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Quarantine cooking thread

By Sputnik

1 year ago

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    #32 1 year ago

    Toss the spagrus in a half dozen drops of sesame oil and some salt and pepper and toss in a hot pan for 1 min. Sprinkle a few drops of good balsamic on it and serve crunchy.

    You're welcome.

    #43 1 year ago

    I didn't take a pic either but i made two dozen Prawn Cutlets in panko crumbs with lime zest and shredded coconut last night.

    #46 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    Well, I believe you. But without pictures my mouth doesnt water, unfortunately. I like my mouth watering..
    And I also like getting inspiration from seeing pictures of good food. I know alot of people hate such stuff, but then I guess they are in the wrong thread.

    Picture of the cold left overs just for you then;

    Scuse the abundance if salt, i'm addicted to the celtic sea salt.

    prawn1 (resized).jpg
    #79 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    Thank you for giving me an idea about what to cook tomorrow!

    You are welcome.

    #99 1 year ago
    Quoted from Soapman:

    Steaks are awsome on the flat top! Butter and Beef!
    Need to give it a try.

    Steaks are best cooked sous vide. I've won money betting people i can cook the best steak they've ever eaten.

    Get yourself a $20 ribeye with a handle on it 2" thick and do it at 55C (130F) for 2 hours sous vide and then sear on your flat top for a minute either side.

    sousviderig1 (resized).jpg
    #102 1 year ago

    Chicken and bacon pie at the punkin's tonight. 1 pie and it made enough to feed 5 people, i get two share it with two couples. Sharing is what food is all about, i like costing too, it works out to $2 a serve. Good footy when you can feed someone for a couple bucks.
    pi1 (resized).jpgpi2 (resized).jpg

    Someone said here yesterday that they'll end being either a great cook or an alcoholic after the quarantine stuff. My mate and i both started laughing and i told her that i was already both.

    #110 1 year ago
    Quoted from guss:

    Can you PM me the recipe?

    Sorry no recipe, just chicken thighs chopped and tossed in seasoned flour with stock, veggies, bacon, pasta shells and some Lancashire Relish/worcestershire sauce. Thicken and tip in pastry.

    #173 1 year ago

    Smoked a couple fatties over pecan on the stick burner the other day, will reheat one with baked vegies for dinner tonight.

    fatty1 (resized).jpg
    #186 1 year ago

    Fatty all sliced, made this one with bread stuffing

    fatty2 (resized).jpg
    #195 1 year ago
    Quoted from Erik:

    A fatty is a pork tenderloin?

    Mince pork and veal. In Australia we call it a meatloaf, but in the US i was under the understanding that it is called a fatty?

    #201 1 year ago

    While i was aware there was another meaning to the expression, it is called the cooking thread and google tells me that i used the term correctly.


    #204 1 year ago
    Quoted from Erik:

    Let the record show that our Woolgoolgian brothers are experienced in smoking a fatty

    In all sorts of US style BBQ, sausage making and cold smoking in fact;

    bacon3 (resized).jpgbbq14 (resized).jpgbbq8 (resized).jpgbbqbeefribs3 (resized).jpgbbqbeefribs5 (resized).jpgbbqporkknuckles1 (resized).jpgbtkfc2 (resized).jpgchillicrab2 (resized).jpgham162 (resized).jpgsalami1 (resized).jpg
    #208 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jaybird815:

    NICE!! You ever cold smoke some fine cheeses? It’s phenomenal to make pizza with

    I've cold smoked cheese for my wife before, smoked everything from fish to chicken to salt, grain and nuts. Butchering pigs and making cold cured meats like copa, salami, pancetta and prosciutto and stuff was my last hobby before i found pinball.

    Cold smoked salt is really handy stuff, cheap and easy and lends smoked flavour to anything you put in on, like steamed vegies, healthy AND tasty.

    #211 1 year ago

    Smoked Chicken Chowder tonight.

    chow1 (resized).jpgchow2 (resized).jpg
    #213 1 year ago

    Smoked Fish/Chicken Chowder****

    500gm Smoked fish or chicken, 1 potato diced, 1 stick celery diced, 1 onion diced. 50 gm Butter, 1 rasher of bacon finely chopped, 2 tbsp plain flour, ½ tsp dry mustard, 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 cup milk, 3 tbsp chopped parsley, ¼ cup of cream.

    Cook fish in 1.25l of water for 8 min. Keep stock and flake fish.
    Cook potato, onion and celery in a litre of stockfor 8 mins, set aside.
    Melt butter and fry bacon till browned, stir in flour, mustard and relish, cook for 1 min until pale and foaming and the flour is cooked through. Remove from heat and gradually stir in milk, return to heat and stir till it boils and thickens, reduce heat and simmer for 2 mins.
    Gradually add stock and vegies while stirring till all combined cook, add parsley and fish or chicken. Simmer for 5 mins.
    Season with lots of white pepper and salt if needed, serve with cream.

    I just substitute the smoked chicken for smoked fish because my ex didn't like smoked fish. Now i'm used to eating it this way. Serve with herbed croutons made with good oil oil and loads of white pepper.

    #216 1 year ago
    Quoted from Bax1:

    sounds awesome. so the stock. chicken i take it? how much do you use?

