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#1 7 years ago

I'm interested in seeing if there are more members local to Nashville, Tennessee. So far I've met jayhawkai and mystic. The reason I'm interested is Nashville has an awesome arcade with many classic video games and probably upwards of 15 pinballs by now. It's called Game Galaxy, and you can check it out at www.gamegalaxyarcade.com. Also search for their Facebook page as that's where most owner-to-player discussions happen.

#8 7 years ago

It seems so crazy now, a Pinsider visiting our locations. Not sure if you noticed but T-Rex on JP doesn't work anymore, just a couple of months ago the gearbox finally stripped. We don't have the money for replacements. And again, these aren't my locations, and I don't run the route. I tag along with my dad and help clean, repair, and of course, play test.

Yeah, I plan on jumping on Hook and giving it a good cleaning as much as I can, but I don't have the time to tear anything down. Our company simply can't spend time and money on the more detailed cleaning and maintenance anymore. Especially since we're pulling in only a small fraction from the route as we used to in the 90's. Not to mention a bunch of locations have closed as well. Plus the economy. It's just not good.

Did you notice the left flipper button on Hook is sensitive? I need to adjust the leaf switch, and please pardon the mutant flippers.

#11 7 years ago

It must've been jay who was wanting to play JP again. Yes, Hook's plastics are trash. Even if we could afford replacements they're far too difficult to find at a down-to-earth price. I wonder if we have some spare sling plastics in the cabinet... we actually have a second Hook in the shop and I wonder if we could pull some plastics from that one. Or actually swap out machines if the other one is in better shape and just include the best parts.

Wash World? We have several games there, but they don't get played too often. The laundromat's owner is a nutcase and the place has no A/C. He's actually the one who moved Hook against the wall. Did it seem cramped?

Crime isn't really a problem in Lebanon, especially not like Nashville (recall the shooting one of our Pinsiders witnessed). Holiday Wash has internet cameras that are watched all day, and the visitors know this. I can't really say anything about Wash World though. Thanks for playing our games, and be sure to come back!

#13 7 years ago

Did you visit Lebanon yet?

#15 7 years ago

Pintucky, maybe some day if I ever get a machine for myself.

jay, checking in where?

#17 7 years ago

I hope you enjoyed Hook mystic, because the power supply is now shot. It got down to the 30's one night. Now Wash World has no pinballs. Removing the Pinside listing...

#19 7 years ago

You wish! If we do sell something one day I may arrange a thread on the site, but no guarantees. If we start selling it will be years from now. Sorry, no rescuing right now!

#21 7 years ago

It's not my decision.

#23 7 years ago

I'll be sure to keep Pinside in mind.

#24 7 years ago

Jay, I never heard back from you. I'll see if I can plan another visit to the arcade. I'd like to get some sweet Tron footage in 1080p (I have the iPhone 4s). Also need to spend more time with BR!

#25 7 years ago

Where did everybody go? Has anyone been to GG lately? What machines do they have right now? I would really like to see Pinbot, Funhouse, or Scared Stiff return one of these days!

#30 7 years ago

Wait, so he sold Dr. Dude? I only got to play it once!

#32 7 years ago

While you were there how did things look? How many people were there?

#34 7 years ago

I want to get back to TAF. It plays so much better than the one we have on route, ours is really starting to show its age. The main problem is weak flippers.

#35 7 years ago

By the way, was WH20 there?

#38 7 years ago

Dang, how long is it going to be out? FYI, a friend and I will be visiting the arcade this Friday, November 18 just after noon, if anyone wants to stop by and possibly meet me during that time. Jay, you guys are always getting good tips on what's current with the place. Where did you find out about WH20, and will it be back up by Friday? Really what was wrong with the game? Other than the small broken Lost Mine kickout switch issue it played good when I was there.

#40 7 years ago

Thanks. Do you think you'll be at the arcade Friday?

#42 7 years ago

Mystic, Pintucky, Nate, Eric? Any of you guys?

#45 7 years ago

I don't know an exact time yet, but most likely it will be more like 1:30 or 2:00. Hey, might as well hang around to make the trip worthwhile!

#50 7 years ago

Jared, how will I know to look for you? Will you just be playing pins? Any specific clothes? Any specified social security #?

#55 7 years ago

TZ, can you text him to find out? Thanks. BTW, are you free Friday afternoon?

#57 7 years ago

Probably around 1:30 or 2:00. Perhaps we can all do some 3 player games.

Seriously though, how will I find you guys?

#58 7 years ago

TZ has to get a game repaired so he can't come.

By the way, I'm bringing a friend but I don't think he's too big into pinball.

#64 7 years ago

Holy crap. Indiana Jones. I never thought I would see it again in person. I have some fond memories of playing IJ when I was really young. The sounds are the most nostalgic.

Pinside Map updated!

#68 7 years ago

Needless to say we didn't visit GG, some school work came up at the last minute. The next meeting will be 2 or 3 weeks into the future, on a Saturday. Weekends make the most sense for everybody. We can do some flash mob multiplayer!

#71 7 years ago

On Thanksgiving weekend? I'm pretty sure my friend will be tied up Saturday... doesn't look like I'll be able to make it until 3 weeks from now. And that's if I get him to go with me.

By the way, how does Indiana Jones play? There's gotta be all kinds of pinheads swarming around that one!

Edit: Asked him for the heck of it. This Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday afternoon should be good for me. Waiting on response.

#72 7 years ago

Possible gathering this Saturday afternoon. Nothing for sure yet. I've sent PMs to you guys.

#74 7 years ago

mystic, evidently I made a mistake. I thought it was you, not futurepinhead, who had a 6 hour drive. If you're good for Saturday afternoon then there's a chance we can get together.

If any of guys find out you can make it please don't make concrete plans. I don't know for sure if my friend will be available Saturday, he says he "should" be. But if it's not too much trouble to head to the mall on somewhat short notice, I say go for it.

