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7 years ago

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#7 7 years ago

Your JP looks great Crashdance, stopped by two of your locations yesterday. The Hook needs some LOVE!

I didn't do any laundry but I dropped a few bucks in your machines, mostly JP and AF.

#9 7 years ago

I'd never played JP before so I didn't notice the T-rex not working.

The left slingshot plastic on hook was hanging off. I wanted to get the Novus 2 out of my car and take the glass off but it actually didn't play half bad.

Was really surprised at the amount of arcade games at the Hook location, it's like an arcade with washing machines! Although I don't think I'd be visiting either places after dark anytime soon.

Hopefully my $3-$5 contribution helped a little. If my main office was near there I'd be playing them on my lunch hour but I'd have to help you clean them up first. Let me know if you ever want to sell that Hook.

#18 7 years ago

So you're saying it's for sale?

#20 7 years ago

C'mon Crash, I gotta start my pirate theme and GG wants too much for the Black Rose! I mean look at my wishlist! I'll trade you my working Mystic for it...

#22 7 years ago

Just saying the offer is out there.

1 week later
#26 7 years ago

Haven't been to GG in a few weeks. Was thinking about going to that "museum" monthly thing they had back on Oct 29th but I didn't get around to it. Might try and swing by the regular arcade this weekend sometime.

#49 7 years ago

Going to Knoxville this weekend to the UT/Vandy game. Leaving Friday around noon so I'm out guys. Would love to meet up with you guys at some point but also note, I'm a banker, so I keep banker's hours...

That Louisville expo sounds great. I can see a second SS right beside my first...

Let me know how GG is looking and what games they have up and running. I got a line on a cocktail arcade cabinet I may be picking up in Knoxville..

#61 7 years ago

IJ? Now I wish I was going tomorrow... Thanks for keeping pinball alive in Nashville!

#73 7 years ago

I didnt get one.. am I off the invite list?

#82 7 years ago

Sorry I couldn't make it. It's too nice outside today. I'll probably end up there sometime tomorrow as it's supposed to rain all day.

1 week later
#96 7 years ago

Saw that Dave & Busters opened back up in Opryland Mall last week.. anyone know if they have any pins? Nothing listed on the website.

#101 7 years ago

ID's isnt even on the pinside map. I've heard the stories of them doing GG wrong, but I haven't played IM or RS so I think I can suspend my beliefs for an afternoon and maybe tilt their pins a few times. I'm all about the strange.

#103 7 years ago

crash, you need to tilt your camera about 10 degrees skyward. I can't see jack.

1 week later
#106 7 years ago

Bring in the LOTR!

#107 7 years ago

Whitewater and Freddy in yet? I'll be there tomorrow to drop you some quarters!

#110 7 years ago

Well I haven't played your IJ yet, so at least I have that to look forward to today. It is still there, right? I guess I'll find out in a few hours.

Quoted from DreamTR:

No way LOTR is coming in there ever... = P

So when is your LOTR open house?

#111 7 years ago

Doh! Where did the Hook that was at wash world in lebanon go crash??

#113 7 years ago

Bah, I was there Friday, one day too soon for the WW. Oh well, the games were in GREAT shape when I was there. IJ and AF both looked kinda dark but everything played perfect.

#116 7 years ago

Sorry to hear it.. but.. does that mean there's going to be a liquidation sale?

#119 7 years ago

Sad that at least $35 of that is from me.

#124 7 years ago

Is this what you're looking for? A .01uF 100v ceramic capacitor? Part # 125-5029-00 on the I/O Power Driver Board?

If so, great plains elec has them for 10 cents.

Product ID: CCA-0.01uF-100V
Capacitor, Ceramic Axial, 0.01uF, 100V
Discounts Apply !
20% Discount for purchase of 10 or more

Capacitor, 0.01uF, 100V, Axial Ceramic
Manufacturer: Varies
Price: $0.10


#128 7 years ago

Valinor here you come! Good luck!

#129 7 years ago

And the Hickory Hollow mall falls farther into despair..

