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Pros & Cons of owning a Twilight Zone (Tentatively WTB)

By HighProtein

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Pros & Cons of owning a Twilight Zone (Tentatively WTB)

I've played it on route in Seattle and misc other places.
I've played good one's at BR's and a few other peoples',
at conventions and I had and ok time with the game.
It's not that I didn't get how rad the layout and theme
and features were, but I just didn't enjoy it as much
as say the top ten games that I preferred,
heck, maybe even that top 20 that I enjoyed.
But last night I played one on route and even though it wasn't level
and the little left flipper was weak and the power didn't work right
when I did level the game more and other misc things,
but after about 6 games, it then went into my top 20 if not higher.
I now seek to play a real nice one and to learn the pros/cons of having one.
Bear in mind that I am a collector operator and that if I got one that
it's for the enjoyment of pinball players in Jacksonville FL and visitors.
Another selling point is the buy in feature which is rad on Judge Dredd.

#2 6 years ago

The longer you have one, the more you'll understand all the hype about it. It really isnt a casual game that you walk up to and have fun the first few games on. It really becomes a jewel after you have one for a month or two. Good luck!

#3 6 years ago

TZ is a (well-deserved) milestone in Pin history.
So many innovative features
Easy to sell / High demand
Lots of stuff to do...

Cons: (for you as an operator)
...and to maintain / repair (?)
It did not do very well as a pin on location.
Theme / artwork (in my humble opinion)

I do not own one, but I can play this one on location. This is one of the few pins you might have to own to fully enjoy? Slowly growing on me...

My 2 cents...

#4 6 years ago

TZ is a masterpiece. You won't necessarily "get it" for 50 games or more, and you will continue to see new stuff for a long time. I love the show, and think the theme was executed to perfection.

I think the main gripe about it is that it isn't a "flow" game, but pulling off controlled precise shots is very rewarding.

#5 6 years ago

TZ stands alone among all other pins. So many unique features and interactive toys made this machine decades ahead of its time. Its true that many people wont find it instantly gratifying but after learning its nuances the pin just keeps getting better and better. Definitely a players pin. Mine was down for a short while for clock repairs and since its been up and running again its hard to stop playing. It was a good indicator that it is a keeper for me. HP--I would say buy it and put it on route. Your Floridian pinheads will love you for it and if it doesnt do that well take it home and enjoy it. If you decide down the road to sell you would get your money back out of it. Its TZ. Best of luck.

#6 6 years ago

One con of being "Heavy" haha,
well I know heavy haha seeing as I helped a friend move a Haunted House
up and then down a flight of tight stairs within a few days time.

I'm fond of the Super Game package & playability on my DM & JD.
I could care less about Indy Jones or Popeye though...

I would eventually/definitely put a colorDMD on it & leave it set for the default white color
as well as go one step further with invisiglass (like on my LOTR that's out).

#7 6 years ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Bear in mind that I am a collector operator and that if I got one that
it's for the enjoyment of pinball players in Jacksonville FL and visitors.

I operated TZ for all of 2011 and most of 2012. The majority of my players are pinheads, with the odd occasional quarter dropper.

TZ took awhile to get fully shopped and working 100% before going on location (bought a routed one to put back on route). It held up well, replacing the odd bulb and rubbers.

It got a fair bit of play for about 8 months, then it dropped off substantially when newer Sterns came in (SM, LotR, Tron). In the end, I kind of felt sorry for it. The last two weeks on location it made me .50 cents.

Prior to that, I had a person email me asking to buy it, and I had replied it was not for sale (collector/operator like yourself). Very nice play field, cab in excellent shape, no fade, all plastics good, etc. That last week on location he emailed again, asking if any price would make me budge. I said "Of course. Everything has a price.". He then made an offer I could not refuse (suffice to say, it would have had to been at that location for 20 more years), and I helped him load it up the next day.

I have missed it though, and picked up another routed beater to bring back to life. This play field is in better shape than the last, though the cab has fade and dings (not worried, I play them not look at them). This guy will be staying home once done.

#8 6 years ago

I have mine for 13 years now, love it more and more each day. This is by far my favorite pin of all time, not a casual gamers game as you'll see as you play along, a game where lining your shots up and ball control becomes a must (IMHO), very deep rule set and nothing beats getting lost in the zone. A must have in my book, a great break from the fast constant ball moving style of play. The only two cons are the weight to move it and the current asking price in today's market for a decent one. Check the mini pf for any planking issues, some but not all TZ's had that issue.