#76 7 years ago

I would play the game more if it had a coin mech. Are you saying it would be 3 plays/dollar otherwise? There are too many other machines I like, so my $10 has to spread out.

#78 7 years ago

I usually don't spend over $10 so that's why. And the coin door is good. The last time I played Earthshaker there was a solenoid constantly firing near the far left area of the cabinet. It sounded like a VUK, so if that coil was firing a lot it possibly could've overheated, melted, and is now blowing fuses. But, I don't believe the CPU would fire the coil often enough to do any damage.

#79 7 years ago

We might have something guys. Tomorrow at noon, or just after. I'll confirm tomorrow morning.

#80 7 years ago

Just got back from the arcade, and Mike showed up not too long after I arrived. Great guy, evidently he hasn't seen as much of the popular games as I had thought. This was his first time playing Addams Family, and many others. We played some multiplayer and old school split multiplayer on Elvira (one flipper per player). Great fun!

I also met Jason for the first time. He showed us the new games, and Mike eventually wandered off to the museum. There weren't that many people there, surprisingly. Jason, the rear gate on The Getaway was contantly opening and closing. And the ball in IJ was getting stuck behind the left ramp, it still seems a bit confused. For some reason there was a ball constantly locked in the idol.

I got some footage but I'm not entirely happy with it. I shouldn't have left my stand at home! But anyway, I had some decent games and maybe I can get them uploaded within the next week or so. Pics:


#81 7 years ago

More pics:

fr_123_size1024.jpg fr_121_size1024.jpg fr_122_size1024.jpg

#85 7 years ago

Don't tell me you're taking Indiana Jones out! Although I do remember you saying you hoped it didn't give you too much trouble. But if you're considering it, why? The problem was fixed, or are there other reasons for it? No disrespect here but announcing a popular game on Facebook and pulling it out two weeks later just doesn't make sense to me.

#89 7 years ago

Really! I had no idea, that is a major issue. Disregard that post then, Jason. If anything I hope you get it sorted out, try reseating the chips on the CPU board. It would be a shame if you had to pull it out, but I can see your reasoning now. Have enough people been playing it to justify keeping it in the arcade?

Pintucky, the details you have provided are much appreciated! I always want to know things that go on in the arcade.

Edit: Perhaps the stuck ball was confusing the system. It could've been just another unexplained thing that happened, like the game starting after you cycled the coin door instead of displaying "pinball missing." The software is full of bugs, even though you're running a newer version of the game ROMs (I know this because the game returned the ball to me after a wild bounce landed it in the outlane, I read about this). I did notice the fraying rubbers but didn't think they would cause any problems. Like Pintucky said, maybe all it needs is cleaning, or just some new rubbers. There is an explanation for it.

Edit 2: Ok, here we go. This thread talks about an issue with the game merging a video mode with normal gameplay. If you press start during Choose Wisely, the machine will start a new game while the current mode is running. The background music will continue to play, and the guy makes it appear as if you get locked out of the game. Is this what happened? What mode were you playing, was it the one where you had to watch the cups shuffle around and choose the right one? Something important to consider.


#91 7 years ago

In that case, there is nothing wrong with your IJ, Jason! It's a common bug. The only thing that remains is those rubber bits, but all games can have this problem.

By the way Pintucky, the object of the game was to follow the glowing cup and choose the correct one after they were shuffled using the flipper buttons and gun handle. They move fast but I got it on the first try! 20 million points for that, I think.

1 week later
#98 7 years ago

Ha! I wouldn't visit Incredible Dave's for nothing. You don't kick out the only remaining arcade in the state with 15 pinball machines, over 100 video game cabinets, and who also happens to be a member of Save the Arcades. It's nothing but money. The people who worked at the mall had a really awesome place to spend a couple of dollars playing new and classic games in excellent condition every day. Now you would have to pay $20 or so for a "card" just to get in to play for some plastic crap prizes that will either go in the trash or sit on your shelf and collect dust. Besides, a local Best Buy should have Tron on free play!

Take my word for it. If you want to play some REAL arcade games, visit Game Galaxy in Hickory Hollow mall, Nashville.

#100 7 years ago

I called the Best Buy Magnolia locations in Brentwood and West Nashville and neither has machines on display.

#102 7 years ago

I've had this up for the past couple of days but forgot to link to it here.

#104 7 years ago

It was my stand. I left the good one at home. I'm getting a new flexible one that sits about 4 or 5 inches tall, so that one will get better results. If IJ is still there when I visit again in 2012 I will film it again. And possibly the other two games as well. Check my previous three videos, they have better angles and a full shot of the DMD.

2 weeks later
#108 7 years ago

Great! My last game on Indy ended with "This is how we say goodbye in Germany." Oh yes, the machine knows who I am.

#115 7 years ago

My favorite machine on 25 cents?? Oh yeah! mystic, you must not have seen the post. We pulled it last month because the power supply went out. We also pulled JP from the Holiday Wash location. Earlier when Frankenstein was on location at the rec center its PSU was destroyed by yet another power surge. We put JP Lost World in its place and pulled it because of a locked on transistor. I know, not enough reason to pull a game but the winter months literally don't make any money since the place is obviously more summer-centric. Now the only pins we have left on route are Cue Ball Wizard and The Addams Family at Wash World. I doubt we will be routing any more before the company collapses, possibly next year or the following year.

Edit: Come January I'll be GG bound if the weather isn't bad!

#117 7 years ago

Not anytime soon. If we do ever sell the stuff the plan is to sell everything off as a whole to a single party. But that's too far into the future to be seen right now.

#120 7 years ago

I like the idea Jason, but I really can't come during the weekdays. The best time is the weekends, so the best thing we can do is try to get some guys together on a Saturday. Mike, we must get together again soon. I'll see if I can make a late January trip if it isn't too cold. Most likely we'll get some snow during that time but we'll see.

