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PoTC - Who has playfield cracking & wear around sling posts?

By harryhoudini

1 year ago

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“What kind of issues are you seeing?”

  • I have visible dimples but no chipping 45 votes
  • I can see chipping but haven't done anything yet 68 votes
  • I can see chipping and installed mylar, washer and/or larger star post 31 votes
  • My playfield looks fine (but I haven't removed the star posts) 31 votes
  • I removed the star posts and my playfield looks fine 15 votes
  • My game had clear washers installed from the factory 15 votes

(Multiple choice - 205 votes by 193 Pinsiders)

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Post #306 Sling Post Remediation Efforts #1 Posted by harryhoudini (1 year ago)

Post #307 Sling Post Remediation Efforts #2 Posted by harryhoudini (1 year ago)

Post #432 Washer and Starpost Solution Posted by harryhoudini (1 year ago)

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#1625 1 year ago

I guarantee they make more than $500 per game. If there was a master list of every part on the machine and its cost im sure everything adds to a pretty penny. But bottom line is those gi led boards that they value at 60-70 bucks is literally a $5 part to have manufactured and you cant tell me there is not skin on the bone somewhere. If they came out and said (with proof) that the cost of the playfield is $550 (which is prolly right if a CONSUMER gets something at cost however when you order 1000 like a manufacturer the cost should be much less like say $350-400) and they were selling them as low as possible. From there they should paying for the shipping as well as include random JJP swag for the troubles.

*Edit Yes MARCO is awesome. When I put in those $400 random part orders with 200 different things on it. It is inevitable that something is wrong. Missing bulb wrong screw whatever it was they had a replacement on the way within a day (even let me sneak a item I forgot one time). And to top it all off if you catch them at a pin show free shipping and if you chat them up you can haggle the prices a bit (think i got an extra $10 off at TPF on top of the discounts that were already posted) and every little bit counts

#1773 1 year ago

you mean a $5 fix kit.

Edit* That really fixes nothing and only attempts to hide the damage and if we are being honest could cause further issues. Im no rocket scientist but I do know downward force is downward force. Just because we increased the surface area ( which really isnt the case because that washer is riding on top of the donut so no extra surface area and the pressure of the washer pushing on the donut now could infact cause your donut to turn into a quite significant chip) doesnt mean that the clearcoat donuts wont still happen. as a proof of concept the tortuga scoop has nice surface area and I got one huge donut around it. Wtf is a chincy little washer going to do?

4 weeks later
#2182 1 year ago

wonder if the 0618 is manuf date which means it has been sitting for over a year.

#2225 1 year ago

If I owned the machine for a year or 2 then no I wouldn’t expect to get a new play field. When I’ve been an owner for a month and see pooling and now 5 months in I have places with chipping ya I would expect a new play field. I even knew about the problem and was careful to not make the problem worse from the get go. I dont know about you but I plan on keeping my pirates for a very long time. My 30 year old f-14 can be restored to look like brand new. In 30 years my pirates won’t have a play field left. Oh and if you had any pooling the 6 star post only “fix” (I mean hide) your slings. What’s going to happen to your outlanes, chapter select posts, tortuga scoop. In a year when your play field is falling apart like some of ours are I’ll be sure to remind you it was “only” 1-2mm

#2263 1 year ago

I really want to see pics of these playfields that have 0 pooling around any of the posts

#2297 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Ever play WoZ when half the lights don't work?

The woz at the “somewhat” local arcade has this problem. I’m 99% sure it is an original woz (not sure on boards though). Have learned my lesson. The woz always gets reset before I put quarters in it.

#2306 1 year ago

Jack doesnt carry a sat phone? Pleb

#2318 1 year ago

Yep if I was told that players with chipping were getting playfields and people with rippling were getting the shaft I would be inclined to do some major maintenance that required removing posts. Like for example I might need to wax the machine and with my OCD Ill pull stuff so I can get everything. Pretty sure ill have signifigant chipping as soon as I pull the posts again. As it stands now I installed the fix and I have rippling around some of the washers in the fix now.

#2352 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

I don't have to imagine, I've SEEN it. The operator I help now USED to have machines at a truck stop - not anymore. They are massively abused, not just by truck drivers, but homeless people that try to break into them since the game room at a truck stop is a low-supervision area.

HA HA If that were occuring I would figure out how to wire some voltage to the coin box. Want to steal some shit from me and be prepared to get the shit shocked out of you. I would even put a warning for the dumbfucks so suing me would not be an option.

