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Letter received on Monday May 13th 2013.

Monday May 13th 2013

Hi Lloyd,

I have recently moved a Data East Laser War into my house to hold on to for a friend while I am shopping around for my first pin. I told him as rent I would work on getting it up and going as it had broken flippers. I have experience working on arcade games but pins are new. Everything but the flippers seemed to work just fine playing with one flipper. Once I got the flippers fixed it started having some weird sound issues where the sound of the game will speed up like you were spinning up a record faster than it was supposed to go. After it does this is starts freaking out Max Headroom style and eventually becomes a loud garbled mess of static and noises. The scoring and game functions still seem to work just fine however. A few times the sound has just cut out completely allowing you to play the game with no sound.

What is weird is that the sound was just fine until I fixed the broken link on the right flipper. It might just be coincidence but I figured I should mention it. I can turn the game off for a while and then turn it back on and the sound is fine for about 2/3 of one game then it speeds up and goes all self-destruct. Anything I can check out?



Hi Gov

Pardon, ha ha, wanted to use that line.

You might need a pro on this, I'd do the basics like reseating connectors and checking voltage to the sound board to see if it stays the same.

Most likely you have some board issues to deal with.

Check with Rob Anthony and see what he thinks

LTG : )

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