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Predator seemed like a scam --- but eventually happily resolved!

By JimWilks

5 years ago

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#5 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

If it's a scam it's a pretty sneaky one, since I played the game at Expo last weekend.
I think the reality is no one realizes how complicated making a pinball machine is, and they went in feeling overly optimistic and got in a bit over their heads. It is weird how the communication used to be so good and now it sucks ass though. I've followed the project from the start, and over time Kevin became more and more absent, and now I can't remember the last time he even posted anything here.

Hmm, not sneaky. You've played the same Predator protype game theyve been taking to shows now for a few years now. I think honestly this is all they have. Lets see a stack of screened playfields, Ramps or something else to show this project is moving forward. Yes, I've seen the painted skulls & spines, but those were done by back alley.

To further concern anyone about this project I've heard through the grapevine they do not have the license to Predator or the license to use the likeness of Arny. Don't believe? Take notice there is no references what so ever to Predator on the Skit B website.

I'm not in on the game and honestly at this point I'm glad I'm not as I see a Shit storm about to hit full force with those that are buyers.

#19 5 years ago

Sorry gents, I think some of yall are drinking the Skit B kool aid.
Let me pour you another glass.

Not listed on web site because they are so busy. Seriously?
They had time to put on there site that another expo is over on their main page. I think anyone making such a pinball would have some mention on it on their site.

Lets face it. Predator is not paying these guys salary. Even if they are making it. Its a project they have been working on, on nights and weekends away from the "real" job. I think the reality is they took creative bull by the horns and made a "one off" prototype machine. Gained interest in the collector community, and then figured..."hey lets mass produce these and sell them", without knowing how much of an overwhelming and expensive task it would be.

#63 5 years ago

Whysnow. You are the biggest fan boy for this game & to be honest with you. I truly hope you and everyone else that has put money in on this game gets their game.

I'm just stating the facts as I see them. Same machine dragged show after show (with updates done to this one protype pin between shows), no images of multiple parts built ready for assembly, very poor or lack of communication, rumors of no license, no mention of any sort of this game on their site, delay after delay. Just sayin....looks like a lot of red flags to me.

I'm just stating its a cause for concern if I was in the game on one. It would be interesting to hear Skit Bs take on this as to clarify what the status is with license and lack of information on the site as it does seem odd.

Best of luck to you getting your game in 2014. What's your scheduled ship date so I can save this thread in my favorites for future reference?

#107 5 years ago

I'm not putting a pinball up on a trade, Don't be a douche.
Simply stating things look fishy to me.

Fact is anyone can make a home brew pinball machine for any title they want "for themselves" not for resale. Look at all the one off games that have been to Expo or we have seen in the past. It turns into a whole different ball game with licensing when you change it from being something for youself to enjoy to selling it for a profit.

Congrats on getting your game by the end of 2014. More power to you.
I will personally recant anything I said about this when I see people take delivery and state Whysnow is a Pinball god I should have listened to him, I am such a fool.

Let me pour you another glass

P.s. on the subject of license. I know we all knew about ST and TWD before they came out as it was figured out that Stern had acquired the license to those themes before they went into production. So here is a legit question that I don't know how to look up. If Skit B has the license shouldnt it be published somewhere under 20the Century Fox....just sayin

#111 5 years ago

I don't think I'm being a douche. I seem to have more thumbs ups from my comments then you do in this thread. I'm done...can't wait to see your game. Or at least a stack of screened playfields or ramps.

#219 5 years ago

I had heard that they had run into issues with the license and using the likeness of Arnold. Could this have been true or not, i dont know. But our souces are pretty credible in the pinball industry.

I dont think these guys are scammers ...at least not yet anyways. I think they bit off more then they can chew and now they have to figure out how to fix it.

The situation is this. I can make a kick ass Breaking Bad pinball machine and feature images and sound clips from the entire cast of the show, and take my "one off" game to every pinball show in the world for everyone to enjoy my personal super fan made pinball. The problem i would run into would be when i then decide to make more Breaking Bad Pinballs for profit, taking deposits from buyers that want to reserve a game..before actually having the license from AMC and Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast.

All in all i wish no ill will for the buyers and Skit B. I hope this issue gets resolved. Im just glad to not be in on this as I think this could get messy for all parties.

#383 5 years ago

"Hey everybody its Kevin here from SkitB, i just wanted to give everyone an update on your Predator games you've preordered from us. We had some setbacks due to licensing, but rest assured weve got them worked out and you're going to love PredaTOUR pinball. Play along as a blonde haired austrian Special Ops commando known as Capt Lola and kick some PredaTour butt in this action packed pinball."

#439 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

1. - 5. Only need 1 answer. There is no obligation for SkitB to have anything posted in any public space. Kevin and team were at Expo last week and were anything but silent. I am in the first games being built, saw evidence of it, and he answered every question I have. Yes, they fail at online communication. However, I had all questions answered in person 1 week ago and was given all the proof I need. I have no desire to share any of this publically as it was a private conversation between me (an owner in the first batch) and Kevin. Suffice to say, games are actively being built and I see no need for any publicly shared information about this other than to dispell a bunch of shit talkers that are wasting more time attempting to distract from the things that are actually worthwhile that they are doing.

So games are being produced.....that's great. Obviously then illlegally as it seems evident there is no license.

With all the crap that Stern has to omit and cater to the license holders over everyone of their titles it Simply amazes me that SkitB has free reign to do whatever theyve wanted to do with Predator...or at least until now.

I think the reality is the project has hit a major road block. Either come up with some crazy amount of money to which they don't have to continue the project as planned....or its about to get a lot watered down on what is potentially licensed on it.

#732 5 years ago

FACT: Whysnow....here is another leaked production photo to help your cause.

#747 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I was just told that hasselcastle is actually on the waitlist...
That explains alot.

Your nuts.
I love the theme, but to me it looks poorly executed. I've seen and played there one and only prototype at the show and to me it looks much better than probably anything I could do. It clearly to me has a look and feel of a amaturely made pinball machine. It looks and feels like it was made in a basement. From the artwork that looks like a high school students art project to the clunky/non flow of gameplay....I'm out.

I shouldnt be shunned for speaking my mind on the title because all 250 are sold right?

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