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PoTC - Who has playfield cracking & wear around sling posts?

By harryhoudini

1 year ago

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  • My playfield looks fine (but I haven't removed the star posts) 31 votes
  • I removed the star posts and my playfield looks fine 16 votes
  • My game had clear washers installed from the factory 15 votes

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Post #306 Sling Post Remediation Efforts #1 Posted by harryhoudini (1 year ago)

Post #307 Sling Post Remediation Efforts #2 Posted by harryhoudini (1 year ago)

Post #432 Washer and Starpost Solution Posted by harryhoudini (1 year ago)

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#1568 1 year ago

Hello All,

I read more of this thread than I care to admit, looks like a soft modern playfield and some shotty QC.

I question everyone from the top down that's involved in the manufacturing process at JJP! I don't think any idiot would install a post that's effectively a knife-edge onto their playfield. If all of these posts were like that it should have been rejected by management if it was only a few then the assembly folks should have been tossing them into the trash. I just played a WW SE this weekend and still want one, but the soft playfield was apparent on it after only two weeks on the floor (in a busy arcade) it had dimpling the same as reported on newer Stern games (mine included).

I just very carefully inspected my IM as the top posts on the slingshots are a thin one like this one and I don't see any wrinkling or chipping anywhere. So I think Mirco is partly to blame.

Pirates is still only a wish for me so I won't comment on what a fair solution is, but I certainly feel for you all as I know I'd be upset to find that post digging into a playfield of mine. Hopefully, some of the mitigation ideas will end up working out and that you can continue to enjoy what otherwise appears to be a standout game!

never (resized).jpeg

#1572 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

That is my post pictured there and believe it or not, they were all like that except 1 single post.

The Wonka I played was less than two weeks old and just about every single post star or skinny was sunken into the clear with varying degrees of rippling.

That's pretty upsetting to hear that most all of your posts looked like that! So management approved the parts and the monkeys installed them without question.


#1603 1 year ago

Is there a consensus to the best fix for the slingshot posts? As a future WW owner, I'd like to know.


#1612 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

He asked about Wonka, I answered his question. Yes Wonka.

Thanks for the replies!


#1617 1 year ago

Has anyone reached out to Mirco?

Chips are a sign of a hard playfield where the paint and topcoat are 'popped' apart from the wood (or primer) due to ball impact or force of leverage on posts. On the other hand, there are reports of ripples (bunching) of the playfield and tears. Some tears it seems are due to pulling the star posts out of the field as they are large originating from the star post and getting smaller as it goes out. You wouldn't expect a soft playfield to chip and you wouldn't expect a hard playfield to bunch up or tear. I'm not HEP, but this seems like doggy logic to me, perhaps I'm wrong.

So why are some boards chipping (hard) and others are tearing or bunching (soft)? At least one of the pictures appears to show deep indentations into the wood itself.

Those posts without a flat bottom truly were SHIT (on you JJP) however, there certainly appears to be issues at the board manufacturing level and perhaps Micro might be able to chime in as to the best way to mitigate these issues.

Would I consider a Mirco TZ playfield at this point, I'm not sure.

#1619 1 year ago

@dts you posted a few seconds before I finalized my post, but I agree with you. Mirco is on the hook on this one from what I'm seeing.

#1620 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Search the thread. Several people have, including myself in multiple ways. Mirco responds to sales requests immediately, any other contact went ignored.

I'm sorry I only made it through 1/2 of the posts and then spent the majority of my time combing through the photo evidence. Which led me to believe it was ALSO a playfield issue as it's more than just the terrible star posts. There are issues beyond the star posts, that we wouldn't expect to see on a machine this new.

Darn..sad to hear Mirco is as unresponsive as JJP on this issue.

Edit: Has there been any reported issues with other Mirco playfields or is it just POTC?

#1622 1 year ago

Already edited it.. get most of my parts from them...they are awesome

#1636 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I did dial sling power down a bit as that is a contributing factor to the damage.

Hum, that was the first thing I noticed on the WW I played that the slingshots were turned WAY down, like 40% of what you would expect.

#1655 1 year ago
Quoted from wesman:

I guess I mean as in the spirit of the theme. I feel like there is certainly audio, character visuals, and some callouts, but the execution of Wonka, for me, doesn't feel as structured, joyful, or playful as it could have been.

I felt totally the opposite, I thought it was colorful, fun and great!

