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Price Check Haunted House - just looking for some ideas - thanks!

By too-many-pins

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

Really a long story here but I currently have four Haunted House pinball machines and I am trying to figure out what I want to do here. We really only ever wanted one Haunted House machine but I ended up with four of them (more like 3 and a half).

Rather than getting into the details of how I ended up with 4 machines I'll just say for 3 years I was trying to get one decent Haunted House machine and it just worked out this way.

First machine all that I bought was the body originally - no head - no boards - no backglass. Then I managed to find a backbox & translite for it. Never did put a board set together or anything and I don't know exactly what might be missing.

Second machine I found was all apart when I bought it. Guy was going to do a playfield restoration and clear playfield then lost interest. So he had it apart but had not started on playfield yet.

Third machine I bought was complete but playfields are badly worn. I figured at least I would have a complete machine to look at when trying to assemble the other two. Or would have all the parts for the first machine.

The 3 machines above have been sitting over a year waiting for me to find time to make two good machines out of three.

Anyway - a few weeks ago I traded two other titles for a decent Haunted House. Now I need to figure out what to do with the other 3 machines.

What I am looking for here is some idea of price points of machines 3 or 4 different ways.

What is a fully working (condition 7.5 to 8 - nice backglass) Haunted House worth these days?

What is a Haunted House project with badly worn playfield worth?

What is a Haunted House project worth (again 7.5 to 8 - nice backglass) worth?

What would 2.5 Haunted Houses be worth to someone as a lot?

Machines are in Central PA. Not ready to sell right now but looking for some idea how to proceed with these. I will consider offers on any but the latest one but would really rather just take my time and go through these myself.

#2 8 years ago

I would love a decent playing Haunted House! Keep me in mind, good luck with it!

#3 8 years ago

I have a friend who is ready to dip his toe in the water but is looking for a Haunted House only for his kids. Keep me in mind after manbearpig; "super seriously!"

#4 8 years ago

No help or ideas on prices here?

I wouldn't mind selling a couple of these machines but right now the only way I could consider selling them would be as projects. I just don't have a lot of pinball time these days & I have way to many projects underway already.

My choice would be to get them all up and running 100% before I sell them but that looks like it will be 18 months to 2 years down the road. With ID of "too-many-pins" it kind of says it all but a better one might have been "too many projects"

#5 8 years ago

A full working HH would be 800-1200 depending on condition, maybe $1500 if it was really nice. A CQ HH might command $1500-$2000. I don't think CQ HH would actually bring $2500.

I would say a project HH would be 300-500.

My non scientific opinion seems to think they sit when big money is asked.

#6 8 years ago

1600-1800 for a nice one I think. A CQ just sold asking price 5k

#7 8 years ago

I paid $2000 for a Haunted House with some serious playfield wear, but I know I overpaid for it; it was literally less than 10 miles away and I'd never ever even seen one for sale less than 500 miles away previously.

#8 8 years ago

$2000 to $2500 considering all the work going into them to get at least one up and running.

#9 8 years ago

I talked it over with my son and we decided if anyone is seriously interested we would sell the 3 machines as a lot for $2400 cash - local pick up only. I don't want to get involved with shipping and I want the buyer to know exactly what they are getting so I want them looked at in person.

From what I remember the end result (once some time is put into these) should be two much better than average complete machines and a parts or project machine with worn playfields, translite instead of a backglass and few if any boards.

Someone with some extra time could end up with a very nice Haunted House for FREE by fixing up the second machine and selling it for $1600 to $1900 and selling the parts machine for around $500 or selling all the parts from the parts machine for $800. Parts machine SHOULD be fairly complete less boards but we have not looked close enough to be 100% sure. I also have some extra HH parts that would be included in the lot.

1 week later
#10 8 years ago

Do you have some pics of the machines?

#11 8 years ago

I have sent about a half a dozen people pictures of these machines and I have answered a ton of questions but I still have not had anyone commit to buying them. Normally I like to give each person plenty of time to decide once I send pictures & talk to them about machines but right now space is really tight so first person with $2400 CASH will be getting a heck of a deal on 3 Haunted House machines.

Since I originally posted this we have gotten both MPU's repaired and the rest of the boards in both complete machines have been checked over. The only board not working to our knowledge is one power supply. That keeps blowing display fuses.

We have had one machine booted up and running but it needs switches adjusted & stuff before we can tell how much does or doesn't work. But so far that first machine doesn't seem all that far from a working machine.

The two complete machines have very nice backglasses and the third machine has a reproduction translite that is brand new. Third machine does need some parts, and all displays & boards if you are going to put that one together.

#12 8 years ago

Your handle (pinside name) really does add an aspect of comedy to this post

#13 8 years ago

"Too-many-pins" was an easy handle for a guy who has bought over 200 machines in about 3 years. When we bought our first machine the seller warned us - "they were like Potato Chips and you will never stop with just one" - I just didn't realize we would end up buying a bag full every few months!

#14 8 years ago

These are now posted on Harrisburg PA Craig's List for $2500. If anyone here at Pinside is interested just let me know you are from Pinside and I'll take $2400 for them and include some extra parts not included on Craig's List listing.

#15 8 years ago

Looks like time for plan "B". These machines are no longer for sale. After sending over 50 pictures to 4 or 5 different people no one seemed interested so I have decided to just go ahead and fix these ourselves. That was the original plan anyway but right now I am really hurting for space so I figured if I could sell them quickly for around what I have invested in them I would be better off.

Anyway - two of the three should be for sale as finished machines this Fall and the third one will either be parted out of sold as a project one other two are finished. Thanks to everyone who asked about these!

Now off to part out a couple other machines I just don't have room to keep. If anyone is looking for parts for an Amazon Hunt or Hot Tip drop me an email.

#16 8 years ago

I sold my HH just last week for 1450 was in 100 percent playing shape and no wear upper or lower playfield , had some wear on Main playfield near welcome and a tiny tiny bit at Pop bumpers main PF.. otherwise just about CQ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

#17 8 years ago

A buddy of mine got $2100 for one in worst shape than our two better ones this Spring but it seems like HH is one of those machines that prices are all over the place. Right now there is one listed locally at $2700 and yet a month or two ago a guy had one listed for over a month trying to get $1650 for it and I think it was nicer than the one for $2700.

To me a decent HH should be worth $1800 or so just because of the amount of work they are to get 100% but I have seen plenty for less or more. Even at $2000 they are a great buy if you consider how much is involved and how much fun they are to play.

After looking at yours I am surprised you sold it so cheap but it is a tough time of the year to sell.

#18 8 years ago

I have some sweet Games and that was not deep. More nostalgic , and though I know it was cheap . it was the guys first pin . He will now become infected with The fever .. I had exactly 1450 in it and had it for a short time but in the end I am happy with the outcome, I need not go for people life savings just because something may be worth X amount of dollars .

And yeah like many other games I sold ,I doubt I can buy em back for that amount if I wanted them . Yeah wait 6 months and it will be 2k easy . it is going to be on the pinball Ap soon

#19 8 years ago

HH machines are now sold & gone. One of the guys in our local club picked them up from me tonight. I am glad someone with repair experience bought them. Anyone else buying a HH is risky business. Just way to much to go wrong on that machine.

#20 8 years ago

Congrats on the sale and they are going to be loved . That is great news .
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