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Prototyping a "Hardtop" (High Speed)

By Skypilot

1 year ago

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#14 1 year ago

Just picked up a High Speed (shipping it at the time of this post 05/09/18) - I knew it needed work and I plan on a hardtop when they are made available. This will make the game better than new. I am excited High Speed is a great game, this product will just pop with LED's. So, hard to find a HS without a blown out playfield or generally just beat on.

7 months later
#68 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Is this thing still coming before Christmas?

On the other hardtop forum topic he said no and stated he would not do dates of machines, which is understandable.

But it is next and he said he would document it on Pinside when he was testing it.

4 months later
#133 9 months ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

I Just bought a fully working high-speed with a blown out play field for $900 last week. I think the pinside average price is $1200.

No where around here at those prices I agree with $1500 anything less than that is a huge gift.

1 month later
#178 7 months ago

Sounds great - thanks for being our test pin! I will watch for the hardtop.

#181 7 months ago


#195 7 months ago
Quoted from turbo2nr:

Ordered early last week.
Do we have to wait for production?
Any idea when these might be ready for shipping?
Could they be shipping this week? That would be cool.
We have started to forget how to re-assemble this machine.

I am happy we have a solution that is not replacing the whole playfield and I get asking the question but all your posts reflect impatience - relax.

If you are forgetting tearing down the machine - you should have taken pictures. Be happy someone has a solution for you.

This is not Amazon - niche industry doing a project for at best a couple hundred machines.

1 month later
#313 5 months ago

So obviously all the hard tops have this error....

I was just getting ready to install mine....

No rush now that there is an error on it. Hoping they will make it right.

#316 5 months ago
Quoted from Outsidedge:

There will be a fix. It should be doable in the field. We will have instructions. This is a fix that for the most part can only be executed prior to install.
Fo those that have applied, I am not sure the change is worth the work involved. However, we will address this as well.
One digit will need carefully removed, and we will send a digit to apply that matches.
We will be in touch soon!

That was what I was thinking - remove the the “3” replace with a “1” decal just before install.

I am sure it will be fine in the end, at least it was caught now for me before install....for that I am grateful.


#324 5 months ago
Quoted from detroitzoran:

Wow. That's a little disheartening. I still have yet to get to the stage of applying the Hardtop, I just finished the final coat of clear. Working slowly and carefully maybe what saves me. It'll be interesting to see what the potential fix would be... As ita47 points out, removing the printed numbers on the underside seems like it could make the situation worse.

I've never done anything like this before and don't trust my skills as a 'craftsman', sanding the original artwork off gave me incredible anxiety.[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks awesome - probably more than needed since you are basically putting a giant plastic decal over it. But, now you have a ton of time might as well do it perfectly.

Looks great...

#334 5 months ago

PM sent....I can live with what we have to do...it’s only pinball....


3 weeks later
#353 4 months ago

I only planned on removing the rest of the playfield stuff but then I soldiered on and sanded it to a 800 grit - ready for a clear coat after some clean up and masking.

015121FF-08F6-4FE3-8D9B-657677DB446D (resized).jpegAB577484-39E8-40AA-A339-6221DA11B42C (resized).jpeg
#356 4 months ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

It's all done! What a breeze.
Seriously though, I need to get my ass in gear. Seeing wamonkey's progress makes me super jealous lol
[quoted image]

I have done playfield swaps full rebuilds etc. On this one I did the cabinet first as I waited for the hardtop, some people won't like it as I did the cabinet with the decal instead of a stencil but I think it looks better. I have powder coated the rails all black after I saw that in a HS forum which I think looks cool. I have the new clear ramp etc. It will look good basically better than new when I am finished.

But, to take this down to the bare wood sanding was easy removing everything to clear the inserts and get ready to apply it was the hard part, just like it will be when when I put it back together. You know how it goes flipper rebuild will be thrown in, new coil sleeves, etc.

Certainly a hardtop is easier than a playfield swap but it is far from easy for sure. I thought I was behind when my machine has been sitting disassembled for 2 months plus.

#359 4 months ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Just doing the hardtop (and replacing ramp with that wonderful freeplay40 red ramp at the same time) plus flipper rebuilds will take me quite a while.
I should do some powder coating too, while it's all torn apart. Mind showing yours off a bit?

I will show some pics - I went with a gloss black for it all....

#363 4 months ago

Here is the cabinet....

