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Post Project Pins for sale here - CL, eBay, Pinside and others

By Pecos

3 years ago

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#750 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Mystery machine.
Manufacturer: ??
Game/Type: ?? / 60s? flipperless
Month/Year: ??
Production: ??
Cost: $250 OBO for both
Location: New Providence (Lancaster), PA
Link/Contact: " target="_blank">lancaster.craigslist.org link
Condition: Pic shows Miss Universe on backglass but the only Miss Universe on IPDB is a bingo. This is a flipperless pinball. OP: "have 2 60s flipper less pinball machine 250 obo for both"

Similar playfield layout to Bally Fun Cruise, Gay Cruise, and Deluxe Fun Cruise, but not the same artwork and missing the mushroom bumpers??


1 week later
#889 3 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Mine has clear mylar ones.. over the wear marks. I don't get operators sometimes... every game I've got with mylar protection has wear under it
I was imagining making ones for my spanish eyes printed with a mockup of the graphics under them, or with some sort of circle or star pattern

Hey, at least give them credit for installing the mylar protectors at some point! They started to see it wear, so they installed mylar. After all, they had to unsolder the lamp socket and remove the pop bumper body to install them. Just think what it would have looked like without them at all? There is a typical example on IPDB where there is no mylar and therefore, no artwork (just bare wood).

1 week later
#986 3 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Don't know Agents 777. Alien Star is a cool game.
Something looks way off on the playfield on that Firepower, in addition to being trashed, dirty and outside.

Looks like someone painted the talking head from Sega's Space Fury video game where there is normally a lot of wear.

#1044 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Not a bad game...I would probably grab it if it didn't have that irritating background noise.

That's one of its best features!

2 weeks later
#1167 3 years ago
Quoted from polyacanthus:

Someone explain to me how that backbox layout goes with that backglass?

Good catch. It's even a Gottlieb head!

#1235 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Nice game from the 60s. Interesting artwork. Goofy looking guy on backglass and a mermaid on the phone on one of the plastics.
Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Big Strike / EM 1 Player
Month/Year: August 1966
Production: 3,600
Cost: $500
Location: Tucson, AZ
Link/Contact: " target="_blank">phoenix.craigslist.org link
Condition: OP: "It works really good but will need an adjustment on the (add a ball mode).. Overall it does needs a re-paint/re-stencil done on it but for 50+ years old it still looks good..The backglass is nice but is faked in a couple of spots but the playfield is near mint with no broken plastics.. the score reels were recently cleaned and adjusted so this machine is good to go.. Has back door with locks and keys but no service manual."

I always thought it was very creative to have the roll over buttons be able to represent each letter in the words HOT LINE. I see those are still the words on the playfield even though Big Strike is the AAB version.

#1301 3 years ago
Quoted from polyacanthus:

Not sure if this one was posted yet,
Gottlieb Skyjump $350, playfield could use some touch up
detroit.craigslist.org link

Wow! I think a retheme is in order on that one.

Must have one rusty A$$ ball in it.

1 week later
#1390 3 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

Yeah, it's a good one, but I've cleared the PF and made a change to the cabinet colors w/white webbing so it's no longer "original". Which, in my opinion, is a good thing.
Will be on the floor at TPF this weekend.
Image loading is disabled in your settings. un-hidesnow_(resized).jpg

Huh! That color scheme makes it look like a Williams instead of a Gottlieb. (and yes I know, there were a few non-white cabinet games made over the years).

#1393 3 years ago

. .

I am sure it will look and play fantastic! Its just how some color schemes tend to look like certain manufacturers choices.

#1422 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Welcome billpaterno! Those are some weird looking slots from Japan. I have no idea the value of them so don't know it they can be easily sold at $150 if you had to buy the package deal. Maybe someone here has an idea of their value?

They appear to be bottom-of-the-line Pachislo slots. Not normally worth that much at all. Nothing special about them. He might have originally paid $450 each if buying retail but a hard sell at even $150.00. More like $50 each and still not legal in 25 year territory since they pay out coins (even though they are skill stop and filled with tokens).

The Mystic on the other hand, is probably worth the $650 on its own if you are not buying to flip it.