#122 7 years ago

Good grief, I hope it can stay. White Water's calling my name though. Also Indiana Jones!

#126 7 years ago

mystic, great find. Let all Pinsiders always help all Pinsiders.

#131 7 years ago

Stop the pinball talk guys, this has me worried. Is the mall the only place in Antioch with a Sears? If so this means one of two of the mall's major remaining anchors has now jumped ship. Macy's is likely to follow too. Jason is Sears still open, or do you know anything about it? If it's closed, what will this mean for the mall and the arcade?

Edit: The site lists the mall as the only location...

#133 7 years ago

Is this Mike in Gallatin? Pintucky this is the guy who was working on your Frankenstein right? Anyone have any info on the mall?

#135 7 years ago

Holy crap, did things just turn really bad for pinball around here! Good grief Mike, you still have emails rolling in I still need to read! God bless him and I DO hope he has a good road to recovery.

#137 7 years ago

Well evidently the mall is NOT in any danger of closing. Thanks DreamTR for clearing that up. More pinball for everyone!

#140 7 years ago

The bottom line is the economy is not good, the market isn't there, and the mall has been rotting for years. There is some reason for concern but it's not as big of an immediate issue as I thought. I recall you talking about the arcade being profitable but that's been over a year ago. The main issue is most likely the fact that there is no appetite for arcade games in this country anymore. Especially since 95% of the regulars of the late 90s don't want anything to do with the new demographics that frequent the mall. We have several pinheads just in the Nashville area on this site but the issue is participation, and there doesn't seem to be a good answer to that.

Did that GMX Expo a few months ago do anything for Rivergate? I notice all you post on Facebook is about pinball. Do you really think interest in pinball is outpacing interest in video games right now, especially with the resurgence? Have you thought about holding pinball tournaments?

#143 7 years ago

ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY TRON. *angelic music follows* Man, I've never played such a fresh and new machine. I'll be putting some more quarters in that one.

#145 7 years ago

I see that. Looks like our days are numbered. Did they announce a date?

Edit: They're closing in the spring. Here's a snippet from Wikipedia about the classroom plans for 2012:

"It has been discussed with Nashville State Community College that a campus would begin classes in 2012 in the former Steve and Barry's wing, but nothing has been finalized."

This should be finalized soon now that the mall's officially losing its remaining major anchors (I read there is still a junior anchor, what is that?). It may not mean the arcade will have to leave because it's located in the Sears wing. I would like to say the student regulars would be a great thing for the arcade but that is way too far off at the rate we are going at now. It's simply too little too late.

#150 7 years ago

Hold off on IJ please until I make a final encounter tomorrow! By the way, what exactly was done to WhiteWater? Just a shop job or other things like flipper rebuild or wax? Did you replace the Lost Mine kickout coil with something slower or will it still shoot out like all guns blazing, testing my ball trapping skills to the limit?

#152 7 years ago

Update: I visited the arcade today and the tournament was going on. Of course that meant there were craploads of people there, I dare say 60 or 70. That's the most I've EVER seen in that place at once. Jason, congratulations on getting such as big thing together!

I tried out the shopped White Water, and wow what a difference! The upper right flipper has enough power to send the ball all the way down Insanity Falls now. And the Lost Mine trough switch was ok. I didn't see any more issues with the game. Got some great footage of this, Indy, and Funhouse as well! Hopefully I can get the Funhouse video up tonight. The game is georgeous, plays great and Rudy looks "glamorous!"

The only issues I found were these:

1) Whirlwind often fails to eject the ball into the shooter lane properly.
2) The rear gate on Getaway was still firing when it shouldn't be.
3) On Indy the ball gets stuck on drop target in front of captive ball. Had to nudge this free a couple of times.
4) The right flipper spring on Elvira MIGHT be loose, not sure if it just looked off to me.


Edit: Wow, you were there mystic? What time? We arrived at 3:15 and stayed until 4:45. I did see one person playing White Water while I was playing Elvira. Was this you?

#154 7 years ago

Oh! Oh! I saw him! Were you the one with the bag of quarters?

#156 7 years ago

Wow... we totally could've introduced ourselves and played some games together.


I was going to invite someone but I wanted to get "in the zone" with Indiana Jones one last time. The Funhouse video should be up in a couple of hours. Did you play Guns n' Roses and get multiball? I saw that kid watching. I was playing Fish Tales right next to it (to the left).

#159 7 years ago
Quoted from mystic:

If you were playing fishtales, then I think you were also playing Elvira next to me when I was on Whitewater? Freaky that we were standing right next to each other and never knew it. Well, nice to have sort of met you today.

YES! Haha, that was me! That's crazy, we've got to meet up sometime.

#160 7 years ago
Quoted from mystic:

I have one bit of advice and I hope you take it constructively. You need a new change machine. The one you have takes 1s and 5s and most of the time it rejects the 5s. I walk in with a $20 bill, and seven 1s. I get $7 changed and play for a while. Go to get some change from the attendant, "nah, you need to go to the food court" Okay, so I go to the food court and buy a cookie and get three 5s and three 1s. I change the three 1s. The machine won't take the 5s after repeated attempts. You lose $15. I go home.

I brought 2 5's and they both worked fine for me. Last time I was there about 2 months ago Jason just gave me a $10 roll of quarters in exchange because I was told before the change machine wasn't working. I offered a bill to the guy at the desk but he said he didn't have any change in 1's. He obviosly misunderstood the fact that I wanted quarters. Lol!

By the way did you also see my friend and I playing some 2 player pinball?

#163 7 years ago

I did see an older short man playing Black Rose when I got there. Interesting to say the least. I seriously almost said something to you while playing Elvira. Something along the lines of, "Is White Water one of your favorites?" Now I wish I had!

#165 7 years ago
Quoted from mystic:

Need to buy a pinside shirt so I can represent when I go to GG.