0F36C67E-4152-408C-98CD-915844239B95 (resized).jpegA0B453A6-CA80-439E-9AF6-AFA8D29FF94D (resized).jpegBA794FB1-EC55-4792-8EB3-6EE81C6E22F4 (resized).jpeg
#365 4 months ago

Black on black will be nice with a hardtop- all LED’s

Just put a coat of clear on the playfield

image (resized).jpg
1 week later
#369 4 months ago

My fixed hardtop now installed with proper 1,000 - looks good and wasn’t that a hard of a fix

01C792D3-C9E4-4B49-BF6E-86747529FB70 (resized).jpegCE2C363F-A616-4EFE-B7FB-909A14071E4B (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#413 3 months ago

Finished the reassembly looks great but I have some switch adjustments to finish to make it play right.

Not unexpected to do switch adjustments after so much stuff being removed. Pop bumpers need tweaking and some other switches are hit and miss but it should not take long to finish that...

Pictures of the completed High Speed, I redid everything so it took a while.

0302B3FE-FD27-4799-B92F-4A8DDB04D698 (resized).jpeg0D40F234-4340-4AD3-B9F0-371E3A21E6BC (resized).jpeg2BB7998F-B9A8-44F5-9D60-F622C990EEC4 (resized).jpeg8C9A5C12-F968-44A1-A7E8-A7F68DFA23D3 (resized).jpeg91273026-D597-4F7B-86AA-D6DB46AE36BE (resized).jpeg9DAC81BE-88EA-4E0A-AA62-ABC96291F47F (resized).jpegA0BA7C76-38EF-4C3E-9AA6-28BAF4A8A4DC (resized).jpegAFD4A163-9F8B-4AF8-BF19-18911B87BF14 (resized).jpegCC2A7E76-37F6-4809-ADF3-6A44F95887DF (resized).jpeg
#414 3 months ago

I powder coated all the rails, legs, etc. clear ramp, moved the traffic light, installed the rectifier board, Franks Battery Board on the MPU.

It turned out great but it is funny how a hardtop is easy than a whole new playfield leads itself into fixing everything else in the game. It would be a shame to not make it right when you do as much as a hardtop requires.

50C3D667-E103-46CD-BDBC-0C6165465639 (resized).png
#416 3 months ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Looks outstanding man!

I know you had a lot of questions about re-doing your game and concerns - it is just time. Take it slow. I was traveling a lot and I pushed it this weekend to get it done. I expected tweaks after the re-assembly which is common. I will get it dialed in the next week or so.

The funny thing is once it is set up right I have another pin coming in I probably won't even keep it. I wanted the Getaway and High Speed combo and now have that but I am running out of room so the restore was fun and I am proud of how it turned out.

#419 3 months ago
Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

Love the gold flipper buttons! Looks GREAT!

Clear buttons with yellow flex LED lights - don’t usually use yellow led bulbs because they tend to not be that bright.

#421 3 months ago
Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

What LED's did you go with for your playfield and back cabinet?

Regular Comet 2 SMD white LED's - only inserts got colored (underneath) and the pop bumpers got color LED's. After trying in the past to LED color coordinate I have kind of come full circle and prefer a more subdued color pallet. I did cut off all the resistors so I can put LED flashers in the game because I think that helps make it pop but otherwise super clean and bright white all around.

Sorry backbox - got red, blue, white 2 SMD comet color LED's.

I am not a purest as you can tell - powder coating the machine all black, the cabinet got a decal not a stencil, clear Freeplay40 ramp, added a cop car model on the ramp to just dress it up a little.

I think it is better than new. Still need to tweak it a little the pop bumpers are not as responsive as I like and the plunger is not hitting the ramp right or strong enough.

#423 3 months ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

If you didn't notice when you assembled the playfield, at the top of the shooter lane....just before the ball starts across the playfield...under the plastic just above the shooter lane exit there is an adjustment you can make in the trajectory the ball will take as it exits.

Yeah I figure it is slotted that I can adjust that - love your ramp Mark - it is the best so much better than the original. Wish someone made a ramp decal of the road or something the car I used was a way to hide the plain white under the ramp.

2 months later
#469 31 days ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Not that high speed is any closer to being up and working as far as the hardtop goes (finally decided I'm just going to sand down all the crappy clearcoat I sprayed on it and start over on the shooter lane) but the boards are back from being repaired, with NVRAM installed. It cycles through the attract mode callouts which is neat at least..
Now it's too cold to spray, again, but I'll probably work on some sanding this weekend. I NEED to get rid of those fisheyes--they're hideous.[quoted image][quoted image]

Great collection of games you have there...High Speed restored with a hardtop will fit in real nice!

#471 30 days ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Thanks! I'm feeling the lineup pretty well. I'm still surprised how much fun EBD is, even in the poor state mine is in. I think that's a testament for how much fun it will be once it's hardtopped.
As for high speed, my woes continue. I took off some of the finish on the shooter lane trying to get rid of those pinholes that are making the clear look so bad (and even with sanding THAT hard, I STILL didn't get rid of all of the pinholes) so I guess now I'm looking at filling and then re-staining prior to clearing. I'm definitely in over my head on that so I'm bringing my dad into the fold (he's got a full woodshop). Really wishing I hadn't been so aggressive with the shooter lane to begin with, it's really added a lot of grief to my plate.

