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#251 7 years ago

Seriously, sell it to Jason. That way we can at least meet up and play some games. Plus, it would be interesting to see how it plays in the arcade. You already have a seller, and Jason pays retail prices. That way it's out of your way and there's cash in your pocket for your next game.

#252 7 years ago

Well to be fair Baywatch is all over the place on pricing....I sold one a couple of years ago for $850 and it took me months to sell it. I have seen it go higher on eBay myself though, even recently......

#253 7 years ago

Awesome!! No Fear and Earthshaker added.

I'll definitely come and play a bit this weekend.

EDIT: (Probably on Saturday though since Sundays are a bit busy for me but I will try to make it then)

#254 7 years ago

I plan on being there around 2:00 on Sunday. I'll be in the Cubs hat and getting my ass kicked by Whitewater. Say hi.

#255 7 years ago

Nice, I'll be looking for you. Svengo, don't worry about it if you can't come Sunday. We will soon have SIXTEEN machines in the arcade so come check it out this weekend!

#256 7 years ago

Jason you've really come a long way with the number of pinballs in the arcade. I'm guessing one of the reasons for this is your garage? Is the back wall you're talking about the one you're facing when you enter the doors and walk to the left and all the way back? You say the entire WALL is used for pinball now? I'm having trouble visualizing that for some reason. Is this another reason you're getting rid of video games (besides for more store space)?

#257 7 years ago

Yes the whole back wall...we've had a lot of pins in there before but again, earnings don't always equate to the value of having the pins in there...

Freddy is going in today so the entire wall is now all pinball...

I always get rid of video, just basically moving the stuff to storage but I sell from time to time, I would say a machine a month usually I sell...

#258 7 years ago

Baywatch pending sale tomorrow so it looks like I'm in on Sunday.

#259 7 years ago

Cool! I knew you'd find a buyer. See you then.

#260 7 years ago

Are we still on for tomorrow?

#261 7 years ago

I'll be there.

#262 7 years ago

Crashdance: When you come to the arcade tell me if you have an idea what the interference is on the display for White Water....I already tried the cable but haven't messed with the power part to the actual pinball power board, only to the display board...you'll see when you get there tomorrow....not sure if I need a new display or what...seems like it would be fine but things are "happening"

ONly other game down is Bride of Pinbot until we put a bridge rectifier in it

#263 7 years ago

2pm.. I'm there.

#264 7 years ago

DreamTR what kind of behavior are you seeing on the display? Just random images or lines/static? I've been wanting to meet you again.

#265 7 years ago

random images and static

#266 7 years ago

You should do a memory page test for the display. Usually issues like this are due to backbox connectors or bad DMD memory. I don't know where the test is listed but look under utilities and you might find it.

#267 7 years ago

And Pintucky had to drop out by the way.

#268 7 years ago

I really enjoyed our Game Galaxy visit today. mystic, williams, you guys are very cool. Jason don't be surprised if you find a crapload of quarters in No Fear by the end of the day. mystic I found myself waiting on you several times to play it! Now you have a good idea of how it plays. It kicked my butt for sure. Are you still thinking about buying one?

As far as MY skills go: Earthshaker, Getaway, Funhouse, No Fear, and Elvira are still kicking my butt. The Getaway seems to be a little too fast for me, maybe I just need more practice. I'm getting pretty good at Fish Tales, Black Knight, Tron, and White Water though! Heck, I knew I wouldn't have enough time to spend all of what I originally planned to spend talking and playing with you guys.

My riding buddy is also an up and coming pinhead. He now says Black Rose is his favorite game, just ahead of Black Knight 2000. I started explaining to him how kickbacks and Magna-Save worked on BK2K, but I didn't actually get to show him a Magna-Save (the ball moves too fast)! I managed to lock ONE ball and lower the drawbridge a second time. I'm getting there. After all these years he's starting to realize that pinball isn't just about flippers and silver balls. He's really starting to like the game in general and appreciate the storylines/rules. I'm also explaining to him the difference between Stern, Bally, Williams, and Data East, as well as some nudging tricks.

