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Prototyping a "Hardtop" (High Speed)

By Skypilot

1 year ago

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#80 9 months ago

I need One too! Count me in on buying One.


#81 8 months ago

Yup. Yes sir-ey bob.

2 weeks later
#82 8 months ago

And then......?

2 weeks later
#96 7 months ago

ETA for this??

My machine is stripped for months.

Tried flimsy overlay. Fit poor, looked bad. Ripped it off and waiting for this.

We are going to forget how to re-assemble the playfield if we wait any longer! lol


#98 7 months ago

Mine is fully sanded and cleared.

I'm Scott Hudson. West End Richmond native.
All my machines are at my work.
Near Glenside and West Broad St.
I do CNC machining, 3d printing, CAD/CAM stuff.
Titanium implants for Dental use.

20190329_170424 (resized).jpg

#102 7 months ago
Quoted from Venetic:

does anyone know a good place to get those blue hotdog inserts? I can't seem to find them anywhere!

there is a place in Australia I bought green ones for STTNG, they probably have blue ones

#105 7 months ago

Any news for this?

Are we there yet?

#106 7 months ago

Ready? Id take the one in pics with the White in Two areas! I don't care

#109 7 months ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Maybe if you ask more it will happen faster lol. I’m sure they’ll let you know when it’s available

That was my first time asking for a reject. Thanks for your help. So nice of you.

#119 7 months ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

You’re welcome!! I mean come on dude you asked two days in a row. Outside edge just put out a post about rushing them on things and asking questions over and over. You may have missed it so I’m sorry. I for one am just thankful that they are making the product at all. Obviously we all want what we want and we want it now but after a long wait there is obviously a light at the end of the tunnel. Just be patient is all I’m saying.

It wont be too long before the complete playfield replacement is ready. If these take much longer, then they will have some new competition from cpr and probably wont sell many. I think less than a year away is what i was told. Which is how long this thread has been going on.

I asked a different question the second day, if you bothered reading. I asked for a reject hard overlay.

#123 7 months ago

Made a total mess sanding down playfield, then took me weeks to clear, sand, clear, sand, clear, polish.

I'd trade that labor, and $150 in automotive paint for a ready-to-go playfield with new inserts any day!

You will get clear paint, and dust all over the light sockets, ruining them along with everyother bottom side part. Requires removing everything to do it correctly.

I think in the end it is cheaper to just swap entire playfield after me doing 6 playfields this year. It just takes too long, and in the end you have 20-30yr old inserts and a sticker on your wood.

It is a LOT less work doing a total playfield sway vs/ sanding, clearing, removing everything, forking around with old inserts, and reinstalling it actually. I know because I have done it many many times this year.

I was going to Allentown to see if these are ready, but I guess not?

#124 7 months ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Looks like the same question to me... but it’s whatever I guess. I read just fine and it appears that you asked the same questions on back to back days and then followed that with you’d take the reject. I’m not sure why a company would sell you a reject considering they are trying to promote the product and allowing a subpar example to hit market would do just the opposite in the long run. I’m not arguing with you about it though. Your options are simple... either WAIT for this product or WAIT for CPR.

Except you edited my words jackhole! I asked to buy the reject with the White in areas that should have been clear. First time I asked that question. Why don't you let people speak for themselves? Maybe someone does want to sell a reject with the tiny flaw in White/vs Clear? I doubt anyone would notice or even care at all.

3 weeks later
#152 6 months ago

I'm restoring mine to keep.

It takes up space being in pieces.

I tried the flimsy overlay and was not happy.

That's why mine was sanded.

So, we wait.....and wait some more for a better option.

Soon there will be entire playfield replacement.

My wood is old, tired, and curved.

This is my last time I will consider overlay.

The time spent sanding, clearcoating, and the fact that I still have a warped old piece of wood.....vs/ new playfield! It's a no brainer for me.

#154 6 months ago

Its around 6 to 8 months away, and we are sick of staring at this machine in pieces.

You ok with that?

As i said, this is the last time I'll go this route. Already deep into it.

There, now you can sleep easy tonight knowing that i hope?

1 week later
#159 5 months ago

Still no update?

I am asking because CPR is doing a run of HS right now. They got the pre-drilled wood, and printing art now.
They had a bunch of pre-orders....and maybe a couple new playfields not spoken for yet.

I was told maybe 4 weeks before they are done or less.

3 weeks later
#194 5 months ago

Ordered early last week.

Do we have to wait for production?
Any idea when these might be ready for shipping?
Could they be shipping this week? That would be cool.
We have started to forget how to re-assemble this machine.


1 week later
#221 4 months ago

Looks like the police car had a shadow, and that missing Black was actually part of the shadow color, Dark Grey. I wouldn't consider that an issue.

Yeah, some Black borders could have been fixed in software before printing. Of course!

#227 4 months ago

waiting for mine.....crossing fingers

#233 4 months ago

I predict 50 restored High Speeds hitting the market in the next month or Two. In a few weeks or so, CPR ships their new playfields. (Very sold out and not taking orders btw)

468dc3bacb2432f4df53aa1f012f20ad (resized).jpg

#235 4 months ago

They had a pre-order like, 2yrs ago! Lol

Some schmucks have been waiting this whole time with their name on the list amd a small deposit.

No way I'd wait that long.
I and others have already been pestering them trying to fill a spot if people cancel.

They got the cnc machining done for the wood about a month ago and in que for printing. Almost ready for shipping.

#242 4 months ago

Have not seen my Hardtop yet.
I guess I am in the group that ships Monday then?

CPR has finished the Inserts for HS replacement playfield.

On to the printing! (They told me yesterday)

Any day now they start shipping the playfields that were ordered years ago. lol

I have my name at the top of the waiting list, in case someone backs out from the pre-order.

#245 4 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Is it normal for CPR to not mention a playfield they are making? No mention of High Speed on the website.

You are 2yrs too late to order

#254 4 months ago

Got mine yesterday as well.

#261 4 months ago

Wait a week after clwar before you apply the hardtop

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