Only about an inch is exposed at the max on the hardtop in the shooter lane. Remember the enemy of good is perfect. I did not stain mine in the shooter or anywhere else. But, I would sand the lane re-shoot it with the 2PAC clear (in a can) lay it on thick that should fill in the pinholes you are seeing. The 2PAC in a can is amazing stuff the best clear out there just kind of toxic. I pretty much shot my whole playfield with the 2PAC but didn't care about areas that were covered by the hardtop except the inserts the rest was a light mist of clear only. It was just easier to shoot it all then mask anything (covering opening in the playfield of course).

If you are not using 2PAC - you should...product name below....

USC SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear - it is on Amazon and their is forum on Pinside on how everyone uses it on all projects

I am jealous of the EBD - I have always wanted one but I am full up on machines and it would be an old one for me, but it was the game that I remember as a kid playing so was High Speed. I have recently been sticking only with newer titles nothing older than a WPC like Fish Tales, Getaway, WH20. My plan was to get down to just a few machines I really like but we all know how that goes.

#478 30 days ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Really didn't want to share the picture because it's honestly a bit embarrassing but here it is...
'stained' may not be the proper term for what was done originally--I'm not sure--but there was definitely something done, intentionally, to highlight the shooter lane and I don't think it's just age/wear showing through... Maybe I'm wrong. At this point I see staining (slightly, not too terribly much) as my only real option to make this look presentable. As for whether I can sand those holes out, or fill them..I have no idea. It's fighting me the entire way.[quoted image][quoted image]

Staining could even out the color so would some tan paint trying to match a wood grain. I have touched up a shooter lane with my best attempt at wood grain then a clear coat and it worked out ok.

But, OMG the price you got for multiple machines is awesome. I would take the deal you got all day long. Think EBD alone is $2k.

You are so lucky...good for you....

#480 30 days ago
Quoted from KSUWildcatFan:

Yeah, basically my thinking here. I'm not aiming for 'perfect' -- nothing about the rest of this thing is or will be perfect, but it should be a good players example, same as all my other machines -- but I can't accept a splotchy miscolored lane, nor could I accept those awful pinholes. They were clear as day under the hardtop even with both the top and bottom film still on the hardtop. No way.

Pure, unadulterated luck. I ended up flipping the BK2K (ironic, as that was the only one from that 3pc pickup that I actually wanted) for $2700 and that offset a ton of the cost. Otherwise I'd be lucky to have anywhere near what I have. Clearing out some other stepping stone titles along the way, I think I've got around $4500 in the 5. My goal is to not go over 5000 with everything done to them. Really it means nothing, but it'll make me feel good to be able to say I pulled it off. High Speed just needs to stop fighting me so I can reassemble and then start on EBD. The shooter lane is DIRTY on it but it appears to have good coloring still, so I'll be much less aggressive with it, to try avoiding what I'm dealing with now. That said, the shooter lane on HS looked like crap to begin with.
OH, also... Looking back at my pictures from the day I sanded the art off... It's clear as day I had ALREADY butchered the shooter lane. Yuck.[quoted image][quoted image]

Honestly - shoot the whole lane with a rattle can of something tan'ish or brush paint it with some of the $0.99 paint from Michael's or Hobby Lobby that lane was trashed before it will be tough to make it look right. Since so little will show beyond the hardtop just cover the whole area then clear coat it. It will just be a shooter lane without a wood grain as long as it is all one color it will be fine. You are smart to pause and make and effort at improving it because once you set the HT you are done.

BTW - my pinball collection started small and I had hopes to keep costs down on each restore but when you are doing so much it is impossible. I am restoring a WH20 now and it is the same way - well the ramp is OK but a new one would look better, it just goes and goes. I am with you I would have wanted BK2K more than the other titles. As soon as I finished my High Speed which I wanted forever I sold it, honestly I prefer Getaway and I was picking up WH20.

#481 30 days ago

I know others will say I am crazy - changing the pin by shooting the lane with a tan color but I think after your pictures I would shoot the whole bottom part of the playfield tan being careful not to hit the inserts and clear the whole bottom area. Your starting playfield is pretty trashed and it will still look dirty under the apron so why not shoot it all.

But, I would likely shoot the wood side boards on the top of the playfield black so pretty much any area that had a wood grain would be minimized.

I guess I was lucky my playfield was not that badly trashed.

I guess when you test set the hardtop you will see how little shows the wood grain - why not make it look like new. Otherwise you do just the shooter the under apron area will still look like spots of dark stain and dirty.

Just an idea...

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