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Rarest game you own?

By Schusler

8 years ago

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#151 3 years ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

And oddly enough, I've seen more Red ones than blue. But they did have a red one at Arcade Expo.

I know a guy here in Sweden that have a red JL and a blue JL.

#152 3 years ago

Williams Magic Clock-

There are only a couple in existence if that I know of.

#153 3 years ago

Gottlieb Devil's Dare (on the right)

I would imagine the theme didn't make it a big success in public areas, much like other cult-ish games

I also own a 1974 Williams Strato-Flite which isn't rare but mine is supposedly HUO with condition to match. (far left)


#154 3 years ago

Demolition Man on Steroids. I think maybe a dozen or so exist. Not sure.

#155 3 years ago

I have a "Marilyn" Taxi. Only 200 made. I kid.... I kid...

#156 3 years ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

1933 Bally Blue Ribbon.

I just picked up a 1965 Bally "Blue Ribbon". According to IPDB only 875 made. Some of those are German versions. Mine is American, and it's the only one I've ever seen!
But, I also own a Gottlieb "Pleasure Isle". Only 235 of them made, but oddly, I've seen several of these in person, and many others for sale on eBay, etc.
Also have several low production add-a-ball wedgeheads. Many had a production run of less than 650 units, such as "Dimension" (490), and "Mini Pool" (500).

#157 3 years ago

Snow Derby

Star Wars
Sundance Only a handful in existence.

Red Barron
Spy Hunter

#158 3 years ago

A 1935 Bally Prospector Model 33. Beautiful playfield that is a work of art. I imagine it as Telluride in the 1880s. Flipperless, battery operated only. Payout machine.



#159 3 years ago

Wondering if ?

Mustang pro - nobody seems to like it ?

SMVE- nobody wants to own because it's premium priced, etc.?

Would either qualify?

#160 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I thought those were just faded original Congo's.

#161 3 years ago

Monday Night Football is the rarest one I have. Not too many made but seems to always be the one buddies flock to compete on.

#162 3 years ago

Chicago Coin - 1965 Hula Hula

#163 3 years ago

Stern WWELE -__- *rim shot* HEYOOOOOOOOO

#164 3 years ago

Williams Time Fantasy - 1982



#165 3 years ago

mine is a 1949 Chicago Coin " Champion " pinball

There are no real production numbers but form all my reading and research 350 seems to be the agreed upon number.

Actually a fairly entertaining game to play for a few minutes.

A couple pics from the day I brought it home about 5 years ago , I have since gotten a repo back glass and cleaned it up.



#166 3 years ago

I had two Punk's at my shop at the same time, both will be at the PAGG show this May.


Quoted from Allgood:

I've got a Gottlieb Punk! that says production of 959, but I have never seen another one anywhere.
Perfect 80s theme rock pin - hairstyles and all!

#167 3 years ago

There's a Gottlieb Rock at the PATZ show right now.

John P. Dayhuff
Battle Creek, MI.

#168 3 years ago
Quoted from Rcade:

Stern WWELE -__- *rim shot* HEYOOOOOOOOO

I've got this one, too!

It's probably rarer than my BBB.

Megatron LE at #125 made might be my winner, though...although that kind of feels like cheating.


#169 3 years ago

Airborne has the lowest production (1,350) out of my collection but I'd bet Robo-War is the hardest to find.

#170 3 years ago
Quoted from indybru:

SMVE- nobody wants to own because it's premium priced, etc.?

For me, it's not the price...it's the audio package. I just wouldn't be able to give up custom JK Simmons, AND Bruce Campbell quotes. (And...MACHO MAN. Good god, Spidey's audio is fargin' awesome).

Love the comic book look, and hope owners are enjoying it, since it is a great game!


#173 3 years ago

Have a pair of Alvin G Footballs. One is USA football (blue) and the other is just Football (green soccer). Apparently the green Football is a re-import because they were called that when shipped overseas and the ones that stayed here we called soccer.

#174 3 years ago

I lost this one. I own a Banzai Run.. Is that still kinda rare, or at least when you are trying to find one... right? Ahh... shoot again.

#175 3 years ago

Lots of cool games here. My rarest would be Fireball II @2300 made. Can't believe no one has posted a Voltan.

#176 3 years ago

Williams Fire Champagne 271 made, mine is #221.
Bally Truck Stop, but I call her Big Betty, 1600 made, you just never see them around.
Game Plan Captain Hook, 454 made. My Captain is for sale in the marketplace.

#177 3 years ago

It was a Spirit but I got a Punk! today so if we're going by lower production numbers that's taken over.

#178 3 years ago

A.G. Soccer-Ball 500 made
Stern Star Gazer 869 made
Wico Af-tor (working) production unknown, but you never find them working


#179 3 years ago

Williams double play pitch and bat. Never seen another one, and don't know anybody else who has one

#180 3 years ago

The rarest game in my collection is a Capcom Breakshot. They only made 1,000 of them even though they seem to turn up fairly often. Mine is slightly more unique in that it is currently in the care of Jack Danger and makes appearances on the Dead Flip twitch stream.