Wait, we have those?

#168 7 years ago

By the way, and this is really minor, but the Lost Mine flasher on White Water is out.

#170 7 years ago

I should have the White Water footage up by this evening.

#171 7 years ago

White Water action is up!

#175 7 years ago

Yeah, it's great that you're investing in the arcade's future. I clearly will never get to visit the Huntsville location but I wish you the very best of luck. By the way, as far as non-tournament games go how did the huge crowd turn out for the arcade in terms of earnings? Was it considerably better than usual? I have NEVER seen such a monsterous crowd there until Friday.

#177 7 years ago

And finally, the Indiana Jones footage!

#180 7 years ago

Well if we are doing anything I may have to pass. If enough interest forms to start this thing (and if Jason is willing to set it up) it will likely be too soon for me. I'm shooting sometime in March to be my next visit. But if this works out and I can make it I may not actually participate. I like to play pinball casually and that's about it. Plus I would most likely get owned in the scores anyway. But who knows. If this works and I can make it I may think about filming parts of it and putting it on YouTube if everyone is cool with that. Mainly playfield shots, no close-ups.

#181 7 years ago

We ARE taking about a pinball tournament right? Mike I just can't see you making throwdowns and taking names in Street Fighter.

1 week later
#185 7 years ago

If it's late February/early March I'm in, but most likely just as a spectator. Don't worry, I will still be spending money. Who else?

And what took Indy's place? Dr. Who I assume, since Freddy is in the museum? And how is the musuem coming along?

#188 7 years ago

How was the museum mystic?

#191 7 years ago

Mike Chestnut? Wow, he's making a great recovery then! I'm glad BK2K is up there in earnings. I definitely don't want to see it leave. I NEED to spend more time on it to get better, I've just been so distracted by all the DMD games! It's just too hard to find these days. Might as well enjoy it while I can.

#195 7 years ago

So I understand that once the Madison Square Mall location is a done deal you'll be planning to move machines from the museum to this location? Sounds like a good start. What are your plans for Hickory Hollow in the coming months? We all want the local GG to stay as long as possible. I also recall you mentioning another mall that would be a great choice that's 70 miles from your house. Just curious as to why you chose Huntsville instead since it's over 200 miles away. Is Madison Square still kicking? Do you think you'll find anywhere near the success here as you did at Rivergate?

1 week later
#199 7 years ago

How long is Dr. Who going to be there? I definitely want to check out the most complex toy in pinball (the Time Expander).

1 week later
#201 7 years ago

I've been watching the original Dr. Who series. How does it play?

#202 7 years ago

Visited the arcade today with a friend. First we had issues with the changer, didn't take any of our 5's. We asked the guy up front for some change but he just told us to try the changer. We told him it wasn't working and I'm 100% sure he knew that already. He gave us 1's in exchange and the machine still had trouble in taking those even. Took us forever just to get $5 in quarters. He was going to spend more but basically said screw it because the changer is screwed up. So again, you lost a few dollars from us. I expected the changer to be fixed by now.

So once I got some quarters I decided to check out Dr. Who. Put some quarters in, no credits. Tried the other coin slot and still no credits. The coins weren't jamming up, they just weren't registering. I asked the guy for help, he opened the coin door and fixed it for me. I started a game and soon after noticed things started going crazy. All kinds of things were happening, flippers started flipping, random warnings on the screen, flipper buttons didn't respond. I turned the game off and tried again, the same thing happened. I let the guy at the desk know about it. At first he gave us that "I don't give a crap" look but he understood what was wrong with the game. I just turned it off. If the desk guy was actually doing his job it would have an out of order sign on it to begin with. He never offered to give us quarters directly, something he should be able to do if the changer isn't working.

Something has to change. The changer is still broken and the guy wasn't much help. We were both excited about playing Dr. Who for the first time. The desk guy was texting most of the time rather than checking if everything was working properly. You'll need to find someone to look at the machine because something about the CPU is all screwed up. It's unplayable.

Video of the problem:

#204 7 years ago

Ok, that makes more sense. I had no idea the issue had just started, and didn't realize he didn't have quarters on-hand. The reason I assumed he did is the last 2 times I was there you and him gave me quarters from the front desk. I believe I saw someone grabbing them from the coin boxes. If it sounded like I was angry, I'm not. I was just confused and as you know I can't come up there that often, so I don't know all of the details of the day-to-day routine. To me it appeared Richard wasn't doing his job but that was just because of the timing of what happened I guess. The chance Dr. Who would fail beginning with me is pretty small but it's not impossible. After hearing about the museum guy sleeping on the job I kind of had low expectations for the guys watching the place. Please don't take offense. I appreciate your help!

As for the actual problem I would check the backbox connectors. Was the fuse message "Check fuses F114 and F115"? If so here's a bit if information on that:

This message is sometimes displayed when the game boots and a game cannot be started. Most of the time, F114/F115 will be found to be just fine.
The game issues this message because it cannot read the switch matrix normally. The crafty designers at Williams inserted an “always closed“ switch into the matrix as switch 24. Switch 24 isn’t a switch at all, but instead provides the game software with a “known closed” switch matrix return. Switch 24 is actually a diode across column 2, row 4 of the switch matrix and is located on the coin door interface board.
Since the WPC switch matrix circuitry on the MPU uses 12V to determine switch state, the game assumes that the 12VDC power has been interrupted. F114/F115 fuse the 12V generation circuit; F114 on the AC side of BR1; F115 on the DC side of BR1. Hence, the game assumes that one of these fuses is blown and the message is displayed.

#206 7 years ago

Well if it's not fuses you could have an issue with the switch matrix. If that's the case that would certainly explain the crazy behavior as random switches were being tripped. Also explains the coin problem and flippers flipping by themselves as the game was possibly thinking the flipper buttons were being pressed.

