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problem with my malty-ball train. need advise.

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By CoupDeTat

4 years ago


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#1 4 years ago

when i get a malty-ball on bride of pinbot, the balls dont space out when they get released from the lock. this makes for a big panic at the start of every malty-ball. is this the way it works on all bride of pinbots? or is there a problem someplace else? has anyone had this problem b4, if so, how do i fix?

#2 4 years ago

It's normal, control it by holding the left flipper, then flip to send one of them up to the pop bumpers. In multiball sections of BoP, it's all about using the pops as a place to store a ball that comes back in a predictable way.

#3 4 years ago

Good multiball management tip, i will try that when i finish my wax job. so the balls should come literally one after another with no time between balls?

#4 4 years ago

Yup, that's how it's designed - it just drops the lock pin, quite a few games do that.

#5 4 years ago

Thank you soo much. i guess i can stop fiddling with the lock pin mechanism.

#6 4 years ago

I played a bop tonight and it definitely spaced the balls out by a second. Just enough time for one shot.

#7 4 years ago

My memory must be totally hosed then, I just sold mine a few weeks ago and I could have sworn it just lets them both through at once. Just checked a video and you're quite right - sorry for the bad info! Now I see the video it's a case of "oh yeah, it did do that".

If both are going through at once check the switches in the ball lock mechanism while in switch test, and check for free operation of the release pin in solenoid test.

#8 4 years ago

I thought this post was gonna be about Whoppers. Mmm...

#9 4 years ago

haha ya my friend sat me down and made me watch the vid on u tube. i think i might try putting a more powerful spring in the lock pin, i hope its an easy fix, i am not the best solderer.

#10 4 years ago
Blackbeard said:

I thought this post was gonna be about Whoppers. Mmm...

LOL....I thought the same!

#11 4 years ago

Nuff said.



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