    I have home made stock in the freezer, used about a litre/quart i guess. I threw the bones in from the chook while the vegies were boiling then discarded the bones.

    #219 1 year ago

    Just to finish up the chicken chowder, here it is with rye bread herbed croutons.

    chow3 (resized).jpg
    #228 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinMonk:

    If you're into Asian flavors (and pork dumplings!) David Chang's Momofuku is only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle or Apple ebook right now.
    Also, his series Ugly Delicious on Netflix is definitely worth a watch.

    Very much into pork dumplings.

    porkbuns3 (resized).jpg
    #240 1 year ago
    Quoted from RVH:

    These are next on my list now!
    What’s the red sauce you’re using?

    Home made Plum sauce. A jar of plum jam, some grated fresh ginger, pinch of five spice and some crushed chilli. Heat it in a saucepan for a few minutes, pour back in the jar and keep in the fridge for months.

    Place setter for tonights Ham and Chicken rolls;

    hcroll1 (resized).jpg
    #241 1 year ago

    3 part recipe for Pork Buns if you want to go the whole way from scratch. It's a bit of a mission your first time, but like everything, gets easier with practice;

    Chinese BBQ Pork (Char Shui)****
    500gm pork belly or fillet, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp fine grated ginger, 1 tbsp light soy sauce, ½ tbsp. honey, 1 tbsp dry sherry, ½ tsp five spice, 1 tbsp char sui sauce, red food colouring.
    Cut pork into large strips, crush garlic with salt and combine all ingredients in a large bowl, cover and marinade.
    Half fill a roasting pan with water, put pork on a rack over it and bake in hot oven for 30 mins, brush with marinade and cook 15 mins more till well glazed and touched with brown spots.
    Slice to serve, add plum or hoi sin dipping sauce.

    Steamed Bun Dough (Dai Bao)***
    2 ½ cups plain flour
    3 1/2 tsp baking powder
    3 tbsp caster sugar
    2 tbsp softened lard
    about ½ cup luke warm water
    1 tsp white vinegar

    Sift flour and baking soda into a bowl, stir in sugar and rub in lard with fingertips till crumbly. Mix water and vinegar and kneading until soft dough.
    Set aside covered for ½ hour.
    Make buns and steam 20 mins.

    Cha Shiu Bao; (Barbecued Pork Buns)
    185 gm barbecued pork
    2 tsp peanut oil
    1 small clove of garlic
    ¼ tsp salt
    1/3 cup hot water
    2 tsp light soy sauce
    ½ tsp sesame oil
    1 tsp oyster sauce
    3 tsp corn flour
    1 tsp hoi sin sauce
    1 tsp char sui sauce
    1 tsp sugar
    red colour

    Dice pork very small, heat oil and add crushed garlic and salt, cook slowly do not brown. Add hot water, soy sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce. Mix cornflour with a tbsp cold water and stir in cook while stirring till thick and clear. Remove, stir in hoi sin, char sui, sugar and red. Cool then stir in pork.

    #249 1 year ago
    ch2 (resized).jpg
    #283 1 year ago

    How'd you make the butter? Last time i did it simmering it stunk the shed out. If i could use the SousVide machine i'd be happy but the bags soften and go sticky at 90C and it doesn't seem to really carbolise. If you could heat longer for less with the butter in the bag (or some ethanol) it would suit better.

    #285 1 year ago
    Quoted from bssbllr:

    Bet they can’t make that on the flat top.

    Saucepan and a camp oven, yep you could.

    #289 1 year ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    I decarbed the grinded bud in the oven for 25 minutes at 200°F Then added it to 1.5 cups of butter and let simmer for about a hour. Once cooled enough i squeezed it thru some cheesecloth and thru it in the fridge. The smell was gone in a few hours.
    New recipe and it turns out it's more of a cake then a square. We both just ate 2 slices with a bowl of ice cream.

    Thanks, still the same process then, although we tend to use trim that would be otherwise chucked away.

    #293 1 year ago

    Yeah the steam pork buns are my last meal wish if i was ever so unlucky. Only if i cooked them though.

    #331 1 year ago

    Honey soy pork ribs going in the sous vide. 12 hours at 72C

    ribs1 (resized).jpg
    #350 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinballerchef:

    Pay no attention to the culinary delight but DO look at his plate game....simple white with minimal shape variation. Some of the plates you guys put food on....SHAME. And paper plates

    I live alone. I often eat off paper or plastic plates when by myself. I'm not cooking to impress but for food.

    Ribs come out of the sous vide

    ribs2 (resized).jpg
    #352 1 year ago

    What do you sous vide your steaks at? I pretty much use 55C (131F) if cooking for others but i'm a rare steak guy and like mine at 54C (129F) if doing it for myself.

    #357 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinballerchef:

    No one is trying to outdo each other on this thread?! YOU LIE! Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you should eat off of outdoor party supplies...do it nice man! I’m just saying all these pics of great looking food and you guys put it on overly decorated art plates or single use only. Let the food shine buds

    I don't care what you think about it. Like i said i cook for food, not making more washing up just to impress you.

    The lie you accuse me of i never spoke. You mentioned people outdoing each other, not me. Put me on ignore if my paper plates half a world and all the internet away depress you so much.

