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Please participate in our Next Hardtop Poll!

By Outsidedge

2 years ago

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“Please participate in our Next Hardtop Poll!”

  • Swords of Fury 50 votes
  • Flash 74 votes
  • Cyclone 50 votes
  • Hurricane 3 votes
  • Strikes and Spares 31 votes
  • High Speed II Get Away 44 votes
  • Xenon 59 votes

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#46 2 years ago

I voted for Flash. Would LOVE to see Flight 2000. I put my first (and only so far) hardtop on my Mata Hari earlier this year and *love it*. Along with flipper, sling, and pop bumper rebuilds this 40 year old pin plays like new. Probably better than new. When searching for my next pin projects, I'm now actually looking (first) for machines that have hardtops available, even if I'm not crazy about the title.

Can't wait for EBD...the cabinet on mine is all fresh and new with Pinball Pimp stencils but the playfield is tired. Hope you're shipping EBD before Christmas!

10 months later
#94 1 year ago

Would love F2K myself. I've been wanting one for a while, but every one I've seen that's reasonably priced has roached or nearly-roached playfields.

5 months later
#118 8 months ago

To each their own. I've done three hardtop installs so far:

- No way would I want to sand off the insert art/shine with the playfield still in the cabinet, just from a sheer dust perspective (unless your pin is in your garage or driveway, and you don't care about dirtying up the rest of your cabinet interior). Also - how the hell are you supposed to get the factory stapled rails out of a Bally SS machine while it's still in the cabinet?

- I did my first hardtop by putting the playfield on a couple of sawhorses for the topside teardown, hardtop install, and topside repopulation. Then I got a rotisserie and used that for the next two hardtop installs. Hands down, way better/easier with rotisserie.

- I've done two installs where I just wet sanded the inserts and a third where I laid down a couple of light coats of rattle can clear on the inserts. No appreciable difference IMO and will probably just go the wet sand polished route for my next hardtop install.

- Clamps holding the hardtop in place during installation is a quick and easy no brainer. I do agree that one person can install it easily by himself (I did two that way) if everything goes right in the peeling back of the backing. However....if that peeling part doesn't go well and that backing rips or does something that requires you to use an Xacto knife or a pair of scissors to recover and get back on track, a second pair of hands really comes in handy. I make sure my son is within shouting distance when I start putting down the hardtop.

Bottom line: do what you're comfortable with after spending $300+ on the hardtop product and not having to buy another if you muck it up.

#122 8 months ago
Quoted from hockeymutt:

its called a sander attached to a shop vac, case in point

Yep - I don't have that setup. And even if I did....still wouldn't do it. My pins are in my downstairs furnished home theater/rec room and my hidden workshop/storage area has space for my workbench where I do PCB repair....no space for a playfield. Sanding, painting, etc. etc....that's what I have a garage for.

Quoted from hockeymutt:

your Staple issue can be fixed by tilt the play field up.

No way I could've gotten those staples out with the playfield tilted vertically in the cabinet. Perhaps my staple-removal skillz aren't on par with everyone else.

Clamps - do most of the holes line up fine? Yes. But why chance it when it comes to insert alignment? Your focus on a hardtop install is to ensure your insert artwork lines up 100% everywhere first, then clamp down and worry about the hole alignment later. On the three installs I've done, at least a dozen holes have had to be widened for posts/etc to fit, and several holes were either misaligned so poorly (or missing altogether) that I had to put new holes in the hardtop. Dremel to the rescue.

Rock on....

4 months later
#142 3 months ago

Any chance of a classic Stern being added to the queue? I just picked up a project Meteor that would greatly benefit from a hardtop. That would be my first choice before trying to track down a CPR replacement.

2 months later
#149 21 days ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Catacomb exists now, but that doesn't help you on Meteor other than saying, possibly one day. http://www.outsideedgeproducts.com/

I couldn't wait. I found an unused CPR Meteor (early run, had to fix some things) locally for really cheap. Almost done, working on the cabinet now.

IMG_0419 (resized).JPG

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