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6 years ago


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#1 6 years ago

Okay, I've seen a few MBs sell recently on this forum (including one that sold in about 24 hours at probably close to asking price of $6500 despite a pretty rough playfield, worn mosh pit, insert wear, and pretty beat up cabinet)

This week I came across a verified single-owner HUO MB with pristine playfield, absolutely zero signs of wear anywhere (drak track and mosh pit look brand new), pristine cabinet with out any fade, 100% functioning... just a really nice original example of an obviously well-maintained and rarely used home pin (in the guy's basement playroom). Seller is absolutely firm at $7500.


#2 6 years ago

buy it immediately.

#3 6 years ago

Yes, agree with Dave, jump on it.

#4 6 years ago

Great price. Grab it.

#5 6 years ago

Buy it or tell me where it is.

#6 6 years ago

I really hope you are on your way to load it up right this minute. That is a nice find.

#7 6 years ago

That price will not get much lower, at least in the near future. To find and restore one would cost more then that, I would say buy it.

#8 6 years ago

Buy it and flip for a 2500 profit .


#9 6 years ago

Yeah I've been looking at MB recently. That price is very very fair.

#10 6 years ago

ok... nuff said. looks like my instincts were right. Now just have to explain this pin-math to my wife

#11 6 years ago

how's this look????

mb_2.jpg mb_3.jpg mb_4.jpg mbplayfield_1.jpg

#12 6 years ago

Looks pretty clean to me. Seems like there may has been some touch-up on the scoop (slight wear on right side) and drac track but looks pretty darn good.

#13 6 years ago

Based on the pics, pretty dammed good. A few more with detail would be nice, but from those shots it looks really nice. Good grab

#14 6 years ago

That looks like a machine I would buy right now for that price.

#15 6 years ago

It looks nice , the cabinet has been repaired around the legs and not sure why the decals have dark spots by the flipper button? .. I would like to see the coin door and inside the cabinet before I would say it is a HUO MB ..

Still a nice MB .


#16 6 years ago

Yeah, I am not saying it is HUO. No way to tell that without close inspection. But even if that machine saw a route for years, it is a steal at $7500 in that shape.

#18 6 years ago

couple more from the seller

mb_6.jpg mb_7.jpg mb_8.jpg mb_9.jpg mb_10.jpg

#19 6 years ago

Not sure why there would be a dollar bill validator on a HUO machine and there also seems to be some wear around the coin chutes. But over still a very nice looking pin and worth it even at $7500.

#20 6 years ago

That machine is 99% not HUO. I suggest passing on it and sending me the name, email address and telephone number of this heathen.

#21 6 years ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

That machine is 99% not HUO. I suggest passing on it and sending me the name, email address and telephone number of this heathen.

I wouldn't trust the seller or Gambit, send me the number and I will investigate further.

#22 6 years ago

Just find out what else he has to sell and pass the info along to me

#23 6 years ago

Looks like it's been airbrushed around the legs to repair the usual decal wrinkling, but it looks pretty good from what I can tell.

#24 6 years ago

See if you can get a discount for the crooked start buttton .

This MB that is for sale is a routed game that has been touched up in several places. The game is nice but not pristine like said in the original post .

I bet it will sell for the asking price because most people don't see the small details .


#25 6 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Looks like it's been airbrushed around the legs to repair the usual decal wrinkling, but it looks pretty good from what I can tell.

Yes, you can clearly see the marks where the decals were cut (and the darker blue paint from the air brush repair).

Quoted from BoJo:

Not sure why there would be a dollar bill validator on a HUO machine

Had to have been routed for a while. Remember, Ops got receipts on all their games--so any Op can claim HUO after it was routed briefly.

Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Seems like there may has been some touch-up on the scoop (slight wear on right side)

Yeah, that right black line is humongous.

I don't know--$7500 seems a bit high to me given the last few that have sold around $6500--because technically you'd still need decals & PF repair to make it perfect (just like the last few around $6500). Guess it all depends if it's really HUO.

I'd point all these things out and then wave a bunch of $100 bills in his face and see what happens.