    #359 1 year ago

    Yep, seems there's a critic here no matter where you step.

    #362 1 year ago

    I don't believe so. There's a lot of simple good food being posted.

    #364 1 year ago

    Put them on at 5 yesterday evening and took them out a couple hours ago and into the fridge. I'll heat them in the oven to brown this evening, hopefully not be too drunk to take a pic like last night with the prawn cutlets and the day before with my shweizenaxe roast pork knuckle.

    #366 1 year ago

    I envy you bakers. Bread is one thing i've never got a handle on. I've tried different bread machines, different ovens, loaf tins etc. I've bought books on methoiods, like the 5 Minute a Day Artisan bead book and tried for months with different recipes and methods.
    Every now and then i get a half decent loaf, usually rolls and often when out camping in a camp oven.

    But i can never get it just right.

    Other fermented doughs i'm fine with, pizza, calzone etc.

    Can't sharpen a knife or saw without a jig either, but i do a pretty good job with my Lansky and steels.

    #372 1 year ago

    In the interests of world peace i've decided to bend and ditch the paper plates.

    pc1 (resized).jpg
    #376 1 year ago

    Doneness pic if not too late (bet it is)

    #378 1 year ago

    I have to say that i get a much rarer steak than that at the same temps (2 hour cook). May be a calibration issue with my Anova or maybe your sear goes longer, i usually use a gas torch. I do seafood at the same 54C (129F) and it comes out perfect, sort of just under but beautiful texture. What temps do you do prawns, fish and lobster?

    #382 1 year ago
    Quoted from chad:

    I want to know how long it would take to smoke that 107lb shrimp? I imagine it would not taste that good being that old.?

    I want to know how anyone with an IQ in double figures could possibly entertain the notion that that is true.


    #385 1 year ago

    Ribs are the perfect doneness for me as you can see from the bone showing where i unfolded the rack in the middle.
    Now to make them look cooked.

    20 mins in the oven at 180c should do it.

    ribs3 (resized).jpg
    #386 1 year ago

    Something like that anyway. Even got bark.

    ribs4 (resized).jpg
    #388 1 year ago

    Dunno about you guys but i can't get ribs both tender and juicy like this in my stickburner, weber, camp oven or oven.

    ribs5 (resized).jpg
    #393 1 year ago
    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    It takes longer than you can imagine ...
    A rack of ribs imo takes at least 4.5 hours at 225'f the longer you cook them the more tender they get .
    I usually do 4 hours then another hour wrapped in foil with some liquid added, like , coke or apple cider.

    It's not like i have to imagine, i usually do six hour rib cooks at 3 . 2 . 1. on the offset. I'm just saying i can't cook ribs (nor have i had better at restaurants) better with any other method than sous vide. Not everything is better sous vide, but ribs (both beef and pork), seafood and good steak 100% are.

    The ones above took me 5 mins to bag and stick in the pot, then 5 mins to stick in the oven for 20 mins, i'd put em up against most.

    bbq7 (resized).jpgbbqribs1 (resized).jpg

    #396 1 year ago
    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    Sounds like you have your method
    Sorry edit : first and foremost Ribs need to be done on smoker, not boiled , Ever!

    You have no idea mate. They weren't boiled. You don't know what you are even talking about.


    #398 1 year ago
    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    What ...
    Its boiling meat in a bag .
    Am I wrong

    Yes you are wrong. It never touched water and never reached boiling.

    #400 1 year ago
    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    Ok, so its meat in bag being cooked below boiling point.
    Not how ribs should be done .
    I dont know about other meat but not ribs .

    Yes, if that's the sneery uppity way you want to look at a superior method, then that's what you can do. You're loss as one of us has tried it many ways.

    I don't care about the rules you impose on yourself, but you have no right to impose them on me.

    Plus i reckon my ribs at 3,2,1 would be at least as good as your 4.5 hour ones that you think i would not even be able to imagine doing.

    You've been rude, judgmental, disrespectful and just plain wrong mate in a thread where people are getting along fine.

    #402 1 year ago

    Yes, once again you are mistaken
    I didn't ask for recommendations as i have enough experience to KNOW the best way to cook them. You assumed i was such an idiot i wouldn't even be able to imagine how to cook them.

    Sometimes when i'm butchering a pig i'll bone the ribs out, turn them into sausage and fry them, what does your rule say about that?

    I've been known to turn them into salami too.
    pigcuring4 (resized).jpgpigs1 (resized).jpgpigs6 (resized).jpg

    Edit; Benefit of the doubt, maybe you eat in really bad restaurants.

    #405 1 year ago

    Time for a beer and a cone.

    #410 1 year ago

    Sure. It's PM (afternoon) now for me, so in my happy space.

    Rule #1. No drama.

    My friends make fun of me for saying it, but i try to live that way as much as a i can.

    I apologise for coming out swinging, i should have more restraint.

    #422 1 year ago

    I did eventually eat the ribs.

    ribs6 (resized).jpg
    #424 1 year ago

    TP is too expensive nowadays to use everyday.

    #441 1 year ago

    Takeaway Thai Jungle Curry. Order it PET PET PET and see what you get.

