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Planetary Pinball's Action and impact on Williams / Bally Titles

By too-many-pins

8 years ago

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    #151 8 years ago
    Quoted from tracelifter:

    Pics with a tape, I need OAL and centers of tabs.

    The bars themselves don't get that worn, but the end caps can get pretty roached. They are riveted on from what I can tell, but no use trying to remove them with no replacements available.

    #152 8 years ago

    Rick, Thanks for posting in here and clearing up a bunch of things. I appologize for my slight rant earlier. I'm not one for knee jerk reactions but fell prey to it while reading the posts. Thanks again for posting in here to clear up some rumors.

    #153 8 years ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    The bars themselves don't get that worn, but the end caps can get pretty roached. They are riveted on from what I can tell, but no use trying to remove them with no replacements available.

    I don't have one of those, sorry.

    #154 8 years ago
    Quoted from tracelifter:

    I don't have one of those, sorry.

    Thanks for looking anyway. It fits all Williams from around 1960 to around 1967, then they went to the same kind of bar they used on through the 90s with minor variations. Prior the these they were either woodrails or the futuristic cabinet with the famous beverage shelf on the front. On those your hands are on the siderails when you play.

    This is one part that most owners of this vintage machine would probably like to have available. I would buy two right now and probably more as I find more of these machines. The early 60s were a great time for Williams and they made some great looking and great playing games.

    If even just the end caps were re-produced, it would be a big improvement over what we have.

    1 year later
    #155 6 years ago
    Quoted from PPS:

    We have several people (including us) who are stepping up to working on more EM related parts, only time will convince people, so I won't say much here other than we will announce parts as they are available.

    Quoted from PPS:

    We even made a few of the bulb scoring backglasses ... and more in the pipeline. Alot of hours to vector, and other than a few replacements and some wall hangings as they are cool art something else we had done.

    Against my better judgement a friend of mine picked up two of these, while I had insisted on waiting for a quality repro on glass which may or may not happen. The colors in the ad looked bright enough, however the product that was delivered was more faded and washed out than my 50+ year old original glass, so to me it is worthless and useless.

    The seller said he was the only one that has complained. Maybe somebody else would like it for a wall hanger.

    Still looking forward to the rollout of other quality parts for our other vintage Bally and Williams games.

    ebay.com link: Williams 1959 ROCKET Outer Space Pinball Machine Replacement BACKGLASS

    LicensedRepro (resized).jpg


    #156 6 years ago

    Well, assuming that those pictures are similar camera, etc, I would not be happy with that one either. The supplier is looking at his printer to ensure that that glass colors have not shifted, which is very easy to have happen but should not happen. So stay tuned as I've already talked to him as we vectored that artwork and ensured it matched as we had 2 rockets that we matched it so.


    #157 6 years ago

    I really wanted it to work out because chances of a real glass one are iffy, and I saw the Sea Wolf one and it looked good. Just my luck for being so snarky sometimes I guess.

    #158 6 years ago

    The chances of a real glass are nil at this point. Jeff will get ahold of you as there is some question about what he had pictured and what was sold and that actually what was pictured may be a proto that was then fixed against a real glass. But we can do just about any colors, so if we have more samples, then those can be adjusted.

    Please post a picture of yours side by side with the one you got and that will help figure out what is going on. Anticipating color fade on a 60 year old glass is something to try to figure out as well.


    #159 6 years ago

    I am at work, but just dug a pic out from the forum. Note the reds around the perimiter and lower rockets have faded, but all the other colors are still sharp. the greens are much darker as are most of the colors except those reds.

    Like I mentioned, the one in the e-bay ad looks pretty sharp.

    Rocket (resized).jpg

    #160 6 years ago

    Please! We need a picture of yours next the the repro not a picture that you dug up on the internet. That will not help us at all. This picture that you posted shows orange in the areas that I expected.

    #161 6 years ago

    The plexi repro is the one on the left. My semi faded original is still in the head where it looks like it will stay.

    The second pic is one I pulled from the internet that looks to be an original with little fade. Very similar to the pics on e-bay of the repro.

    Rockets (resized).JPG

    Backglass (resized).jpg

    #162 6 years ago
    Quoted from too-many-pins:

    I have gotten a couple emails from PP accusing me of trying to damage their reputation and/or questioning why I put a post like this up.

    The butthurt is strong with PPS. Rick wants to be the pinball industries hero; yet any time someone voices a reasonable observation that goes against his super hero image... he goes nutz accusing everyone on of ganging up on him.

    The reality is that we all know damn well that if Rick can extract dollars from his license he will. That's fair; but don't attempt to sweep this stuff under the rug when we all know and see you do it.

    Do I think PPS has helped; sure. But I also think he has helped end sources of needed parts. I am not a Rick fan - not because of what he's done for the hobbyist... but what he's done to get where he's at and how he presents himself in this community.

    4 months later
    #163 6 years ago

    I had to chime in, I have been hurt awhile and catching up on 4 pages of this thread has made my head spin.

    I will say this all seems very positive.

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