As for the changer it just seems to reject bills too often. I don't know, maybe all of the 5's we were using were the new ones. And I guess our 1's were just old.

#208 7 years ago

No hard feelings Richard. As I said Im still learning on the regular daily routine. Please realize that who I was with does not reflect what kind of person I am, for the record. He just doesn't have a lot of patience. I appreciate your help with us. Most of the time when I see someone texting I assume it's on their leisure. I didn't realize you were actually talking with Jason! There was definitely some ambiguity there, thanks for clearing things up.

#215 7 years ago

That sparked some conversation! When I saw the Dr. Who problem I either came to the conclusion that the CPU was damaged somehow (battery corrosion can happen but I know Jason takes care of the machines) or there was a data cable loose. If it's not a problem with the actual electronics then yes, loose cables can cause some really weird stuff to happen. What's going on is the CPU doesn't have a consistent connection to other components of the system and basically gets confused. Heat is main culprit. The connectors and header pins on the boards fatigue over time to heat buildup. It's basically the equivalent of cartridge-tilting your pinball machine. Jason, I would reseat the ribbon cables in the backbox just to be sure. You learn more and more things about this hobby with me around! I've become a pretty big pinhead as of late.

The expansion of the game "store" is a good idea. Heck, I don't even play the video games while I'm there. If I want to play a video game I'll install MAME on my computer. I know that sounds like defeating the purpose of visiting an arcade but if it wasn't for the extensive pinball lineup I wouldn't be visiting as often or spending near as much, that's for sure. Pinball is one of those things you can NEVER replace, while you can play Marble Madness on your iPhone at the bus stop if you want (if you jailbreak, that is).

#217 7 years ago

Svengo are you the one with gray facial hair? I only saw one other person playing pinball while I was there. I saw him playing Guns n Roses.

#223 7 years ago

Thanks for the compliments guys! I've been working with Mike lately on some various issues he's been having with his games. Phantom of the Opera has been giving him a heck of a lot of trouble lately so that's what we're focused on right now.

Jason, the Wizard of Oz isn't supposed to start rolling out until sometime in May. The wait is killing me!

#226 7 years ago

EARTHSHAKERRR!! Didn't expect you to bring this back in. I see longer ball times in my future.

#228 7 years ago

I'd certainly like to plan a trip to GG with Mike/Andrew/Mystic if possible. I asked my traveling friend if he could do Sunday the 4 of March or the week after. I vote for Sunday because that would be better for Mike rather than during the week. I will be spending some family time that Saturday so I can't do that. Just an idea, I'll update when I get a response from him.

#230 7 years ago

He responded, said Sunday would probably work for him.

#234 7 years ago

What about you jay?

#237 7 years ago

Nice! Looking forward to playing it. And Whirlwind's display was in pretty rough shape last time, glad it's good now. By the way, how do you find so many affordable NOS displays? And yeah I saw where you owned Dr. Who.

By the way, Pintucky might be coming too.

#239 7 years ago

Yeah, Ritchie's voice as the skull is awesome. "Dont even move!" By the way, jayhawkai will be able to make it if he doesn't have a school project meeting Sunday.

#242 7 years ago

I will try and shoot for 2:00. I think we can easily be on the road by 1:00.

#245 7 years ago

Just found out jay can't come, he'll be out of town. Don't leave on us mystic!

Added both games to the map location. Did you have to move anything out or was there enough room already?

By the way, what's going on with the museum? You said you were reorganizing it or something?

#247 7 years ago

Sure, go for it. I'm still not sure even one Pinsider can make it otherwise. Again, the target time is 2:00pm on Sunday, March 4 (this Sunday).

#249 7 years ago

It's ok. If you can't make it we can plan another visit.

#251 7 years ago

Seriously, sell it to Jason. That way we can at least meet up and play some games. Plus, it would be interesting to see how it plays in the arcade. You already have a seller, and Jason pays retail prices. That way it's out of your way and there's cash in your pocket for your next game.

#255 7 years ago

Nice, I'll be looking for you. Svengo, don't worry about it if you can't come Sunday. We will soon have SIXTEEN machines in the arcade so come check it out this weekend!

#256 7 years ago

Jason you've really come a long way with the number of pinballs in the arcade. I'm guessing one of the reasons for this is your garage? Is the back wall you're talking about the one you're facing when you enter the doors and walk to the left and all the way back? You say the entire WALL is used for pinball now? I'm having trouble visualizing that for some reason. Is this another reason you're getting rid of video games (besides for more store space)?

#259 7 years ago

Cool! I knew you'd find a buyer. See you then.

#260 7 years ago

Are we still on for tomorrow?

#264 7 years ago

DreamTR what kind of behavior are you seeing on the display? Just random images or lines/static? I've been wanting to meet you again.

#266 7 years ago

You should do a memory page test for the display. Usually issues like this are due to backbox connectors or bad DMD memory. I don't know where the test is listed but look under utilities and you might find it.

#267 7 years ago

And Pintucky had to drop out by the way.

#268 7 years ago

I really enjoyed our Game Galaxy visit today. mystic, williams, you guys are very cool. Jason don't be surprised if you find a crapload of quarters in No Fear by the end of the day. mystic I found myself waiting on you several times to play it! Now you have a good idea of how it plays. It kicked my butt for sure. Are you still thinking about buying one?

As far as MY skills go: Earthshaker, Getaway, Funhouse, No Fear, and Elvira are still kicking my butt. The Getaway seems to be a little too fast for me, maybe I just need more practice. I'm getting pretty good at Fish Tales, Black Knight, Tron, and White Water though! Heck, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to spend all of what I originally planned to spend talking and playing with you guys.