First Sears, Kmart closings revealed


— Tennessee (4): Sears in Antioch, Cleveland, Oak Ridge;

#132 7 years ago

Haven't heard anything about Mike although I saw him a few weeks back. Hope he's okay, bike wrecks can be nasty.

#139 7 years ago

Well that's good news. I saw that story on yahoo and got worried. Gotta have my pin fix!

#141 7 years ago

I will say that if there was a bar/restaurant in town with a pinball machine, (ANY pinball machine) I would convince my wife to go out to eat there whenever we went out to eat.

I realize this is a much more expensive endeavour than we're talking about here, but making a point that I don't believe there's one place in Nashville I can go have a beer, a bite to eat, and a round of silverball (other than my game room).

#144 7 years ago

Macy's just announced they're closing as well...

#149 7 years ago

Let us know how the auction in Kingsport goes. Was going to go but plans changed.

#151 7 years ago

Whitewater played great today. So did everything else, wasn't quite expecting the INSANELY large crowd of people for the video game tournament you were having though.. wow.

I have one bit of advice and I hope you take it constructively. You need a new change machine. The one you have takes 1s and 5s and most of the time it rejects the 5s. I walk in with a $20 bill, and seven 1s. I get $7 changed and play for a while. Go to get some change from the attendant, "nah, you need to go to the food court" Okay, so I go to the food court and buy a cookie and get three 5s and three 1s. I change the three 1s. The machine won't take the 5s after repeated attempts. You lose $15. I go home.

#153 7 years ago

I bet we were playing right beside each other crash and never knew it. I was the guy with the little kid and the Rogue Ale ballcap.

#155 7 years ago

No bag of quarters here. My kid has red hair, so do I. Hard to miss.

#157 7 years ago

I ran out of quarters before I could get to the funhouse. I got some good GnR and BR time in though.. love those two games. Kid got some BoP time in as well.

#158 7 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Did you play Guns N' Roses and get multiball? I saw that kid watching.

Yep, that was me. Was doing pretty well that game. If you were playing fishtales, then I think you were also playing Elvira next to me when I was on Whitewater? Freaky that we were standing right next to each other and never knew it. Well, nice to have sort of met you today.

#161 7 years ago

I wish it just took 20s and I'd just bring two 20s and know I was good to go. As it stands now, I just may be that guy with a bag of quarters next time though, apparently he's got the right idea.

Quoted from Crash:

By the way did you also see my friend and I playing some 2 player pinball?

Nope, the only people I really remember playing were you and an older gentleman who was by himself on the IJ for a while.

#164 7 years ago

Need to buy a pinside shirt so I can represent when I go to GG.

#169 7 years ago

I wanna hear what was at the Kingsport auction and what they went for.. always nice knowing what I missed out on.

#173 7 years ago

That's okay, not a huge deal and you guys were super busy, which is always nice to see, even if it's not for pinball.

I saw your post on Facebook about the guy wanting to punch you.. I don't understand some people.

Did you end up going to the Kingsport auction? If so, how did that Black Rose look? Just curious what I missed, someone else already posted the hammer prices. Thanks!

p.s. I vote for Freddy since I've never played it.

2 weeks later
#187 7 years ago

What's the pin lineup in the museum on Saturday?

#189 7 years ago

Didn't end up going. Kid got sick. Such is the life of a father.

#194 7 years ago

The Space Shuttle and Baywatch are mine.

Keep in mind those are the CL prices, not the pinside prices. I gotta keep the tire-kickers and riff-raff at bay.

#197 7 years ago

I like the Dr. Who. Played great today. Took about 2 balls to figure out how to start multiball. I always end up gravitating back to the GnR for some reason though..

2 weeks later
#209 7 years ago

If I show up with a 20, I'm the guy who wants it all changed (and maybe more) and it all goes into the machines.

Although lately, I try to get change beforehand so I have more time playing the machines than playing the new changer game you have. Although I always win with the changer game, and the game times are great.. 4 quarters every time (or my dollar back).

#211 7 years ago
Quoted from Storyteller:

If you need $20 in quarters, just ask. I wish I could read minds.