#1465 3 years ago

We had both Rapid Fire and Hyperball at the same time on the arcade floor. Hyperball was by far (IMO) the better of the two. This was also indicated by the cashbox. And, the Williams game held up better as I recall. Unfortunately, the cash box also showed how both were basically a financial failure for those that purchased them. It had great novelty in the early weeks and then fell on its face after everyone got to play it.

The shooter system on Hyperball (once you learned to apply opposite pressure on the two handles to alleviate the slop) was much more accurate on HB vs RF.

I liked how HB had a good graduation of skill level as you advanced through the stages. I seem to recall Rapid fire was more like: Okay, I did it!, and now it just got impossible.

But yes, for a Pinball player, it is hard to justify holding a normal flipper game space to either of the two titles unless Room is not an issue for you.

#1502 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Super-Flite / EM 2 Player
Month/Year: October 1974
Production: 1,901
Cost: $300 or trade
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link/Contact: " target="_blank">santafe.craigslist.org link
Condition: Playfield dirty but appears to be in decent shape as does backglass. A little wear on front cabinet - no lock. Looks like a good project machine for a beginner. OP: "...needs Work and servicing turns on but won't cycle"

Actually, that backglass looks rather bad to me - lots of missing paint all over.

1 week later
#1593 3 years ago
Quoted from setzkor:

Here's a "Twin Cities Double..." 2 Gulfstreams (one backglass) for $180...down from $200 yesterday, so must still be available.
minneapolis.craigslist.org link

At that price, one or both could justify the cost of a BGResto glass. Fun game!!!

#1607 3 years ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

What is a score paddle? just sent him an e-mail, I'll be in Spokane this weekend.

I think he meant "flapper".

1 week later
#1682 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Seems like that would be a shame. Surely someone could cough up $25 for it, at least.

True. As I never knew anyone made "EM" home games, only digital ones. Certainly, some history there......

1 month later
#1947 3 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

Funny to see love for Fan-Tas-Tic. That's a game that is commonly parted out.

No, that's what Jubilee and Darling are for. ?

Sadly, a lot of Fan Tas Tic backglass are badly flaking as were many Jubilee and Darling and Aztec. Not a good era for Williams glasses.

#1972 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: El Toro / EM
Condition: Unknown OP: "The kids are bored with it . And I need something new."

Bored of a Bally El Toro? I can't see how that's possible!

#2000 3 years ago

That Tron shouldn't last long at $100!

1 month later
#2353 3 years ago
Quoted from RyanClaytor:

Project Poobah Pecos,
Do these keep appearing in the same general vicinity, or are they all over the country? Just curious.
- Renovating Ryan

Let us hope that people are not paying to ship a broken Airborne all around the country.

2 weeks later
#2491 3 years ago

Guessing King Kool or King Rock to the right.

Jungle or wild life on the left. I think I see the blue parrot atop player 2 score window.

1 month later
#3026 2 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

OK Mr. Pecos, you gotta explain this one to me. I'm a fan of Norm Clark's relentless innovating over the years... the roulette wheels... the middle-pops with their flipper drains... the huge spinners... the backwards flippers... but OXO baffles me. I've seen it in person before and studied the layout but the geometry looks very simple. Like, a little too simple. Very similar to a lot of tables without much to shoot at except for "completing the goal". I'm leery of tic-tac-toe themes for this reason... they seem to sacrifice an awful lot of pure gameplay in order to accommodate the raw, visceral, sweaty-palms thrill of playing tic-tac-toe. *grin*
Egg Head and Square Head are good examples. If you don't care about the tic-tac-toe part, the games just fall apart. Both are so brutally difficult anyway that you'll never get the dad gum ball back up to the top even if you *do* care.
Lotsa kick-ass 70's Williams EM's out there with crazy fun features and fast gameplay... Gay 90's, Jive Time, Doodle Bug, Klondike, Spanish Eyes, Fan-Tas-Tic, Aztec, Hot Tip, Rancho... even the Craigslist-hogging Space Mission has its legion of fans. So you gotta tell me what in tarnation is the deal with OXO? Is it a multiplayer thing?

I'm with you Nic (again!). Many people have raved about OXO over the years and I just don't get it. Never liked it as a kid, still don't like it now. Perhaps its just too frustrating for me how the X and O keep switching and screwing up the possibility of completing 3 in a row.

I much prefer my Gulfstream rules. Especially when chasing the 4 corners!
And also like the addition of the S-P-E-C-I-A-L rollover sequence for another Extra Ball.

