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Post Project Pins for sale here - CL, eBay, Pinside and others

By Pecos

4 years ago

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#11138 11 months ago

I love this thread.
Looking for my next SS project.
Would love it to be Flash Gordon, Black Knight, Firepower...or lots and lots of other titles...

#11142 11 months ago

Right here on pinside
Project pins in Cincinnati

Lethal Weapon 3
High Speed
Pink Panther
Space Mission


3 weeks later
#11320 10 months ago

In search of the next pin. Can't find anything compelling.

Looking for a project Blackout, Flash Gordon, Black Knight or Alien Poker (I suppose Flash or Firepower are on the list).
Might be open to something later eighties or DMD priced right if it isn't on my hit list...

My son wants something with drop targets and spinners...maybe a classic seventies Stern like Meteor...

Seems like lots of guys claim to have piles of machines they are sitting on and they are just not getting around to...

#11335 10 months ago

If you were closer I would offer my Stern Dracula to you...

Looks like an awesome pin. I love the classic feel of old Stern machines....and if you have owned it a few times in the past, it must have that "just one more factor"

1 week later
#11380 9 months ago

Here's a Gorgar in Ohio. $950 and allegedly urrently works. bad backglass but sealed...


#11412 9 months ago

Here's a Flash in Wisconsin.
I have talked to him. It is a little far for me to drive.
(There's a Flash closer to me for $650 but I'm holding out for one on my list: Black Knight, Blackout, Flash Gordon or Alien Poker really cheap)..
He is pretty firm on the price.
As I understand it this was his first project and it doesn't boot.
My guess is that if you sent in the boards/power supply to be rebuilt (my guy charged a little over $200 and installed NVRAM) that this would be in great shape.


#11418 9 months ago
Quoted from egyptrus:

That game has been for sale for quite a while. Looks like he might have overpaid for the project and is now hoping he'll get his money back from it. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.
In addition, while the boards may have issues, there might be other issues with the displays or wiring/connectors, etc. Basically, there could be a lot of work that needs to be done which quickly makes this project game a money pit.
I'm sure it'll eventually sell but he may have to take less than he's asking for.

Yes, I agree that he probably paid too much for it and that there are certainly other issues...pay $700 for the machine, $100 for LEDs, another $50 for misc parts, balls, rubbers, plastics, maybe a manual and $200-$300 for boards and you have paid too much...and that doesn't even cover mechanical issues with flippers, drops, the spinner or the bumpers. I don't even want to think about "Hey, why does this fuse keep blowing?" kinds of issues...

I've been sending him a message every few weeks. He's frustrated about the machine. I haven't said "you paid too much" but have indicated that I am looking for one at a lower price. It just doesn't make sense for me to get that one...seems like the minute I go to buy this headache, a working one with great everything will pop up locally for $950. Or worse, a pin that I actually WANT (like Blackout or Meteor) will pop up for a similar price.

1 week later
#11501 9 months ago

This isn't the "bitch about flaky sellers" forum but hhhhoooollllleeeee cow.

From this experience--or near experience--it seems like it would be best to avoid the flakes.

FB listing. Working Time Warp....asking $400...I was third in line...get a text "it's yours if you want it"...
ok. Working pin. Not a great pin but it works...and it has drop targets...my kid wants drop targets...this will work.
I ask a few questions and I get that they do not have any keys. Have owned the machine for 10 years.
"Do I need to move on? I've got 75 people behind you"
I told him that I was still interested that I only asked so I would know what tools to bring...gotta drill those locks to transport the pin, right?
"No Drilling"

Pretty sure someone offered him more....

3 weeks later
#11659 8 months ago
Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Firepower / SS
Year: February 1980
Production: 17,410
Cost: Opening Bid: $850 or Make Offer
Location: Ingleside, Illinois
Link/Contact: ebay.com link
OP: Good working condition. Excellent glass.

we'll see if this works out! "
Thanks for the post

1 week later
#11716 8 months ago

Headed to Volant, PA in the next week or so with a truck...

anyone between Kalamazoo and Volant have too many SS project machines?

Salivating for a Flash Gordon, Black Knight, Firepower, Blackout, Flash...early, high production numbers, fun to play pins...open to many others.

2 weeks later
#11817 7 months ago

I ended up getting my Firepower II at an estate auction.
It wouldn't boot and I paid $650. First pin.
Probably paid a bit too much. (In fact, I'm not completely sure how it happened because $600 was my top bid).
There was one other bidder.
I am happy I got it. I like the pin. Ended up spending a few hundred on board work and some misc parts.
bought a new backglass for it.
Right next to that pin was a Countdown with a see through backglass that had a new board in the cabinet.
Countdown sold for $150. Less than the cost of the new board.