And as for your machines Jason, White Water isn't neccessarily displaying random images, the picture is just distorted a little with missing pixels and evidence of vertical stripes during some scenes. Usually when you see something like this it's either bad connectors or bad display RAM. I thought about showing you the display RAM test but really it's pretty straightforward. I just don't know what diagnostic menu option it's under. And keep in mind the test can also pass even though the DMD isn't right. I believe you told me you already tried reseating connectors so I'm guessing the display itself is going bad (the RAM). Does anyone know if it's possible to replace DMD memory chips? Also, you need to consider a better connector for that Rottendog display in Whirlwind. I don't know if this is just Rottendog's questionable quality or if the cable is bad or something. You don't have to remove the playfield glass to get into the backbox either. And thanks for helping me out with the other little things. Oh, and that sucks about Dr. Who. A flipper rebuild kit is probably the best option.

Today was awesome and I look forward to meeting with you guys again.

#269 7 years ago

Nice meeting you as well.

No Fear may be in the house before the week is out.. had to do some "research" on it today. Jason, you may have to empty the coinbox on that one.

And apparently I have the pleasure of being the cursed Dr. Who player this time. First game no less. Oh well. Sometimes these things are temperamental. Hopefully the flipper just needs to be tightened down to stop the upward creep.

Edit: Forgot the minor punch list: GnR left slingshot switches need adjusting, it fires 4-5 times when there's too much vibration anywhere in the game.

Other than that (and Dr. Who obviously) everything worked perfectly.

#270 7 years ago

Nice meeting you guys too. No Fear is a nice addition up there. It was my first time spending any time on it, but it's a new favorite.

Let's do it again one day. The next museum day on March 31st might be a good candidate. Not sure if I can make it since I have a very pregnant wife, but who knows. She might be ready for me to be out of the house for a few hours by then.

#271 7 years ago

The earliest I can do is April. I limit my trips to once every 2 months, saves money. I will be looking forward to our next visit though.

#272 7 years ago

I'll probably be up there for the next museum opening if it's on the 31st.

#273 7 years ago

Jason the display test is T.11 for White Water under "TESTS" in the diagnostic menu. Let it run through the line test then you will see a RAM paging test. Tell me what the results are.

#274 7 years ago

Crash: I'll have Brandon run through it tomorrow...I don't why I removed the glass on Whirlwind today. I am pretty sure I was not thinking clearly, LOL

Dr. Who definitely needs a flipper rebuild kit.

Brandon will be diving in to these Tuesday since Rob is moving to Vegas and selling all his stuff (expect Radical to be at the arcade eventually) we have got to get Brandon trained sooner than later...

Hopefully he doesn't blow up the bridge rectifier thingy either =)

Good seeing you guys, thanks for coming out and supporting the place...I'm just happy someone walked in and bought a game randomly as well, LOL

#275 7 years ago

A couple of other small things: Whirlwind has a really weak ball eject solenoid so it often takes several times just to eject the ball into the shooter lane. Also, another ball wasn't served to the shooter lane when I locked ball 1, and all I could do was wait for a ball search to kick it out of the left lock lane. I would check those lock switches and rebuild the kickout mech, or at least replace the coil sleeve.

Also, Elvira has a stiff plunger, but I like it as it makes the game feel more solid. I'm sure Elvira herself doesn't mind it either.

#276 7 years ago

Was able to come in and play for quite a while on Saturday and a bit on Sunday as well. It was nice to see the place pretty busy on Sunday as most of the time I'm there it's just me playing pins.

I hadn't played No Fear prior to this weekend and I gotta say I really liked it but I don't know if a game like that could be a long term player for me. The lack of pop bumpers is a bit odd but understandable given that I guess it was designed as a "super flow" game.

I'm glad Freddy was brought into the arcade as I kinda like it even though the theme does nothing for me. I would guess that it's the type of game where liking the theme counts a ton.

#277 7 years ago

Aware of the Whirlwind stuff, will get Rob on that when he comes back Tuesday...ELvira stuff plunger was on purpose, that was from my house...

Dr. WHo flipper magically works now for some odd reason. Shrug. Sent board off for Bride, that won't be up for a couple of weeks...

