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#28 7 years ago

Nashville area checking in! Glad they added a Dr Dude. I need to play that one

#52 7 years ago

Hey Crash I can't go on a weekday. Let us know how it goes tho

I am going to try to make that Louisville show. I might take my FH to sell/trade

#54 7 years ago

np, pm me for info

#62 7 years ago

Very nice! I can't even remember the last time I saw an IJ on location. Big upgrade over Roadshow imo. I'd like to see the Demo Man there! If you ever get the urge to sell/trade ToM/TOTAN let me know!

1 week later
#83 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

If Erik sells me his Fun House that will go back in the arcade since Silent Scope just sold (hint hint) =)

haha ok it's yours if you still want it. I got some replacement ramps and plastics coming from Chuck in STL later in the week if you want them.

Those games look good. I think they make a small overlay to cover the flipper wear on your Indy. I love your Elvira, I play it more than any of the others. Really underrated game imo!

#93 7 years ago

You mean you weren't watching the Toppers dominate Troy?

4 weeks later
#121 7 years ago

Elvira making the least of all pins is a travesty. Honestly I'm pretty sure it's a crime in this state and I will take this up with the district attorney.

I'm one of the guilty ones that doesn't get there very often, just due to it being inconvenient for me to get to. Haven't been there in a couple weeks but I'm dying to come by and try the White Water and Elvira again. Maybe if we get the middle TN pin community going enough we can start a league, make GG part of the rotation, and bring in some extra bucks for you guys

1 week later
#147 7 years ago

I was going to try to make this auction also but I have too much to do this weekend. I sure wish they'd have an auction in middle TN. Seems like they're targeting the same market when they alternate Kingsport and Winston/Salem. Let us know if you add anything!

#166 7 years ago

GG has a bride of pinbot now? I got to get back over there

1 month later
#216 7 years ago

GG is much appreciated. I can't imagine what it takes to keep that many pins and games running all day long. I find it tough enough to keep a handful of games working right that are powered on a few minutes a week.

4 weeks later
#290 7 years ago

Great post! I like Cyclone, Elvira, and Taxi for similar reasons. In fact I was going to get a Taxi until I fell in love with Fish Tales and then I decided it does what I like about Taxi and more.

I played Demo Man again at the Louisville show and I still can't get into that one. Then afterwards I realized the pf looks like T2 on steroids and I don't like T2. When I play it again I will try to clear my head of T2 thoughts and maybe I'll change my mind!

I find Top 10 ratings funny because of the policing that goes on, moreso on ipdb than here. If a Stern sneaks up the list someone will quickly rip the game to bring it down. LOTR has been all over the charts. Tron is #73. Also I just noticed Jurassic Park has worked its way into the top 20. I expect b/w fanboys to take care of that by end of day!

Not sure if this was already asked but are you going to get Oz for the arcade?

I'm going to be over in that part of town today so I'm going to try to stop in.

#295 7 years ago

Love me some Tron! It just kicked my butt and I enjoyed every moment of it. Also I agree with you guys, No Fear is great. Hope that one stays for a while.

FYI the upper gate isn't opening on Fish Tales so you can't advance the captive ball. Yours is set up way easier than any I've played. No lightning bats and it's not steep or crazy fast. I would go as far to call yours forgiving. Not saying this is bad, just a very different experience. You guys should get out there and set some high scores before it gets adjusted!

#299 7 years ago

Man I didn't even see Bride when I was there. Would have liked to have put some games on it. Guess I had tunnel vision for Tron. Hoping to get back out there this weekend for more Tron and surprisingly No Fear

1 week later
#357 7 years ago

Fun stuff! Definitely planning on making it! Will be good to meet some pinheads and donate to the winner

IMO NF and Getaway are sort of similar but NF is so much more fun. I'm equally bad on either tho. Gotta have at least one alphanumeric in the mix. Just saying...

#374 7 years ago

Is White Water working? I always seem to catch it during downtime

#381 7 years ago
Quoted from MWC:

This pin tourny sounds epicly insane. Def going to try to make it out. Heck, I'll pay just to watch this geek fest!

sweet, see you there!

1 week later
#426 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

we were out of luck with Creature and Revenge From Mars from Erik

Not necessarily but I'll let you know! Funny thing happened on the way to the market with Creature .. I actually started liking it! Totally unexpected since I'm not crazy about the theme. Hadn't played it probably 15 years and didn't like it then. Didn't like it on visual pinball either. Then I got it back together and was playing it to make sure things were fine and it's discovered it's pretty fun

#442 7 years ago

Crash is just planting seeds for the hustle!

