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Post Project Pins for sale here - CL, eBay, Pinside and others

By Pecos

4 years ago

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#4663 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

This is a home model:
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Fireball Home Model / SS Series I using CPU board 0606-00905, Series II using CPU board 0614-00913 4 Player
Month/Year: October 1976
Production: ~10,000
Cost: $150
Location: Poplar Grove, IL
ebay.com link » Pinball Machine
Quoting the seller: "I'm selling my 1972 balky fireball pinball machine home edition. It dosent work but we got it to work for a little bit and then it stoped"
This is the 1976 home edition (see start button). I didn't know there was a pinball manufacturer called "Balky" Is it based on the island of Mipos?

Seems to fit the description of the games current state.

Definition of balky
balkier; balkiest
:  refusing or likely to refuse to proceed, act, or function as directed or expected

1 week later
#4772 2 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

Are they that rare up there? Williams made a lot... they pop up around here every few months or so.

I think he was kidding.

2 months later
#5022 2 years ago

Here's mine. Same doorbell.

image-15 (resized).jpg

#5025 2 years ago
Quoted from RyanClaytor:

Seriously! What...the heck. Why are all these doorbells identical? Did they only make one doorbell in the 60's?

Probably the cheapest one.

2 months later
#5379 2 years ago
Quoted from bingopodcast:

Bally 'Banker' 1935.

....In a '35 Bally '3 In Line' cabinet. "The Baldridge/Dodel Team for the win!"


pasted_image (resized).png

#5400 2 years ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

A pin based on mini-bikes? Who knew! I'd buy it in a heart beat, why does it have to be so far away??!!

Pretty boring game, but if you are a mini-bike enthusiast, why not? The price is right.

#5441 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Westerhaus Amusement Company
Game/Type: Marines at Play / Bingo
Month/Year: August 1944
Production: ???
Cost: $500 OBO
Location: Muskegon, MI
muskegon.craigslist.org link
OP: A very rare, vintage 1940s "Marines at Play" PinBall Machine. Needs restoration, but all parts are here, including key, the graphics look great - very colorful with no cracks. Bought as a project, but have no time to begin. Asking $500 OBO.
I cross-posted this in the Bingo group.

Not a bingo, but a nice looking game.

#5442 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Two bingo machines in the same CL ad.
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Malibu Beach
Month/Year: September 1980
Production: ???
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Laguna Beach
Month/Year: February 1960
Production: ???
Cost: $1,000 for both
Location: Disputanta, VI (Richmond)
richmond.craigslist.org link
OP: Malibu Beach pinball machine in great condition, also have a Laguna Beach Machine that is included in the price. The Laguna Beach needs some adjusting as the relay that kicks the balls up sticks otherwise machine plays.
I cross-posted this in the Bingo group.

Interesting in that Malibu Beach is a re-make of Laguna Beach!

#5453 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Exhibit Supply Company
Game/Type: Buttons / Bingo
Month/Year: September 1938
Production: ???
Cost: $300
Location: Highview, KY (Louisville, KY)
louisville.craigslist.org link
OP: 1938 Exhibit "Buttons" Pinball Machine for sale. Works good. Backglass still perfect. Flipperless. Balls move and score by many large magnets under playfield. Price is $300. Priced to sell and price is firm. Call between 12 and 6 pm to ask questions or arrange to look at/purchase. In person cash sales only. Please do not text. Thanks
I will cross-post this in the Bingo thread.

Also not a bingo.

1 month later
#5786 2 years ago
Quoted from vec-tor:

The pinball estate of Metropinball is up for grabs.
it is listed in lots, in the Oklahoma Craig's list

Which area? Link?

#5788 2 years ago
Quoted from hoov:

Pinball Machines - $750 (Okc) hide this posting
© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
(google map)
more ads by this user
I am selling all the pinball machines and parts that I have left.
With this group there are 6 pinball machines. 1) Hokus Pokus 2) GulfStream 3) Bowl O 4)Oklahoma..(this machine alone is worth over 500 dollars, it was one of the very first pinball coin op and it's wood rail) 5) Old Chicago that needs a backglass 6) I forget the name but it's another EM. Along with these machines are boxes and boxes and boxes of EM and some SS parts. There are over 200 coils, stops, rubbers..just about everything anyone would need to work on EM's and enough of all of it that you wouldn't need to order stuff. (three containers of pinball fuses as well) This bundle is 750.00 You get six machines and all the parts for that. The parts alone are worth at least a grand if you added them all up.
I also have two shuffle/bowlers and a San Fransico EM along with a Golden Tee video game in another group that I am selling all of this group for 250.
There is a rotisserie that I am bundling with a pinball dolly that I am asking 100 for.
Some of the EM boxes are from Jimmy that owned Metro Pinball. There are four boxes that he sold to me that he said were EM and SS parts during the last week of his life. To be honest I have never looked in them and I know 2 of the boxes has nothing but sets of plastics...so someone could sell these boxes and make some money on Ebay with them. These boxes are 50.
The last bundle is a Pot O Gold machine that has a cabinet completely ready for paint, (all restored), brand new backglass, playfield completely restored, mech board and head. This machine just needs to be put back together. I am bundling it with a Grand Slam by Gottlieb that just needs a few things done to it. The playfield has wear and these two machines together are 350.
NONE of these are in that bad of a condition. They just need a few things here or there.
I will send pictures if you send me a number to text them to. I do NOT want to break up the bundles that I have listed. I am moving and I do NOT want to move them again for a third time.
If someone wants to put two of the bundles together, I am open to an offer for something like that. Or if someone wants to offer for EVERYTHING. I will visit about that as well.


1 week later
#5864 2 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Old Chicago / EM 4 Player
Month/Year: March 1975
Production: 7,155
Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Game/Type: Raven / SS System 80B, 4 Player
Month/Year: March 1986
Production: 3,550
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Black Pyramid / SS AS-2518-35, 4 Player
Month/Year: July 1984
Production: 2,500
Cost: $600 each or all?? Probably each...
Location: Belleville (St. Louis), MO
Contact/Link: stlouis.craigslist.org link
Condition: Old Chicago appears to be missing the playfield glass. OP: "I am selling 3 Vintage Pinball Machines. They are not working, but probably only require basic tune up and a few replaced parts in the electronics underneath."

E-mailed the guy twice. Nothing back. I assume they are sold.
Mellow Mushroom pizza is really good. $3.00 16 oz. drafts too. Outside patio seating. Cardinals on T.V. About 70 degrees. Life is good.

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#5938 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Gizmo / EM 4 Player
Month/Year: August 1948
Production: Unknown
Cost: $200
Location: Reading, MA (Boston)
Contact/Link:boston.craigslist.org link
OP: Vintage 1940's rare wood rail Williams Gizmo 5 ball pinball machine. Comes with key. In working condition. The coin changer (nickels) even works. Flippers work intermediately.

Gizmo is a single player game.

#5970 2 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

I took a closer look at this Project Pin. What's wrong with this picture - besides the missing spinner?

Hint: Notice that one of the right plastics is missing.
Easily fixed, but still?!?!
Yeah, I'm looking at it. Can't resist the temptation! Too tempting!

Looks like they added a post to block each out lane. Idiots! Not an easy fix. This is what it should look like.

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#6112 1 year ago
Quoted from CactusJack:

No backglass, possibly 3 missing inserts in the playfield. No shot of the cabinet paint Condition. As is, probably around $100 to $200.

Ron Webb has 3 Mayfair repro. glasses in stock. $275.00.


#6117 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

dashingdaryl This is a two player wedgehead, not a very popular title, and is probably only worth $500-600 if the playfield and cabinet are in nice condition. If you search this forum using the filter "find in this forum" you will see that this title has been offered on Craigslist for $250-350 with the backglass. The most popular wedgehead were the one player versions because they could offer more complex scoring bonus opportunities if there was only one scoring reel.

FYI. Only single player games are 'wedgeheads'. Multi-player heads are square.

#6183 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

I looked at the playfield not the cabinet. I noticed that the backglass is some custom aluminum thing. The playfield is a rare wedgehead placed inside an early solid state cabinet

Cabinet looks correct to me. Just an ugly re-paint. Backglass is an etched or painted over mirror.

1 week later
#6286 1 year ago
Quoted from CactusJack:

Even the backglass on that Captain is toast. They never go bad. That game must have sat in 100% humidity for quite a long time.
I barely consider that a parts machine. The world won't miss one less CF.
I just can't figure out why the playfield looks pretty presentable. I am guessing the paint will come right off when the ball starts rolling around on it.

