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#207 7 years ago

The changer has issues with new 5's (the ones with the purple crap on them), and sometimes it won't take singles if they are too worn out or wrinkled. The changer is temperamental. I don't have keys to it, as Jason has said above. If someone says "Yo man, can I get 10 dollars in quarters?" You had better believe they are king for 15 minutes as I rush to hunt the key down to a local machine and get those 40 quarters. You didn't ask for that, you asked for 5's, then 1's. I have changed full 10 and 20 dollar bills before for customers, only to have them go "uh.....1's is fine?". When I don't immediately assume they want it all in change, I get to deal with it later on. It's always a 50-50 shot on change time.

I consider myself doing my job well, considering my tech knowledge and my people skills. There's always 2 sides to a story mate, this is one of them. I was texting my current employer to let him know that 1. We did a lot of sales that day hurrah, 2. this guy just tried to haggle 50 cents off a 99 cent game, and 3. Dr. Who is having an issue and what should I do I don't know exactly how to change fuses but I can try. Not sure how any of that pertained to anything involving you or your stay at the arcade, but it's whatever. I offered to put you 5 credits on any other pin in the arcade, to which you declined. If you had wanted quarters, you would have been the guy with quarters in your hand instead of saying "no, we're ok, it's ok, thank you".

I asked a gentleman that played Dr. Who right before you if he had issues with the pin when he was playing it, he said he lost 1 quarter, but it played fine and that was it. I said "Anything weird with the mini-playfield or flippers popping by themselves?" and he looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. So that issue started with you playing it. Not accusing anything because pinball machines are weird as all hell and like to work some days and not others, but saying that to say there was no way I could have been aware of the issue or put a sign on it beforehand.

I apologize you had a sub-par day at the arcade, and that the machine you specifically came to play wasn't working with you today, but sometimes thems the breaks. If i could be a super video game mega wizard and make everything work, trust me man, I'd be buying broken crap and flipping it for 2246235% profit.

I look forward to you coming back and playing pins at the arcade, we might be bringing Earthshaker back in next week for you guys to play also. Please, don't always assume the person working the counter isn't doing their job.....or assume they don't have an internet connection at home and can read what others post in a public forum

#210 7 years ago

If you need $20 in quarters, just ask. I wish I could read minds.

#219 7 years ago
Quoted from mystic:

Storyteller said:If you need $20 in quarters, just ask. I wish I could read minds.
As long as you don't tell me to go to the food court.
Look man, we're your customers, and we're just trying to give you some feedback. Take it positively. We're not bashing your business (or place of work), we're just giving our insight into how you could improve through our experiences (and increase your own revenue) at your establishment.
I'm not the jerk who wants his 50 cents back.

You have to understand something from my perspective man. Working in Antioch, TN for years and years on end changes the way you think and do business. Hell, doing that in any area that is in a slump will do that. I try my best to treat everyone great, and I appreciate everyone that comes in for the right reasons, but for every one of you or Svengo or Crashdance that comes to play what they love and enjoy the place, we have 3 others that lie about machines stealing money, that sit on our cabinets (not sitting at them, actually sitting full weight on control panels), Thieves, quick change artists, beggars, degenerates, crackheads, people looking to start a fight, hustlers trying to knock 30 cents off of that 99 cent scratched game because its scratched, people that vomit on machines and walk out like "oops lol", we've seen it all in that place. Yes, I am a very standoff-ish and a brute some days just because of those types of people. If you guys slip through the cracks sometimes, I apologize so much for that. I value your business and we break our backs to get machines in there you guys will like and will want to play because you guys are why we are still there.

Just for the record, I never want any of you to feel unwelcome at Game Galaxy Arcade.

1 year later
#3261 6 years ago

Sup dudes, I'm looking to possibly sell/trade my Radical! sometime soon. It's the exact same machine that was on location at Game Galaxy for awhile. It has been LED'd almost completely since then and cleaned up. Has a new right flipper installed, as well as has another spare new flipper and a spare new coil. Trying to find one of the following possibly:

Black Knight 2000
Street Fighter II

Those are the main ones I'm looking at, but I'll consider others. Just inbox me on here or on Facebook if you are interested.