My riding buddy is also an up and coming pinhead. He now says Black Rose is his favorite game, just ahead of Black Knight 2000. I started explaining to him how kickbacks and Magna-Save worked on BK2K, but I didn't actually get to show him a Magna-Save (the ball moves too fast)! I managed to lock ONE ball and lower the drawbridge a second time. I'm getting there. After all these years he's starting to realize that pinball isn't just about flippers and silver balls. He's really starting to like the game in general and appreciate the storylines/rules. I'm also explaining to him the difference between Stern, Bally, Williams, and Data East, as well as some nudging tricks.

And as for your machines Jason, White Water isn't neccessarily displaying random images, the picture is just distorted a little with missing pixels and evidence of vertical stripes during some scenes. Usually when you see something like this it's either bad connectors or bad display RAM. I thought about showing you the display RAM test but really it's pretty straightforward. I just don't know what diagnostic menu option it's under. And keep in mind the test can also pass even though the DMD isn't right. I believe you told me you already tried reseating connectors so I'm guessing the display itself is going bad (the RAM). Does anyone know if it's possible to replace DMD memory chips? Also, you need to consider a better connector for that Rottendog display in Whirlwind. I don't know if this is just Rottendog's questionable quality or if the cable is bad or something. You don't have to remove the playfield glass to get into the backbox either. And thanks for helping me out with the other little things. Oh, and that sucks about Dr. Who. A flipper rebuild kit is probably the best option.

Today was awesome and I look forward to meeting with you guys again.

#271 7 years ago

The earliest I can do is April. I limit my trips to once every 2 months, saves money. I will be looking forward to our next visit though.

#273 7 years ago

Jason the display test is T.11 for White Water under "TESTS" in the diagnostic menu. Let it run through the line test then you will see a RAM paging test. Tell me what the results are.

#275 7 years ago

A couple of other small things: Whirlwind has a really weak ball eject solenoid so it often takes several times just to eject the ball into the shooter lane. Also, another ball wasn't served to the shooter lane when I locked ball 1, and all I could do was wait for a ball search to kick it out of the left lock lane. I would check those lock switches and rebuild the kickout mech, or at least replace the coil sleeve.

Also, Elvira has a stiff plunger, but I like it as it makes the game feel more solid. I'm sure Elvira herself doesn't mind it either.

#278 7 years ago

Mystic that's awesome you sold Baywatch to Jason, now I can't wait to try it out. I have doubt about the old Baywatch we have. I think display is dead and it has other issues... may have to end up parting it out despite the fact that it's in great condition like Frankenstein... By the way, any White Water updates? I recently reseleeved the upper right flipper on ours, it was getting really sluggish. It's strong again now. I should really do the same thing to Addams Family hopefully tomorrow if I have enough time.

#279 7 years ago

Hook will eventually come to Holiday Wash. I began work on our second Hook (we've actually had 2 all this time and the one previously on location is the crappy one). I got it to boot and play but just needs some coils, fine tuning, and general prep work. It will go in Cue Ball Wizard's place once we send it to another location. Seriously, the second one is much better. No mutant flippers, better cabinet, better plastics, less wear and dirt, no more air balls coming off of the plunge, and all drop targets are present. Should clean up nice. It needs a rubber overhaul. That's all I can do to it for now since my spring break is over. Oh, and the old one is going to parts. I've already started breaking it down.

#282 7 years ago

Yeah the RAM test isn't always consistent but it was worth a shot. Radical is nuts, ramps everywhere. Definitely has that crazy 90s "skateboarding dudeness" to it, like Dr. Dude. That'll be interesting. I don't know if you saw where I posted about this a while back but when I played Earthshaker before you moved it out there was a solenoid continuously firing in the back. It sounded like a VUK. The switch for that was stuck closed and the CPU just assumed the ball was stuck there. It eventually gives up and stops but it put more stress on the driver transistor than normal. Something to consider. Test the transistor for that coil and see if it checks out. What's weird is the problem was gone when I last played it a week ago and everything seemed to be working.

Mystic those plated habitrails look awesome. I hope the game doesn't get too much abuse for the amount of work you've put into it. I'm actually surprised you sold it for use in an arcade.

#284 7 years ago

What's new in the arcade? Anything? Do you have a date on Baywatch?

#287 7 years ago

Yeah I've seen a couple of people playing Monday Night Football. Seems to be a popular game! Though of course I guess football will always be popular in this country.

#292 7 years ago

I'd say the Wizard of Oz is the farthest game from his mind. He already made a special effort to get us Tron pro, and I greatly appreciate that. It's the first time I've ever gotten to play a game that new.

#297 7 years ago

Haha, split the losses on WOZ because pinball doesn't make money. Good one! In all seriousness, I am certainly more than happy with what we have now. I suppose you could say I'm a "bang for your buck" player since the last 2 times I spent over 2 hours there I didn't even blow $10. I suppose part of that is because I had Pinsiders to talk to, but I still spent about 80%-90% of my time playing.

I'm finding out that I'm really beginning to like Elvira, more so than I ever have. I'm sure that's because I'm playing a machine in great shape and I can understand the rules more now, compared to playing it 10-12 years ago when I was only 8 years old on our beat-up fixer-upper machines (which is what I'm used to in case you didn't know). I enjoy the nostalgia but it's mainly the sound and music. Now I'm trying to actually get somewhere with the game so I can see more.

Quoted from Erik:

FYI the upper gate isn't opening on Fish Tales so you can't advance the captive ball.

Ah! So that's why I had trouble! I think I lit video mode once but couldn't start it for some reason.

#301 7 years ago

Dude that's like, totally rad! I'll be back sometime in mid/late April. That's a good idea to move Bride of Pinbot out if it can't be played right now.

Oh and this is now PAGE 7 you guys! 300 posts! Awesome!

#304 7 years ago

So is air conditioning a main reason for the rework of the museum? What exactly was so major about the changes? Was there some remodeling, or just strategizing what games will go in there and their locations?

#311 7 years ago

Straight across the hall mystic.

#313 7 years ago

Are you still selling video games to make room for the game store?