#278 7 years ago

Mystic that's awesome you sold Baywatch to Jason, now I can't wait to try it out. I have doubt about the old Baywatch we have. I think display is dead and it has other issues... may have to end up parting it out despite the fact that it's in great condition like Frankenstein... By the way, any White Water updates? I recently reseleeved the upper right flipper on ours, it was getting really sluggish. It's strong again now. I should really do the same thing to Addams Family hopefully tomorrow if I have enough time.

#279 7 years ago

Hook will eventually come to Holiday Wash. I began work on our second Hook (we've actually had 2 all this time and the one previously on location is the crappy one). I got it to boot and play but just needs some coils, fine tuning, and general prep work. It will go in Cue Ball Wizard's place once we send it to another location. Seriously, the second one is much better. No mutant flippers, better cabinet, better plastics, less wear and dirt, no more air balls coming off of the plunge, and all drop targets are present. Should clean up nice. It needs a rubber overhaul. That's all I can do to it for now since my spring break is over. Oh, and the old one is going to parts. I've already started breaking it down.

#280 7 years ago

I don't know "when" Baywatch will get to the arcade, but it has to come out of the garage soon...when Rob moves to Vegas in April his Radical is coming to the arcade for sure and that's definitely an interesting one to play....

The display RAM for White Water tests out fine but it's got some weird problem still where it won't display all the characters. I ordered a new display for it so that will be here this week. Hopefully that does the trick.

Earthshaker now has the same problem it had last time with the new coil we got working for the kicker now stopped again..I know it has to be a board issue. Ugh.

Bride of Pinbot PD board is on its way to COin Op Cauldron

#281 7 years ago

It will be strange to pay to play the game I owned..

#282 7 years ago

Yeah the RAM test isn't always consistent but it was worth a shot. Radical is nuts, ramps everywhere. Definitely has that crazy 90s "skateboarding dudeness" to it, like Dr. Dude. That'll be interesting. I don't know if you saw where I posted about this a while back but when I played Earthshaker before you moved it out there was a solenoid continuously firing in the back. It sounded like a VUK. The switch for that was stuck closed and the CPU just assumed the ball was stuck there. It eventually gives up and stops but it put more stress on the driver transistor than normal. Something to consider. Test the transistor for that coil and see if it checks out. What's weird is the problem was gone when I last played it a week ago and everything seemed to be working.

Mystic those plated habitrails look awesome. I hope the game doesn't get too much abuse for the amount of work you've put into it. I'm actually surprised you sold it for use in an arcade.

#283 7 years ago

Other than a cleaning, new rubbers, LEDs, plated ramps.. not that much work really. Of course, maybe I'm comparing it to my other projects, which have all been much more involved.

#284 7 years ago

What's new in the arcade? Anything? Do you have a date on Baywatch?

#285 7 years ago

Crash: I haven't had a tech there in weeks...I'm not sure if Rob will be able to fix that, Earthshaker may have to go to Mike.

White Water is something else, so both boards are going to have to go to Mike. It's not the display as I just spent $150 on a new one for a spare I guess, lol.

Bride of Pinbot out til Coin Op Cauldron gets to the board.

Baywatch is not on my mind right now. Rob borrowed it until he moves so it can be out of my garage then it will head to the arcade before he leaves. I assume late April.

Radical will head to the arcade as well. Expect something to be pulled eventually but it won't be Monday Night Football because people play that.

#286 7 years ago

I do like me some MNF.. something about the field goal shot is satisfying.

#287 7 years ago

Yeah I've seen a couple of people playing Monday Night Football. Seems to be a popular game! Though of course I guess football will always be popular in this country.

#288 7 years ago

For some reason I always end up up playing MNF a few times when I'm there. Strange since I like football ok but not enough that the theme itself should really grab me.

When I first saw MNF it looked it would be pretty boring and thought I would try it once but the more I played it the more I like it. Maybe it is that field goal/extra point shot that really makes it fun (but it sure seems to lead to a lot of balls grabbing quite a bit of air and smacking the glass).

#289 7 years ago

Monday Night Football is a really cool pin.

A little weird fact about "why" I own the pins I do is because they all had something to do with when I was playing them in my younger days.