As long as you don't tell me to go to the food court.

Look man, we're your customers, and we're just trying to give you some feedback. Take it positively. We're not bashing your business (or place of work), we're just giving our insight into how you could improve through our experiences (and increase your own revenue) at your establishment.

I'm not the jerk who wants his 50 cents back.

#227 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

Nope, no museum this month

argh and my wife is out of town this weekend. Was hoping to take the kid up for the first trip to the museum.. oh well, maybe we'll go to your "regular" arcade instead.

#229 7 years ago

I'm a weekend-only guy, I gots a job.

#231 7 years ago

Im in.

#236 7 years ago

Nice, I was looking at buying a No Fear.. be nice to test drive it first.

#241 7 years ago

What time on Sunday?

#244 7 years ago


I might be heading up to Louisville this weekend to that expo and may have to back out on you guys. Nothing firm yet, still a maybe.

#248 7 years ago

Come over to my place on Sunday and buy my Baywatch Crash, then we'll go to GG and I won't have to drive up to Louisville.

#258 7 years ago

Baywatch pending sale tomorrow so it looks like I'm in on Sunday.

#263 7 years ago

2pm.. I'm there.

#269 7 years ago

Nice meeting you as well.

No Fear may be in the house before the week is out.. had to do some "research" on it today. Jason, you may have to empty the coinbox on that one.

And apparently I have the pleasure of being the cursed Dr. Who player this time. First game no less. Oh well. Sometimes these things are temperamental. Hopefully the flipper just needs to be tightened down to stop the upward creep.

Edit: Forgot the minor punch list: GnR left slingshot switches need adjusting, it fires 4-5 times when there's too much vibration anywhere in the game.

Other than that (and Dr. Who obviously) everything worked perfectly.

#272 7 years ago

I'll probably be up there for the next museum opening if it's on the 31st.

1 week later
#281 7 years ago

It will be strange to pay to play the game I owned..

#283 7 years ago

Other than a cleaning, new rubbers, LEDs, plated ramps.. not that much work really. Of course, maybe I'm comparing it to my other projects, which have all been much more involved.

#286 7 years ago

I do like me some MNF.. something about the field goal shot is satisfying.

#300 7 years ago

Bride has been down for a bit, probably why you overlooked it.

Is there a museum date this month?

#305 7 years ago

I had to read the posts 3 times before I realized AC wasn't a pinball machine.

#310 7 years ago

So where exactly is the museum?

#334 7 years ago

Aww bring the Baywatch in the tourney. I need an unfair advantage over Williams. He's better than me. I think I can take him on this mysterious Baywatch game you speak of.

#336 7 years ago
Quoted from williams:

He's going to throw us all for a loop and put Bad Cats in the tournament

That may be the one game there I've never played...

#340 7 years ago

I'll sponsor you crash, but you owe me half if you win.

#343 7 years ago

Update: Toots in Murfreesboro has a POTC.

#345 7 years ago

What's CEC?

#347 7 years ago

But they don't have beer and chicken wings at chuck e cheese. The POTC was in great shape too, surprises me when I see all the lights working on a pin in a bar.

#349 7 years ago

I think Williams said there used to be an SM at toots in the boro and that's what I was hoping to find today. Op must switch em out to keep it fresh. I like me some POTC though so it was still a pleasant surprise.

I haven't played a RBION yet and I'm actually going to be in Lebanon for a few days this week for work. I'll probably end up there at some point.

#371 7 years ago

if you build it.. they will come..

#383 7 years ago

Nope, was in Brentwood all week instead of Lebanon.

#408 7 years ago

It was having some coin mech issues when we were there too but with some perseverance we got 1 game in.

#431 7 years ago

Sweet Pam. I wouldn't worry too much, I spend more time fixing and restoring than playing. My skills are limited and I'm not scared to admit it. That said, I do know the ins and out, but can I execute?

#433 7 years ago

The right flipper on the one in that video is weak. All three of his initial tower shots rolled back. Much easier to get in the tower to light up the Mitch lane in my old one, which is important to get early because.. ah crap.. I've revealed too much.