#460 7 years ago

I assume it's because of the video game and it's similar to the interest in Ripleys right now. I've looked for a TOTAN for years but to me it's sort of a gimmicky game and I wouldn't pay the going rate for it. I know that I'd tire of it too quickly and for the price I prefer the look and gameplay of other jpops. I just enjoy spinning the lamp toy

#462 7 years ago

Pretty much everything! http://www.pinballarcade.com

#464 7 years ago

lol nice screenshot

#474 7 years ago

Great meeting you guys too! Svengo were you the guy I was talking to from Buffalo NY? If so it was great meeting you too!

Good job running it Jason! I will definitely plan on being there for the next one.

Too bad I choked in the championship round but it was a good time nonetheless. Looking at the high scores across the arcade I think we're fortunate "ROB" and "JEW" weren't in the tournament Hey I set the GC score in Bride of Pinbot before the tourney tho! I couldn't get the billion but it was still a great score for me.

#477 7 years ago

Ah ok I didn't realize that about Rob. Yeah I knew Jason. Hey wanna hear something funny, those high scores on Funhouse were set by a kid, maybe 10 years old? We stink!

Svengo I don't think we got a chance to meet but I saw you there. Next time!

Hey mystic I played a few games on Baywatch after the tourney. Holy smokes that game kicked my butt. It has a ton of shots. It's like a kitchen sink game, I think it has everything. Very cool game (and very pretty), I'm fortunate it wasn't in the tourney.

#488 7 years ago

Pete from Buffalo! Good meeting you! You did real well but Richard sure whooped us in that final round.

I was just thinking how fun Radical is. I had never played it until yesterday but now I'm a huge fan! Can't wait to play it again and I'm glad you made it a tourney game.

Crash how did your Radical gameplay video turn out? You're the Ken Burns of pinball

Hey Jason when I got Funhouse it was on 3 ball, but maybe it was set to 5 ball before that! That's a comforting thought

Also let me know if you want to come by and check out the Creature

#500 7 years ago

Pete is ThisNotes4U

#501 7 years ago

BTW guys Casey was asking if anyone from the Nashville area is going down to the Big Balls tournament on the 5th? I was planning on it then I found out I will have to babysit that weekend

He also said several of the guys there are planning on coming up to GG sometime. Maybe we can get an Alabama group up here for the next tournament

#537 7 years ago
Quoted from Stack15:

I just wish there was a group in Middle Georgia like you have in Nashville. I'll try not to junk up your thread anymore with my posts.

I think a lot of the GA guys use a mailing list to discuss local stuff. I forget the name but I'm sure you can find it if you check around.

#539 7 years ago

Yeah it's a shame about that part of town but speaks well of GG that they've been able to outlast just about everyone there. I think that they'll figure something out elsewhere and be even more successful.

#552 7 years ago

Btw there's some place not far from my house sort of like Gamestop but they also sell vintage games. I think it's called "The Score." Seems like it's been around a year or two now so there must be some money in that stuff!

Anything decided for the next pin tournament?

#565 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballdad:

I stopped by too early Sunday and stared through the metal drop down gates at the arcade...all sooo sooo quiet, everything off.

Lol I've done the same thing. Had to make the long walk of shame back to the truck and killing time at harbor freight til it opens.

Did you go into the Dave and Busters at Opry Mills and if so did they add any pins?

#571 7 years ago

Sounds fair enough, I wouldn't enter again but I certainly wouldn't be upset if someone else did.

Another idea would be drop your lowest ranking game so one stinker doesn't eliminate you. At that point it would probably be best to make it 4 qualifiers though. The games that were chosen last time were pretty short ones so 4 qualifiers wouldn't have taken much time at all.

A third idea would be to treat each qualifying game as a sort of "tournament play" and have the overall high scorer on that particular machine take a part of the pot. So for example instead of splitting 70/20/10, do 50/20 to first and second finishers in the final round, then 10% to the high scorer in each qualifying game (assuming 3 games). Would at least give you something to shoot for if you had a terrible first game.

Post edited by Erik : clarified bad English

1 week later
#606 7 years ago

3pm again?

#618 7 years ago

I'm planning on making this one too

#623 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

Creature from the Black Lagoon that comes out and eats your balls

Pretty sure there's a large magnet by the right outlane

Thanks for having the the tournament again. It seemed very close this time and Aaron's ball 3 comeback in Baywatch was impressive!

#629 7 years ago

haha you and me both! I met the tilt limit the hard way

If we have another tourney would you guys be up for a pin golf tourney afterwards? Since GG has a bunch of pins we should be able to decide 9. Nothing too formal, just come with your quarters and I'll record scores for bragging rights. Maybe Jason can enter and school us

#634 7 years ago

Yep I figured it was worth a try. Not a long term one for me but it will be fun for a bit

If you like pins that say "Woohoo!" a lot, ID4 is for you!

