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By Crashdance22

7 years ago

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#4 7 years ago

I'm not exactly from the Nashville area, but close enough to want to know who the Pinsiders near me are. I live in Bowling Green, KY, about 55 miles 'up the road'. I don't think there is ANYONE in this town who collects or knows pins. There are times I wish I knew other enthusiasts who might like to visit, play my pins, and maybe give me some tips on repair. I've got a Frankenstein pin that has me stumped! Can't get the DMD to working.

We should compile an email list of those of us in this area. I'll start: Mike Giorgio - 270-535-7210. Email: mgiorgio (at) insightbb (dot) com. I'm going to creat a new folder in my email address book to put 'our group' in so that we can easily contact one another.


#14 7 years ago

Hi FlipperMagician!! Yeah, I caught your greeting to me at the end of the post
Was just thinking . . . you need my Fish Tales . . . it would fit right in with your line of work!

futurepinhead: I saw my name again in YOUR post! Gettin' popular here!

TZ68: Yes, I have your info SOMEWHERE!!! I'm going to have to hire a secretary to keep up with all my newfound friends here, and fit together their real names with their 'handles'!!! I just started my own 'Pinside' email folder in my Outlook Express where I can put names, monikers, and cities where each person lives in so I don't embarass myself and I can keep up with you guys.

jayhawkai: You just 'checked in', but maybe you ought to be 'checking out' those BOOKS and doing homework!!!

And lastly, "Crashdance22" . . . sounds like you are young, and sounds like you need ALL of us to jump in and have an old fashioned clean-up and fix-up party with all your pins! Only thing is, I'm not skilled enough to do anything much but use a wiping cloth and hold your drinks while you guys do the work!!!!!

We need to really work on making our own little 'club' here. 'Crash' got this thing started; let's not let if falter. I think we ought to try and meet up about every two or three months. I'm all for hosting a group (especially since I'm sort of in the middle [Evansville to Nashville]). Then, maybe we could go to wherever 'Crash' thinks would be a good place to gather. I'm writing down all your names and putting them in a separate place in my computer. I think I'll call it the 'Pinside-South Club', or 'Hillbillys from (Pinball)Heaven' , or SOMETHING like that!!!
Mike in Bowling Green, KY

2 weeks later
#44 7 years ago

That's not fair Jared!!! I wanted to be there with you guys but I have a doctor's appointment that day that is messing up the whole afternoon!!! Grrrr . . . .!

I have already met you and Andrew (jayhawkai). This would have been fun.

I just wrote 'Crash' an email thanking him for trying to include me.

Be sure you show them your nose/quarter trick!!!


#48 7 years ago

I might just go to the Louisville Expo. I started to go this past year, but I was so new at this I didn't know anyone and I thought I might not enjoy doing it all alone.

In this short time I have been a pin addict, I have made SO many pin friends. I think it would be fun to go knowing people like you would be there. I need someone to take care of my old ass when I get more than 10 miles away from home!

1 week later
#86 7 years ago

Crash . . . after you left Saturday I was playing it and a ball hung up under the left upper PF. We discovered there was some old bits of rubber laying around up in that area blocking it from rolling on down. After freeing the ball, the rubber bits SEEMED to disappear and then next thing you know it hung up again.

THEN . . . the video mode went haywire. The mode was somehow over-riding game play, or the reverse of this. It became unplayable and Jason had to pull the plug. He did the right thing. No use to risk any further damage. It needs a thorough cleaning, if anything . . .

#88 7 years ago

Ah . . . we were rather glad you didn't come. You would have hogged the pins!

We didn't stay too long. Got there around 12:30 a.m. and left around 3 p.m. It was such a beautiful day outside and it was kinda hot in there. I'd like to go back when it is a day much like today . . . rainy and dreary.

The owner of the place is a TREMENDOUS person who takes a lot of pride in what he has. It's a pretty good collection of pins. Many I had never seen or played before.

#90 7 years ago

Yes, it happened when it went into that video mode where the cups were shuffling around. Pretty good there . . . Crash!

I didn't know what to do, because you weren't there to show me !!! So, I pressed anything I could find! I started with the flippers but nothing would change. I fired the trigger but same results. I bet while I was fumbling around to figure out how to play the video mode I must have pressed the start button. According to what I read on your post, that might be the EXACT thing that went wrong!!!

Nice research!!!

#95 7 years ago

TZ68 and Eric,

Yeah . . . I missed out on two good games Saturday.

I got up that morning and knew that our Nashville group was thinking about playing pins at Game Galaxy and I had always wanted to go to that place.