#444 7 years ago

Got to play my old Baywatch today... just a heads up. Early practice session. See you guys Saturday.

#448 7 years ago

Have no fear, it's not the No Fear from GG. (see what I did there?)

But I did pick this one up last night to feed my addiction.

#471 7 years ago

Had a good time. Even if I didnt make the finals at least I was middle of the pack.

#476 7 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I think we're fortunate "ROB" and "JEW" weren't in the tournament

Rob was, he was in my group. JEW is Jason. I only know because their initials and scores still plague my No Fear game and taunt me.

#485 7 years ago

And some gas money for the trip is always nice! Thanks for making the trip and thank for hosting this Jason.

#495 7 years ago

Someone here did. Wasn't me though. Play field looks rough.

#521 7 years ago

The Avenue in Murfreesboro and the new shopping areas in Smyrna on Sam Ridley have also taken away a lot of business from the Antioch area in the past few years. Less people get shot in those two areas as well.




#524 7 years ago

I just don't go there at 8:30 on Friday. Seems to be a pattern.

#528 7 years ago

He got like 500 calls already. It's sold

#533 7 years ago

Better question, how come my iphone Craigslist app didn't notify me.. I need a new app, this one sucks. The one I used to have on my Android was instantaneous, this is hit or miss at best. Once I manually updated it after I saw this post, yep, there it is, posted 6 hours ago.. *sigh*.

This is like the third pin in 2 months I've been late to the party on.

Anyone have any suggestions?

#544 7 years ago
Quoted from diskoboy:

Actually, I just realized that Jason posted the CL ad I was referring to. I didn't notice the date on the pics until a few minutes ago. If it is legit, I'm willing to bet he used pics from when he bought the machine. It's probably got some wear on it now

I talked to him for a good 5-10 minutes. He sounded pretty legit. He was blown away by the amount of phone calls he got. Then he said his wife had made a mistake when she posted it and he actually meant to list it for $550.. ha. Said he had people call him from all over but he was holding it for a guy who jumped in his car and started driving "a few hours ago."

Quoted from williams:

but Angelos Pizza is right down the street

this I need to check out...

#548 7 years ago

We're all glad you're there Jason.Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

#560 7 years ago

Make sure the shooter on Baywatch is striking the ball dead center. It started hitting it off to the left when i had it which reduces the velocity and puts a spin on the ball not allowing it to make it all the way up the first wireform. You can just unscrew it and adjust it to center when you rescrew.

Switch on the vuk probably just needs adjustment.

Credit dot on my no fear is finally gone after some connector corrections.

#566 7 years ago

Was at Dave and busters this weekend. No pins. Lots of shooters and drivers and ticket games and that's it.

#569 7 years ago

In truth I went for the new Lego store for my boy but I gravitate to arcades.

#576 7 years ago

Stupid diodes

#583 7 years ago

So yesterday Williams and I ended up spending all of 50 cents each, playing for 30 minutes and walking away with 3 credits on POTC (sorry.. 2006 Stern PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ) at Toots. And now we know why other places have their games set a little harder.. the replay settings were just set way too low.

#587 7 years ago

Toots in Murfreesboro. And yeah, it seems slowwwwww after playing no fear at the house.

I'm still on the fence about Kingsport. Hoping someone goes Friday night and sends me a for sale list. Hate to drive all the way there and have a crap selection.

#590 7 years ago

He's probably got a deal set up outside the auction already.

I'll text ya Friday night.

#594 7 years ago

Weak. Stupid rain.

#598 7 years ago

The lethal weapon in kingsport yesterday went for more than I'd pay. I did pick up a project though. No pic til Monday or Tuesday though.

#608 7 years ago

The LEDs are breeding like rabbits.

#626 7 years ago

Good time. I flailed on Baywatch but at least I got the highest on no fear. I like the LEDs in Addams family, I can see what's going on. Look good in Pinbot too.

#639 7 years ago

I have that fuse and a bunch of sleeves if you want to swing by. 3/8 amp sb, right? The bone busters will be covered. You can't see it until its done.