Found out that you can spend as much as you want to make it nicer.
Almost went last weekend to get a Mata Hari in the same condition.
Skipped it.

3 months later
#12518 4 months ago

So there is a project listed for $1000 OBO....I've messaged the guy for TWO WEEKS.


I just asked what the nature of the problems were. Does it boot? Light? Play? Do you have keys?


1 week later
#12593 4 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Yeah, I got a few messages about it but I’m surprised it’s still here. Can’t beat a good condition working alphanumeric game for under 600 bucks.
550 if anybody in this thread wants it.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Too far for me, but I can't say that I'm not tempted. Smokin' deal.

2 weeks later
#12740 3 months ago
Quoted from tomdrum:

For those of us that are always on the lookout for project games, here's what I found in the last 2 months. Like many here I run wanted ads on CL looking for games. Last month I was offered a Stern Stars. It was 60 miles away but looked decent in pics. Drove over and got it for $375. Unmolested survivor with a really nice PF, flaking BG from storage, was in a home for 35 years. Let a local pin friend buy it since he loves these and had a nice BG.
Yesterday I get a text on another Stars, looked at it today. Was working till they moved it. Light PF wear, nice BG and cabinet. OE board set. That one was bought for $450. Again, I let another local pin buddy have it as it's a keeper game for him too.
Deals are out there if you look and luck into them.
Why it couldn't had been a Bally Flash Gordon, EBD or other desirable titles offered in 20 years of looking still amazes me.

something seems to be happening...I've seen more projects for sale and playable, working eighties SS machines can be had for more manageable, realistic prices than say a year ago. Some listings are optimistic, for sure, but I'm seeing B-list games (like Tri-Zone, "shopped" for $1200)...I wasn't seeing that a year ago.

2 weeks later
#12956 3 months ago

Where are all the Space Shuttle projects?!?!?! Dangit!!!!!

Because when you want it, you want it, right?

#12967 3 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I have some questions:
Of all of these project pins that have been moving around the country, how many have been put back together and are now up and running?
How many have just changed hands and are sitting folded up in a different corner in a different house? Rephrasing the question: How many of these project pins are in pinball purgatory and just living in different houses as they get passed around from basement to basement or garage to garage.
How many will we see ads for that say," I'm selling this pin. I have too many projects right now."
I have a pin folded up in a corner of my house. It will be at least 2 years before I can get to it. And I could decide sell it as a project in the meantime.
I'm not knocking this thread. I'm just curious of how large pinball purgatory might be.

Without a doubt there are tons of project machines just sitting.

I bought a Firepower II without coin door keys at an estate sale and resurrected it in 3 months as a novice.

Currently working on Blackout. This one is a bigger mess than anticipated, actually. The boards are out for repair and the tech is having headaches. Thinks he can repair and I trust him, so now I'm waiting to get the boards back...and the longer that takes it is more likely that I wait for the hard top...before I finish this one. I'm stuck due to factors beyond my control at the moment. It is set up, new legs. I've got parts for it, natural LEDs, new rubbers, inserts...probably going to cobble together a rotisserie for a few weeks from now when the boards get back or when I track down a Rottendog combo board and start putting in some daily time on it. Will end up rebuilding the flippers, kickouts and bumpers also. Likely also has some display issues. Once done, I'll order the new backglass.

I've got a new rule after having bought this: avoid games that are torn down and in a box. Only buy a fully assembled pin. Listen to the story about what works and what doesn't. This one has some GI issues that have burned up connectors/harnesses and likely has some solenoid issues. I've learned a lot so far but honestly FP2 was faster, cheaper and easier.

Hoping to find a Space Shuttle that has repairable (or solid) boards. System 9 is tough. Good original board set. Can't really replace them (the Rottendog board for that system was discontinued and they are allegedly working on a less buggy one, so Space Shuttle, Sorcerer and Comet--all good pins--might be had without boards for someone who is willing to wait for the next-gen Rottendog).

There's a guy here who has likely a few hundred tombstoned project pins (he's a 75 year old distributor)...he isn't selling any of them. I don't quite understand it. He's ill. He will clearly not get around to many more of them.

My other rules:
Don't be that guy: Do not hoard project machines.
Don't buy a project with the idea that you will flip it--just buy the pins you want in your collection.
Eventually you'll sell the ones that don't hold your interest and upgrade the lineup. (buying crappy/marginal player pins is just a way to have a headache. FP2 is decent. I like it. I'd rather have Firepower or Space Shuttle--lots of similar shots, both fun and accessible and both have better multi-ball than FP2. FP2 is better in a larger collection than the one I have room for. When I sell FP2, it will be a breakeven probably and to get to that point, I'll need to listen to mostly lowball offers and not many of those. Better to just buy your preferred list, I think.