The rest of my collection is mostly mass produced. Pinbot, Flash Gordon, Jungle Lord, Harlem Globetrotters, Gorgar. I guess Disco Fever might be thought of as rare. They made 6,000 of them but I do not think many survived.

#181 3 years ago

BBH. Estimated production is under 1000, definitely less than original IM which was about 1k.
1962 Flipper Clown - 1550 made, likely only a fraction of them left
1959 Universe - 1150 made, same
1947 Mexico flipperless - No idea the production number, but you can imagine how unlikely you are to encounter one.

Also have some moderately rare video games, around 500 units of each produced... contrast it with the 10's of thousands of the uprights produced.

Joust Cocktail
Robotron Mini
Stargate Mini

#182 3 years ago

Whirlwind wind bought new in box, Diamond plate, translite with W sticker over cubs hat,.Champion pub, Standard WOZ with direct print cabinet? Acdc ( luci) ? SOLD LE Stones. Punchy the clown

#183 3 years ago

Currently my rare list is.

Miss World (5 known to exist)

Spooky (4 in the US- less than 40 made)

Zankor (6 in the US- Less than 60 made)

Robot - Fairly rare numbers unknown

Torpedo alley- 1000 made only 200 stayed in the states. Many have been parted out

Pinball Magic - 1200 made

Atlantis - 1500 made

Orbitor 1 - less than 800

Locomotion- numbers unknown but count is very low

#184 3 years ago

Supposedly only 4 - 5 of the Cosmic Gunfights in the orange cabinet and 1008 total produced.


#185 3 years ago

mine would be my Atari Superman.....with my yet to be installed NOS playfield

#186 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

(To be joined by 70/500 RZ one day)

only 300 RZs, not 500 BTW

#187 3 years ago

Anyone know how many CSI's and Stern IJ's were made? I've been led to believe that mine are pretty rare...

#188 3 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

Anyone know how many CSI's and Stern IJ's were made? I've been led to believe that mine are pretty rare...

I've heard about 600 CSIs, and 2500 IJs.

#189 3 years ago

i own a dedicated Zwackery arcade game. Think there are like 15-20 known to exist

no rare pinball stuff

#190 3 years ago

Punchy the Clown 103 Produced

Diamond Lady 2700 Produced , most went overseas hence the rareness in the US.

Orbitor 1 889 Produced





#191 3 years ago

I'm not worthy of this thread, but I have one pin with current production number less than 1,000 -MMR

#192 3 years ago
Quoted from jrpinball:

I just picked up a 1965 Bally "Blue Ribbon". According to IPDB only 875 made.

I've heard that the Bally Blue Ribbon is much rarer than the Pabst version.

#193 3 years ago

I worked in an Aladdin's Castle that had two of those as test games. Even saw some software changes made on them (mostly sound).

#194 3 years ago

I've got a 1979 Game Plan "Family Fun!" cocktail table. Never seen another one and there's not much about them online. Few if any mentions of it even in pinside forums.

That said, not a game you'll play for hours and it's a stinker of a theme. But it's fun to have an oddity/novelty in the collection... most people aren't aware there were cocktail pins.

#195 3 years ago

Bally city slicker , 300 games ?

#196 3 years ago


Production unknown though I heard 18.


#197 3 years ago

Nice topic. It surprises me that some of the titles mentioned here come up for sale fairly often here in the Netherlands. Capcom Breakshot, Airborne and Pinball Magic to mention a few. And the museum around the corner here features an Orbitor 1, a Punchy and The Matrix!

I am currently working on a Bride of Pinbot 2.0, I guess that would qualify as well, as not more than a few dozen of those kits were shipped so far .

#198 3 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Production unknown though I heard 18.


Is that a Hodaka Super Rat or a Combat Wombat motorcycle on the BG? Oh those days of fun and frolic.......

#199 3 years ago

Does my one-of-a-kind iron maiden conversion count?



#200 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Does my one-of-a-kind iron maiden conversion count?

Yes, it counts, although I think the 1981 Stern Iron Maiden (~1200) is a tough one to find now as well.
I really doubt there are more than a couple hundred left.

For me, currently, AGBGoaWT, German export NIB warehouse acquisition from the early 2000s with a ton of NOS factory parts. (~350, Mr. Pinball 2016)
Fireball (EM) is certaining less than 1000 now, probably 650 or so across the world.

Voltan was pretty low, King Tut as well.
Mystery Castle less than 200?
Knockout from Gottlieb, 1950 is probably ridiculous, less than 100 EASY.

I think the truly rarest I ever owned was a Spooky (with Tootsie Roll animated "Mr. Owl") from Zaccaria that I bought in German in 1990s. (<40-60), although most of the Zaccaria games had low production values, mostly unknown.
There are less than 10 left.

Probably lots more over a quarter century I missed though, many oddities.
A couple of missed opportunities as well such as BBB before the reproduction (~14, before the -3 before the fire and other two losses), KK, Krull, and LNM.

As the old pinball saying goes, "rare" does not equal "good".

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