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Post Project Pins for sale here - CL, eBay, Pinside and others

By Pecos

4 years ago

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#1093 3 years ago

I just emailed on that super score. If it works, its worth 200. Hopefully the back glass isnt roached!

#1097 3 years ago

Thats the icing on the cake! Ive lurked on this thread for awhile, even got my class of 1812 from this thread, figured i should join in at least a little!

1 week later
#1189 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Feeling Lucky? Two mystery machines.
Manufacturer: ??
Game/Type: 2x ?? / ??
Month/Year: ??
Production: ??
Cost: $500 each
Location: Attica, OH
Link/Contact: columbus.craigslist.org link
Condition: OP: "I have 2 nice pinball machines for sale 500 a piece"

Called the guy, its an aztec and a boomerang, both working he said. Im not that interested right now but i figured id pass it along

3 months later
#2091 3 years ago

Too bad that jubilee bg is trashed, playfield looks nice

2 months later
#2743 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Game/Type: Abra Ca Dabra / EM 1 Player
Year: November 1975
Production: 2,825
Cost: Make offer
Location: Toledo, OH
Link/Contact: toledo.craigslist.org link
Condition: Unknown. Foosball table also for sale.

Sale pending on this

#2815 3 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Doozie / EM 1 Player
Month/Year: August 1968
Production: 2,150
Cost: $250
Location: Cleveland, OH
Contact/Link: cleveland.craigslist.org link
Condition: OP: "the playing field works but no power to the head"

Emailed on this even though i have no money, no response yet

#2817 3 years ago

Cant check it (no facebook), do you have a screenshot?

#2819 3 years ago

Thanks. Too far for me, but its a fun game. Owned one for awhile

6 months later
#4932 2 years ago
Quoted from steviechs:

Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Game/Type: Close Encounters of the Third Kind / SS System 1, 4 Players
Month/Year: October, 1978
Production: 9,950
Cost: $500
Location: Rochester (Detroit), MI
Link: detroit.craigslist.org link
Condition: " very nice shape/boards clean. Sold as is/ not working. Everything is very clean, just don't have time to diagnose and fix"

That looks pretty nice. Kind of tempted on this one!

1 month later
#5005 2 years ago

detroit.craigslist.org link

Backglass they put on is horrible, but comes with original and the price is good

1 month later
#5196 2 years ago
Quoted from Pecos:

Location: Rossville (Chattanooga /Atlanta), TN / GA
Link/Contact: atlanta.craigslist.org link
OP: "30000 sqft warehouse full of juke boxes and pinball machines and arcade games and redemption games. This is a one day sale event. All purchases will be cash and credit card. Will have people to help load and we can hold games for pickup up to 30 days after sale. Prices will be clearly marked on games so this is not a auction it is a SALE. May 27th it is on a Saturday 9 to 5
At 555 McFarland Ave in Rossville Ga 30741 which is really Chattanooga Tn"

I really wanted to go to this but i wont make it up that way until sunday. Always a day late!

4 months later
#6531 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

ESTATE SALE - FRI 10/20 - SAT 10/21
Manufacturer: Premier/Gottlieb
Game/Type: Genesis / SS System 80B, 4 Player
Month/Year: September 1986
Production: 3,500
Cost: ????
Location: Rossford, OH
Contact/Link: https://www.estatesales.net/OH/Rossford/43460/1708860?highlight=Pinball+pinball

5 min from work, may have to see how overpriced it is and put an offer on it

#6556 2 years ago

Forgot to update on the genesis. I got there 2 hours after it opened and it was sold. Tag said $650, working, and playfield looked pretty good. Someone got a pretty good deal

#6633 2 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Two storage units full of pinball machines and parts
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Link/Contact: cincinnati.craigslist.org link
OP: I have two large storage units of pinball machines and parts. I am taking offers.
Please call Rich at Loveland Store N Lock (513)677-4200 or email me lovelandstorenlock@fuse.net

Id like to make an offer, i jist have no idea what it would be. Have to assume its all projects

#6635 2 years ago

Looking at a couple more pics he sent, it looks like its all woodrails, really hard to tell. A lot of nice,backglasses, playfields, etc, but a lot of rotted out games as well

#6637 2 years ago

Itd be nice if they can be saved. I dont think id have the cash to offer enough and rent 2 uhauls to load up, and pay for storage up here, but i may put in an offer.