#3027 2 years ago
Quoted from dasvis:

There IS a lot of pressure from these guys. I almost hope the pin in Bend is sold. If I drag home another my wife will shit a brick.

Sounds like she needs more Fiber in her diet!

1 week later
#3149 2 years ago
Quoted from Captive_Ball:

~~~~~Mr. Pinball Classifieds~~~~~
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Playboy / SS 4 Player
Month/Year: December 1978
Production: 18,250
Cost: $1000
Location: Southlake, TX
OP: Not currently working. The led on the circuit module should flash 7 times for the game to start. This only flashes 6 times, which means there is a problem with the module. Not an expensive fix.

. One time when it actually might be a blown "solenoid" fuse.

1 month later
#3610 2 years ago
Quoted from NicoVolta:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Hi-Deal, 1 Player
Month/Year: April, 1975
Production: 2,085
Cost: $200 (!)
Location: Lynchburg, VA
Contact/Link: lynchburg.craigslist.org link
I'd buy that for $200

Another rip on the lit spinner game. It's actually very fun. And one of my favorite artists.

#3640 2 years ago

To continue with what Nick stated, the fact that you are "new" to solid state games, the Pascal Janin all-in-one board removes most of the electronic trouble shooting since it replaced: CPU, Driver board, and power regulator board. And tone sound boards.

By replacing all of it at the same time, you help eliminating damage to a new board by problems on an old board.

So, about all that's left is to check all coils for shorts and missing diodes. And to inspect and/or replace any connector pins that may have been corroded by a leaky battery (especially the switch matrix connectors to the playfield and cabinet).

Just keep in mind that it may be difficult to regain the full value spent on the board with many System 1 games. $250+$325(price I last paid)=$575 which may be exactly what a working Charlie's Angels would sell for with a semi rough backglass. Unless you take it working to a local show. So, no profit for your labor.

#3647 2 years ago

I do not believe grounding will be necessary with the all in one (not true if you buy the CPU only board). The point of grounding each board to a common ground is so there will not be any potential voltage difference between each of the boards. With all three main boards contained on the same board, they all share the same ground.

1 month later
#4189 2 years ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Is this "Into the Maw of Despair"?!? That place is a disaster. Would like the know the story on the destroyed pin

It looks like there is a water line along the room's paneling. Might be flood victims.

1 month later
#4571 2 years ago
Quoted from dasvis:

Not just the chimes. it's the mechanical sounds & feel of the relays, drop resets, & score reels doing their thing. I love popping the hood on an EM & showing it to someone who has no idea how they work.

Don't forget the wonderful smell of oil, dirt, nicotine and dried beer!

2 months later
#4984 2 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

Half flipperless! What a neat looking pin!

Actually, completely flipper-less. At least the way it came from Williams. In 1947, lots of pre-flipper wood rails were getting retro-fit kits installed to compete with the newer releases. You can see on IPDB that there were only rebound rubbers where you now see flippers.

2 months later
#5246 2 years ago
Quoted from RonSS:

Yes, I saw the Pinside average listing as around 1k, so that seemed more realistic. I was sort of looking at this as a get it running project, then maybe worry about the playfield another year. $500 to get this working plus the original investment seems like too much to me.
Thanks for the insight

IMO, it may only be around $125 to get it working. It may be Nothing more than acid damaged MPU and rebuilt AS- 2518-35 MPU boards show up here regularly for a little over $100 with Roms. $375 seems about fair for a very desirable title. If you get it for less, you are in good shape. That's assuming it has all it's original parts and boards.

1 week later
#5316 2 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Honey / EM 4 Player
Month/Year: May 1972
Production: 6,301
Cost: $235
Location: Atlas (Flint), MI
Contact/Link: flint.craigslist.org link
Condition: "Selling this pin for a friend was told it worked a year ago.
Does nothing now when turned on.
Can't add credits or start game ,no lights come on either."

Honey is a very fun, often over looked multiplayer game from Williams. Playfield looks to be in great shape (no major exposed wood around center inserts like you often see) And that back glass is pretty respectable for a Honey (some flaking in the reds of the name and a scratch in the white score window).

Someone local snatch that one up! You won't be disappointed.

3 weeks later
#5496 2 years ago
Quoted from nascarrey:

Total Night Rider production included both SS & EM?
Picked up SS NR a few weeks ago....

No. 4155 for EM, 7000 for SS.