#1678 1 year ago

Read quite a bit of the above links and it certainly appears that while it took awhile Stearn, in the end, they stepped up. Sending out boxes for populated playfields swapping the parts onto new boards and shipping em back. Local dealers were even handling the removal and reinstall on behalf of their clients.

#1716 1 year ago

If there are enough truly injured parties then pool together a few hundred dollars each and get an attorney to start a class-action lawsuit?


If there are damaged parties which filed their reports to JJP within the 30-day window without resolution that would certainly help your case. If they were early adopters (serial numbers) and then JJP withheld this information to prospective buyers and knowingly continued to deliver a defective product that's a bonus. The star post fix and changes in the manufacturing of later machines is an admission of culpability. If any were purchased via a distributor then I'd name them in the suit as well, to make things just a bit more exciting for JJP.

Your only other solution is to start branching out into the other JJP forms. e.g. Start spreading failure uncertainty and doubt in the minds of the pinside community about JJP products. Every prospective WW prospect is likely following the WW Golden Ticket owners club. Branch out gorilla style and go to war with JJP until it hit them in the pocketbook.

I'd certainly register jerseyjackpinballsucks.com and set up a forums where documentation can be put together of the issues across their entire product line. As an SEO expert I can tell you that once the site had a bit of content, it would show up every time some types in jersey jack pinballs.

Create a plan legal or otherwise and execute it as ...

it's 100% certain that arguing among each other will accomplish nothing! Team together or fail apart.

With that said I still really really want a WW and hope to have one soon.


#1828 1 year ago
Quoted from Manic:

Here's a pic from the other thread about a different issue. However if you look *real* close you'll see the clear puddling around the base of those two posts. Once again it looks like they were not cured fully before they put them into production. Hard to believe only a few PF's would show this out of the entire lot. Could you post a close up of your PF where some of those skinny posts are located?

Going to need a better picture. I can't see anything even when looking *real* close.

I hope to get to the SE at pinball lounge in the next couple of weeks and am going to take a flashlight for a close inspection when I go to play.

Were there any signs of the horrible knife-edge posts on your WW?


#1866 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

There should be a law against selling a product of certain complexity and price without a legit warranty

As a conservative, I STRONGLY endorse the reality of personal responsibility, over the idea that the Washington bureaucrats can make better decisions for me.

Liberals want to control your wallets and the conservatives want to control your mind, you cannot control my mind, so leave my wallet the fuck alone!

Take personal responsibility for your action.

POTC is a terrific, mindbending, innovative product albeit with a flaw or two. With innovation comes risks, purchasing such innovations is a risk which you chose to make.

Kind Regards,

PS As my father always joked, if you are under 30 and not a liberal you have no heart if you are over 30 and not a conservative you have no brain.

#1880 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

It's actually against pinside rules to discuss politics.

My bad it won't happen again! But I still advocate personal responsibility.. e.g. I should have been a more responsible drinker the night I posted that!

#1905 1 year ago
Quoted from pipes:

Does anyone actually think they made anything on POTC?

Highly unlikely with the limited numbers sold, R&D (and parts) cost of this complex machine, cost of the Disney licensing and such. You'd think with the demand if it was profitable it would be re-released. Why would they suddenly stop production? Perhaps after they started making them the labor costs were finally known and when added to the parts costs they said oh poop.

#1910 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I don’t think it had to do with profitability. I’m sure that was thought out well in advance of production.

My theory is simple. People pulled orders due to the mech nerfs. Parts orders were reduced accordingly. The game hit the street and surprise! It’s fantastic even with the changes. Suddenly everyone wants one but the parts orders require lead time and minimum quantities so the ship has sailed. So to speak.

That’s my take anyway. Not based on anything but speculation.


Hope to have this game someday, so I also hope they redo another run at some point.

#1955 1 year ago
Quoted from DougPiranha:

No more new pins till this gets figured out.

It's really unfortunate for everyone! Have there been any issues with the remakes: MMr, MBr and AFMr? Those titles didn't have the release cycle issues built into them that Stern, JJP and others are facing.

The manufactures are for sure pushing to get the next cool thing released, maybe they simply need to let these boards sit for a longer period of time before screwing things onto them? Is JP2 being pushed out the door, to combat WW in the fight for the

limited money pool_available in pinball? I wouldn't be surprised to see JP2 playfield issues in the rush to market.

#1958 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Personally have played a lot of CGC games and none of them have these issues that I have seen. I have played a number of AFM, MB, MMR everyone I have played is solid

What's the source of CGC, Stern, and JJP fields?

Is it time to cure or is it the manufacturer?

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