2 months later
#7674 1 year ago
Quoted from alexmogil:

That looks like a nice auction filled with lots of really fun stuff.

Id love those backglasses as wall art, but way to far!

1 month later
#8082 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Ok, estate sale started today and will go on the next two days also. Indianapolis IN
One pin is a Centigrade 37 and the other I do not know as they only show the bottom part. Can you identify it?
Ok, per the one picture it looks like a busted backglass.

If there is anyone that can pick the c37 up for me i would gladly pay. I emailed the guy and sounds like a good price on a game ive wanted for a long time! Pm me if you can do it. I cant make a road trip for a couple weeks

#8085 1 year ago
Quoted from hoov:

I just e-mailed the guy an hour ago and he just got back to me a little bit ago and said C-37 sold today for $625 and Lost World was still there.

He emailed me, said the same, then said it was lost world that sold, not c37. I dont want to make an 8 hour round trip if thats the case

#8086 1 year ago

Now he emailed me and said it was c37. 650 was a good price if it works. Someone got a good looking pin. Maybe ill see it for sale soon

#8088 1 year ago

Ya, back and forth a lot. Glad i didnt make the drive. Would have loved that one though

1 month later
#8388 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Stern
Game/Type: Flight 2000 / SS Widebody
Year: October 1980
Production: 6,301
Cost: ????
Location: Dearborn, MI
Link/Contact: https://www.estatesales.net/MI/Dearborn/48124/1847877
Dates: TH 06/14-SAT 06/16

I may have to go to that sale!

1 week later
#8566 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Truck Stop /SS
Year: January 1989
Production: 1,598
Cost: $700
Location: Toledo, OH
Seller: Steve Eidt
Link/Contact: https://www.facebook.com/groups/958426214184968/?fref=nf
OP: Powers up and plays but has sound problem. Play field needs shopped comes with rubber kit. Left flipper needs help. Comes with the working extra boards. See comments for more photos.

Seems like a good price, wish i had facebook to check out the pics

#8570 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

amkoepfer You and the seller both live in Toledo so why do you need to see pictures? Why don't you contact the seller, and go look at it in person after work. Take some cash and your pin moving supplies and go look at it. Most people reading this thread would love to have a project pin that they're interested in show up in their city instead of hundreds of miles away.

No way to contact the seller without facebook. Im asking around now to see if anyone knows him. I try to buy any game that shows up in toledo since its kind of a desert here!

#8574 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Seller said "It's xxx-xxx-xxxx but the machine is pending sale." You'd better call him right away and tell him that you are coming right over with cash!

Cool, thanks a ton! I will call now. If you ever need a game picked up around me, let me know and ill pay ya back!

4 weeks later
#9019 1 year ago

Have a project charlies angels ss i wouldnt mind getting rid of. 350. Needs interconnect harness redone, it is soldered to the board, and another connector installed. Doesnt boot

2 weeks later
#9296 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

puck bowler - $100
Location: Greenville (Dayton), OH
OP: this is puck bowler that will need refurbished. It is a project. The whole machine is there , the back door where the switches are is cracked and will need repaired. the mechanism as a whole is complete but will need worked on. the steppers will need cleaned and the pin setter will need to be cleaned up. Sorry I don't have pictures at this time. First one with $100.00 takes it. The playfield is usable but worn in spots. I am not sure of the condition of the pins. but they are the standard 10" pins that are still available new. I do not have the pucks but pucks for this are available through pinball resource. AS IS NO RETURNS I do not have pictures at this time.

Was this craigslist?

1 month later
#10229 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Spy Hunter / SS 4 Player
Month/Year: October 1984
Production: 2,300
Cost: $750
Location: Toledo, OH
Link/Contact: toledo.craigslist.org link
OP: Needs work, may have a blown transistor on driver board (it was machine gunning the right flipper) have another driver board to go with it that may have the same issue. Needs shopped (have a rubber kit) will clean up nicely though

Mine. I have it listed on pinside cheaper

1 week later
#10355 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Triple Strike / EM 1 Player
Month/Year: Aug / 1975
Production: 3376
Cost: Buy It Now $120
Location: Put-in-Bay, OH
Contact/Link: ebay.com link » Williams Triple Strike Pinball Machine
OP: Up for sale is a 1975 Williams Triple Strike pinball machine. It is complete, but doesn’t have back glass, play field glass or the legs! Any other questions? Please ask.