Shadow or twilight zone

#646 7 years ago

I'm usually working out in the garage until 10:30 or 11. Swing on by. Or you can invite me over to play that attack from mars and lord of the rings!

#653 7 years ago

Usually in the garage from 9-11pm. The door is usually open when I'm out there. Come by whenever.

#667 7 years ago

Not it! Oh wait... Damn.

#669 7 years ago

Did you ever get it open?

#695 7 years ago

Tourney for beer is always welcome.

#702 7 years ago

Williams will be wearing a cubs hat, guaranteed.

#705 7 years ago

It's not. Gone. So is the roller coaster tycoon at chuck e cheese in the mall. Only pin in Murfreesboro that I know of is pirates at toots.

#709 7 years ago

Ha. I surf from the phone mostly. I'll be sure to update next time I'm on a big computer. That CEC used to have a roller coaster tycoon. As of last week, gone.

#713 7 years ago

Doesn't work on my iPhone. It goes to the map but when I try to zoom in it just blanks out and hangs.

Anyway, RFM is removed. Pirates at Toots is added. I figured Crash removed RFM from the map when he went down there. Can only the creator edit the games? That seems silly if so.

#715 7 years ago

Not sure what it said. Didn't read it. Looks like I can add/remove pins at locations others have created though.

#717 7 years ago

No problem. Wish it was still there. I hit up that radio shack at lunch usually once a month or so and always hope it's made a reappearance.. I'll let you know if it does.

#792 7 years ago

Is that guns and roses left sling still machine-gunning? Put that on the punch list (adjust switch).

#799 7 years ago

I'll take whatever you need work on. I'm in a parts holding pattern on bone busters. Got the final connector yesterday but it was too short by an inch so I had to ship it back. Waiting waiting...

#801 7 years ago

Can I change the mismatched flipper bat? Please?

#818 7 years ago

Wow this sucks.

There's tons of new retail space in Smyrna but its all on Sam Ridley and would likely rent for some serious coin. I'd imagine any good spot in Franklin would be similar.

Oh and you can probably dump two in my garage later this month if you help me move bone busters inside. Might even clean em up a little bit if I get bored.

#820 7 years ago

Crash if you stop by Jason's sometime drop me a line, I'm literally a 2 minute walk down the street.

#836 7 years ago

What about stones river mall in the boro?

#839 7 years ago

There's not really a location with good foot traffic in Smyrna though.

#841 7 years ago

Lots at The Avenue in Murfreesboro as well but rent is probably sick there.

#845 7 years ago

Pick up the phone and call ole Jeff. I can't imagine they're overflowing with applications since The Avenue opened up.


#848 7 years ago

Didn't think about college locations, unfortnately I don't know much about vandy or MTSU campuses but I'd think there'd be a lot of foot traffic at a location like that, not so much in the summer though. Lots of young bored kids though.

#858 7 years ago

If you go to the 'Boro I see Williams and I spending some lunches playing pinball...

#887 7 years ago

Ahhh.. Ground Kontrol. That place was sweet. I like how the entire upstairs is all pins. Awesome downtown location with beer. Of course that's Portland, where pins grow on trees. There's one in nearly every retail establishment, I even saw one in a doc marteens retail store. Crazy.

#921 7 years ago

We'll just have to change it to the Nashiville/Huntsville thread. It's only 90 mins from my house! When's the first tourney?

#946 7 years ago

Awesome news about the possible new location.

Williams - you know I'm picking No Fear if I have the option.. it's just a given.

On a side note, may be bringing my kid, so you'd best get your skills up so you don't get shown up by a 6 year old.. he ain't half bad. He was doing alright on Jason's AFM yesterday, which he has told me has to be my next purchase... he's got good taste but I don't see it happening.

See you guys Saturday.

#964 7 years ago

I'll bring some diodes, think i have a roll of 100 in the garage. That Harley game played pretty well today.

#971 7 years ago

Baywatch has issues right now.