#13010 3 months ago

Curious what extra parts you guys keep "in stock."
I've got bumper components, balls, some extra LEDs, a few rollover switches, connectors, some 18 and 22 gauge wire, new light sockets for inside the bumpers, ball launch springs, some miscellaneous inserts...it helps that I like Williams and Bally pins that are from the eighties...lots of common parts...
Also have a bunch of different fuses also...

#13043 3 months ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Bally has made a few of the most barren, boring games pinball has ever seen. The company also had some incredible games, but also some of the indisputable worst

They have all made clunkers...

#13053 3 months ago

I know of two Space Shuttle projects...both are beat to hell.
One is never going to get done...the guy owns a junk shop and thinks it is his retirement fund.
The other...looks awful...still for sale and I've never gotten a response from the guy...I don't think he even knows that they take keys...and of course it is wildly overpriced.

And in case you wondering the hardtops aren't available at the moment.
Should be at some point in the future. Could be a week. Could be months.

This board works though

#13062 3 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Space Shuttle for $800 on Pinside.

I see two...one for $2k and one for $1750...both on the East Coast

1 week later
#13220 80 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

No! That just means that I have to compete with 400 other people for a pin!

Just 400?

1 week later
#13405 72 days ago
Quoted from jdoz2:

Just picked this up! I got lucky on this one for sure. The seller informed me a certain Nashville arcade tried to offer more after it was sold. Luckily he kept his word [quoted image]

Which pin is this?

2 weeks later
#13710 55 days ago
Quoted from HHaase:

The Space Riders and Trap Shoot photos are definitely fake, I found the same pictures in other sources dating back a few years.
A few may be legit, if it's the place I think it is, but they've been sitting in an unusually cluttered warehouse for decades.
Basically, any photo that looks to be in a place not requiring a tetanus shot, is not really from this location.
And this is from the more neglected part of town. I doubt the ball bowler is real either.
I've actually tried to buy from this place a couple times over the past 5 years.
Even being in the building, with cash in hand and a vehicle to haul, they considered it too much work to let somebody else do all the work.

Perhaps the old "sheriff" croaked!

#13768 53 days ago

Where are you Flash Gordon?

Where are you Space Shuttle?

1 week later
#13861 46 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Good to know. Most of the ones posted here haven't been close enough to warrant the drive to wait in line and not know what the price is. If it were an hour or less away, yeah maybe, for a title I really wanted, but anything more than that would be wasted time, especially base off of what you guys have said. Thanks!

Yeah, I got my first pin at an estate auction about an hour from here. It was worth it. There were two other pins there that went for much less. (the Countdown with a see-thru backglass and new NiWumph board went for $150 right after I bought Firepower 2 for $650...I don't recall what King Kool went for--all were projects).

I'm interested in that Comet a couple of hours from here...could go for peanuts or it could be sold prior to the sale. It could really go either way. I've sent a request for better pics and additional info, citing the drive. Haven't heard back and don't think I will.

I think the trick with estate sales/auctions is to have the sale be rural.
If it isn't a hassle to show up, then several pinheads will pop in to see what's up.

#13864 46 days ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

I don't mind missing out on cheap projects but it irks me when someone with no interest in pinball buys a project just because its cheap only to turn around and immediately relist it for over 3x what he paid IN THE SAME GROUP HE BOUGHT IT FROM. I mean at least clean it up a little or wait a week or two.
</rant>[quoted image]

The world is full of dicks.

#13875 46 days ago
Quoted from Daditude:

I am selling a working project Williams comet for 1000.
Pros: works, lights up, and plays fine. Very nice Playfield
Cons: it has the wrong backglass. The lower right display isn't fully functioning(i will play with it and see if I can get it fully working, however)
Pm for pics.

If we were closer I'd consider that. For a Comet I'm willing to spend 4 hours driving with my buddy and $40 in gas. Not on my must have list but on the "ok, it's fun. I'll do that if it is cheap enough" list.

I am however adjusting my road trip/willingness to ship for a handful of grail pins though. (Of course the minute you commit to one and $200 in shipping costs, a nicer one just down the street will pop up for less money).

#13951 41 days ago

Anyone planning a pinball machine delivery run in the next few weeks?
I've had a few folks contact me with some attractive offers.
Wondering what is realistic for having a pin guy pick up and deliver or pick up and meet on the road somewhere.

#13970 40 days ago

I really hate the dangling in the wind part.

There are several projects in my region all between 30 min and two hours away and these guys won't get back to me.

How much more clear is "I'd like to get you some cash on the glass today. I'm driving right through your town and could do it anytime."?

1 week later
#14234 29 days ago
Quoted from robertmee:

My first deal from this thread [quoted image]

Which one is this?

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
Machine - Wanted
Medford, NJ

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