I decided to go . . . got halfway to Nashville and remembered that I had a Press Pass to Western's game and would be missing the UK game!!!

Kentucky had better relish the moment, for it will most likely be another 26 years before they beat TN again!!!


1 month later
#134 7 years ago

Yes, this is THE Mike Chestnut whom I took my Frankenstein pin to for repair in Gallatin. The wreck happened just a couple of days after I left it. I was to come back the next weekend and pick it up.

Mike had surgery this past Tuesday night. He has had a motorcycle accident before and had a leg amputated below the knee. He re-injured that same leg. The kneecap was crushed or broken in 4 places. They did surgery on the knee, and I understand he has a broken arm too. The information I got was that they might have to do surgery on the arm later on because he had a pin in it from the first accident.

He is going to be slow to mend. Looking at 6 months. I believe he has a cast on both his leg and his arm. This is such a shame. To me, Mike is the PREMIER pin repair person in this whole part of the country. He is a perfectionist and really knows what he is doing. He has the chrome and gold plating business he also runs and his father is stepping in to fill the orders. I hope everyone keeps buying this kind of stuff from him to help keep his income roling in. It appears it will be a long time before he will be able to amble around and repair the pins. It will probably be months before he can put any weight on his leg. I guess my ole Frankie will stay dead there and not come back to life until Mike comes back too!!!


2 weeks later
#179 7 years ago

That's kind of you to try and include me jayhawai, but I'm not sure I can find the time to do this. Just set the date and I'll see.

I'm thinking you guys might want to come up here sometime. When I get my Monopoly here Thursday, and my Frankenstein back in a couple of weeks, I'll have 11 pins . . . set on FREE PLAY!

Think about it . . .

#183 7 years ago

DANG! I knew there was something I missing on TV tonight!!! I got all caught up in putting a subwoofer on my Goldeneye and TSPP! Forgot all about it. I'm reckoning KU won!

1 month later
#220 7 years ago

I don't wish to get caught up in whatever transpired at GG, but I have met Jason and I know 'Crash' . . . probably have met or seen Richard when there. We all know you (Jason) are probably rendering a 'Corporal Work of Mercy' by keeping the arcade open. (In other words, loyalty to the games almost on a religious level!).

The real reason I'm writing this is give my impression of 'Crashdance'. He may not want me to give his real name. Let me say this, I am MUCH older than this young man, and I must acknowledge, after getting to know him I don't think there is a kinder soul in all of Nashville. This person is meek, docile, and humble, with a very gentle spirit. I don't know many people in his age bracket who are so genuine, considerate and clean of heart. It would bother ME if I knew anyone purposefully hurt his feelings. There is a lot of brilliance in his quiet demeanor.

He has an extremely high aptitude when it comes to anything electronic and technical, especially with pinball machines. I would put him against any older repair guy any day. I would also say if a pinball repair test could be taken by all people of his age in this country, he would come out on top with his knowledge and skills. The kid can repair a pinball machine!!!

Sorry I can't get to GG more often, but ALL of you guys take care of each other down there.
Crash has been a one-man advertising machine for you all . . .
Best to you Jason.
Mike in Bowling Green, KY

#224 7 years ago

Jason and Crash . . . the actual manufacturing start-up date is set for March 13. They are going to try and produce 10 pins per day. With 1,000 total, that's going to take awhile to produce all of them. My pin number is #120. That doesn't guarantee me getting mine out the door around the 12th day of production. The games won't be produced in order of the number, but with logic toward how many will be shipped to one location. For instance, it is my understanding that about 6 pins will be grouped together to be shipped to England. There is one guy there centrally located, who has volunteered to take shipment on all 6 of them and then each person will come to his place and pick their pin up. This way, the shipping will be much cheaper, for they are all dividing it by 6. It will be these kinds of things that will make it unpredictable of when I'll get my pin. I'm hoping for mid or late April, but Crash may be right and I won't get it until May. Some say it might be June before they get theirs. Here's hoping that's not the case!

2 months later
7 months later
#2807 6 years ago

"I wish the frosted bulbs were brighter. I tried some blue and cool white in DM. They looked very dull next to a pbl 3 led."

Matt . . . that's why I don't have any of those. I need to be 'blinded by the light', or I'm not happy!

#2839 6 years ago

He still has a huge warehouse at another site that is loaded with pins to be refurbished. His already exhorbitantly high prices will be higher now!

2 weeks later
#2934 6 years ago

Well, I would offer to help you myyork82, and phone them on your behalf. But the last time I did something like this it got me banned from Mad Amusements for life!