    #445 1 year ago

    I can get the Chinese Roast Pork, cooked and sliced at my supermarket now. So my sweet pork buns are reallty simplfied to make from a 3 stage recipe to something quite simple.

    I use a dough mix from the Asian supermarket to save me the measuring and then just chop some store bought roast pork in with the sauce recipe i posted earlier. 15 mins to make the filling now instead of 3 days.

    bun (resized).jpg
    #459 1 year ago

    Peri Peri chicken over charcoal with bourbon soaked us oak.

    15 mins should see it done now.

    chook1 (resized).jpg
    #463 1 year ago

    Be chicken and gravy rolls for dinner tonight;

    chook2 (resized).jpg
    #493 1 year ago

    Cold meal for this evening;

    cold1 (resized).jpg
    #506 1 year ago

    Coconut Satay prawns, will be served with cocnut jasmine rice.

    No plate pictures to offend.

    prawn2 (resized).jpg
    #518 1 year ago

    How many pizza recipes do you want?

    #520 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jaybird815:

    It’s the one thing I never really cooked, living in Chicago area there’s always been a wide range of fabulous options delivered to your door.

    You'd definately get sick of seeing the recipe 6 times every page then. Flour, salt, water, yeast.

    #527 1 year ago

    Sausages and eggs

    Fry 2 chicken sausages
    fry two eggs
    slice bread and toast, apply butter
    plate and add bbq sauce of your choosing, salt and pepper.

    saus (resized).jpg
    #535 1 year ago

    Used to cook a lot of tagines once upon a time. Haven't bothered the last few years since living alone.
    A good introduction to curries for kids and a great way to use dried fruit in a dish. I still use lots of different dried fruits in curries and other stews since learning to do it in tagines.

    #546 1 year ago

    That's enough to feed me for 4 days .

    #562 1 year ago

    Gave my house to my ex and moved a couple yuears ago. Left behind the built in spit, gas cooktop and 4 burner gas bbq that was built into the outdoor kitchen i made, but brought my offset stick burner, Weber charcoal kettle and electric cold smoker.

    bbq1 (resized).jpgbbq2 (resized).jpgpergolawall3 (resized).jpg
    #566 1 year ago

    Any one good with sticky rice in a rice cooker? Did a google and saw some saying soak for 4 hours rinse add some salt coconut milk and water and cook as normal?

    #571 1 year ago

    Popcorn pork neck in tempura batter. Haven't decided on a sauce yet, but leaning towards my chilli mud crab sauce, goes well with this i know.

    poppork1 (resized).jpg
    #577 1 year ago
    Quoted from Chisox:

    Can you please explain what this is? It looks delicious but when I Googled it I got jack shit.

    I just cut some of what i think you guys call money muscle and we call neck or scotch fillet of pork into bite size chunks. Toss in some sauce for tanginess (i used a couple tbsp oyster sauce) and then dip in tempura batter and deep fry till golden.

    You can do sweet and sour, honey lemon, plum, black bean or any style sauce you want with it. Works well with chicken too.

    Kids will eat plate after plate of it and it only takes 20 mins to make.

    #581 1 year ago

    Chuck the freezer away, you'll never get the smell out (same for the wife ) )

    #600 1 year ago

    The popcorn pork with Honey and Lemon sesame sauce and a quick fried rice.

    poppork2 (resized).jpg
    #608 1 year ago

    Chicken soup weather here.

    Thinking about making some steamed bun dumplings to go with it.

    soup1 (resized).jpg
    #617 1 year ago

    A mate dropped in and gave me a brined belly from a pig he grew and slaughtered. Yippee, 15lb of bacon coming up. Spose i better save him a slice. If i could have fit it in i could have had a brined ham even bigger he brought with him, too big for my home built smoker.
    bacon1 (resized).jpg


    #620 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    Thats one of the traditional norwegian christmas meats right there. Not in form of bacon though, but as a roast with really crispy skin. Mmm.

    Lots of ways to use a belly including that, but this is off an older (large) pig. The leg was about 12-15kg.

    #621 1 year ago

    And into the cold smoker it goes. Wake me up in 3 days.

    bacon2 (resized).jpg
    #627 1 year ago

    Belly is coming along. Cabinet temp is a rock solid 68C and core temp on the meat is already 47C (aiming for 68C). I'd forgotten how quick bacon goes.

    Started the smoke about 7 hours ago with rum soaked french oak sticks, switched to pecan wood about an hour ago and will stop the smoke in a couple hours.

    bacon3 (resized).jpg
    #631 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    Tell me more about your homebuilt smoker? How do you handle the temperature control? Its electrical, yes?
    Ive built a few hot smokers / bbq through the years, and been thinking about doing something for cold smoking. Lots of delicious stuff that could be cold smoked.

    It's the third or fourth one i've built, i used to sell a lot of Jerky so kept building ones that could hold more. This one has 5 stainless shelves or i can hang sausage on dowels. It has three separate controls, one for the extraction fan on the back (used only with jerky) one for the bottom element in the box beloow the main box where the smoke is generated by putting sticks directly on the hotplate, and one for the pie warmer element in the cabinet to control the cab temp.

    smokernew10 (resized).jpgsmokernew2 (resized).jpgsmokernew7 (resized).jpg
    #633 1 year ago

    I don't do jerky anymore, the topside i used to use is $15 a kilo rather than the $6 a kilo it was by the box full back then. Yes, that's the principle. It went in the fridge last night when i went to bed (was about 50ish degrees) and then back in the smoker at 4am this morning.