#640 7 years ago

I vote Arabian Nights. I need to get about 50 more games on it to get it out of my system

1 week later
#699 7 years ago

Green skin and a booty hunter cap!

#723 7 years ago

I'll be at game galaxy Sunday after noon
Looking forward to playing cftbl first time!

Prepare to get your arse handed to you!

#735 7 years ago
Quoted from fumbleflippers:

williams said:Did anyone here get the HUO TSPP on Craigslist today? It didn't last long at $3,000.

Never saw that one, but Chris if you're here and reading this I looked at your ad and IMO your pin prices are Insane,and so are most of your vids. The only things even close to market priced in that entire ad were the Joust arcade or Cap&Avengers arcade.(If not a conversion)
Seriously other 'siders, how long do you think he's gonna sit on this stuff at those prices in a freakin recession?
Also while I'm being inquisitive, what're the locals opinions of Jon and his Garage Showroom. I met him about a year ago and he seemed nice enough, I was there interested in the Marilyn Taxi. I fould it to be a little less than "collector quality" for the price. He did let me play the Bonzai Run which was nicely shopped and really fun. Also played the NGG that he had sold by the time I had enough for it. Anyone have any testimonials about dealing with him?

I saw that TSPP but I'm just not interested in the title enough to drive to Knoxville. Also not sure if it needed a new dmd or what.

Chris is a nice guy. You should give him a call if you are interested in any of his titles. The prices are steep but it's like with anything else, if he's willing to sit on them long enough eventually someone will decide they gotta have it. I'm sure he'd listen to offers too. Also his RFM is nice

I think you got Jon figured out. A bit liberal with the "CQ" tag but it seems like he gets his prices on the b/w games.

#743 7 years ago
Quoted from williams:

It was there yesterday. With a nice GC score!

What this?!? Did you bump me down?

It's on now!!!

#748 7 years ago

Seems like there was a Dredd for sale in Alabama recently for not a whole lot. Can't remember where I saw it though.

#753 7 years ago

Buy it! That's the rare Wilson's Pinball version

#767 7 years ago

Hey Jason when's the next tournament? Have you thought about mixing up the rules at all?

Also is there a chance you could have one on a street fighter tournament day? Or are those days too hectic? With all the people those attract I thought some might be interested in killing some time with pins before the fighting game tourneys begin.
i didn't notice Radical on the top earners. You should probably sell it to a local

#777 7 years ago

I'll definitely take you up on borrowing Radical! Just let me know whenever you're ready to free up a spot

I'd never played Radical before you brought it in but I assumed the flippers were on the weak side by design. You have to pretty much hit a perfect shot to make it up a ramp. Either way I'll check out the flippers. Crash can come over and fab up something to save the vert ramp

#787 7 years ago

Thanks Jason, is there a better time of the day for Richard? Before/after hours? I'll try to make it Wednesday. Just let me know whenever you want it back and I'll bring it over. July would be great. I'm tossing around the idea of selling a couple more pins to add one NIB so it might be around that time anyways.

The Skate Or Die audio is funny. Is the audio clip taken straight from 720? I used to love that game but the joystick was always misaligned with the skater when I would find it.

If you guys get Elvira fixed up I will be ecstatic. Seems like it was missing posts in the outlanes or something the last time I played it. Maybe just rubbers on the star posts?

#815 7 years ago

Well I was just going to post thanks for loaning me Radical then I see this. That's a real bummer.

If you can find a spot in Rivergate that faces the street maybe it would do better? Any options in Smyrna or Franklin?

#840 7 years ago

Lots of foot traffic in downtown Franklin. Unsure of rent tho

#853 7 years ago

That picture makes me sad.

Even if Jason is too swamped to run a tourney we can still have our own informal tournament in any format if enough pins remain.

#874 7 years ago

Btw I can hit GG on the 9th or 16th if we decide early enough in advance. I'd be excited about either. Otherwise it's babysitting duty for me. You guys are welcome to come over for pins on babysitting days tho

#907 7 years ago

Ok so Saturday at 3pm sounds like it! Any of you chuckleheads that have been skipping out this is your big chance until GG 2.0 is revealed! Plus if you show up you can curse me for calling you chuckleheads

Jason do you want to run another? If not we can figure out a format and bring quarters

#933 7 years ago

Those titles are all good with me. I'm No Fear'ed out We could also do pingolf style if there's 9 games left and running smoothly. I don't have a set of standard scores but we could just do 75% of replay score for par or similar.

#947 7 years ago

I like the PAPA style idea! Will you mix up the groups after each game?

#951 7 years ago

Ok White Water is out of the tournament

#967 7 years ago

If I'm permitted a vote I'd like more qualifiers!