Bad Cats, Monday Night Football, and Back to the Future were all next to each other at a FUN N Games in Miami when I was in high school. They're all "fun" pins for me, not something I would own forever, but enough to want to own them at some point.

Other stuff like Elvira, Black Knight 2000, and Whirlwind were at Malibu Grand Prix, so I played those there as well in high school.

This doesn't mean I like "every" pin that was available then.

Malibu also had PlayBoy Data East, Simpsons, and Taxi. Simpsons I sort of liked, I never liked Taxi as much as other people; etc....so those just didn't last for me...

Other stuff I played (Big Bang Bar, Kingpin) I liked a lot, but I know I will never own them. Other stuff at the same location (Breakshot, Airborne) I couldn't stand very much...

I can say with 100% accuracy that too much is put into these "top 10" pinball lists and the majority of the time people try out the games and are hoodwinked on thinking those are the best games but never open their eyes to the loads of $1000-2000 pins out there that are wayyyyyy better than these other pins...

I'll still say if I had to only own 5 pins one of them would be Demolition Man. That pinball is more fun than Indiana Jones (and I like that one) and I would say just as good as Star Trek TNG. No Fear is another really solid underrated pinball. I just see that list and just cringe sometimes....Monster Bash? Wow. It's "ok". Cirqus Voltaire I run from. Medieval Madness is a very very good pin mainly because of the "extras" going on voice wise similar to Attack from Mars, a very solid keeping you busy pin. It's probably why I think AC/DC is such a piece of crap; there just isn't much there except for it being a glorified jukebox.

SOrry for the rambling! =)

#290 7 years ago

Great post! I like Cyclone, Elvira, and Taxi for similar reasons. In fact I was going to get a Taxi until I fell in love with Fish Tales and then I decided it does what I like about Taxi and more.

I played Demo Man again at the Louisville show and I still can't get into that one. Then afterwards I realized the pf looks like T2 on steroids and I don't like T2. When I play it again I will try to clear my head of T2 thoughts and maybe I'll change my mind!

I find Top 10 ratings funny because of the policing that goes on, moreso on ipdb than here. If a Stern sneaks up the list someone will quickly rip the game to bring it down. LOTR has been all over the charts. Tron is #73. Also I just noticed Jurassic Park has worked its way into the top 20. I expect b/w fanboys to take care of that by end of day!

Not sure if this was already asked but are you going to get Oz for the arcade?

I'm going to be over in that part of town today so I'm going to try to stop in.

#291 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

"Cirqus Voltaire I run from.

How dare you.

But I'm the guy looking to replace his TZ with Sopranos, so what do I know?

#292 7 years ago

I'd say the Wizard of Oz is the farthest game from his mind. He already made a special effort to get us Tron pro, and I greatly appreciate that. It's the first time I've ever gotten to play a game that new.

#293 7 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Great post! I like Cyclone, Elvira, and Taxi for similar reasons. In fact I was going to get a Taxi until I fell in love with Fish Tales and then I decided it does what I like about Taxi and more.
I played Demo Man again at the Louisville show and I still can't get into that one. Then afterwards I realized the pf looks like T2 on steroids and I don't like T2. When I play it again I will try to clear my head of T2 thoughts and maybe I'll change my mind!
I find Top 10 ratings funny because of the policing that goes on, moreso on ipdb than here. If a Stern sneaks up the list someone will quickly rip the game to bring it down. LOTR has been all over the charts. Tron is #73. Also I just noticed Jurassic Park has worked its way into the top 20. I expect b/w fanboys to take care of that by end of day!
Not sure if this was already asked but are you going to get Oz for the arcade?
I'm going to be over in that part of town today so I'm going to try to stop in.

Wizard of Oz is $6500. Tron was about $4300 and only makes (or has made) an average of $20-25 a week so it's made about $800-900 so far and that's not good for a pinball. I don't see spending more money on a game that people aren't going to get but I am more than willing to let someone do a revenue share with me on Wizard of Oz if they want to bring it into the arcade, I have no problem with that

I don't really think Demo Man is anything like T2. T2 and AC/DC are similar, and parts of No Fear are like that as well, but NO Fear has a lot more "stuff" going on with it than T2 (which can seem super repetitive) and AC/DC. Since all three of those are by the same guy, you can see why...

