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Playmatic Speak Easy

By SpinnerAddict

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

I have a speak easy that was in pretty bad shape, I’ve got it cleaned up and all the scoring works perfectly. My problem is when I start a game player 4 score resets but the other 3 do not. If I manually trip the relays the scores will then reset and a ball kicks out. I have cleaned and gapped the relays but still the same. I do not have a schematic. It just seems weird that 1 would reset and not the other 3. Any help would be great.

#3 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
this is a good site for spanish pins: http://www.tecnopinball.org/doc_biblioteca.php - and they have the schematics (esquema) for Your pin - spanish words and some handwritten translations. I made the JPG from there. Do You have papertags in Your pin ? spanish text ? english text ?

You start a new game - the "R-Relay" is made pulling - the PC4-Relay is made pulling - the Score-Drums of player-4 are stepped forward - one by one reaches its Zero-Position and so on the Score-Drum its Zero-Position-Switch closes --- C-4-0, M-4-0, DM-4-0, CM-4-0 --- when all drums are on Zero-Position (and the switch on PC-4-Relay is good / closed): current can flow to PC3-Relay - it pulls-in and so the Score-Drums for player-3 do step forward - and (later) ... for player-2 ... player-1. Greetings Rolf

0Speak-Easy-Work-04 (resized).jpg

#4 4 years ago

Thanks so much Rolf_martin_062 it was indeed the pc4 relay. Now all the scores reset and it kicks a ball out but ball one randomly picks what player it scores on. It’s weird... I start a 1 player game, scores reset then ball comes and it scores on player 2, ball drains then balls 2 and 3 score on player 1. If I start another, ball 1 then scores on player 3 and balls 2 and 3 score on player 1. It keeps rotating ball 1 on random players then back to player 1 for the last 2 balls. What am I missing?

#5 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
great - You found the cause of the first fault. You now have the "ball-1 randomly starts on various players" --- I believe this is probably an mechanical fault - a stepper-unit not fully resetting at start of a new game - gummed-up ? or the spring wound around the axis (to do the mechanical turning back) - spring is weak - not fully resetting. I would like to troubleshoot in small steps - see the JPG - on top the lights section - "contador bolas". In the bottom "circ. imp. bolas" --- same unit or two different units ? JPG, right bottom corner: Takes care of ending a game - depending on 1 or 2,3,4 player game. JPG, left bottom corner: T1-Relay must be pulling when its Player-1-turn etc.
When this "circ. imp. bolas" at start-up does not fully reset (but then correct steps to Player-1-Ball-2 (this stepping up is not shown in my JPG)) --- Your fault.
Look out for this "circ. imp. bolas" unit and check "mechanical movement" (pin is togled-off and You actuate the plungers on the unit by hand - easy going ? Greetings Rolf

0Speak-Easy-Work-05 (resized).jpg

#6 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
maybe an "substitute / replacement / add-on" to my post-5.
I have some problems - I do not know the pin - not the manufacturer - do not speak spanish and cannot figure out the meaning of "spanish abbreviations".

Here http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=2459&picno=46682 on the bottom of the picture we see the Player-Unit in a Gottlieb 4-Player pin (round bakelite plate, rivets and wipers). This unit controls players / balls - lights and what player gets the points on his Score-Drums. This Unit is ONLY stepped one direction - forwards - it never turns backwards means it never resets. When having the problem "a new game starts on Player-2-Ball-1": We must find out why does the unit makes a step too much ?

Here on Your pin http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=2269&picno=49726 I do not see an Gottlieb like Player-Unit. But here http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=2269&picno=43082 in the upper left corner of the picture I see a round bakelite thing. Big questions: Is this the Unit in Your pin that controls player / balls ? And - does this Unit sometimes move one direction - sometimes move other direction. You are in playing - You are playing (one player game) ball-2 - You loose the ball - DOES this unit steps FOUR steps (forward to player-1-ball-3) ? You play and then loose the ball - You reach "Game-Over". THEN You start a new game - DOES the unit steps many steps forward - or does it step backwards ? Several steps backwards ? Or ONE huge step backwards ?
The answers to my questions help me understanding the schematics. Greetings Rolf

1 week later
#7 4 years ago

Well I have gone thru and cleaned contacts and stepper units. Now I can’t get the machine to start a game. If I trip the start relay it goes thru normally plus I can add more players via the start button but not the initial first person. Any ideas?

