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please help: Running 3VDC ornament from 555 socket

By bimm25i

6 years ago

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    #1 6 years ago

    So I bought a couple ornaments that run on CR2303 batteries and I want to rig them up to a couple GI light sockets, I know the tiniest bit about circuits but I can solder like a champ, could someone tell me what the circuit would look like to step down from 6.3 V to 3 VDC ?

    #8 6 years ago
    Quoted from wayout440:

    GI buddy is for the voltage range of 5VDC to 60VDC.
    For 3.3V, just use a bridge rectifier and an LM317 regulator,
    Resistors to adjust LM317 for 3.3VDC: R1=240 ohms, R2=394 ohms. http://www.reuk.co.uk/LM317-Voltage-Calculator.htm
    Mount the parts on a small breadboard like this:
    Easy and inexpensive

    thanks! what kind of bridge rectifier do I need? do I need to be on the nose with my voltages or do I just get one that rated to handle a specific voltage? If any old BR will do, I actually have a spare bridge rectifier on hand with one bad leg (I think it was +) can I use the (-) leg on that one? It seems too beefy to me (its a MB354 ). I'll wait for help before proceeding.

    #11 6 years ago

    thanks a lot guys. so to be clear...


    what do I do at 1, 2 and 3?

    2 weeks later
    #20 6 years ago

    hmmm, I bought the parts and bulilt the circuit but it didn't work. any thoughts? The VR got a little hot while soldering, do they pop easily?

    #22 6 years ago


    its this ornament ^

    ebay.com link: itm

    I replaced the LED's with these SMDs and it made it a lot brighter/thinner ^
    it still works on a CR2025 battery after replacing the LED's

    I didn't check voltages because I didn't solder it in place and I was out of hands to run a meter. I am assuming the new parts from Radio Shack were good, but I guess its always a numbers game. I'll have to solder the thing in place and check the voltage at the battery connector. I'm using about 6" one way of 20ga from the 555 socket and 8" of 22ga going to the ornament, I cant believe Id be dropping .3V over such short runs, could I?

    I think you've got something about the capacitor though, and I think I have some spares lying around, what sort of farad amount do I need to shoot for?

    #24 6 years ago

    I had a 50V 47uf, put it in place, the meter showed 1.6 VDC bridging the battery contact pads on the ornament
    could I put another in parallel? I have another one

    #26 6 years ago

    6.29VAC on the 555 socket

    #28 6 years ago

    I moved the 2 parallel 47uf capacitors from directly between the VR and ornament + battery pad to between the bridge rectifier and the V in on the VR. the circuit is putting out 1.29VDC on the contact pads.

    it reads 1.29 AC as well on the battery pads.

    the 22 ga wire powering the ornament is actually about 16 inches long. Could I just be voltage dropping by 50% maybe?

    #29 6 years ago

    So I read 6.3 AC in at the Bridge Rectifier and 5.13 DC between the + and - on the BR.
    Then 1.3 DC ish on the ornament power, battery pads and board side measurements showed no difference.

    #31 6 years ago

    so I bought one of these > ebay.com link: itm

    My plan is to hook it up after the BR. Good idea or Bad idea?

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