    I have the smoke generating part switched off now (had 7 or 8 hours of oak followed by pecan smoke so enough), the fan off and i'm controlling one element to keep the cab temp below 70ish. Just want the bacon to reach a food safe temp of over 66C now.

    It's just a matter of learning how to drive it, like a BBQ.

    Good for fish, prawns etc but can smoke everything from nut's to cheese. Smoked salt is a terrific thing to have in your pantry, brings the BBQ taste to even boiled peas.

    This is the last one i made before this model (same principle), here i'm smoking some malt barley to make whiskey.

    smokedgrain1 (resized).jpgsmoker1 (resized).jpg
    #635 1 year ago

    I don't operate stills as a hobby now, i do it as a business.


    But this was a few of the ones i learn't on;

    1gonzo7 (resized).JPG1gonzo8 (resized).JPG3inchvmoperating2 (resized).jpggonzolution2 (resized).jpggonzolution6 (resized).jpggonzomk41 (resized).jpg
    #636 1 year ago

    Bacon up to 55C now, looking good fully smoked.

    bacon4 (resized).jpg
    #647 1 year ago

    Chilli pork pie.

    pie1 (resized).jpgpie2 (resized).jpg
    #653 1 year ago

    Sunday night pasta. not bothering to make the pasta for one person, but the bacon is home made.

    pasta1 (resized).jpg


    #663 1 year ago

    Chicken and chippees for dinner.

    cc1 (resized).jpg
    #666 1 year ago

    Tempura King Prawns, Hot and sweet curry sauce and coconut rice.


    pr1 (resized).jpg

    #667 1 year ago

    Relented and showed a plated meal.

    pr2 (resized).jpg
    1 week later
    #703 1 year ago


    #706 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    You are tekneeq, punkin

    It's true. It's about the oval shape and the way it's kneaded onto the flat of the skewer blade. youtube it if you doubt. But i have nothing to win, i know how to do it.

    1 week later
    #716 1 year ago

    Pork knuckle, Schweinshaxe for the Germans.

    knuck1 (resized).jpg
    #718 1 year ago

    It's funny, it's like you guys are just discovering the aussie way to BBQ and we are just finding the US style BBQ. Offsets have only really started appearing here the last ten years or so, before that (and still now) every house has a BBQ that you guys call a grill with flatop. Either 4 or 6 burner.

    That's all you can buy in most stores here.

    #731 1 year ago

    Warning, NSFW (notsafeforwimps) but multiple food crimes ahead!

    Deep fried packet shit from the supermarket with bottled sauces. Served on paper no less.

    dfs1 (resized).jpg
    #736 1 year ago

    Some pixies came to my shed this morning while i was working down the back. I haven't checked the camera's 'cause i know they won't show.

    But there was this;

    pix1 (resized).jpg

    pix2 (resized).jpg

    #743 1 year ago

    Also cooked chicken soup yesterday, what a top meal. bread looks good.

    #751 1 year ago

    Sous vide at 54C for 20 mins then throw on the smoker for 10 mins? That's how i'd do it anyway.

    #764 1 year ago

    I was already in quarantine, i don't like people much.

    #768 1 year ago
    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    He didnt cook the lobsters in a bag in water!

    I thought we sorted you out on that issue last time. It's another way of transferring heat to protein, get over it.

    Quoted from DaveH:

    I officially hate you. Now I need to order a Sous vide thing, and bags, and all kinds of junk. The lobster started it, but they say that steaks come out better, so of course I have to try it now.

    I don't believe there's a better wat to cook a steak. i haven't done the reverse sear, so can't comment either way on that. But get a big tomohawk steak two inches thick like the one a few posts above, put it in a bag with some pepper, a little oil and some thyme or oregano and cook at 54C for 2 hours then seer on a red hot grill or blowtorch.

    Put it up against a steak cooked any other way and i'll tell you which is which from the photos when it's cut.

    I've had at least 5 people tell me it's the best steak they've ever eaten.

    The vac sealer is one of the handiest things you can have in your house. Buy bulk meat and put a single serve in a small freezer bag then put 4 or 5 in a vac bag. Each time you take a serve out reseal the vac bag. Meat will stay good for years.
    Use it for coffee, even your pot.

    #771 1 year ago

    One of us uses the method and the other knows little about it. I'm happy being on my side of the fence and you are happy being where you are.

    Can you tell me how you formed your view that the use of sous vide is not what i think it is? Have some links to information that may get me to sell my machine?
    Not trying to start an argument, just wondering how you came to your dismissive view and what it consists of. Maybe i'm the one who doesn't understand.

    #777 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    I guess your talking to golfingdad? Or is it me? English beeing my third language its not always easy for me with everything.

    No golfing dad

    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    You present it as if " Its the Only and the Best " way to essentially cook anything pork, beef,mutton ,camel, seafood. and any other way is a waste of time .

    I'm sorry you've misunderstood me to such an extent.