#315 7 years ago

Wouldn't the television be a problem with tournaments? I know you have more than one.

#317 7 years ago

I just found out some Radical! machines are Diamond Plate test games. Does yours have a Diamond Plate clearcoat or normal mylar? You'll see it stamped below the flippers if it does.

#318 7 years ago

I noticed White Water and Funhouse were removed from the Pinside Map location. Robin edited the list yesterday. Are these games gone now or were they removed by mistake?

#321 7 years ago

Did White Water come back from Coin Op? Also, you said the Madison Square deal fell through? What happened? Do you have a plan B?

#323 7 years ago

There's a good chance I can do Saturday April 21 as mid/late April is what I was thinking. I'll ask my friend about that, hopefully he can make it (I don't travel without a riding buddy).

In terms of the tournament, yes. We need to do that. Are you up for it Jason? I might participate. Baywatch would be a good candidate since it's a 6-player game but it may be too early for that if it's going to be late April before that comes in. Are there any other games that support more than 4 players? FYI: Sopranos, Guns n' Roses, Freddy, and Monday Night Football are games I am not interested in.

#325 7 years ago

Game Galaxy is THE place. They're the only real arcade left in Tennessee. They have over 100 video games and 16 working pinball machines, and they're all very clean and functional. It's actually located in the Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch outside of the food court on the upper level. Are you thinking about a visit with us?

#327 7 years ago

I would personally prefer the 21 as I have already invited a couple more people, but what did you have in mind Williams?

#330 7 years ago

I'm officially on for April 21. Jayhawkai is coming too. I may have to drop in closer to 2:00 though.

#331 7 years ago

I also messaged a few other guys. mystic is in and Erik and Pintucky will try to make it.
Don't forget there are 4 machines in Lebanon too if you're in that area. Addams Family, White Water, & Cue Ball Wizard at Holiday Wash laundromat. Ripley's at the Roxy Theater.

#337 7 years ago

So Macy's is gone? I thought it was leaving with Sears in May. The reduced activity you're seeing is very unfortunate. Again, do you have a plan B, Madison Square?

The tournament format sound good. I should be able to stay a little longer since we have an extra hour of daylight now. Yeah mystic, even if Baywatch is there I don't think you have anything to worry about. Jason does this mean the participants will be limited to four since that's the maximum number of players per game?

#339 7 years ago

This is just for bragging rights correct? If there's an entry fee I'm afraid I won't be participating. There's so much other stuff I could be spending my money playing.

#342 7 years ago

Does anyone know diskoboy1974 on YouTube? He's local to the Nashville area and seems to be a Game Galaxy regular. I have tried messaging him once months back and didn't get a response. I sent him another message 2 days ago inviting him to participate in the tournament but he hasn't responded to that either (he was last online sometime this morning). He posts comments on my pinball videos and uploads arcade gameplay of his own but doesn't often respond to my private messages. I may post something on his channel.

As per the tournament, as I said before, I'm not a very competitive player. I would like to do something just for bragging rights but if you guys want to have an entry fee/cash prize then I suppose I'll watch on the sidelines. Heck, I might get some video too. It's ultimately up to Jason.

#344 7 years ago

Cool, but so does the CEC across the street from the mall. It's a cool game.

#346 7 years ago

Chuck E. Cheese. I'm actually talking about the Antioch place. It appears that Stones River's CEC no longer has them. I visited with my dad last year and they had a Roller Coaster Tycoon and it was in good shape. The next visit, it was gone. I think locations were doing remodeling across the country. 2 weeks ago I peeked in the windows and didn't see any machines.

#348 7 years ago

Wait a second, are we talking about 3 different locations with Pirates of the Caribbean? Really? Some variety would be nice. By the way, are you interested in playing Ripley's? There's a nice one in Lebanon.

#350 7 years ago

Yeah, be sure to stop and both places. White Water is in great shape and plays good!

#353 7 years ago

Yeah I figured this was the first pinball tournament you've ever done. Alright then, I've just never played in a tournament before. The place could definitely use the money too. Looks like I'm in.

I see Tron and Getaway at least. Probably No Fear too. Don't expect me to get anywhere on those! But it will be fun. Will we keep track of the brackets on a whiteboard or something?

We can do some multiplayer practice games guys once the titles are announced. I know I'll need it! As for the time I would prefer something closer to 2:30 since I don't know how long this is going to last and I want to be out of Nashville before the sun starts to fade. Also out of respect for my friend's schedule.

#355 7 years ago

Jason what is the price again? $5 cover and a $5 entry fee? What the difference in the 2? I can do that.

Williams: Ah, ok. Still new to the tournament thing. I guess I'm thinking about a setup where the winner of a 2 player match plays the next competitor, the winner of that plays next, and eventually the branches merge and narrow down to some finalist rounds. Glad we're keeping it simple.

#358 7 years ago

Alphanumeric? I vote Black Knight 2000.

#362 7 years ago

Well evidently Jason won't be able to participate since there is a cash pool. Right?

#365 7 years ago

Does that mean 3 games for the determining rounds or 3 games altogether?

#368 7 years ago

Fast games kick my butt. Especially since I don't get much practice time with them. I don't plan on being a finalist but I'll try my best and have fun. Plus the arcade will get a little extra money. If it's ok with everyone I may record the final round on video (on my phone) and list it here. Only Pinsiders will be able to see it. Good exposure for the arcade. I think it will be a good time!

#369 7 years ago

Funny how you posted the April 28 tournament announcement before the pinball one on the 21. Unless you're not posting updates in chronological order.

#375 7 years ago

It's back up. Jason sent it to Coin-op Cauldron for DMD board repair. And I don't see the updates yet.

#377 7 years ago

So you did get my messages diskoboy. Welcome to the Pinside! Dr. Who should be good, I was probably the one that turned it off when you were there because it was acting really crazy:

#380 7 years ago

9 likes so far on the Facebook post. This might be a big turnout. Are you coming diskoboy?

