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PPS / MMR communication - it's NOT about the coin mechs (or is it?)

By jfh

5 years ago

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#46 5 years ago

My issue isn't about the lack of shipped coin mechs. This was my post which got moderated out in the other thread:

Do I have extra coin mechs; nope. I had to order 1 to complete my Star Trek: Mirror Universe build. The bigger concern I have is... Given he's not SHIPPING with coin mechs... how is the MFG line VERIFYING the coin circuits work?!

Are they going to put "test mechs" in the machine and run quarters thru enough times to verify the circuits and the coindoor work as expected? Would seem paying labor to install mechs... then turn around and uninstall them would be more expensive than including them. Doesn't make a lot of business sense to me. What happens when test coin mechs "Escape" to the buyer?

Or is Rick just "letting that one slide"? IE screw the coin-op portion of the game. If there are issues; it's the buyer's problem?

Either way; he better be testing the co-op functionality as part of is OQA process on significant sample of the production machines... doing otherwise is a dumb move.

I don't have a dog in THIS race... however, if he remakes AFM - I'll be looking long and hard at how he handled this first game to determine if he deserves my next NIB cash.

#126 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I'm not mad at you, just disappointed. And I certainly wouldn't disrespect you by yelling. But me talking to you is selfish, since everyone would have to rely on my interpretation of the conversation rather than having the ability to see direct answers from you.

Pretty sure you were trolled. Rick has a different screen name: PPS.
If motocat is Rick; then he needs to have one of his account blocked per forum rules.

#261 5 years ago
Quoted from blue95:

They don't need coin mechs to test them, just activate the switch that the coin normally activates.

Activating the switch doesn't prove the coin door isnt bent - nor some mechanical issue that prevents the coin op portion to work. A finger != a coin.

#293 5 years ago

Actually - I have a friend who bought an MMr... and requested a refund BEFORE the freeze.
Apparently some Disti's are requiring that your "build slot" be filled by another BEFORE they refund your cash.
Maybe Jack is better - but I'm guessing not.

#386 5 years ago

So by that logic a 66 corvette is worth less (read: less collectible) than a new `14 corvette?!
Um... no.. thanks.

To me it all comes down to one thing: playablity.
I'd own either if there were reasonably in-expensive.
I can't see paying 8k for a remake... it makes no financial sense as 8k was/is a market driven price.

I will have some hard decisions to make if/when PPS decides to make a non-coinop AFMr.

#388 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

They're only making coin-op games. Learn what a coin mech is & stop being maniacs, maniacs.

If it doesn't provide coin mechs; it's not a coinop machine. Their QA process needs to prove its a coin-op machine.
Stop being such a cluess fanboy, fanboy.

#393 5 years ago

Rare - I know full well what a mech is. Have since my first pinball purchase years ago.
Stop calling me clueless... if it doesn't come out of the box with the ability to take credits / quarters - it's not a coin op machine. Retrofitting a machine after it's on legs so it can take quarters != coinop.

It's not a coin op machine by my definition - nor by the Webster's dictionary.
I don't care how many of you fanboys say it is.... it isn't.

operated by inserting coins in a slot.
"coin-operated telephones"
a machine that is coin-operated.

#402 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Popping in a coin mech isn't "retrofitting". Look - I know you're from Texas, which means you can never admit to being wrong…but - you're wrong.

Whoa - this sh1t just got real... I know your from CA; so I'll let your self-importance be your downfall.
It is retrofitting if you have to buy a $60 set of coin mechs. It's not coin op. period.
It's a slippery mudslide you should be all too familiar with...
First Coin Mechs... then; why do we need to test this feature? Then why do we need to put a coin box in; that's another $100s we can save off our bom.

Your entitled to your improper definition of a coin op machine; even if it's contrary to established norms.

#423 5 years ago

Rare - your command of the Written Word is certainly skewed. You must be in sales, marketing, or politics.

At best MMr is a Coin-OP Capable machine. It is not a coin op machine as it requires a retrofit of a pair $16 coin mechs for it to be a coin-op machine. Both terms are 100% correct; don't go "playing with the words" because you think you can "justify" your insistence that it is a coin op machine. It simply isn't until someone retrofits said coinmechs in place. If MMr's brochures or any other marketing documentation claims itself to be a coin op machine... then well; they are putting themselves up for a false advertising claim.

"Coin operated" is defined as:
" adjective

adjective: coin-operated

1. operated by inserting coins in a slot.

"coin-operated telephones"

2. noun: coin-operated; plural noun: coin-operateds; noun: coin-op; plural noun: coin-ops

a machine that is coin-operated.
Retrofit is defined as:

verb: retrofit; 3rd person present: retrofits; past tense: retrofitted; past participle: retrofitted; gerund or present participle: retrofitting
1) add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured.

"drivers who retrofit catalysts to older cars"

2) provide (something) with a component or accessory not fitted to it during manufacture.

"buses have been retrofitted with easy-access features"

noun: retrofit; plural noun: retrofits

an act of adding a component or accessory to something that did not have it when manufactured.

So; It is 100% point blank accurate to say MMr is not a coin-operated machine and that it requires a retrofit of the coin-mechs at additional costs to make it so. Further; Just because you can retrofit the mechs into the machine makes not guarantee that said machine will function as a coin-op machine. I doubt your buddies at PPS are planning on testing all the features of said coin-op machine on a per-unit basis... so it's possible you as the new owner of your non-coin-op machine will have to fight with PPS to get it repaired under warranty.

Whatever the case; I'm done "sparing" with you over the English language. Your "facts" are certainly a waste of time.

#426 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You're boring. And a liar.

LOL - K. Child.
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