#9 6 years ago

Tons of shots
super deep rule set
neat toys incorporated into the game
If you like it, you'll most likely never get tired of playing it.

If its not dialed in correctly(especially the rocket shot), it really takes away from the fun
It's not a "fast flow" game, so if you like games that the ball never leaves the playfield or locks, this might not be for you.

I've had mine for a number of years, and keep coming back to it.
I think it's a great to help determine what kind of pinball you prefer-fast flow or stop and go.

#10 6 years ago

I love mine to pieces, but note when friends come round, this is not the one they play a single go on, and then want to stay on. They usually move to the others I have.

It's got a lot of gear that can go wrong, it weighs a bloody hundred weight and more, and perhaps not a casual gamer. However as pins go, as a keeper, it is, just as it appears to be to people who have it, one of the best pins ever made.

#11 6 years ago

I asked a similar question prior to buying mine a few years back. I have come to the realization that advice on TZ is a lot like the advice you get prior to getting married. No matter what people tell you...it really doesn't help. I don't know why but I just could not get into this game. And as a fine of the TV show i really tried. Maybe the bottom line is because I simply am not that good of a player. Just too deep and rule set and too much stop and go for me too truly enjoy. Again as Muppet Man said above...when my friends came over they played it once and moved on.

#12 6 years ago

Definitely a serious player's pin. It's what make LITZ so rewarding to achieve. It's a log of friggin' work! Now that my brother comes over to play more often, and has subsequently done pretty well on my TAF(although since I've made it harder, nobody can break 400M anymore), and now understands depth of rules and modes, I think he's finally ready to take on TZ and really appreciate it.

TZ is really hard to just jump into, especially for non-dedicated players. It needs someone who's gonna be there to learn it and understand what needs to be done. The longer ball times and longer game times are great, in the arcade AND at home. Average game time from TAF: 3m 29s, average game time from TZ: 4m 50s. Both numbers taken from the audits. This includes 5 kids 12 and under playing both pins every other week or so fairly equally.

#13 6 years ago

I will never sell my TZ. It's a game that gets better every time you play it and there are a lot of cool mods for it.

#14 6 years ago

Best game ever

#15 6 years ago

I thought it was ok. Not worth the hefty price tag it commands these days. Sold it after I bought TSPP and never looked back.

#16 6 years ago

Pros: It's a pinball machine

Cons: It's Twilight Zone.

#17 6 years ago

My dad played a few games on several pins while visiting during Christmas. I told him a few items to hit on each machine. When he got to TZ he just kept playing. That was the only pin he played after he got to it.

He is not a pinhead but he said the sounds were what drew him in. He liked how the pin speeds up during don't hit the door, or the put it back when "the little white ball" comes out. It just drew him in more as he played. He would wake up and play and keep going back all day until bedtime.

I moved the invisiglass from DM after he started to play it a lot and the sealed the deal, he did not play anything else after that.

#18 6 years ago

Most people who own a TZ really appreciate the depth of the game and how well the theme is executed. Although I loved watching TZ as a kid, I could never really get into the game and finally sold it. If you buy one and don't like it, there always seems to be a market for them so you won't take much of a hit, if any.

Be warned, the game is incredibly heavy. And there are a lot of things to potentially break and need repair.

#19 6 years ago

I enjoy the show and game but not in a small collection. Some games can be very short as this game will destroy you on missed shots. if game is set up fast which I never thought was possible until I played it in a tournament this past week can kill you too. I want to own one someday no matter how many new pins come out. In the end I do enjoy many others games with great ramps and speed. I want this pin probably more bec if the theme so I can't let it go but debate about it being my second pin all the time especially if only have room for 1 or 2 more which is pushing it. All pins are fun in there own kind of way and its hard to narrow them down at times.

#20 6 years ago
Quoted from pintastic:

The longer you have one, the more you'll understand all the hype about it. It really isnt a casual game that you walk up to and have fun the first few games on. It really becomes a jewel after you have one for a month or two. Good luck!

Nail on the head (but do agree that this pin shines a lot more in a collection of two or three (one of which is a fast flowing pin)).

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