#987 7 years ago

Wow, not that anyone will watch it that far but my 5 second ball 2 on TAF is embarrassing. I submit that I put up a decent 85 mil on qualifying. I just crack under the pressure!

Nice win jayhawk.

#1000 7 years ago

There's always retro LEDs... I've used them on some older late 70s games and they look great and aren't too overpowering.

#1001 7 years ago

T2 coming around.. oh and post #1000

IMG_0781.jpg IMG_0782.jpg IMG_0778.jpg

#1005 7 years ago

That's Jason's t2 I'm shopping out. Earthshaker is next. b765fec35e2fe835aa1a55196dae7545.jpg

#1007 7 years ago

She's a beast. And the legs seem really high as well, almost too high.

#1009 7 years ago

That's my garage.

#1014 7 years ago

Status of t2


#1016 7 years ago

Not much. Be all back together by tomorrow night. Still need to replace some coil sleeves and clean the inside.

#1029 7 years ago

Poor sweet Pam.

#1042 7 years ago

Probably tonight. Perfection takes time.

#1049 7 years ago

Need a new "CPU" lamp socket.

#1053 7 years ago

They didn't need it. Just new coil sleeves.

Adjusted the drop target, fixed the random multiball issue, new Posts, rubbers, foam standup target backers, LEDs, new start button, replaced some of the hardware I couldn't shine up or was mismatched. Lots of mothers polish, wax and novus.

#1057 7 years ago

Earthshaker pop bumpers and shaker motor work again. Part of the wiring harness was starting to wrap around the shaker motor in the cabinet. Which I think was yanking some things around causing it to short the 5a fuse which control the 25v special solenoids. I just added another wire clamp to keep it away from the motor and replaced the fuse.

The coil that seems to fire a lot is (was) the drop target solenoid. I took it apart last night and cleaned it and reassembled. now it resets just fine and doesn't continually fire but at least one of the optos isn't registering when it's down so it only resets after each ball or end of game.

I'm going to look at it again today as it was late when I got it reassembled last night. Optos are cheap though ($3 each).

Im thinking warm whites and retro LEDs on this one. The cool white just doesn't look right.

Agreed -- T2 sneeze-guard: Absolutely necessary. 868dbf2589e1127c26fd6b75da2064c4.jpg

#1061 7 years ago

Ohhh.. Clean subway


#1063 7 years ago

Just started on it last night. Drop targets work now. I think it's at 100%. I haven't cleaned anything other than the subway yet. I like to get the issues worked out before tear down.

#1069 7 years ago

Most of the lamp sockets are on pcbs...

#1073 7 years ago

Look like cointaker supers. The times I've used them in GI I've just used a pair of needle nose pliers to install them. Usually there's a square part on top that's slightly raised that you can get a grip on.

The pcb comment was towards crash and his question about installing resistors.

#1075 7 years ago

Sorry, I'm bad about quoting when I'm on my phone.

#1080 7 years ago

I had 3 retros laying around so I popped EM in the slingshot and lower ball guide. Ignore the others lights. I just put those in there to test the insert sockets.


#1085 7 years ago

I have an angled ratched screwdriver I use. 2.99 at home depot. Worked on t2. It looks like a mini ratchet with interchangeable screwdriver bits.

#1092 7 years ago

Waiting on parts..... Zzzzzzzzz

#1098 7 years ago

I like the spicket lock.

#1101 7 years ago



#1108 7 years ago
Quoted from diskoboy:

You know they sell Novus at the Container Store at Green Hills.
I was absolutely shocked to find a local place that carried it.

I did not know that. Easier to have it delivered to my door though since I order parts so often. I don't get to green hills much.

Top flipper rebuilt and STRONG. LEDs are all in except GI. Going to finish the other two flipper rebuilds, replace all the coil sleeves, get the center flasher working, finish cleaning the underside and THEN we start the play field teardown.

#1110 7 years ago

Yeah it's done but I just realized it has the wrong legs on it. 30.5 instead of 27s. Other than that she's done.

#1112 7 years ago

Might as well get all 5!