Guy has another game on craigslist that looks cool. Em driving game, but its on an island. Not sure how youd get it off the island

#10357 1 year ago

The ferrys i dont think will let you bring a pin on. Im not sure. I didnt look too close into it since it seems like a huge pain

#10359 1 year ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Dress it up to look like a robot.

Or a drunk chick. Thats all put in bay is is drinking

2 months later
#11042 1 year ago

Emailed on that monoco. Gladiators looks pretty nice too

#11049 1 year ago

No, never heard back. Its a long drive for the probability of it being way overpriced, bad shape, or gone already. Id go look at gladiators too if i didnt already have one

#11050 1 year ago
Quoted from steviechs:

amkoepfer - any luck?

If you end up going, let us know!

#11064 1 year ago
Quoted from steviechs:

Went at lunch today, already sold. $249. Damn it
Playfield was dirty but no real wear and a few broken rubber rings. Plastics and BG looked good, cabinet nice too. Didn't open it up since it was already sold and headed back to work.

Too bad you missed it. Good price. Thanks for letting us know!

3 weeks later
#11256 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Manufacturer: Chicago Coin
Game/Type: Hi-Score Pool / EM
Year: August 1971
Production: Unknown
Cost: $300
Location: Toledo, OH
Contact/Link: toledo.craigslist.org link
OP: 1971 vintage PINBALL machine
hi-score pool by chicago coin
This vintage machine lights up but needs some work and repairs to be fully functional. Comes with original legs but missing some original bolts. Comes with 6 bolts total...some bolt the score board to the table I think. Great graphic and fun display piece regardless.
The base table is 16"Tall×52"deep×22" across
The score board section is 27" tall×11.5" deep×30" across
Each leg is 28.5 " long, ( 4-5 in of the legs bolts to the base table).

I feel like i should buy this since its in my area, but im not interested. Anyone wanting this if i picked it up?

2 months later
#11686 10 months ago
Quoted from Billc479:

Anyone care to give their thoughts about a project Wms. World Cup that’s missing all the boards? I have a chance at this for $250.

Not worth it. Game only brings in 3 or 400 working

#11690 10 months ago
Quoted from too-many-pins:

I know I have never had much luck selling that title at any price. Machine is worth $250 in parts so seller is not asking a crazy price for it or anything. Sadly it just isn't a title that is worth putting time & money into. That is likely why the boards were pulled & used in another machine.

Its really not a bad game though. Not the best game, but still fun.

3 weeks later
#11816 9 months ago

Most estate sales i have dealt with price very high, but have half off on the last day. Half off is usually too much still, but ive left my name, number, and offer with several and have gotten pretty good deals that way. If it doesnt sell, the people usually want it gone and will entertain offers

2 weeks later
#11966 8 months ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Deal of the year - Five great ems for $800 (total)
Manufacturer: Gottlieb
Game/Type: Outer Space / EM 2 Player
Month/Year: February 1972
Production: 2,350
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Old Chicago / EM 4 Player
Month/Year: March 1975
Production: 7,155
Manufacturer: Bally
Game/Type: Air Aces / EM 4 Player
Month/Year: May 1974
Production: 3,085
Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Hot Line / EM 1 Player
Month/Year: September 1966
Production: 3,651
Manufacturer: Williams
Game/Type: Pat Hand / EM 4 Player
Month/Year: May 1975
Production: 6,500
Cost: $175 each or $800 for all five
Location: Delphos, OH
Link/Contact: limaohio.craigslist.org link
OP: I have 5 older style pinball machines for sale. All are in excellant working condition and are in very good shape. One is a single player, one is a two player and three are four players. Manufacturers are Williams, Bally and Gottlieb. Games are Hot Line, Pat Hand, Outer Space, Old Chicago and Air Aces. I would like to get $175 each or $800 for all of them. Please be aware that these are in a basement and will have to be moved out by the buyer.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

That is a great deal. Wish i wouldnt have just blown all my pinball money!

