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Stern Electronics Club (1977-1984).

By Mitch

1 year ago

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#1451 6 months ago

Thought you guys might like to see my latest pick up.

1979 Stern Cosmic Princess. Assembled in Australia by Leisure Allied Industries. (LAI)

To work around Australia (and New Zealand’s) exorbitant import taxes in the 1970s, Stern games were shipped as parts and assembled in Aussie. NZ used to do the same with Space Invaders games - we made the cabinets and tubes in NZ, and bought in the boards and controls.

There were 336 Cosmic Princess’ shipped to Perth. This was the only “Aussie only” model made. It uses the same roms as Magic. I know of 3 here in NZ - this is the nicest one of the three. Could well be others around ...

Anyway - got a lead on this one last week, and met up with the guy today. He had bought it from his neighbour a while back when the neighbour had moved out. It didn’t work when he bought it - and it still doesn’t.

Boards all look pretty tidy - Rectifier board shows signs of repair.

Game is really good condition for its age. I’ll get it going, soup it up and add it to the classic Stern row.

Nice score!!

8D41B1D2-B141-40A2-B185-C6F038F39433 (resized).jpeg3724A60E-C924-4828-92B1-64D6160E4B78 (resized).jpeg9C0D65DE-7B69-4DE3-96E1-3AC582A583AB (resized).jpegDDD6C231-267E-47D3-99D2-7E68024B6E1F (resized).jpeg7FBEAFC1-1D84-4BF8-B8CC-F0F2C471C45E (resized).jpeg

#1456 6 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

...probably just a fuse.

Could well be!

I’ve had to put it in the corner for now as I have a couple more pressing things to finish off (custom Led Zeppelin, full Evel Knievel restore, etc etc) so it’ll be a little while before I get her cranking.


#1458 6 months ago

Hey ... I know it’s sacrilege to post a Bally game here .. but I gotta show someone. Just pretend it’s a Stern.

Check out the gloss on the cabinet I just got back from the painter. I used to do them myself but he makes a better job and it doesn’t cost much more ... I just have to do the stencils on top.


9CA09EFA-386F-4065-9BFA-D9A5409D4609 (resized).jpegA3EBE144-7FFC-4CCB-88B4-51175E50EBEC (resized).jpegB81A5FE4-2A48-4D4A-9008-F8F904A5CC06 (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#1762 4 months ago

I just did “a thing” ... could be helpful to others.

You know how those crappy Stern plastic lane guides are always busted up?

I made some overlays out of high impact acrylic to go over the top. Now the ball runs nice and true, and what’s left of the lane guide is protected.

My left one was ok, but the right one was busted. I have now glued the broken bit under the new clear acrylic, just for decoration purposes. (That’s where the red tape is in the final picture)

Easy to do ...
1/ scab some scrap acrylic off your mate
2/ trace out the outline of the guide on it
3/ cut with bandsaw or jigsaw
4/ machine back to size with belt sander
5/ smooth out edges with orbital
6/ line up holes and drill them
7/ screw em on
8/ enjoy


6D68955A-90C1-41C3-BD2C-4FA20D23B03E (resized).jpeg

402F77A9-E822-4040-8CF6-835608E3D99F (resized).jpeg

FBEB1DA0-DF63-48A5-9E4F-5E53847B7B43 (resized).jpeg

#1764 4 months ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Looks good rotordave
Just curious. Why over and not under the plastics?

The original plastics have the metal stands stuck into them.

I wouldn’t want to risk getting them out .. you’d probably butcher the old plastics.

With the glass on, you can’t even see them.



2 months later
#2164 43 days ago

New (old) pin day at RDs place ...



761E9506-0F7E-4A04-92FB-94B6E3C5DA3E (resized).jpegD2D4EE9C-A2AB-4EC4-8D07-17105EE090C6 (resized).jpeg586E36B8-24D4-437E-B907-D94262278BCD (resized).jpeg
#2166 43 days ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Good additions Dave dude!

Gotta try and keep up with my old mate Jay ...

To be honest, I’m not chasing these things, they just sort of show up or fall in my lap.

I’ve had the Meteor for a long time ... I had a Magic 20 years ago that I really liked but it always broke down so I sold it. No Altek boards back in the day ...

There are 12 now, including Cosmic Princess, Trident and Nugent that aren’t in this room yet.


CB356CCB-1842-4587-BBAD-EE9AF01F643E (resized).jpeg
#2168 43 days ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

It’s me trying to catch you![quoted image]

Looks like you’re pretty much there, champ!


#2171 42 days ago

Iron Maiden all shopped up!


0777AD97-E3DF-4FEC-AD41-96773117B44C (resized).jpegB17E31C3-E71C-4171-8B38-CE887A2DF0E8 (resized).jpeg
#2173 41 days ago

Catacomb all done too!

It’s been a busy day.

The playfield on the Catacomb is really tidy. The backglass is a minter too.


357D788B-DC5E-4203-85DC-2E5FB46CFEAC (resized).jpeg68536382-63C8-4EED-8526-6C2C3D662B39 (resized).jpeg
#2191 40 days ago

Just an FYI ...

I’ve had a few issues with LED strobing with the MPU200 lamp boards. Hans’ adapters sort out the majority of them, but there always seems to be the odd one or five (lol) that still flicker. I must also add that Hans’ adapters are minty on the Bally’s and MPU100s, from my experience.

As per a previous post (I think from Hans) I tried some 500 ohm resistors across the lamp, and that would sort out 9/10 of them.

However, some still flickered.

I had some 39 ohm resistors here, tried those and the problem is fixed 100%. I just did 8 flickering inserts in my F2000 with them, and it looks golden.

FYI #2 ... on the F2000, that switch up the middle shot (25k and add bonus) would only award the shot every now and again. The switch seemed fine, I thought maybe that was the rules of the game ... then I noticed that the switch cap had been snipped off and was missing. Add a new cap across the switch .. boom 25k and max bonus all the time.

Little things can make a huge difference.

6E9C8B4A-9A2A-4B82-AD2C-0E0AFD3C52C3 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#2286 24 days ago
Quoted from HHaase:

Now I understand SB100 opinions.
What did I do to deserve this?

Could be worse ...

It could be a Gottlieb System 1 ....



#2289 24 days ago
Quoted from Gott_Lieb:

Nugent never sounded better!!!!

Check out Terry at Pinball Life’s Nugent, if you get a chance. That sounds pretty rad!

Spoiler: it actually plays real Nugent music and sound effects. So does his KISS.


#2291 23 days ago
Quoted from HHaase:

Never had this kind of repeated transistor failure before. But I'm also new to the Bally/Stern SDB. So not sure if I'm missing something.

Bad coil? Internally shorted?

Chuck in a new one and see what happens.


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