#1118 7 years ago

What were you meaning to get? 3/8"?

#1119 7 years ago

All three flippers rebuilt. Underside is almost acceptable. 4f0859db901ada0906d4e60c1b780f35.jpg

#1122 7 years ago

Link isn't working

#1129 7 years ago

Bottom right side is done.

536687d91539b85a191002b7b87ef828.jpg a7d79ebde2c4b8f0b00650d52558c299.jpg

#1130 7 years ago

Before and apron b58fb06a321d8efae423a84387eae9a5.jpg 5d8c59d14d5a35ac6842ea857d7a011d.jpg

#1135 7 years ago

For twice the price I want an r2d2 hologram to pop out or something...

Thanks for the extra muscle.. The bonebusters is definitely playing faster with the 27s on the front. I like it.

#1147 7 years ago

T2 difficulty meter just went up. 043fe4c2eb7ac27a34fec6e23a62ba94.jpg

#1156 7 years ago

don't want to double post but here's the status of earthshaker.. finally got some relief from the heat so I could work on it tonight.. damn it's been hot..


#1161 7 years ago

She's getting there. Still have the upper play field and ramps to work on before she's finished but it is coming along nicely.

#1175 7 years ago

Last updates for a while.. going to the beach. Just need to finish the ramps, pop bumper skirts, and drop target decals and I think that's all she wrote. Hopefully these pics upload...

IMG_0939.jpg IMG_0940.jpg IMG_0941.jpg

#1176 7 years ago

couple more.. yeah I know there are two rubber rings missing on the last one.. they're on there now..

IMG_0942.jpg IMG_0943.jpg IMG_0936.jpg

#1177 7 years ago

dead soldiers

also, not sure how that Gottlieb Black Hole plastic tag got on your game.. I didn't notice it until I was taking some pictures before the teardown.. weird.. I left it off when I put it back together

IMG_0930.jpg IMG_0904.jpg

#1179 7 years ago

If it was mine, I'd get new plastics, ramps, play field touch up, clearcoat, institute proto mod. As its going back out on location, I think she's happy the way she is.

#1189 7 years ago

Yeah pretty sure it starts a tourney mode. There are quite a few options on how you can play. 2 teams of 3. 3 teams of two, etc

#1192 7 years ago

The beach is nice. <-- news for the day.

#1199 7 years ago

It's vacation season crash. Get with the program!

#1205 7 years ago

Almost done, just need to clean the ramps and reassemble. Probably 100% by next weekend.

#1211 7 years ago

The revival is upon us!!! Praise the pin gods!

#1216 7 years ago

Great news on the opening. Guess I need to finish up earthshaker now that I'm back from
the beach.

Crash, I always had it on free play and it gave the option to "buy-in" after the last ball. You just hit the button and it starts another ball. Just like no fear.

#1234 7 years ago

I'll see if we can get t2 and earthshaker back in the rotation by the 28th.

#1235 7 years ago

Earthshaker update... new pop bumper skirts and drop target decals..


#1243 7 years ago

Where the before pics crash?

Sweet Tron Erik. Love the EL wire.

Earthshaker should be back together tonight (minus a new upper GI short I have to track down and one of the pop bump lights not working). Hopefully have some finished product pics later tonight.

#1245 7 years ago

All done except some minor issues:

Yellow pop bumper light no lighty
Red pop bumper needs to be adjusted
Blue rubber square at the top metal wireform needs replaced
Sun flasher still doesn't work
Upper GI is blowing a fuse I need to track down the short
"30" light is intermittent due to an under pf board connector
Need to wax it and put the glass on

But she's clean! IMG_1021.jpg IMG_1022.jpg

#1257 7 years ago

You cant have all our Nashville games Porkchop!

Hey congrats on getting an arcade down there though, I'll miss the black rose...

#1277 7 years ago

EATPM and Whirlwind in the house. T2 and ES out the door.

#1279 7 years ago

You'll have to show up to find out.

#1284 7 years ago

No new posts??

#1288 7 years ago

well it looks better than when you started! Nice work Crash!

#1293 7 years ago