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(Topic ID: 270658)

Questions on best practices on selling a game

By Ozzie

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago

I am thinking about selling my games - XM pro and WCS. However, both are in my basement which does have straight stairs down from the garage.

I haven't played either game in a while, and the kids rarely play. Haven't played any of the new games so probably would not replace immediately until I figured out what I wanted.

If you wanted a hassle-free transaction as possible, avoid strange dealings and - what are the best practices for selling your game?

Do you list in other places besides Pinside? Don't want to deal with shipping. Ideally, would like the person to see the game in person, play and avoid any buyer remorse / complaint.

I assume clean the games - any suggested additional process beyond normal?

The WCS goalie plastic recently broke - I am planning on just fixing that before listing but didn't know if I should just list it without doing that (it would probably take some time before I got around to acquiring a new one).

Is it better to bring the games up from the basement prior to listing for persons to try / ease removal (and just keep in my garage? I would likely need to pay someone to carry the games up the stairs. I don't want to help anyone who buys the game lift the games up the stairs (just recently recovered from some strained back issues and don't want to reaggravate).

Advice to weed out people who want to show up and then haggle and waste time?

Any advice on setting a price other than using recent transactions on Pinside? Do you list at different prices on different sites?

Any other insight, best practices and guidance from experienced sellers would be appreciated.

Thank you

#2 4 months ago

Depends what you're going for -

For the most hassle free sale, I wouldn't move it or clean it or fix a thing - just post them "as-is" right here on Pinside. None of those things are a surprise to pin owners. Most of us aren't afraid of a game that just needs to be tweaked and cleaned, if the price reflects accordingly.

If you want to get squeeze as much $$ as you can out of them, sure, clean them up and fix them. I would not move them though, that's just me. It could sit in your kitchen for 2 months, or not work right after you move it (who hasnt been there....).

Craigslist will be mostly scammers and tire kickers, but for a local sale may be your best bet, or FAcebook or one of those other thing I'm not on.

#3 4 months ago

Leave them where they're at and explain to buyers that you are unable to help remove from basement because of your back. I've seen people with different pricing on different sites and I usually look tight past them it just seems a little shady to me.

#5 4 months ago

I would be wary of Craigslist but I’d certainly post there. I’ve actually done all on Craigslist and met some good people.

#6 4 months ago

I've sold and bought a number of pins on Pinside. I generally sold and purchased for a reasonable price and had zero issues (cash on the glass, please). I like selling to others in the hobby - it eliminates phone calls asking about how to fix things or where to get parts from and you might make a friend or 2 in the process.

#7 4 months ago

I would put an ad here and state that buyer must remove from basement. I would specify that you cannot assist as sometimes people assume that they will get a little help. Disclose all issues. If they were dirty a quick wipe down would make them present better.

I would avoid Craigslist to avoid flakes as you stated that was a concern. Some buyers on Craigslist are fine but I would start here. People who show up at your house can try to haggle but if you have good communication early on it can stop that.

#8 4 months ago

I usually cross-post Pinside listings with Facebook, and then only expand to Craigslist if I don't get any bites after a couple weeks. Pinside is good because you will avoid a lot of issues, since pinsiders generally know what they're buying and understand things break over time, and pinsiders know that moving a pin can sometimes shake loose a connector or a wire. I also like selling on Facebook Marketplace because it's very easy to communicate with potential buyers, and it's easy to spot scammers. Since you can look at the profile of your FB buyers, you can tell if they are a "real" person much more easily than through Craigslist.

The one big advantage that Craigslist has is that a lot of people looking to buy a pin will ONLY check Craigslist. (I never knew that FB Marketplace existed until I heard someone talk about it on Pinside about 6 months ago!) And I think you get more casual buyers on CL who might be willing to pay more for a given pin, or who will be more likely to overlook cosmetic issues that a collector pinhead wouldn't. But downsides are that you are more likely to run into potential scammers, and more likely to run into uneducated buyers that might have unrealistic expectations post-sale. So there's a little more risk, but I sold my last pin through CL and was very happy with the experience. So it's certainly a viable option.

Since it won't be easy for you to move the pins, just let the buyer do it. Garage-level loading is a perk for a buyer and could sway someone, but not enough for you to bother hurting yourself or spending money to move them up yourself. Just make it clear in your listing that you are unable to help load and that the buyer will need to bring enough help to move the game on their own. It will turn a few people off, but overall most interested buyers will still be interested in spite of the stairs.

Just my two cents! Good luck!

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