    I use many ways of cooking, i have cast iron Lodge pans, an offset stick burner, deep fryer, cold smoker, charcoal weber, oven etc. I choose the best method for the cut, the time i have available and the outcome i want.

    I believe after cooking steak a lot of ways that a thick, tender, rare steak can not be cooked the same way evenly through from the edge to the center any other way. I'll put money against a well cooked sous vide steak against any other method.

    I also believe that the way you can ever so slightly undercook seafood but all the way through gives it a texture that i can't acheive any other way, although i'm sure an accomplished chef could. Garlic prawns in pasta is a very good demonstration of this and if you've ever eaten juicy tender prawns with a texture you can chew till it's gone at a restaraunt i'd suggest that this was how they were cooked behind that swinging door.

    I've made these judgements by experimenting and cooking different protiens in a large variety of different manners and have come to my personal favourites for most.

    Ribs (beef and pork, but beef especially), which you stated can only be cooked one way, have a wondeful texture when cooked sous vide and finished off in the stick burner. They are also good just smoked as well, but i will generally use the sous vide so i only have to watch the smoker for half an hour instead of all day.

    Fried foods are better cooked in a fryer, eggs are better scrambled with cream etc.

    I've posted many photos of food here and few of them have been sous vide.

    You immediately put down any notion of sous vide and i believe it's through ignorance and superstition, not through experience and experimentation. I believe this as you called it 'boiled meat' and that is not how it works.

    If you are talking from knowledge I invite you once again to link, post photos or comparisons where you have gained the practice and experience to be able to judge..



    sv (resized).jpg
    #779 1 year ago
    Quoted from RVH:

    Sous vide is good with thick cuts of meat. I think the best thing I’ve cooked sous vide is corn beef brisket, 48 hours at 140F. Best corned beef ever.

    I've done a hand of pickled pork but i don't know that it was better, i preferred the pork the way my ex used to simmer, but that may be just because i was used to it (or she's a better cook than me).

    #785 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    Aah, oh. Damn.
    Fuck, strange. Now I get it. Corned as in corn fed? Since forever Ive thought it meant something else. Dunno where I got the idea it came in tin cans either. I guess it might be some early pop culture reference gone syntax error. I get alot of those, unfortunately.

    No corned as in pumped with a saline brine. bit different to the brine used for bacon and ham, but still sodium nitrite based. It's then usually simmered with vegetables to make a tender lunch meat. often served with white sauce and boiled vegies.

    Quoted from DaveH:

    The funny part is, I had the opposite reaction as soon as I saw it. I looked it up and thought, hmmmm, I REALLY want to try that. I grilled up some really yummy steaks yesterday, but my consistency is a little off. Sometimes I'm perfect, and other days, I just miss a little. Still yummy as all heck and the whole fam damily eats happy, but I am always striving for that perfect steak. Personally I don't care if I have to cook it in unicorn pee as long as it is yummy.
    So I'm going to order this stuff, and then I'll cook a steak with it, and fling it on a hot bbq to sear. Then ... OH, I have a couple questions...
    Info: I'll be trying this with NY Sirloin (still my favorite steak):
    Resting. Do you rest it a different amount of time when you cook it like this?
    Trimming. Do you trim it any different? Less fat, more fat?

    You don't need to rest at all as the meat hasn't been shocked and doesn't have to relax. Trimming doesn't matter either in my opinion, you can trim just the same and the temps for steak are not enough to melt the outer fat, just the internal stuff.

    Other people may be able to advise better then me.

    The best resource for recipes, temps and methods that go into wide ranging detail and experiment with different temps and times is Serious Eats;


    I tend to trust most things i read on that site unless it jars with personal experience.

    #787 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    Cheers jaybird815 punkin and rvh Everyday I learn something.

    You are welcome. Knowledge is no burden to carry.

    #791 1 year ago

    This years nod to the existence of the cow. Beef in black bean with stir fried noodles. Bit of Sichuan influence just because i miss Chengdu and wish i could go back every year.

    It's only got beef in it cause i won some steak in a meat tray at the raffles.

    bb1 (resized).jpg
    #794 1 year ago

    Not my pic mate, just got it from google images. I wasn't trying to post proof as the proof is subjective. Just my views and experiences and those others have expressed to me.

    #797 1 year ago

    Shit yeah, they are $200+ here in Australia.

    For your first try i'd suggest beef ribs. 68C for 36 hours before a short smoke on the smoker for 1/2-1 hr.

    You'll get a win with the family and the confidence to play around more. A lot of the cooking forums suggest confit duck and eggs and stuff to learn, but the ribs or prawns or steak are always a hit and easy.

    Seafood 54C 20mins
    Steak 54C (depending on your preference) 2 hours.

    Buttered potatoes whole small peeled spuds, 2 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp olive oil, sprig of rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper. 87C 1 hr

    #799 1 year ago

    Best way to max it out i've found is a 5gal cooler. It still sits steady as a rock in that volume and you can fit 10-20lb of food in there.

    Bit of foil around the gap seals it but you could do it much less ghetto than i have if you wished, fill the lid with foam or some such.

    sv3 (resized).jpg

    sv4 (resized).jpg

    #812 1 year ago

    If you use flax seed oil (linseed oil food grade) it gives a much better result than other vegetable oils because of it's higher temp tolerance and one cycle will be enough to get you started usually.