#382 7 years ago

Did you play some pinball in Lebanon mystic? We're making progress with Hook, just doing some shopping. Replacing bulbs, rubbers, plastics, cleaning. It shouldn't be too long until you see it again.

By the way, I convinced my dad the power supply was repairable, so we replaced the rectifier and it works again.

#385 7 years ago

I bet you didn't expect me so soon, lol. My dad and I were out in Nashville yesterday and we thought hey, why not? mystic looks like No Fear is your new favorite. Who was with you? I saw another guy with his son and he was really getting into it. I wonder if he is on Pinside?

Yeah Dr. Who played great, except for the coins not registering 30% of the time. I know the game has gotten a lot of play but check those credit switches. As for Radical returning coins all the time coin mechs can be finicky. It's more important that the player gets credit, but I'd have it looked in to. Did Mike Chestnut say anything about Indiana Jones's mechs? They were doing the same thing.

Elvira's left playfield general illumination string is out. Only 2 or so GI lamps on Addams Family were working so it was hard to see overall. But that didn't prevent me from having a good 100+ million game.

#386 7 years ago

I'm actually having to wait in line to play Ripley's. Lol!

mystic if you're interested I'd say it's about 75% playable. It had a few more issues than last time. The operator put a piece of duct tape covering the temple scoop following the habitrail. The flippers are a bit weak so you can't always make the ramp shots. The replay score is crazy low though and I got 2 extra balls in one game. The mode scoop/subway must have a ton of dirt because most of the time you have to shake the game just to get the ball to the switch. For some reason the ball lock doesn't kick locked balls out at the end of a game. I had to reset the machine 3 times due to either this or it not ejecting a ball into the shooter lane. What's strange about this is the game WILL kick locked balls out as soon as it's turned on, but that could just be a startup routine regardless of if the switches work or not.

Half of the problems with the machine are switches. The other half is trough/subway dirt. Which is not surprising considering ther playfield is dirty. 5 minutes with Novus would make it look so much better. 15 minutes removing and cleaning the troughs and subways/fixing switches would solve the playability issues.

#390 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

The only hint I will give is that not all of these are new DMD display games. There will be an older game in the tournament.



#393 7 years ago

Probably because you sounded sarcastic. But ignore the trolls. They're always lurking, waiting...
Did Ripley's give you much trouble? What did you think of the duct tape? Hook should be going to the laundromat today in place of Cue Ball Wizard, which is going off to a bar. We shopped it out last Friday. Good cleaning, broke some of the playfield down, cleaned ramps, new bulbs, rubbers. Plays great.

#395 7 years ago

williams you seem to be the one running this thing, not Jason. That's good though, I learned a few things about tournaments.

#397 7 years ago

Hook is on route now. I also added the bar to the map where Cue Ball Wizard was moved to (Bonkers Pizza).

#398 7 years ago

It's quiet in here...

#400 7 years ago

No website post?

#401 7 years ago

Wow, check out this video guys! Game Machine did a walkthrough just today. Glad I saw this, great video. He bought a couple of things too. That looks like Richard up front. I also see Earthshaker is back. So it's officially not in the museum?

#405 7 years ago

Svengo's right. Evidently the video footage was actually taken a week or 2 back, and the video was just released yesterday. I don't even see Radical. MWC don't bother with Bonkers right now, Cue Ball has a shorted flipper coil and is turned off. Should get the parts within a week.

#407 7 years ago

Radical has major coin mech issues. Jason was there when I visited about a week ago and he just offered to give me free games. You REALLY need to get that fixed.

#412 7 years ago

I might actually *gasp* play some video games next time.

#413 7 years ago

Oh and Cue Ball Wizard is back up at Bonkers.

#415 7 years ago

I think they have like a tabletop game and shuffleboard. Maybe darts too. But it's your average bar, no actual arcade machines besides the single pinball. We've got a Lethal Weapon 3 in great condition and if the game on route there makes a lot the owner may at some point ask for another machine, but I don't even know if they have enough room.

#419 7 years ago

Thanks MWC for the heads-up. Added Uncle Pete's to the map. What kind of condition is the game in?

#423 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

Baywatch is coming to the arcade the day of the pinball tournament.

Funny you should bring Baywatch in the exact same day as the tournament...

#427 7 years ago

Welp! Time to start reading up on the Baywatch rules.

#429 7 years ago

I don't expect there to be anything left besides Stern games.

#434 7 years ago

MWC are you cool with me getting the final round on video?

#438 7 years ago
Quoted from MWC:

^^Crashdance I'm not sure I understand your post. Final round of what?

The final round of the tournament. I don't plan on being in the top four, that's for sure.

#440 7 years ago

Oops, must've missed your post on that. Sorry!

#445 7 years ago
Quoted from ThisNotes4U:

How are you going to film that while playing Elvria with one hand as you enter the finals?

The plan is to record the final round and post it here. You must be confused. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if mystic owns us on Baywatch, considering he just confirmed its presence in the tournament.

#447 7 years ago

Awesome, you finally got it. Maybe I'll get a chance to play next time instead of waiting on you.

Will the games be set up for extra balls? What about outlane settings?

#449 7 years ago

Next thing we know his collection will be a carbon-copy of the arcade floor.

#450 7 years ago

By the way, do we have an unofficial count on participants? Looks like 9 on here alone so far.

#452 7 years ago

Good news, my friend is also interested in the pinball tournament. Do we need to sign up somewhere or do we let you know when we walk in Jason?

Also, I found a local from Watertown on YouTube and sent him a message about GG. Hopefully I'll get a response as well as another customer for ya.

#456 7 years ago

Is Richard interested in playing in the tournament? I don't believe I've met Rob. Is he the African American?

#461 7 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I assume it's because of the video game and it's similar to the interest in Ripleys right now

A video game? What platform is it for?