#969 7 years ago

I'll leave it up to you, just would like more games. When I poop the bed in White Water I don't want to be immediately eliminated from contention!

#976 7 years ago

Too bad you couldn't make it Richard. Jayhawkai put on a clinic! He had a ball of Sopranos that went on for hours. While we waited for it to end I was concerned mystic would miss his son's high school (and possibly college) graduation.

#1006 7 years ago

You're right, that bone busters is towering!

#1012 7 years ago

Damn sucks about the dmd. Those things are high dollar. It just suddenly died completely? Hopefully pinwiki has something on that

#1056 7 years ago

t2's lookin nice! Go mystic go!

can we all agree to make a "no leaning forward to line up the cannon shot" rule on t2?

Edit: I'm thinking mounting one of those salad bar sneeze guards would do the trick

#1064 7 years ago

Dropped off IJ and LOTR parts at Mike Chestnut's this morning Can't wait!

Jason just tell Rob to call me whenever he's ready for Radical and I'll get it to him.

#1071 7 years ago

Could you use one of these?


#1096 7 years ago

I had colored incandescents in the some of the GI because my eyes are sort of sensitive to LEDs. I have some pics here


#1109 7 years ago

I was told Harley Davidson dealers carry novus products. Haven't been to one to confirm though. Last thing I need is another expensive hobby

So that Bone Busters ready for action now?

#1116 7 years ago

enjoy florida, Crash! you picked a good time to flee with this miserable weather

lol 20 3-1/2 rubbers. You'll find a use for those I'm sure. If nothing else you won't have to clean them for a long time, just keep swapping

#1132 7 years ago

Yep do Elvira next!

#1134 7 years ago

A little wax and that bottom one looks just like the top one?

1 week later
#1168 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

When I growing up in North Las Vegas

We might have been there around the same time! I went to one of those 6th grade centers, remember those? I think they discontinued that stuff. Then Robison jr high and briefly Eldorado high

Back then I was into Double Dragon and 720 tho. Not so much pins!

#1183 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

From that Nashville Scene article:


It's getting to where it's hard to trust a politician anymore!

#1187 7 years ago
Quoted from diskoboy:

Can someone point me out to a place that sells an "L" bracket that holds the leaf switch blades for the slingshots?
Pinball life usually has them, but they are closed for a week, and I don't see them on Marco Specialties site, but I need one ASAP.

I think planetarypinball has the b/w stuff now

#1194 7 years ago

When he gets the stuff done that I dropped off to get plated then I'll be going up there at some point. What's up?

#1202 7 years ago

How'd you do at the championships?

#1218 7 years ago

wow 7000 sq ft is a nice arcade! I'll be there on the 28th if I can!

What is fight night? An MMA event or something for the street fighter games crowd?

#1220 7 years ago

Not the one in Franklin I take it? Can't remember what they had. At one point a RCT maybe

#1223 7 years ago

Nice, glad it's working well! I'll have to try that place sometime. Maybe after the next GG gathering I can hit CEC for some mediocre pizza and Pirates.

Save those tickets! 3 or 4 more games like that and you can maybe get a stick of gum or a plastic whistle!

#1227 7 years ago

nice, I haven't been to picnic. thanks for the tip! And now I know your secret to tournament winnings!

Crash I'm just messin with ya

#1236 7 years ago

it is here! huzzah!

// Error: Image 35532 not found //

#1237 7 years ago

hmm trying again...


#1241 7 years ago

Yeah sadly that was my best game for a while. I got the pinball yips!

Would you believe it threw the rubber disc off the recognizer after about 10 games. gah!

#1249 7 years ago

Nice! Is the Earthshaker going into Antioch 2.0? I always enjoyed Police Force. Sys11s are so cool. Can you get a replacement for that ramp?

#1274 7 years ago

One of the ATL guys was selling a pretty nice looking PF for 1150. New ramps and displays too. Get that one and sell yours!

I can confirm the new (temporary) GG location is cavernous! Room for hundreds of pins and several dozen ball bowlers!

#1286 7 years ago

I really like PF and if I ever get towards Lebanon I will try out some of your pins. How many pins do you have on route anyways? And do you route anything other than pins?

#1309 7 years ago

I can bring extension cord if you want to sneak it into the barber shop

#1319 7 years ago

Just stopped in Nashville long enough to collect our tourney money (and apparently earn a law degree, I see.) Best wishes!

#1322 7 years ago

Nice additions!

#1358 7 years ago

If you do this at the new (final) site I might actually play a few of the video games for once!