    Hard to find in Australia but our little town has a large Sikh population so the Indian Grocery has food grade Linseed oil.

    #815 1 year ago

    Nice pickup. There's two models, one uses wifi and one uses blue tooth. Check youtube or the Anova site on how to overide and set manually, you'll have far less trouble, simple and foolproof.

    An insulated tub like a cooler will be much more stable and cheaper to run.

    #819 1 year ago

    I hear that story quite often.

    #849 1 year ago
    Quoted from Bax1:

    ok so I am going to do my first sous vide soon. I want to make barbacoa and like the recipe on sous vide everything on youtube. I will be doing my with chuck steak instead of short ribs. in the video he cooked it for 24 hours at 180 or 185. does it really need to cook that long? should I sear the meat on the grill before bagging? do I need to double bag?

    Just remember that;

    temperature = doneness

    Time = texture

    So if you want a medium steak set it to 54C. If you want it to be a beautiful texture to the tooth, set it for 2 hours. If you haven't got any teeth, set it for 20.

    Quoted from golfingdad1:

    Yep !!!
    Meat in bag in luke warm water , not my style .
    Much rather be on the patio tending the smoker and drinking beers playing pins with friends and family all day long .
    Not sure how a 12 hour smoke is more work than a 36 hour Jacuzzi.

    To put ribs on for 36 hours, it takes 5 mins to put them in a bag, 5 mins to set the anova and then 5 mins a day and a half later to take them out. 10 mins to sear.

    So a 36 hour cook takes 25 mins of attention.
    A 12 hour cook on my offset stick burner probably takes 10mins attention per hour, even with the bluetooth temp probe.
    So thats 2 hours of attention (not counting the prep).

    That's how it's more work.

    Doesn't mean i don't use the smoker sometimes, but having more tools in the tool box is a good thing that i am not afraid of. As i said earlier, knowledge is no burden to carry.

    I can cook ribs in the oven, camp cooker, deep fryer, slow cooker, stew pot, i can wrap them in banana leaves and bury them in hot rocks in the ground, there's heaps of different ways. And restricting yourself on some made up rule seems pretty stupid.

    #851 1 year ago

    Good for defrosting and reheating, another tool. I can't think of anything i'd actually cook in it offhand though.

    #853 1 year ago

    Serious eats food lab is my go to, i pointed it out to you already.

    Here's your 2 lb chuck


    Here's some more beefy stuff


    I'm assuming this is your desired result?

    sous-vide-barbecue-chuck-07 (resized).jpg

    #860 1 year ago

    Chinese chicken and ham rolls.

    chr2 (resized).jpg

    chr1 (resized).jpg

    #862 1 year ago

    Was just thinking the weather must have changed over there and people aren't showing pizza photos lately this morn.

    #864 1 year ago

    Surfing sous vide this morning here.

    Some guy called Emeril


    Some sheila called Cat

    Someone copying a guy called Heston

    Another sheila, this ones called Martha


    Some random people who seem to know what they are on about on the subject of sous vide


    Haven't seen a chef talk about soaking a soggy bag in tepid water yet, i'll keep looking.

    #866 1 year ago
    wm (resized).jpg
    #873 1 year ago

    They just contract up the bone, the meaty bit gets thicker.

    #880 1 year ago
    Quoted from Bax1:


    Rinsed for us poor people.

    #893 1 year ago

    Toad in a hole or whatever you want to call eggs fried in a piece of bread.

    The grandkids always wanted french toast which is essentially the same thing without the hole and without the pleasure of a soft yolk. Young and stupid.

    edit, Sorry got beat to the punch.

    #896 1 year ago

    Yes, it's a very nice countertop. What is that pattern called?

    #903 1 year ago

    Firing up the Weber today, China nostalgia has hit and i'm doing Xinjiang Skewers from the north, round Beijing and Jinan. Substituting the lamb for pork as i don't have any lamb in the freezer.

    These things are fantastic and you eat them on small plastic stools in an alley at a table usually. cooked over charcoal and you order them by the 20 or 50. When your meal is finished they charge you for how many you've eaten.


    sk1 (resized).jpg
    #904 1 year ago
    sk2 (resized).jpg
    #906 1 year ago

    Pity i can't post a scratch'n'sniff. The smell of the cumin and Sichuan pepper on the coals as you sprinkle is exceptional.

    sk3 (resized).jpg

    sk4 (resized).jpg

    #921 1 year ago

    Gotta stop packing my own lunch. I end up with the same thing 7 days a week. Maybe it should be in the weed thread?

    lunch1 (resized).jpg

    #922 1 year ago

    Chilli salt fish for dinner.

    4 parts plain flour
    1 part chilli powder
    1 part good salt

    put it all in a bag and shake.

    cs1 (resized).jpg

    #924 1 year ago

    Nice, professional style. I've got a heavy duty semi pro job, but still channel bags though.

    vacsealer1 (resized).jpg

    #926 1 year ago

    Bags will be cheaper in the long run for you, plus you can easily do marinades and stuff.
    My one will do marinades too, but you have to keep an eye on it and switch to seal before it comes through the channels.