#8 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
could You solve the problem ? I asked around - a friend helps - he gave me his paper schematics "Speak Easy" with ENGLISH text. The quality of the schematics is not very good - I will do more "freshen-up" - but for looking up stuff the PDF here is "readable" - You may have to make You an copy (down to Your computer) - then You can look at the schematics.

Write when You want to start looking at problems. Greetings Rolf

#9 4 years ago

Im rdy anytime you are. I went back thru all switchs and steppers as well as jones plugs. I can not find anything wrong.

#10 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
I hope I have put together the stuff in my JPG --- I would like to do little steps. The schematics is confusing --- I have encircled "brown": "button replay" --- I wonder if this is the "Credit-Button You press for to start a game (?) --- see the colors of the wires (JPG): RD-SL and BLK-YE - I read this as "maybe red-slate and probably black-yellow" --- question: WHAT colors of wires are on YOUR Credit-Button ?
Second question - You manually activate the (post-7) Start-Relay --- question: Is it the C-RELAY with a wire-color-slate-green (?) coming to the coil ? Greetings Rolf

#11 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
hmm - I forgot to add the JPG --- here it is

0Speak-Easy-Work-07 (resized).jpg
#12 4 years ago

Button replay is for coin which puts a credit on machine

#13 4 years ago

The 2 wires on the start button are pink (maybe red faded) and blue with white stripe

#14 4 years ago

The button replay is in the backbox and when i trip it it adds a credit to the machine

#15 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
I do not see the "Credit-Button" in the schematics - do You see it ?
I asked WHAT Relay do You manually activate for to start for the first player ? The C- or the A - or what relay ? HOW many switches does this relay (You manually activate) have ? the schematics says "C-Relay has 7A and 1C switches - seven two-bladed Normally-Open switches and one three-bladed Make-and-Brake-Switch --- HOW many switches does this relay (You manually activate) have ? Greetings Rolf

#16 4 years ago

I manually engage relay c. It has 7 switches one that is closed. When i engage 1 opens and 6 close

#17 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
thanks for the info "C-RELAY". It is getting late in Switzerland - I must go to sleep - I will brood on the problem and will write again by tomorrow. Greetings Rolf

#18 4 years ago

Hi Aahzz
the friend who helped me out with the Speak Easy schematics also gave me the schematics to Playmatic Fiesta --- see the JPG --- "encircled blue" the text is "Replay Button". The schematics is much like the schematics to Speak Easy (JPG in post-11). In the JPG here I "encircled brown": The Replay-Counter (subtract replay) is activated EITHER by the pulling C-Relay OR THEN by the pulling P-Relay. And a switch on I-Relay EITHER activates the C-Relay OR THEN the P-Relay.

And we look it up in the JPG in post-11 --- same situation --- I guess: No good in Your pin is the Make-and-Brake-Switch on I-Relay*** and the wiring towards the "Coil on C-Relay".

I-Relay***: Look what the I-Relay is doing in Your pin - does it change "non-pulling to pulling" or maybe "pulling to non-pulling" when You (manually) start for first player --- I-Relay BEFORE manually activating the C-Relay - and I-Relay AFTER the manually activating the C-Relay - does the I-Relay moves and stays moved ?

(((If we do not find the cause of the problem: A Jumper-Wire to feed electricity to the "Coil on C-Relay" - and a push-button-switch to close is mounted in the Jumper-Wire - and the push-button-switch is mounted behind the "Coin-Return-Push-Button on the Coin-Door" - and when You want to start a new game: You press the "Coin-Return-Push-Button")))

Please check the color of the wire on the middle blade on "Make-and-Brake-Switch on I-Relay" - question: Same color as one of the wires on Your Credit-Start-Button on Your pin ? Try to follow the wires - wires starting on the Credit-Start-Button - where do You get to ?
Greetings Rolf

0Fiesta-Work-01 (resized).jpg
#19 4 years ago

Rolf your the best! It was the I relay. I adjusted it and it works like a charm. Thanks so much!

3 years later
#20 10 months ago

I am trying to get a speakeasy pinball to start a game. I feel like I am having a problem with the stepper unit. I have removed it and cleaned the contacts. My game over light also never goes out.
I get the coil to reset the unit to work but I never see the coil to advance the unit to fire. Electromechanicals are pretty new to me but I understand relays and such. I am assuming that the picture is the player unit. No labels for it.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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