#5573 2 years ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Shall we take bets on how it will be before you decide to sell. It is an interesting looking machine. I got to try one at TPF 2016. I lasted for 3 balls and moved on.

Yup. Sadly, they are worth more for the board set then they are for the play. At least you got it for the right price!

2 weeks later
#5727 1 year ago

I think the big problem is, with a playfield with that much wood showing, and how plentiful Monte Carlos can be, that more like a $150 game. I wish the widow all the luck making a speedy sale. I fear a lot of our wives will be in the same situation in the distant future.

1 month later
#5982 1 year ago
Quoted from nascarrey:

Not saying that BB or any pin should be given away.....just wasn't much fun.....that's probably why its on free play at the pinball arcade

Yes, I think Kordek must have phoned that one in while on vacation! Either that, or he over ordered single drop target assemblies for the build of Star Pool. Certainly NOT one of his better efforts.

1 week later
#6110 1 year ago

No backglass, possibly 3 missing inserts in the playfield. No shot of the cabinet paint Condition. As is, probably around $100 to $200.

#6235 1 year ago
Quoted from remf:

found this on craigslist Atlanta:
Bally Eight Ball Champ selling for $700, but I think that's too high considering the left side and front were painted black. what do you think would be a fair offer for this?
atlanta.craigslist.org link

Playfield looks pretty good overall but I can't tell what's going on over on the shooter lane. It almost looks as if it was painted with varnish early on and its coming off here and there. The yellowing seems to be somewhat present on the white inserts so again, varnish or old Varathane. Can't really tell as to the condition of the Backglass, but gotta love all that Nicotine staining in the head!

Since seller states working and no acid damage to the MPU, I really don't know that the $700 is that far off. Possibly $600?

#6249 1 year ago

Pass on Dipsy. It only Has two doodle values. Doodle Bug has the ability to go up to 10,000 per doodle.

#6251 1 year ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Good to know. Thanks cactusjack!
Plus the backglass art has better Pointy People and that 'bug' car is outrageous! The more I see Marche's artwork on Doodle Bug the more I like it.

What's interesting on Dipsy Doodle is on the flyer, the sample game was built as a 4 digit game. For production, it's a 5 digit game (dummy zero reel). Another interesting transition is at Swinger and fun fest. Swinger features the older larger score reels. Funfest uses the new smaller score reels. This is one reason I like swinger better (besides the name fits the central game feature). Of course, the larger score reels are known for more "buzz". Especially when the game has seen lots of plays.

#6283 1 year ago

Even the backglass on that Captain is toast. They never go bad. That game must have sat in 100% humidity for quite a long time.

I barely consider that a parts machine. The world won't miss one less CF.

I just can't figure out why the playfield looks pretty presentable. I am guessing the paint will come right off when the ball starts rolling around on it.

#6305 1 year ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Flash Gordon / SS MPU AS-2518-35, 4 Player
Month/Year: May 1980
Production: 10,000
Cost: $625
Location: Ithaca, NY
Contact/Link: ithaca.craigslist.org link
Condition: Unknown. OP: "Serial # 6490. Manufacturers certificate included."

Well, there's the steal of the day at $625. I wonder if it sells or turns into an auction with callers saying they will give them more if they hold it for them? Good luck to all the locals.

2 weeks later
#6542 1 year ago

Boy, you gotta wonder about that one. One photo is of the original Bally EM Fireball playfield, the next is of Fireball Classic (as is the cabinet shot), then, the Home model fire ball. But let's toss in a Williams EM just for fun!

Yup, my money would be on it being an ALIVE.

3 weeks later
#6832 1 year ago

Hey, they even have what looks like an original Schwinn Stingray! That can be worth as much as a pin.

#6907 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

rixzilla Pinsider hwyhed is looking for a Royal Guard Backglass, per his Pinside ad

Other - Wanted
Royal guard back glassWanted! “I'm still looking for a Gottlieb royal guard back glass..mine is in bad shape..looking for 1 that is in good/fair shape..”
1 day ago Surrey, BC

. Maybe you can pick up this wedgehead, sell hwyhed the backglass and part out the rest of the pin.

Don't forget, those 60's lock down bars are worth around $100 or more these days!

1 month later
#7342 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

What a shame they are in that condition. Had a mint Hokus Pokus a few years ago, and should've never sold it. Awesome game. Time zone is awesome too, but likewise doesn't look in great shape. Both BG's are shot.
I'll tell you what though, I'm assuming he would be pretty reasonable on price in that condition, so if I were closer I would grab all three.