#1374 7 years ago

What happened to the Shadow coming to the arcade? I would prefer that one to TZ and it's certainly less valuable

#1378 7 years ago

It was a little confusing reading the thread, but if there were ever a time that you could put valuable games in an arcade and not worry about them getting vandalized it is now. The folks open to paying a daily rate for pins in the temp site are us pinheads and we'd be just as sick over a game getting damaged as you'd be!

Bring on the a-list!

Btw you might look into being a stern distributor if you haven't already. Even though it may mean more money I'd pay taxes to get games from a local pinhead.

#1411 7 years ago

When you get the whirlwind in there we can line up in front of it for cooling.

Anyone at the w/s auction today and want to bring that indy 500 back?

#1461 7 years ago

Won't be able to make it to the new arcade for a week or so but hoping some of the gremlins get worked out before then!

#1484 7 years ago

Nice pin lineup! Itching to play some bone busters. Never seen a working one

#1576 7 years ago

Get that cyclone plz!

#1582 7 years ago

I'm going to try to make it tomorrow. I can't do Tuesday nights either

#1587 7 years ago

Btw what are the GG antioch hours now? I peeked at the website but only saw the Madison hours and wasn't sure if they're the same

#1594 7 years ago

I like the gameplay of Space Shuttle a lot more than that of Pin Bot. Honestly Pin Bot is one of my least favorite games. With a lot of playfield wear though I'd pass on the SS. PF swaps are so pricey.

I just saw a Rocky and Bullwinkle listed on the Huntsville CL for 1k. I'm not sure on the condition but I love that game. I think it's one of the best cartoon themes ever. If you don't like it you'd have a local buyer to limit your risk at least

#1607 7 years ago

Good seeing you guys again. Looked like a lot of folks there for the fighting tournament. I like the pin lineup a lot. I played a few times on x-men and I was pretty awful but it's a fun game. I think I'm becoming a Stern guy GC on Monster Bash. Diner is a lot of fun. Great additions all around. Hope White Water gets running again soon. I hadn't seen the T2 since it was shopped and it looks great.

#1638 6 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

Erik: Chris sold your old Revenge From Mars for $2800 on eBay, ugh. I don't understand him and his pricing sometimes, he wants $4200 then sells for $2800 which is what he probably should have asked for in the first place, all from a trade for Addams Family?
One of these days I will start selling more stuff...ONE OF THESE DAYS

Wow I think I would have just bought it back for 2800. Not sure why he didn't just offer it up to the locals.

Let me know when you're ready to sell more stuff

#1657 6 years ago

any of you guys ever try flame polishing?

#1661 6 years ago
Quoted from Crash:

Is that skull lock plastic chipped?

This reminded me of your meme


#1662 6 years ago

btw the massive yellow post sleeve on T2 kept wanting to creep up off the post when I played it. Not sure if you can figure a way to keep it still

#1682 6 years ago

I hope to join the next one if it's on a night I'm free and if we can find Jeff Gillooly to take care of Jamie's fingers!

#1708 6 years ago

You bought Bugs Bunny!

#1737 6 years ago

Comet pf doesn't look bad at all. Key mod is awesome and a must have

#1757 6 years ago

Figured you guys would appreciate this. Check out what my wife made for my birthday. She even kept the figures in the same scale


And yes it has a pingulp

#1768 6 years ago

I want in D level!

#1779 6 years ago

It was happening when I was there a couple weeks ago. I think Richard fixed it then but seems to be recurring

#1786 6 years ago

Ok gents my TAF is suddenly acting up. The outhole switch is triggering all the switches in column 1.

I removed the j206 and j208 and jumped j206-1 and j208-9 (the outhole location) and it only triggers that switch.

I replaced the diode on that switch and also on the right trough one because it looked a little bent up. No luck. The only switches with diodes on this column are the 3 trough switches and the outhole switch. Couldn't find any pinched wires or diodes shorting.

Any ideas?

#1788 6 years ago

Yep turned out to be a diode on the wireform exit switch that was shorting. It was in the same row, not the column but it was generally screwing up everything. Bent it back and it's showtime!

#1800 6 years ago

Forgot to mention that Elvira looks fantastic. I would have never thought it was the same game. Thumbs up to mystic

#1802 6 years ago

Yeah unfortunately it's still happening and Richard was on fuse duty again

#1807 6 years ago

Same. Also Pinball Magic slopes way WAY to the right

#1869 6 years ago

That one has spent some time enjoying the great outdoors

#1893 6 years ago

Which games are the tournament games this week?

#1895 6 years ago

whoa I predict a stinkfest for yours truly

You gonna make the trip up Richard?

#1910 6 years ago

How much did the spider man go for?

#1912 6 years ago

bah definitely looks like a bust this time. Maybe I need to start taking pins there

Looking forward to ac/dc tomorrow! The only time I played it at the Louisville show I got spanked badly and had some really short ball times.