I can't believe he plugged it in.

2 weeks later
#6565 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Daisy May / EM 1 Player
Month/Year: June 1954
Production: 600
Cost: $250
Location: Delaware 19702
Link/Contact: delaware.craigslist.org link
OP: very old pinball machine, lights up but will not play. very heavy must bring help to move it

Daisy May is a Gottlieb.

1 month later
#7105 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

I was trying to buy this and I was picked up today.

What were you picked up for?

1 month later
#7484 1 year ago

My son just picked this one up. Looks even better in person and works perfectly. I can't believe it was still available. Must have been because of the holidays.

#7486 1 year ago
Quoted from DennisDodel:

My son just picked this one up. Looks even better in person and works perfectly. I can't believe it was still available. Must have been because of the holidays.

Thanks for posting the link Nic. My son had a Gusher years ago but had to sell it when he came up short on cash when building a new house. He's been looking for a nice replacement ever since.
A friend of mine had a Gusher back in the mid 60's. He had about 6 other games but Gusher was played daily. Can't wait to put some time on this one.

#7528 1 year ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

“The boards appear to be nice but I haven't pulled them”

Looks like the remains of a mud daubers nest. Probably does not affect anything.

#7533 1 year ago
Quoted from alexmogil:

"Game buzzes at all times even when off"


4 months later
#8372 1 year ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Pinball is becoming so popular, again, that even the mannequins are playing!
westky.craigslist.org link

Creepy. I wonder if the real kids are hidden behind that small door.

1 month later
#8866 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Winning bidder must remove pinball machine from the ceiling! Note: comes with a free pair of tennis shoes!
Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Spanish Eyes / EM
Year: March 1972
Production: 3,905
Cost: ????
Location: Tulsa, OK
Link/Contact: https://www.assetauctionsgroup.com/item_detail.php?item=27667&pageNum_items=&totalRows_items=&auction=2332&page=
DATES: Auction closes 06/27. Fred P. Otts Auction.

Bids on this one are likely to go through the roof.

2 weeks later
#9156 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

The people that invented pinball coffee tables are now bringing you...pinball bookshelves
Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico
Cost: $100
Contact/Link: santafe.craigslist.org link
OP: Located in Las Vegas N.M.
1950s Repurposed Pinball Machine Shelves, one has picture of a sailboat and the other parasols. Pulled from a basement of a historic building here in Las Vegas. Price is negotiable and is for the pair. more pictures available as requested.
Definitely could be cleaned up a bit. would make a great addition to a game room or older style garage.
Me: That' s some ugly and expensive firewood, and it's not even in the Las Vegas that you wat to go to (Nevada)

First photo in the ad is (was) a Bally Surf Club bingo. Second one a Bally Beach Club bingo. Sad day at the beach.

1 week later
#9350 1 year ago
Quoted from SergioJ:

Pretty sure this is gone. Lloyd just put it up on his page about 5 hours ago for $325.....

Yeah. On a Facebook pinball page Otaku got all bent out of shape because he missed out on it.

1 week later
#9562 1 year ago
Quoted from newovad:

Seller now says this is not coin operated.

Was there any doubt?

3 weeks later
#9993 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Talk to me about this "drop it at a Fastenal store". I have checked with two local Fastenal stores about shipping a pin. Both stores store tell me I have to do everything---including supplying the pallet. I called the national number for clarity on this pallet business. Corporate parroted what the two stores said, "you have to furnish the pallet". That ain't gonna fking happen.

Exactly. It's not a matter of just "dropping it off".

1 month later
#10704 11 months ago

'47 Exhibit 'Star Lite' in Connecticut going cheap.

ebay.com link » 1947 Exhibit Supply Co Star Lite Early Flipper 5c Pin Ball Machine Local Pick Up

9 months later
#12977 65 days ago
Quoted from Murphdom:

My biggest question is why do people hoard multiples of the same pin that aren’t parts machines?

Trade bait.

1 month later
#13847 17 days ago

Here's one you don't see very often. This is the same game that is shown in the IPDB.

ebay.com link » 1962 Sk Il Ro Manufactured By Auto Bell Novelty Used

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 1,099.00
Flipper Parts
$ 14.50
From: $ 155.00

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