Yeah, not only moisture damage but all of those backglasses including the Funland (wedgehead) are sun Bleached. Sadly, low ball offers are all any of those games deserve so I wonder what he is expecting?

FYI, Time Zone is a real snooze-fest once you own one.

#7345 1 year ago
Quoted from Grizlyrig:

I dunno about being snooze-fest, colsond3 brought mine up to Pintastic for me and it's been a pretty good game for us.

Perhaps just for me then. Get the tunnel stopped on 5000, get the center post up. Then, with the ball settled on the post, tap pass to get the ball up on the flipper to shoot the center target. Rinse and repeat until it's time to go to bed.

Fine when Credits meant something, but I am not a High Score chaser.

#7348 1 year ago

Yes, tastes, or at least skill levels change. As a kid, I loved the game. It was one of the easier games to beat. Even with weak flippers, that short distance in front of the flippers makes it doable. And, back then, it was all about replays.

Then, years later, I shopped one out for work. All Dialed in, it's way too easy and there is not much to do. Stop the tunnel for 4000 or 5000 or wait for hitting 10 points enough to light the extra Ball. Oh, great, an extra ball of torture!

I do love the artwork. One of Bally's best from that era. And a cool theme.

I actually prefer RoGo ( I know I am in the minority there), almost the same layout, but instead with the U turn around. Bigger trade off for risk vs reward (5000 and 5 Bonus advances and sometimes Special).

1 week later
#7510 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

LOL My sister and her fam live in Castaic, CA, and they said they would be willing to grab local games for me and store them until I could arrange for shipping if it ever became necessary. So at least I have part of California covered. Some great deals coming up lately all around.

The only thing "local" to Castaic would be the Santa Clarita valley area. Just about anything else would require quite a trek via Southland freeways. Sadly, They would never get there in time to grab a good deal!

#7512 1 year ago

Yes. There are lots of big collections here in So cal. When you said "deal", my mind went to craigslist. And we have lots of flippers out here that scoop up all the good craigslist deals before people with Day jobs commitments can have a chance.

But certainly if a Holly Grail comes up, it's nice to have options.

#7556 1 year ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

On Beam is such a cool (and tough) game, though I'm biased because I have one. But that's because it's such a cool (and tough) game! Someone go save this!

I DON'T own one and I agree with you. It is one of the only Bally 60's games I actually have fun playing when I get a chance. At $250, its a good buy even if you look past the repainted cabinet and the lifting Backglass. Most are lifting or flaking. That one at least looks like the paint is all there and can be saved with clearcoating.

#7584 1 year ago

You made a very good point that I would not have considered before when looking at a "Dead" Sys 1 game. To somehow check to see if the small transformer (NLA) is still good. Beyond that, just about everything is available (at a cost). So, yes, it is very easy for a "good buy" to become a project that quickly exceeds its working value. Hopefully, on that matter, more and more people will appreciate System 1 games and the value of them will start to increase. If you like early Bally SS and late EM games, many of the Sys 1 games offer the same fun of a Late model EM without the need to know, understand, or maintain Relay/Stepper logic. All the bulletproofing information, and new boards have made System 1 games VERY reliable.

But, sadly, there are a few dogs in there too. But something has to give up its life to keep the better ones alive!

#7608 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

I just did a quick write-up for it here:
I think I would just desolder the wires on the transformer and cap off the wires. Then, put the arcade power supply in the cabinet, and tap the incoming AC from the inner facing side of the EMI filter. Get an edge connector for J1 on the MPU, then run the 5v, 12v, and ground wires from the power supply to the J1 connector for the MPU.
So, if someone ends up finding an original transformer, they can easily reverse the modification and install a proper transformer.
[edit]: Actually, after glancing at the schematics, since the main fuse is after the EMI filter, you should tap somewhere else down the line after the fuse and power switch. You could probably put some ring terminals on the hot and common wires for the small transformer, and attach those to the arcade power supply. Then run a ground wire from the power supply to the ground terminal on the EMI filter.

Nice write up but you might want to stress the part about it being MINUS 12V and not +12. Most Arcade power supplies today (screw terminal style) have +5, +12, and -5 (no -12V). Obviously, many (but not all) of the PC based arcade supplies have -12. And, of course, actual PC supplies still carry the +/- 12V. But finding an ATX power supply in the bottom will look much more hack-ish than finding a sleek screw terminal one.