#1918 6 years ago

What time did you say the tournament starts?

#1927 6 years ago

I have a couple multimeters and you are welcome to borrow one until no longer needed

#1941 6 years ago

I brought a meter and please take a look at the drop targets on Elvira. They stopped working after a while, then started working again briefly after Jason jiggled the connector. Maybe just a cold solder joint

#2019 6 years ago

thanks for your work, crash!

btw your video says it's private for me. Guess I'm not in the exclusive club

#2060 6 years ago

welcome to the forum and looking forward to your vpinball updates! WKU alum here I play vpinmame sometimes when I want to remind myself why I hate certain titles

Jon doesn't post here but he probably reads occasionally (hi Jon!) The rest of us just sell games between us and on the forum so we don't list on craigslist a ton.

#2139 6 years ago

Congrats Aaron and everyone else. Mike was on fire yesterday. Couldn't stick around for the finish but sounds like a good one. Dunno how anyone gets 200M on ACDC. I'm lucky to get past the intro music to the start of the lyrics.

1 week later
#2215 6 years ago

I can't make it on weeknights but I'm going to try to make it there this weekend for a bit

#2238 6 years ago

Looks like some fine work there

#2268 6 years ago

dadgum light cycle multiball always gets me

#2283 6 years ago

Jason I would try to trade those pins for a nice set of chrome rims

#2308 6 years ago

That game is cursed, or it's standing on some sort of cursed ground. Get it out while you can!

#2342 6 years ago

Yeah I did it once by using an electric winch and I wouldn't try it again. Now I just take the backbox off and the pf out and carry it in 3 large parts. Takes a couple hours but no danger. disko's right, widebodies are brutal.

#2350 6 years ago

Any Nashvillains at the expo?

#2380 6 years ago

Nuthin wrong with 256M! Libations for Crash!

Just my opinion but I wouldn't invest much in that creech hologram shield. If you shine a flashlight under the holo it is a faded blue so I don't think it will ever be strong. Once one of the hologram alternatives hits the market those will be far nicer than any hologram. I wish they would have made it like the creech in monster bash. That one is amusing

3 weeks later
#2534 6 years ago

Hey Jason I just saw that thread of yours and I thought it got out of hand. This happens somewhat regularly when bunches of people feel the need to chime in on someone's price. However it also seems like threads like that ultimately get enough attention to make a sale. I think the guy with the $17k MM found a buyer with his thread that went a similar direction recently

#2555 6 years ago

Any of you guys interested in those best buy powered subwoofers they had on sale a couple weeks ago? I went a little crazy and ended up with a couple extra. They're still sealed in box. I would sell for $22 each which is what I paid after tax. I have one connected to Tron and the difference is night and day

1 week later
#2658 6 years ago

I will fess up, I went to the new GG once and didn't play the hourly rate games, just the newer ones. I didn't realize that was frowned upon. My bad

#2659 6 years ago

Also once while leaving the old GG I was rewarded with witnessing a graduation ceremony at the mall food court. That was memorable and I hope that happens again

#2694 6 years ago

Mystic when you gonna start clear coating?

2 weeks later
#2834 6 years ago

Thankfully none of my pins are factory looking

#2845 6 years ago

I agree some of the comments about Dale were out of line, but let's face it, Pinside is the new RGP. Everyone here was on RGP and many remember the posts about Dale and his business. That stuff never goes away. If some guy on the internet calling himself Smack A Ho is upset about some other guy's post on the internet then so be it.

I really don't think it's about Dale's prices though. Sometimes your prices are on the high end of the market but I don't think anyone thinks anything about it. There are multiple negative posts about his business and not about Game Galaxy. Possibly because it's more about the reputation you earn by how you treat people and less about the products you sell

#2872 6 years ago

I think it's time to erase that high score Erik set with the glass off!

Hey I heard that

Besides no need to take the glass off ever since discovering the rubber band mod


3 weeks later
#3003 6 years ago

Congrats Chadsugg!


Seems like a Dredd just sold for 1k so I guess it's possible. Maybe keep your eyes peeled for Big Hurt or TMNT?

Also sometimes GI flicker is because the GI brightness is set too low in the menu. I think I read they control brightness by having more "off" time between waves (rather than decreasing voltage) so that would make sense for LED flicker

#3025 6 years ago

You might have luck posting a thread seeing if anyone has a set of working displays. Especially on RGP if you get no responses here. There must be some folks that have parted out early SS pins and stashed working displays. Maybe even Steve Kulpa has some locally?