#11995 8 months ago
Quoted from mrm_4:

So who is the lucky bastard that stepped on my toes and got the 5 pins

Wasnt me, but i really wanted that deal

1 month later
#12369 7 months ago

I have a zacc soccer kings light project that im selling. Shopped out, flips and scores but has some issues. 1000

#12386 7 months ago

Giving away an english mark dart board. Free free free. Good for parts. Boards are there and coin door. If no one wants it ill be stripping the parts and trashing it

#12404 7 months ago

Have a zacc soccer kings light project im selling

4 weeks later
#12519 6 months ago
Quoted from ss-pinball:

So there is a project listed for $1000 OBO....I've messaged the guy for TWO WEEKS.
I just asked what the nature of the problems were. Does it boot? Light? Play? Do you have keys?

Hopefully it wasnt me!

#12541 6 months ago

I just picked up 2 container fresh time machines. (Data east) neither boot yet, one has batteries exploded it looks like. 1 is on 110v, other is still 220v. 1 cab is decent, other isnt. Can probably frankenstein a nice one and a rough one. I bought them to stop them from being parted out, if anyone wants them pm me

#12545 6 months ago

Pm for price. I do t want to go against any pinside rules, although a donation will be made if they sell. I will say, ill sell for what i paid for them, and its more than 1799, and less than 1801. Hmmmmm

#12585 5 months ago

Great price. Wish i had days off to make the drive, itd be sold

2 months later
#13713 3 months ago
Quoted from Murphdom:

I love my Apollo moonshot EM rifle. That thing is pretty beat but worth picking up.

I had one for awhile, moon shot is a great rifle game

2 weeks later
#14020 87 days ago
Quoted from tomdrum:

Got boned today on a Bally Kiss project game, been sitting 20 years. Hit CL sitting 7 hours away. Called this AM and the seller is in the amusement game biz, not a newbie. He was travelling this weekend 2 hours closer to me. Asked for 1st dibs, "you got it" after a lengthy discussion since the PF was completely disassembled and is a total project. Deposit? Nope I'll hold for a couple days till you finalize meeting me and won't sell it without contacting you 1st. 7 hours later he sold it for an extra $150 without calling. Being old school myself, what ever happened to giving your word to someone? I know this subject has been beaten to death here, but it still sucks.

I may know the one youre talking about. Sylvania ohio? If so, i know that game well, you got lucky in my opinion. But i know the guy and i thought he was a stand up guy, even if he has a business to run, but maybe not

#14036 86 days ago

Wish i was closer for that one

1 week later
#14270 74 days ago

Have a working williams apollo i would sell or trade, works but needs shopped and new flippers (one on the left is a right flipper and its cracked, also have a whiffle i could be enticed to part with. If interested, make me an offer, ill probably put up an ad soon for each.

4 weeks later
#14688 47 days ago

Id love that mini golf if only it were closer!

1 month later
#15056 15 days ago
Quoted from edward472:

Space Shuttle 800.00
Grand Lizard 500
Motordome 350
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/280686676164449/
OP:These are Projects, they are in various states of functionality. These will require significant work. All boards work, Williams machines missing displays., as pictured. Glass removed for pictures. Space Shuttle: Excellent backglass, decent player playfield, this was "varathaned" at some point, not too badly. Door switches are broken, stuck in admin. Minimal fade on a decent cabinet. Good plastics. Grand Lizard, works, plays, boards good, Cab poor, backglass has flaking. "creative" touchup on playfield. Bought locally I'm sure someone recognizes. Motordome, Excellent backglass, displays are there, and working. Starts game, needs work. Plastics ok, missing horseshoe plastic. Have glass and legs. more pics on request. 10 is all FB allows. Cash only, not interested in trades, not interested in any other projects

Is this a pinsider? I dont have facebook so cant view it, but would like to!

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 279.95
Lighting - Led
Pin Stadium Pinball LEDs
Machine - For Sale
Phoenix, AZ
Machine - For Sale
Fargo, ND
$ 14.50

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