1 month later
#3195 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I will be there and taking an Addams Family but not sure I'll be inside at the same time you're there

We (Matt and I) will be there all day Saturday. I read this Nashville thread all the time and know a couple of the guys. Don't know you, but I'll 'hover' around your TAF and maybe I will hear your name. Always nice to meet the 'faceless' people on here!

Mike in Bowling Green, KY

#3196 6 years ago

Whoops! EriK . . . sorry. I've got too many friends who spell it with a 'c'.

11 months later
#4658 5 years ago

You didn't have to 'drag me down there'!!! I went because you threatened to hack all my pins the next time you were at my home!

Little Noah sure had a good time. He was worn out on the way home. Kept nodding off.

Nice tutorial you posted on the EOS thingy.

Well gotta go . . . time for my second best love: University of Kentucky basketball on TV!

So . . . Andrew . . . I'll sign off by saying: TYFFASI

5 months later
#4977 5 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Pintucky there is no need to be so appalled at what wonders a few switch adjustments will do for your machines..

Hey . . . "appalled" might not be the right word. Has a negative connotation to it. I think it should be 'amazed', or 'flabbergasted' !

By the way, the switch in that loop around the PF stopped registering on the first game I played after you left. Now, thanks to that 'high tech' repair information you put on me, I bent it again slightly and now it is working again. I LOVE those kinds of easy repairs! And, oh, by the way . . . I still hate Windows 7 after wrestling with it last night!!! WAY too much work to do just to do simple things on there. XP should never have been 'improved'. XP and Outlook are so easy to use, even an idiot like ME can use it!!!

3 weeks later
#5009 4 years ago

Thanks Andrew for the pictures! Nice reporting job.

Jason, this is a very impressive place. So clean and lots of room. Great looking atmosphere.

I plan on visiting there sometime soon. I sure hope this is profitable for you and you can keep it going.
Hang in there!!!

Mike in Bowling Green, KY

2 weeks later
#5027 4 years ago

I could handle $12.00. Go for it! You deserve it!!!
Mike in Kentucky

#5028 4 years ago

What a great story, Andrew! I didn't know you were also a journalist besides being an electronics expert!!! I was VERY impressed with your writing. As a former teacher of Journalism, this sure gets an "A+". I couldn't find any glaring mistakes! Great job.


1 month later
#5108 4 years ago
Quoted from myork82:

CV needs to be in Bowling Green at my house

YES! I think you should buy it if you can . . . so I can come to your house and play it!!!

2 weeks later
#5136 4 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

Hey look guys! Another reason why I always said I disliked Pinside:

Don't sweat the small stuff! If there is anyone on Pinside that should be trusted it is YOU! I consider you a premiere buyer and seller of pins . . . too bad the seller didn't know your reputation.

Pinside is a lot of fun for me, but I've had my skin pricked on here a few times and I know how it feels. I get pretty angry and next thing you know I'm in a verbal battle. You can't "win" on here even if you DO win! Ha.


#5146 4 years ago

Robin, since I feel I know you from our initial personal conversations years ago, and Jason (DreamTR) whom I know very well because I live close to him . . . it saddens me to see anything of disputation concerning you both.

No one has to vouch for you Robin. You RULE in integrity and kindness and for establishing this forum for all our enjoyment.

I know DreamTR well, so allow me to at least vouch for him. I'm not taking sides. I just want anyone reading this, and you Robin, to know that Jason is very well known in this entire region, about a 300 mile radius, as a pinball preserver, lover, and provider of games for the masses. Jason has risked time and treasure in keeping arcade pinball alive in two States. There are few people who would make the sacrifices he does in order to provide pins for the general public to play. He is trusted and always above board in his dealings.

We have two fine people here, Robin and Jason, both lovers and savers of pinball. We know your character Robin, I just wanted to substantiate Jason's. You will not find a more decent and fair person when it comes to buying and selling pins. Jason often pays more than the true value of a pin in order to just save one from the trash bin. It is too bad you both cannot know each other in person.

I am proud to say I know you both. I am confident things will turn out just fine now!

Mike Giorgio
Bowling Green, KY

#5148 4 years ago

Don't know about Pigeon Forge, but downtown Gatlinburg has an arcade. It is right in the middle of the main drag. Look for something that looks like a space needle sticking up in the sky. You can't miss it. The arcade is right there. Sadly, they only had about 3 pins when I was there last. There was a Spider Man and it was in bad shape. Weak flipper and just poorly maintained. Hopefully, since this was more than a year ago things could be better now.

3 months later
#5241 4 years ago

I HATE Facebook! I would much rather be here on Pinside. I don't like the way it functions and I think it can be intrusive and an irritant at times.
Mike in Bowling Green

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