    Great bit of kit and i'd be jealous if i still used mine as much as i used to.

    #932 1 year ago

    If it's overdone it's temperature related, if it's texture is mushy it's overdone in time.

    So if the texture was too your liking don't change the time, lower the temp or sear hotter and quicker. A thick steak helps 1.5-2".

    #949 1 year ago

    Chilli salt is the in thing here.

    cs2 (resized).jpg

    cs3 (resized).jpg

    cs4 (resized).jpg

    Fuck, looks like i can put food on a plate.

    #954 1 year ago

    Not fish, cephalopod, that's a Calamari squid (or 3 of them).

    #955 1 year ago
    Quoted from Bax1:

    what a minute.....do I see what I think I am seeing????? Punkin didn't use a paper plate???? This is one messed up year!!!!

    I do treat myself if it's something special occasionally. In this case i treated you guys and even bought a lettuce for decoration (although i did eat it to stave off scurvy).

    #958 1 year ago

    Hey! You stole my lunch!

    You must pack your own lunch too, my ex would never pack me that, always fucking sandwiches.

    Posted in the view from your window thread earlier in the week.

    lunch1 (resized).jpg

    #959 1 year ago

    Another pork knuckle, what can i say, it's an easy roast for one and enough left overs to make a meat pie for tomorrow.

    This time with garlic and pepper rather than caraway.

    knuck2 (resized).jpg
    #964 1 year ago
    Quoted from Bax1:

    Is that what we call pork shoulder in the states?

    No the shoulder is on the front leg, under it is the hand. on the back leg is the ham and under it is the knuckle.

    It's a small piece and a big eater would get through one. i get three or four goes at one.

    #966 1 year ago
    Quoted from jester523:

    The lid was chipped, and I contacted weber and they are sending me an entirely new lid. Thats some crazy customer service.

    yeah, it's the difference tween a $500 piece and a $50 repro.

    #968 1 year ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    I'm curious what you guys pay for meat around the world? I'm usually a deal shopper and when deals come on I stock up. Here's some recent good deals.
    Pork shoulder .99/lbs
    Chicken breast 2.00/lbs frozen
    Rib eye 5.99/lbs
    Pork tenderloin 1.77/lbs
    Ground beef $1.00/lbs frozen

    2.2lb of your US lb to a kilo.

    Pork shoulder $6-8kg ($3.18)
    Chicken breast $8-10 kg frozen ($4.10)
    Rib eye $16-24kg ($9.10)
    Pork tenderloin $16kg (7.30)
    Ground beef $10+kg ($4.55)

    Add cooked prawns $25-45 kg
    fresh white fish $25 45 kg
    mud crabs $50-70 kg

    #976 1 year ago

    You did better than me, you converted the $ as well. My figures are aussie dinah's which at the moment only buy $0.67c US So $10au = $13 or $14us.

    I think the difference in the retail or wholesale prices are due to quantity in part as the US has 10X the citizens, but also due to (dare i mention it) subsidies. We don't pay our farmers to grow crops.

    #979 1 year ago

    Lunch again, you'd think i'd be sick of it by now, but nooooo.

    Lucky i work for myself or i'd be out of a job. maybe another stern talking to?

    lunch2 (resized).jpg

    #980 1 year ago
    Quoted from mcluvin:

    I would gladly pay those prices to have the benefits you have. I’d be eating a lot of shrimp for sure.

    Agreed, I've only been to Oslo, but what a beautiful part of Scandinavia.

    The two trolls snuck into my suitcase and have been hanging round my house for nearly 40 years now.

    troll1 (resized).jpg

    #982 1 year ago
    Quoted from mtn-:

    You should visit my home region, in northern Sweden, and fill your belly with elk, smoked whitefish and cloudberries.

    Yes, i've been to Northern Sweden, my girlfriends family was from Göteborg, but had a summer house in the north by the sea. Spent a few weeks there watching the sun not set.

    I don't remember trying the wild food, but i do know i loved the simplicity (and the skål) of the food. I also know that I've been looking for that black bread ever since i got back to Australia unsuccessfully.

    #986 1 year ago

    Full size lighter, small lungs.

    #998 1 year ago

    Don't need youtube for pasta, it's just good '00' flour, eggs and salt. Olive oil if you want to upset a purist.

    And as said, it's unbelievably better (and cooks in 2 min). Try it for a lasagna and never look back. Next thing you know you'll be making ravioli.

    Tagliatelle is my go to, hand cut into 1" strips.

    #999 1 year ago

    Lunch is vegemite sandwiches again....

    vegsand1 (resized).jpg

    #1000 1 year ago

    The thing that really gets me into cooking is the way you can feed a family for nothing.

    $5 pork roast for one hungry person turned into a roast dinner for me, then a pie that will feed me twice and my neighbour twice.

    knuck3 (resized).jpg

    knuck4 (resized).jpg

    #1008 1 year ago

    Steak sandwiches for all and pinball and beer.

    ss1 (resized).jpg

    #1011 1 year ago

    Another drunken dinner. Toasted muffins with Serrano ham, pickles and mozzarella.

    dd1 (resized).jpg


    #1013 1 year ago