I don't know about the cost to fix everything but I will add that Globetrotters has one of my all time favorite themes and backglasses. I could easily see someone paying $1k for a nice one

4 weeks later
#3153 6 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

360 Burger is now open, and as expected, food is great, service needs work, and is pricey.
Reminds me.....
Erik, where the heck have you been? We have not seen you in awhile at the arcade...

Wait a sec, 360 Burger reminds you of me? Which part? Great, needs work, or pricey?

Afternoon weekend schedule been all screwed up for months. Had to do all sorts of shady backalley transactions to get free for the Louisville show weekend. I may be able to sneak up to GG this weekend tho. I'm dying to try out some of those new games you added.

#3190 6 years ago

I will be there and taking an Addams Family but not sure I'll be inside at the same time you're there

#3204 6 years ago
Quoted from myork82:

I had a blast at the Louisville show! Erik your Adams is very nice and I really enjoyed playing it. I really had to resist the urge to not bring home that NIB AC/DC that was there.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you there! My time was sort of restricted. I met a couple of the Louisville guys tho and they were great.

Sometime after I left on Friday Addams broke the flipper return spring on the mini-flipper. Not sure how long it was like that. Fixed it Saturday morning and leveled too, because the leveling was waaay off! Otherwise from what I could tell it held up well but it's quite dirty. Just over 600 plays in 2 days. By comparison we had 84 plays in 10 months

I went thru the ACDC Pro line a few times. That game was the hit of the show from what I could tell. For some reason that game seems way easier than the one at GG (and I don't just mean because of 5-ball!). I didn't get quick outlane drains like at GG.

#3206 6 years ago

"We" just meaning family/friends. This is a different Addams. Oh yeah I spotted that I have a "JEW" on the high scores table now. I know Jason was at the auction so now we have two.

#3237 6 years ago

Hey Jason just curious since you've owned and operated pins from basically every manufacturer and ss era, how do the modern sterns hold up compared to the rest from a reliability point of view?

1 week later
#3288 6 years ago

When you get a Dracula be sure to line it up in a way that we can all admire the cabinet art


1 week later
#3349 6 years ago

I spy the broken lamp by the top drop target. Choco-mint please

I hope CPR repros these PFs at some point. This is a title that deserves lots of love. So many are missing artwork at the lanes and elsewhere.

1 week later
#3414 6 years ago

Couldn't make this tournament but those games abuse me so no great loss. Hope to make the next one tho!

I haven't played the new Star Wars software, but I watched one of Crash's Star Wars videos and it sure looked to me like a ton of ramp shots still! I mean the points were way lower but it was ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp. Is that still the strategy?

Hey Scott, great to hear from another pinhead in the area. Game Galaxy has an ACDC. I have one also and I believe there are a couple more in private collections in the area. We should get together sometime and you can snicker as you surpass my pitiful high scores

#3440 6 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

You would laugh at my pitiful attempts at your high scores. I love to play, and am not too bad handling the ball ... but I have never figured out how to nudge the pin. I may take you up on your offer, but only if I can repay in kind. I know my lone STTNG is no big deal, but the Star Trek LE might have you coming over to Murfreesboro when I actually get it later this year. I pre-ordered it from JJ at Game Exchange a while back.

I maintain an even level of badness in all aspects of pinball STTNG is a great game and no doubt will make you better. No nudging tips from me but I find it hard to nudge widebodies anyways.

I got daddy duty tomorrow and will be at the house all afternoon so shoot me a PM if you want to come on over!

#3519 6 years ago

Nice meeting you guys. I'm sure you'll love AC/DC if you don't set up the outlanes like Jason's

#3524 6 years ago

You should replace the flippers with a pair of those mini flippers from Addams Family!

#3525 6 years ago

Oh yeah if Richard is there tell him there was a Demo Man just posted FS

#3559 6 years ago

The FS threads can be a hot mess. I've had the best luck with selling games on Mr Pinball

#3586 6 years ago

Were they actually down or just turned off? It's pretty common for them to keep pins powered off when not in use

#3608 6 years ago

I like the tournament lineup. I will be in korntucky and will miss this one

2 weeks later
#3703 6 years ago

Nice tournament theme this month! Got daddy duty this weekend so can't make this one. Next time can we get a bad movies theme?

Blondemod, check if the fan is working on your RFM's cpu (and vacuum the insides of the computer case out if you haven't already). The p2k's cpu fan is pitifully small and sounds like it may be overheating

1 week later
#3760 6 years ago

Sorry to hear about your business. Those are good pins and I'm sure you'll have plenty of interest.

2 weeks later
#3810 6 years ago

Found a single slot reimport coin door while cleaning garage. Looks to be in decent shape. Not sure what it was from but does anyone want it before it goes to recyclers? freeeeeee

#3812 6 years ago

Asking nothing, it's free! I think it's Sega or DE. It doesn't have any controls inside tho, just a massive coin mech. Not sure if it can be retrofitted for US mechs but you would know better than me

#3814 6 years ago

Cool its yours. I will try to get over to GG tomorrow sometime around noon

#3816 6 years ago

Sure if you want it asap. I can hold until whenever we meet up if you prefer.