#3265 6 years ago

Go ahead and add these to my possible trade list:

Demolition Man
The Shadow

#3290 6 years ago

holy shit that's funny

#3292 6 years ago

dat hank hill face


#3299 6 years ago

I got me a Pinbot last night for a good price. Needs some cleaning and the displays are out but I'm going to make it my project I think.

Oh, and also, to the two guys in Louisville who tried to backdoor me on it last night, you're more than welcome to come pick it up today for $750 cash if you like just contact me first before you come, thanks.

#3304 6 years ago

I think all this Pinbot needs is new displays, a new coil, maybe a few switches, and a fuse or two. Shouldn't be too bad of a fix. I think when I clean it inside and out it's going to look gorgeous, it's ridiculous how well the game looks for sitting in a basement of a house by the lake for 10 years.

1 week later
#3361 6 years ago

so who wants to fix my pinbot for some dollars?

#3379 6 years ago

Pinbot is sold.

Now I have a Gottlieb Street Fighter 2. I'm having a peculiar issue with it. The backbox lights won't come on. The flashers work, but the static lights never come on. The fuse is good that goes to the backbox illumination, so that ain't it. Any ideas?

#3381 6 years ago

Pinbot went to a guy that's new to the area and looking to learn how to fix pins, so hopefully he posts up pictures when he gets it running awesome!

1 week later
#3489 6 years ago

Hey guys, just posting this here, contact me through Facebook if interested!

Looking to sell my Street Fighter II Gottlieb pin, partially LED'd out (partial because I'm having trouble finding time to finish, but its over halfway done and I can throw in about 100 various Blaze/Cointaker LED bulbs as well for the buyer to use to finish and as spares), body is in good condition, playfield is decent with no major wear (besides usual outhole markings), display looks great, the Chun-Li motor works fine, ramps pop up and down.The only thing I'm having trouble nailing down is that the backbox GI lights don't light up and I'm not sure what it is but the flashers still work fine. This is a great players pin and is loads of fun. I'm looking for $1750 cash OBO or will trade for/toward:

Demolition Man
Black Knight 2000
No Fear

I can provide pictures on request, serious inquiries only please. I have many many people that can vouch for me as a buyer and seller so don't fear!

#3516 6 years ago

Go play Shadow

#3535 6 years ago
Quoted from myork82:

My T2 is for sale if any of you guys are interested in it. "Might" entertain DM+T2+Cash for a sweet HUO Tron or another pin of equal value.

You should entertain DM+sandwich for a sweet stack of money

#3537 6 years ago

lemme hold dat

#3551 6 years ago

who said demo man?

1 month later
#3726 6 years ago

No problem mate, I got Gophers figured out as well before you left, bolt fell out of the flipper assembly.

They took our banner down

#3728 6 years ago

I am Richard and sometimes I read forums!

Thanks for coming, we look forward to having everybody that was here today playing the silver ball back for more fun!

#3730 6 years ago
Quoted from mystic:

I am a dick. Unless you meant the other Matt, but I've heard he's a dick too. How long is Tron on eardrum-bleed mode? Need to break away for a bit.

all day erry day

2 years later
#5752 3 years ago

Richard here:

After going through that list, we found that Phantom, Radical, and Swords were stuck balls. All 3 were up and running in a matter of minutes. We could have had all 3 ready to play for you on your visit last night had you said something to my employee at the counter. The Whodunnit 2 ball issue is new (the flipper issue has not been repaired because it has had that issue for going on 6 months now and the game is 100% playable), and never once has Tales been mentioned to me in the store. We cannot fix games and keep them running at maximum capacity if people are not notifying us at the counter of the issues.

I was also told you turned these machines off. Turning our machines off in Rivergate is already an issue, but turning our machines off without saying why to my employee is an issue. Please do not turn our machines off or on at the Rivergate location. They are meant to be on 24/7, and if they are off, they have an out of order sign on them. For too long we have dealt with customers finding or creating issues with our machines and not telling us, only for us to find them later. Again, we cannot fix issues if we are not told about them, and also again, we could have had those 3 machines playable for you last night if you had spoke up.

Thank you.

#5753 3 years ago

double post or something

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