Demo Man has a lot of interesting stuff: The Cryo-Claw, the 4 levels of multiball, the "combo" system, the triggers which allow for trigger combos, the secrets by holding down the buttons on top of the triggers in certain parts of the game, the Quick Freeze setups for locks are neat, everything about the game flows very very well...

Yeah IPDB people are smoking crack sometimes. I really think that list is poisoned.

If I had to make a "definitive" top 10 you can't really "rank" a pinball based on what people think, they should be "grouped" as a Top 10 instead of ranked specifically. A good example video wise is Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. Those two games are heavily overplayed but you can't deny how "good" they were/are for the time even.

Good example: Addams Family. Probably the best pinball of all time. Will I play it nowadays? Not as much, but you still can't deny how great it is even if it is super overplayed.

If I had a top 10 list of best ones I would place these in the fold:

Addams Family
Attack from Mars
Elvira and the Party Monsters (best WPC 89 pin, and arguably this series revitalized interest in pinball)
Medieval Madness
Demolition Man
Twilight Zone
Star Trek The Next Generation
Theatre of Magic
Fun House

As much as I personally like Sopranos and No Fear, I don't think they need to be a part of this list..Batman Dark Knight and Spider-Man are very solid pins that should be in the top 25 for sure. Tron is by far Stern's best pin and a shame if people don't like it because of the theme or are willing to give it a chance.

#294 7 years ago
Quoted from williams:

DreamTR said:"Cirqus Voltaire I run from.
How dare you.
But I'm the guy looking to replace his TZ with Sopranos, so what do I know?

LOL Sopranos is fun

VOltaire looks pretty. Don't get me wrong, I've TRIED to like that game many times, but it's just a nice game to look at. Heck I used to OWN one and traded DOWN for Scared Stiff. There is not a lot to do. It's purposely made for people that are into the 70s-80s "style" of pinball but wanted something amazing to look at. Gorgeous machine but boy is it overrated. I'll take 50 pins over that any day of the week.

#295 7 years ago

Love me some Tron! It just kicked my butt and I enjoyed every moment of it. Also I agree with you guys, No Fear is great. Hope that one stays for a while.

FYI the upper gate isn't opening on Fish Tales so you can't advance the captive ball. Yours is set up way easier than any I've played. No lightning bats and it's not steep or crazy fast. I would go as far to call yours forgiving. Not saying this is bad, just a very different experience. You guys should get out there and set some high scores before it gets adjusted!

#296 7 years ago

Not my Fish Tales, that is Jay's....you're right, that one is easy, but for some reason I'm the only one here who has their name up on it and I haven't played it since he brought it in to the arcade

#297 7 years ago

Haha, split the losses on WOZ because pinball doesn't make money. Good one! In all seriousness, I am certainly more than happy with what we have now. I suppose you could say I'm a "bang for your buck" player since the last 2 times I spent over 2 hours there I didn't even blow $10. I suppose part of that is because I had Pinsiders to talk to, but I still spent about 80%-90% of my time playing.

I'm finding out that I'm really beginning to like Elvira, more so than I ever have. I'm sure that's because I'm playing a machine in great shape and I can understand the rules more now, compared to playing it 10-12 years ago when I was only 8 years old on our beat-up fixer-upper machines (which is what I'm used to in case you didn't know). I enjoy the nostalgia but it's mainly the sound and music. Now I'm trying to actually get somewhere with the game so I can see more.

Quoted from Erik:

FYI the upper gate isn't opening on Fish Tales so you can't advance the captive ball.

Ah! So that's why I had trouble! I think I lit video mode once but couldn't start it for some reason.

#298 7 years ago

Radical is making its way in sometime tomorrow "hopefully"

Bride of Pinbot moving to storage for a bit...

#299 7 years ago

Man I didn't even see Bride when I was there. Would have liked to have put some games on it. Guess I had tunnel vision for Tron. Hoping to get back out there this weekend for more Tron and surprisingly No Fear

#300 7 years ago

Bride has been down for a bit, probably why you overlooked it.

Is there a museum date this month?

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