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Space Shuttle GI Short problem ... Please Help.

By futurepinhead

7 years ago

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#51 7 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

They are all in parallel to each other, so one can affect the readings of many.
You could "cut the chain" in half and see on which side the problem lies.

Sounds good, I will bust it up and try to track the problem down. I heard GI short is possibly one of the most frustrating problems you can have and I am tending to agree with it. I got the rest of the parts in the mail and I am ready to install after I fix the lights.

Quoted from cwg29:

I did a Space Shuttle playfield swap and I lost half my GI lighting. vid1900 is quite the troubleshooter! I narrowed the problem down by splitting the GI bus up into smaller sections. I had a couple of bad sockets shorting out. Hang in there. Like he said

Thanks for the boost in confidence!

#52 7 years ago
Quoted from futurepinhead:

Would that still be the problem if I am only missing half of the GI?

It could very well act just like this. Two pins shorted, the other two pins not shorted. However, after re-reading the posts in this thread, it is not likely your problem.

The four plug connector I'm describing has 4 pins (probably white+white yellow); two pins for each 6.8 VOLTS AC line. It is the main source for the GI light power in nearly every SS pinball machine. It's worth checking to make sure that plug isn't crispy/melted/shorted at this "source" connection. Otherwise, the short will be further upstream like the power supply board or, the GI strings on the playfield itself, as vid1900 has suggested.

#53 7 years ago

I work around 14 hours a day so I don't have a lot of time to spend on this game everyday (which is why this is taking me 6 months now.) I plan on unsoldering a section every night and checking for bad sockets. It has to be this. I cannot find a pinched wire, all the bulbs are good, boards have a good connect on the power supply board.

#54 7 years ago

Good news bad news

Good: I found the bad socket. It was the middle one behind SHU of SHUTTLE. I am no longer blowing a fuse.

Bad: Lights still don't work.

#55 7 years ago

I unsoldered the socket but the series is still complete incase that helps.

#56 7 years ago

Don't forgrt to load all three balls when testing. I bought mine not working because the guy did not realize the program requires this. Just covering bases.

#57 7 years ago

I've determined it HAS to be the 6 wire molex connection in between board and GI. Unless the cord is cut somewhere in the middle which I can't find. Is the only way to test this to cut it? My mm has proven my theory correct but I have to try it out somehow. I do not want to cut it because I have never rebuilt this type connection.

#58 7 years ago

Pinside...I give to you a completed GI. (minus the shorted one)

After replacing a toasty molex I had to find the short. It was a bad light socket. That fixed the fuse blowing problem but that didn't turn the lights on.
The 6 pin connection had the white/yellow wire was loose. I made sure the wire was snug in both connectors, got electrocuted (bad ground) and BAM. I got my two new switches in mail but I am playing a game tomorrow! I gotta fix the ground first....that kinda hurt.


#59 7 years ago
Quoted from futurepinhead:

got electrocuted (bad ground)

Great job on getting the GI working! (electrical issues can be the toughest) As a side note the definition of electrocute is "to kill with electricity". So I really hope you didn't get electrocuted

Your PF is looking nice, keep up the great work!
Jeremy Agema
Central WI

#60 7 years ago

Haha you learn something everday.

#61 7 years ago

Congrats on your fix!

3 weeks later
#62 7 years ago

We're back to having problems. I broke down the playfield again and pulled all the bulbs. I was getting the correct reading on the multimeter. So I thought maybe a bad bulb. I replaced them all again and it was working fine. I went in again yesterday and the fuse was blown again. The only thing I can think of is that loose wire in the connection. It has to be positioned right or the bulbs will go out. Could that cause a fuse to blow? I want to replace the whole 9? pin connections but I do not know how to replace those and I am assuming that it takes an expensive tool.

#63 7 years ago

Mid saturday bump

#64 7 years ago

Does the fuse blow upon powerup, or do you have to play for a minute?

#65 7 years ago

Actually both. Sometimes I will adjust the connection and it will be working fine and then pop. Othertimes I turn it on and it pops immediately. Mostly the first though.

I am going to buy a 100 pack of fuses haha.

#66 7 years ago

You need to make these.

fuse breaker.jpg

#67 7 years ago

Yes, I really do...

Do you think it could be that connection that I was talking about that is causing the fuse to blow. It is not a shorted socket and it would be a 1,000,000,000 chance that it is bad bulbs (I keep replacing all of the bulbs when they blow.) It was similar to this...

ebay.com link » Like

How do you replace something like that.

#68 7 years ago

You just have to get your meter out and check each GI line.

Jiggle the wires, bang on the playfield, at some point you will find a GI string of lamps that reads a low ohm compared to the others.

Sometimes it's a staple, sometimes its a pop bumper that rubs a GI wire, oftentimes it's a glob of solder or lost screw.

Almost never a bad bulb.....

2 months later
#69 6 years ago

Still fighting this. I replaced the molex which was a 6 pin .062? size. All of the lights are now doing a slow fade/brighten until the left side finally pops the fuse. I know for a fact there is not a single wire/socket touching metal. I have combed over it so many times I could draw it in my sleep. I have unsolder each section individually and with the exception of the first round, I have not found a single shorted socket.

It is about to go in the line up as is because I am burned out on this project and need to move to one of the others. Suggestions?

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