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Price Check - earlier SS machines - Close Encounters, Dragon, Amazon Hunt, RAF

By too-many-pins

9 years ago

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“Are sales on cheaper SS machines dead or is it just me? I can sell better stuff but my under $750 machines have just been sitting”

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#1 9 years ago

I have been trying to sell these four machines and a few other in Central PA for about 2 months now with very little interest. All are completely shopped (new rings, playfields striped completely cleaned and waxed, new rings & bulbs, etc.). Just wondering if it is my price, just slow this year or what?

Close Encounters is a SUPER nice machines cosmetically - completely shopped - remote battery installed - clean boards - nice backglass - nice original paint on cabinet and great playfield. Asking $650

Dragon - well above average - completely shopped - nice board set - no playfield wear - fairly nice cabinet - and just minor paint loss on backglass (reds touched up). Asking $550

Amazon Hunt - above average condition - good board set - cosmetically very nice but not super - minor flaking on backglass but looks good from front (touched up before I bought it). $550

And lastly Ready-Aim-Fire - average condition overall $550

Am I being fair at these prices? All 4 machines are worth more than my asking price in parts, all are clean, working 100%, ready to plug & play. I have almost my asking price invested in each so I really don't have much room to lower prices but I really hate to part out 4 nice working machines.


#2 9 years ago

some machines you can't give away. Tried selling a Dragon for $200, and it sat. Had to part it out. Some games nobody wants.

#3 9 years ago

I sold my Dragon and my Close Encounters to the same person as a package deal last winter. I think I got like 1100 or 1200 out of them together. Both about same condition as yours etc.

So your prices are good.

How are you advertising them?

Selling anything is the same anywhere. Its a numbers game. It will take XXX amount of views to generate XX leads.

Also who are you trying to sell to? Your target audience is going to be newbies, first time buyers etc. People just getting their feet wet. Those people dont hang out on pinside.

#4 9 years ago

You might want to add your location if you are looking to generate interest with this thread.

#5 9 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

some machines you can't give away. Tried selling a Dragon for $200, and it sat. Had to part it out. Some games nobody wants.

I really liked my dragon. I just only have so much room for pins. I think it has my favorite backglass art.

#6 9 years ago

it does have a nice backglass, but the gameplay is aweful.

#7 9 years ago

I am mostly interested in figuring out what is going on with low end pinball machine sales this year. Don't get me wrong - we are selling machines and this is just an out of control hobby for us but my low end stuff just isn't moving this Fall.

Last year I couldn't keep pins that were priced under about $600 - this year I can sell anything priced under $600? I have sold 8 machines in 3 months - all those people originally came to look at one of these machines and ended up buying my $750 to $1500 machines instead. Last year if it was over $750 they wouldn't even look at it?

I figure if they are not gone by the first of the year I can always part them out but I really hate to go that direction with nicer machines. If any of them had trashed backglass or worn playfields I wouldn't feel as bad making them into parts.


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