So any new stuff at GG?

#3819 6 years ago

No Fear was really thumping today. Did you add aftermarket speakers?

#3821 6 years ago

I guess I avoided it! Anyways it was impressive! Do you know what kind of speakers it has?

#3823 6 years ago

Yeah that game was wild, almost like a shaker

3 weeks later
#3902 6 years ago

Yeah looks like I can meet you there. 12 would probably work better too

What was the name of that pizza place that was recommended over there? I keep meaning to try it out and I always forget

Edit: found it, Picnic Pizza!

1 week later
#3938 6 years ago
Quoted from myork82:

Yep i've got some laying around from my old R/C plane habit. I flew everything from homemade foam electric planes to 200 mph jets. I got tired of seeing money go up in smoke when they hit the dirt so I basically sold all my stuff.

Nice! I did nitro trucks 10 or so years ago and recently I've been dabbling in helicopters for my other geek hobby. I need to spend more time on the trainer software. Keep breaking stuff because I suck

The alien head in Independence Day is opened up by an RC servo too

#3941 6 years ago

Yeah I've just been learning on the micros. Some of those bigger ones are like lawnmower blades flying around. Not for me!

#3944 6 years ago
Quoted from myork82:

Believe it or not but the bigger ones are a lot easier to fly! Get a raptor 30 and some training gear for it. Rock solid stable when set up correctly.

haha the raptors and other nitros are exactly the type of helis I would never fly! deadly machines of decapitation!

As3x is the best thing to happen to planes and helis in the couple years I have been tinkering. I find it amazing you can get a dirt cheap electric CP heli now and have a noob (like me) hover in the wind and it will basically lock into a heading and not really move!

1 week later
#3970 6 years ago

Everyone's places ok from the flash floods?

1 week later
#3999 6 years ago

I like POTC and POTO because you can say them and they sound funny, like dog names or characters from an obscure NES game. Potsie and Poto!


1 month later
#4083 5 years ago

Since it's in the south you can contact Don at Pinballs on the Move. He's a pinhead who will baby the pins on the way. Plus he will give you a better price than NAVL most likely. He uses an enclosed trailer hooked to his pickup, so I would guess that would fit into most apartment parking lots.

1 week later
#4106 5 years ago

That's an easy one, you gotta go all in!!!


#4122 5 years ago

Fun lineup! Hope to make this one

#4133 5 years ago

Your Whitewater is way nicer than I remember. Just get Bigfoot a wig and thanks for having the tournament!

#4143 5 years ago

Yeah the early Stern code can be somewhat skeletal. By now we know to expect it but it sure isn't an incentive to be an early adopter!

Also I was parched yesterday. Someone needs to open a bar next door. Less barbers, more bars!

#4144 5 years ago

Hey Jason did you hear about this off McEwen? Not saying anything, just sayin ...

Just a few weeks ago, SouthStar LLC and Highwoods Properties jointly announced plans to develop 350,000 square feet of open-air retail and restaurant space on the opposite side of Interstate 65 about 2 miles from the mall. The site is part of a $700 million mixed-use office, retail and residential project called Ovation on 145 acres at the intersection of Carothers Parkway and McEwen Drive that would include 1.4 million square feet of offices and a 300-room hotel.

#4150 5 years ago

damn I had no idea! Next time I'm in! Crash and I are playing Elvira for drinks

#4152 5 years ago

Yeah I donated to Will's retirement fund BTW last time I was there I went to Angelo's pizza on Aaron's recommendation and it was pretty decent if you're into NY style pizza. Still it was missing something so I will be checking out 360 burger next time

#4156 5 years ago

I haven't been to Fat Boy's but I think I will check that out next time too!

Do you guys think Nashville has enough gamers to support a pinball/arcade convention? Was just thinking how the Louisville one is like 5 months away and although I love that one I'd also like one closer, even if smaller. I would be up for bringing a pin or two.

#4159 5 years ago

That looks cool, where's it located?

#4167 5 years ago

#4174 5 years ago

I don't really use the categories so it's academic to me. It does seem like in the spirit of tidiness there should be a regional subcategory though.

#4175 5 years ago

Oh and don't get testy or I'll break out your video!

#4192 5 years ago

Congrats Joe! LOTR was my first as well, and has my favorite software of any pin

#4193 5 years ago

Semi-OT but Jason any chance you'll ever get an Atari 720 for GG? Always loved that one

#4196 5 years ago