#2356 1 year ago

I disagree. It is my property to do as I wish with. The machine already has a high voltage warning when you open the coindoor. I would just add a warning to the outside of machine the reiterates there is high voltage on the inside of machine. No court of my peers would convict me based on some asshole trying to rob me.

#2358 1 year ago

if there is a warning that the machine uses high voltage its hardly a boobie trap. Who is to say when they broke my coin door They didnt break a wire and voltage make its way to the internal coin box?

#2393 1 year ago

um putting a bomb inside of a car is a little different than a little shock. Would not be hard to argue he was at fault because he was unqualified to work on a pinball machine/electricity. Furthermore the machine clearly has warnings stating there is high voltage from the manufacturer that he ignored. Ill stand trial in front of a jury of peers and argue all day. Not that this scenario would ever happen but, sue me idgaf. Worst case you get a couple thousand dollars big woop. No house no cars no kids no job..what are you suing me for again?

#2396 1 year ago

You assume I own the pirates I play. Your beat chance at $$ out of me would to go after my vehicle. Unfortunately on paper it is only half mine so you could get half of a car I suppose.

1 month later
#2654 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

My sauna begs to differ.

Your sauna also isnt make of partially clearcoated plywood and also probably has some type of hydrophobic sealant.

#2666 1 year ago

Wow what cc do you have. I have been requested to provide proof that I sent back a $50 item before receiving chargeback meanwhile your doing a $550 chargeback and don’t expect them to ask questions

1 month later
#2739 12 months ago

Silicone will compress to the point where it would deform/rip apart. I would put some loctite to help prevent post from coming loose.

1 month later
#2767 10 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I'm with JJP on this one. You have zero warranty.

This really is a problem. What is the difference between a machine that swapped hands 1 time and a machine that was say a demo at expo. The demo had a 1000 plays in a weekend that comes with a warranty. What about all the nub machines that have come up in recent months from private sellers. One in theory could buy a nib machine and still not have a warranty which is bullshit. If jjp Were smart they would figure out a way to transfer a warranty if you have original sales receipt. I’m sure all the second hand users would pay a small fee to have this done. Not extending warranty just making sure the original year is honored

#2776 10 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Carguments don't apply here. Pinball manufacturers do not issue "recalls" like car manufacturers are required by law to do. Apples & oranges.
Widespread issue or not, you are not a covered owner. The conversation stops there. You can try to get them to help you, but you'll just be told to pound sand.

This is how class action lawsuits get started. A defect is a defect. So your saying if there was a fatal flaw with a machine like stray power Harry should not get the parts? If it was a complaint about something trivial I understand but this is a core component of the machine and should be fixed accordingly with how new the machine is.

2 weeks later
#2825 10 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

THanks for posting that! I’m sure it will help someone. About the map disc, you’d be shocked how well that thing cleans up. On my new-to-me CE the disc was basically black compared to the playfield. I wiped it with alcohol and it looks new again. It has a pretty nice clear finish, but it does tend to collect the ball dust!

I’ve had to clean my map several times and I’m still impressed every time. I would think that after tons of plays it would start to wear. Nope a small spray of novus 1 on a rag and she ( map disc) looks new after a 30 second wipe down

#2874 10 months ago

Ahh yes so all these people that have got their free play fields can sell their machine for a hefty profit and then request another 1000 for the play field. This is not an issue of 1 or 2 machines though. At the point where people are getting free play fields that don’t even own the game anymore Harry should be entitled just like everyone else to have a replacement play field. It’s not that they have to, its the right thing to do.

1 month later
#2947 8 months ago

i would think using a steel washer would make the problem worse. Anytime I add a washer I always use nylon. Lot less risk inadvertently breaking something

#2959 8 months ago

soldering isnt too hard. If able I would practice on something similar first. What are you trying to do? From there the tips I would have is get good solder like some 60/40 or 64/36 ( I think those are the sizes ) and some flux. Flux helps clean the "joint" and helps the solder to stick. So whatever you solder put a small amount of flux on it. Heat the flux for a few seconds and now we are ready to solder. Put a small amount of solder on the tip of your iron. If your joining wires tin both wires then join them by overlapping and not by butting the ends together. If your talking about a pcb I would clean old solder off with some solder wick or a solder sucker then would reapply new solder with flux. You can also just reflow solder or heat up the solder wuth iron and let it reattach to the pad on pcb. In my opinion it is better to remove old solder and reapply with new leaded solder

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