorgar since I own it...

#20 5 years ago

Rarest I played is Pinball Circus too, was a total blast to play, loved it.

Too many choices, too much pressure here, I could never pick a true best/favourite pin.

Finally for the worst pin I've played so far has to be a Gottlieb Wipe Out.

#21 3 years ago

Rarest: T.K.O. (125 made) at the Silverball Museum in NJ

Best: tie between AFM and LOTR

Worst: South Park

dsc_7900.jpgdsc_7900.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

#22 3 years ago
onedeath said:

Rarest has to be a tie between Joust and Mystery Castle.
I now have owned 2 of the 500 Mystery Castles made and I still have one in my collection.
Best for me would be Star Trek tng or Twilight Zone.
Worst one that I played would be Water World.

Joust pinball? My friend and I, many many years ago, used to play a game called Joust at the arcade. We would play for hours. It was a CRT arcade game though...these little pirates would try to steal your fuel cells (if I remember correctly) and we played as a team (co-op mode) to defend them. Are you saying there was a pinball machine based on Joust? I need to go google or pbd that one!

Was it fun? Close or similar to the arcade CRT game? Do you know which came out first? Pinball Joust or CRT arcade Joust? Sorry for so many questions. You have me traveling down memory lane though;)

#23 3 years ago

Rarest: Farfalla
Best: LOTR
Worst: Big Ben

#24 3 years ago

Rarest: Kingpin
Best: Medieval Madness
Worst: Stern NBA

#25 3 years ago

Rarest: BBB
Best: SM
Worst: Eight Ball

#26 3 years ago

Rarest: Wizard Blocks
Best: Popeye Saves the Earth
Worst: Bugs Bunny Birthday Party

#27 3 years ago

Rarest: Pinball Circus
Best: tie between TZ and MM.
Worst: I haven't really find one I don't like. I just like some less than others.

#28 3 years ago
jahbarron said:

Rarest: Wizard Blocks
Best: Popeye Saves the Earth
Worst: Bugs Bunny Birthday Party

Winner for craziest list all-around. Where did you play Wizard Blocks?

#29 3 years ago

Rarest: Bill Paxton Pinball (1 made) and Lost (1 made)
Best: LOTR
Worst: BBH

#30 3 years ago

I haven't played any rare games yet, but here's my picks:

Worst: South Park, Hardbody, IJ4

#31 3 years ago

Rarest games I've played are Pinball Circus and BBB.

#32 3 years ago

Rarest: Banzai Run (the one we have, that is also NOT FOR SALE).

Best: Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure. Seriously, combining the extreme awesomeness, rarity, AND nostalgia of playing this game when I was little, stepping up to this marvel the short time it was in the arcade was pretty humbling.

Worst: Hmm. I might actually say Hook, although its another one I played when I was young. It's fun and the music is great, but let's be honest: very repetitive (music especially), no clear objectives, and no official rule sheet. Really?

#33 3 years ago

Rarest: my Transporter the Rescue 859
Best:monster bash
Worst: Shaq Attaq

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#36 3 years ago

Rarest: Cactus Canyon or black spidey, Big Flipper?
Best: I still love Addams, TSPP
Worst: South Park, FG

#37 3 years ago

Rarest: Kingpin
Best: TAF and TZ of course I'd love to get my hands on a Theatre of Magic and MM (I know, good luck).
Worst: None really, but I'm not huge fan of any of the stern games, though I'd like to try spiderman.

#38 3 years ago

Rarest: BBB original one
Best: MM, AFM, Pin bot
Worst: hard to say, never played one i hated, but i was a let down by CFTBL.

#39 3 years ago

Rarest-the Costco version of Batman, only 48 produced, probably less than that sold. I know where one is available,

#40 3 years ago

Does it have to be an original design, or can a "re-themed" one count?
Well, for stock machines sake...
Pinball Circus, BBB OG, Kingpin OG and Krull.
For the "re-themed"...
I really wanted to play that 'Beatniks Koolsville Kustom' too. Even though they sacrificed a EATPM for it. Grrrrr...
Oh well.
MM is just hard to beat on total package.
SS is my favorite and Austin Powers has to be my worst. Popeye and Gilligan's Island COMBINED is more fun than AP.

#41 3 years ago
gambit3113 said:

jahbarron said:Rarest: Wizard Blocks
Best: Popeye Saves the Earth
Worst: Bugs Bunny Birthday Party

Winner for craziest list all-around. Where did you play Wizard Blocks?

#42 3 years ago

Rarest: Pinball Circus
Best: Lots...TZ, AFM, MM, etc...
Worst: I don't even know it's name, but it was a foosball style two player game at the pHOF.

#43 3 years ago

Rarest: Varkon - I've played two of these. Such a fun and unique game!(90 produced)
Best: TZ (obvious, but I really can't think of a better game)
Worst: Wipeout comes to mind.

#44 3 years ago

Best: IM
Worst: Hook

#45 3 years ago

Rarest? Jolly Park at least it is rare in the US
Best? MM would win by votes, but for me LOTR.
Worst? Shaq Attack

#46 3 years ago

Rarest I think is Papillon by Videodens... after playing it I bought it!

Best has to be MM.

Worst is a tought one... a toss up between Dr Who, Street Fighter II... and possibly Papillon

#47 3 years ago

Rarest: Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom (Own #182 of 365)

Best: MM followed very close by TZ

Worst: WPT

#48 3 years ago
Pin-Bert said:

Worst is Wheel of Fortune. It makes me want to puke!


The wheel is the bomb!

#49 3 years ago


#50 3 years ago

Rarest seems to be a somewhat elusive term in the pin world, not to add in that I've played a lot of old EMs as a youth but can't recall there titles......but

Rarest: Gottlieb Star Race

Best: Black Hole

Worst: Gorgar (I know this will start a fire storm) just a slow and plain boring to me.

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