Its just a guess but I would think the -12 isn't needed if you are not running an original Gottlieb Sys 1 MPU either since that was just to feed the Rockwell Dinosaurs.

2 weeks later
#7724 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

The 3/4 Evel is at least an Evel. It could always be worse...like Alive. Let us know what happens!

But getting it going will probably cost more than it can sell for. BTW, the flippers are ALWAYS active on those Bally Home models. So, it sounds to me like a bad MPU.

John at John's Jukes has come up with a replacement IC but only for the second generation MPU board.


That only covers Fireball, Galaxy Ranger and Captain Fantastic Home models.

The Atari Space Riders can be just as much of a costly challenge. The only value I see there is the Firepower with new MPU PCB.

#7768 1 year ago

Yes, actually, there is a setting where you can select any of the possible sounds codes for it to send after each swoop of the lights. When we operated it, I used to play around with it. Ultimately staying with one sound that seemed to work best. And yes, no sound is one option.

2 months later
#8182 1 year ago

Depending on cosmetics, I thought the $650 sounded pretty "fair" to me. Unless, of course, the MPU has major battery damage. Then subtract $100-$200.

2 months later
#8855 1 year ago

Looks like the backglass is flaking badly at the bottom. No lockdown, that's a $50 game at best.

#8867 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

cactusjack I agree on the BG but it does have that old fashioned (stick-wood) lockdown. Most of the CC I see are in good condition for the age to the other manufacturers for the year. I guess they were not played as much as the more popular pins of that era.
By the way I also see more sellers trying to push the value on these pins. Which is so wrong IMO.

Actually, they probably were played just about as much. When the Bowling alley got Blue Max (Red Baron), we played the sh!t out of it when it was new. They just might not have had any staying power. I am pretty sure they were sold for less than any G, B, or W title of the same time (and built a lot cheaper too). But mechanically, they got beat to hell. I have worked on some of them over the years and they are just garbage in that early 70's era. The older 60's titles were actually a world of difference. They resembled a Gottlieb machine inside and held up well. They just don't have much going for them in either the feature or art department.

Hollywood was probably one of their best earners. And therefore, they pop up a lot but are usually badly weathered. The problem is, even if you find a nice example, you will be hard pressed to sell it for anything over $250. Just ask Tom Raider. Just before he went to move and "thin the herd" he put a few CC titles up on CL. His price just kept dropping and dropping and I don't know if he was ever able to actually sell any of them.

#8923 1 year ago

Triple Action, not Triple Strike.

1 week later
#9034 1 year ago

On beam is my favorite Bally of the 60's.

Backglasses are almost always flaking. From the photo, it looks like only the yellow is bad.

From the photos, it looks pretty good.

#9039 1 year ago

*spit take*
That, I did not expect! More than Cosmos, Dixieland, or Surfers?

Just not a fan of most 60's Ballys. Or other 60's brands for that mater. There is just something about On Beam that I really enjoy.

2 weeks later
#9372 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Game/Type: King Kool / EM 2 Player
Month/Year: July 1972
Production: 3,325
Cost: $350
Location: Newport, TN
Link/Contact: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/194872384526026/
OP: 1971 king pong works great.

4 player is a King Rock. At least, that's what the photos show.

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#9628 11 months ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Less of a project and more of an eyesore...an empty shell of a pinball machine
Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Game/Type: Volcano / SS Widebody
Year: September 1981
Production: 3,655
Cost: $25
Location: Bristol, TN
Seller: Michael Hunt
Link/Contact: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1801855849883077/
OP: Condition: Used
[quoted image]

Most valuable thing i see there are the parts you need to make Haunted House into a multiball game (trough assy).

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#10693 9 months ago

$600-$800. But it depends on condition. NOS does not mean perfect. I have a number of these Bally fields and they are plagued with sunken inserts, scratches, missed plunges of the routers on the back ect.

If perfect, Rolling Stones could be a $1200 field to the right buyer. And, while CPR may have run most of those titles, some buyers prefer damaged NOS over brand new with clear coat.

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