Given the current pin market, you'd probably have no trouble selling if for $7500 even if you had to pay that.

Good luck.

#26 6 years ago

Looks nice. There is also a credit dot.

#27 6 years ago
Quoted from McCune:

Buy it and flip for a 2500 profit .


Seriously, a HUO MB would go for $9k at least.

But....that's not what this appears to be.

#28 6 years ago

HUO doubtful....Is that also rust on the side rail bolt heads on both sides near the lockbar?

It was also drilled for lockbar....That doesn't necessarily mean anything as I know many later WMS games had lockbars whether route or not.

#29 6 years ago

I will say, however, that I know of a truly HUO Scared Stiff near me that is a total beater. It was given to a local software company by Bally/Williams after they did some contract work in an emergency situation. No one ever knew how to take the glass off, or thought to clean it or take care of it. They wore that thing out in no more than a few thousand plays. PF was shot. HUO can definitely take neglect damage. But this looks like route damage that has been partially repaired.

I still say it is worth $7500, though.

#30 6 years ago

All WPC-95s have hasp holes.

Not a HUO game, as documented here.

I've seen HUO MB with pretty noticeable wear around the mosh pit. This one has definitely had repair work done and touch up on both the mosh pit and the drac track.

I think it's a 5500 machine, maybe 6k.

#31 6 years ago

easily 6K going up up up

#32 6 years ago

hope you bought it

#33 6 years ago

In all honesty, all info to date has been through the shop that has the pin on consignment (pin is still in the seller's house, photos were taken in November). I'd have to verify all the lofty claims before making the drive. Thanks for all the expert eyes picking out the fine details for me.

Still on the fence. Already offered $6,500 (sight unseen) and seller would not budge even a smidge. Not sure I'm ready to make the $7,500 committment and the long drive until I get better pictures and more details.

I'll think on it over the weekend and pass along the contact info if I walk. However, it sure would be nice closure to a four-pin lineup (AFM, LOTR, SM, MB).

#34 6 years ago

Looks to me like the back lip of the creature hole has been touched up as well. Certainly not a "pristine" playfield.

#35 6 years ago

The cabinets also has the typically art curling around the legs and it has Ben "fixed" or painted. If this is huo it's a hard huo. But none the less condition is worth 7500. Heavy routers, and reimports are bring a faaaaast 6500. I would also say just finding one, let alone getting to it in time is the challenge.

I think it's worth 7500, but it you think it's worth 7000 for example, then over paying 500 is worth it, because you can play it, other wise it may be months before another is found, months of play and fun gone, and in months the machine be more expensive and more difficult to find.

Just my opinion, move soon or you will regret it

#36 6 years ago

The condition was overstated but i still think you could easily get your $7500 back if you decided you didn't want it.

If you are looking to FLIP it, i would pass.

#37 6 years ago

I would be careful as the people selling, are telling tall tales to up the condition . Fact is, it is a 6500 game with sloppy repairs .

The game will need the same new parts as a routed game to make pristine so why pay 1000 more for lame repairs ?

Oh yeah, this is without a doubt a routed game and HUO should never be attached to this game !


#38 6 years ago

It's unfortunate that it is not as they stated. Whether or not it is worth the $7500 is a tough call, but regardless of the price, I'd be a little worried about what else they are hiding. It's not like the things that they told you were just honest oversights...they obviously knew they were not telling you the truth. That never sits well with me...

#39 6 years ago

I think I know what entity is selling the MB as consignment. If it is the same guy, he also had a spiderman on consignment.

EDIT UPDATE I just checked that website and it is the above MB machine.

This seller seems difficult to work with at best. They also have a SM on consignment, but I tried to get a price on it and the guy gave me a run around about a legitimate offer needed before he would bother the seller. How can one make a legitimate offer without knowing the history of the machine and the exact condition? I told the guy my price range which was above $5000 tops based on condition and he never responded. I decided to just buy NIB.

At $7500 get a WOZECLE NIB over this example of MB from a PIA seller.

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