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Playfield Is All Lit Up On My STTNG, Now How About Color?

By m00dawg

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

I just finished putting LEDs into my GI's on the playfield. I started with white just as a base. The problem is I don't want to wash out the artwork, but while I can definitely see the artwork now, I have found that the white LEDs are less moody than using incans.

So I was curious what folks generally do with their STTNGs for GI? I'm planning on a GI OCD but will have to wait until I have the backbox converted over if I'm not mistaken (since GI OCD can't handle a lot of incans).

For most of the bulbs you can see, I am using the 1SMD frosted; for under the artwork I have OPMAX, and for the Bird of Prey I have 2 LED clear bulbs. I removed the bulb behind Time Rift just because it was too in your face there (I need something dimmer and didn't have any frosted options other than 1SMD).

Anyone try the new Ice Blue stuff from Comet or is it really a case where going with blue or purple LEDs is the best route to go? Blue LEDs make me a tad nervous (due to the whole blue LED long term exposure concerns thing) so I want to use them sparingly.

#2 7 years ago

Cool white.....the only place I use colored LEDs in the GI on STTNG (and I've had two now), is green in the klingon bird of prey and the flashers. I do have the PinballBulbs blue LED bar back up in the back though, so it's got that reflecting off the borg ship.

#3 7 years ago

If you look at the playfield the artwork is heavy on the color purple. You might want to try a few purple LED's, it highlights the art rather than wash it out.

For the shield inserts (which are GI) I went with blue.

I kept most of my GI as incans though.

Good Luck!

#4 7 years ago

cool white looks alright, mine had a cointaker kit in it when i bought it and i thought it looked pretty good... boatshoe's got the idea tho, i changed most of the cool whites out with cointakers purple frosteds it doesnt seem to wash out the artwork and i think it actually enhances the playfield artwork. cointakers purple is like a weird mix of a cool white-ish purple-ish color. i went with 2 optimus maximus (from comet) purple bulbs under the slings. ill add a pic but as a disclaimer it's not as purple looking in person as it is in the photo.. i recommend spending the 3-4 bucks on a few just to see if ya like it before ordering a boat load.

#5 7 years ago


#6 7 years ago

thats a warm white frosted next to the vuk. i tried a few different things and it seemed to fit best there. Note how the dark blues and purples really come out of the playfield in that first pic. Any other color under the plastics other than warm white, and cool white washes out the stars built into the plastic artwork... the purples were the 3rd best coice for not washing the stars out id say... it really comes down to personal taste so maybee a better mixture can be obtained with more playing around.

#7 7 years ago

I also added some aluminum tape to the underside of the bird of prey to try and reflect wasted light..every little bit helps. The mirror blades also help do the same and look fantastic on this game

image-86.jpg image-710.jpg
#8 7 years ago

Oh wow that reflective tape is a great idea! I will say I actually found using 5050's under the BOP too bright, but now I wonder if I can just put in some colored LEDs there since they will tend to shine down and maybe mix a bit more.

I wish there was a clever way to put in both a maybe dimmer white LED along with a purple so I can more set the tint without it being too obvious. Although I was thinking of trying Comet's ice blue to see what that does.

I think for mine I would want just a bit more white (the skin of the artwork seems to be hard to see?) but your playfield looks beautiful! Thanks for the pics! I have some pretty good thoughts on where I want to go now at this point.

Two quick questions - what did you use for the Time Rift bulb? I find that one is pretty in your face and so I have been thinking about trying to either put some film behind the inserts and/or finding a dimmer bulb. I don't like having nothing there, but I haven't found a good solution - I didn't even really like an incan their either.

Also, how about your canons? I still have the flat (as opposed to domed) ones and can't find an LED that works better than an incan for spreading the light up since it's a very tight right angle.

#9 7 years ago

Behind time rift is a purple frosted cointaker. Anytime it's an exposed bulb that's in yer face you want a frosted. And I'm betting a cool white frosted there might still be too bright. Under the cannons you want a flex head warm white just take it and bend it all the way around so it points straight up through the dome light looks awesome and ya don't get that nasty light leak out the side like with a normal Incan. Comet also sells some purple strips that are 6.3 volt for gi. I've been toying with the idea of laying some of these under the bigger plastics which I would mesh with say cool white frosteds to get maybee best of both worlds... Just haven't had the time. My cannons are domed and personally I think it looks better that way... They were like that when I bought em but I'm sure ya can pop em out and buy the small domes and at least glue them in there're cheap it took a while but try and line the led to the center of the some for best effect.

#10 7 years ago

Easier to take pic

#11 7 years ago

I mostly used purples in my GI for the sides and up top, but cool whites for anything pointed at the main playfield area, like under the slings or under the Klingon Bird of Prey.


#12 7 years ago

It takes a little playing with the bop to get the bulbs in a way that's not in your face. I think a lot of people use the flexi's for this too. I actually use the 5 led cointaker super brights for this and gently twist the head of the bulb so that the 5050 led is directed towards the playfield and not in my vision. The multidirectional of this gives good light output in all directions and takes full advantage of the aluminum I put under the wings. I also think I have OCD

#13 7 years ago

Teal for the shields in a flex style bulb. Purple GI in back under left plastic . Cool white for G.I. Blue 906 flashers in BORG ship. Blue frosted for inlanes . Fast blink color changer in worm hole insert . On back box Behind Borg tracker beam 555 slow fade color changer.


#14 7 years ago

Thanks for the help everyone! Sounds like I'll need to do some mix of color. I thought about Comet's LED strips too but I haven't had the chance to play around with them much (I have some white ones I was going to use for the flippers). The blue and purple looks great! I'm still mildly concerned about the whole long term blue LED exposure issue, but then again white LEDs have quite a bit of blue light too so...

Quoted from pezpunk:

I mostly used purples in my GI for the sides and up top, but cool whites for anything pointed at the main playfield area, like under the slings or under the Klingon Bird of Prey.

Hard to tell from the pic, but how does the purple impact the artwork for the bulbs under the plastics? tilted81 mentioned their was a white component to at least the bulbs he has? Curious on the brightness you used for them?

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