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#101 7 years ago

ID's isnt even on the pinside map. I've heard the stories of them doing GG wrong, but I haven't played IM or RS so I think I can suspend my beliefs for an afternoon and maybe tilt their pins a few times. I'm all about the strange.

#102 7 years ago

I've had this up for the past couple of days but forgot to link to it here.

#103 7 years ago

crash, you need to tilt your camera about 10 degrees skyward. I can't see jack.

#104 7 years ago

It was my stand. I left the good one at home. I'm getting a new flexible one that sits about 4 or 5 inches tall, so that one will get better results. If IJ is still there when I visit again in 2012 I will film it again. And possibly the other two games as well. Check my previous three videos, they have better angles and a full shot of the DMD.

1 week later
#105 7 years ago

I'll be putting White Water back in the arcade before XMAS, it has been fixed, just been lazy about getting it in the place...got a Nightmare on Elm Street that may go in...and a Lord of the Rings going to my house tomorrow, lol

#106 7 years ago

Bring in the LOTR!

#107 7 years ago

Whitewater and Freddy in yet? I'll be there tomorrow to drop you some quarters!

#108 7 years ago

Great! My last game on Indy ended with "This is how we say goodbye in Germany." Oh yes, the machine knows who I am.

#109 7 years ago

Whitewater still is not in yet...I need Simpsons to sell before I can move it in...Freddy is waiting as well...

No way LOTR is coming in there ever... = P

#110 7 years ago

Well I haven't played your IJ yet, so at least I have that to look forward to today. It is still there, right? I guess I'll find out in a few hours.

Quoted from DreamTR:

No way LOTR is coming in there ever... = P

So when is your LOTR open house?

#111 7 years ago

Doh! Where did the Hook that was at wash world in lebanon go crash??

#112 7 years ago

Ok I JUST put in White Water....

It's 25 cents per play ; )

Mystic: I need to get a bridge rectifier and a display that I ordered first before I even play it myself = P

#113 7 years ago

Bah, I was there Friday, one day too soon for the WW. Oh well, the games were in GREAT shape when I was there. IJ and AF both looked kinda dark but everything played perfect.

#114 7 years ago

Probably because Addams and Indiana Jones are in the darker part of the arcade =P

Took me a minute to figure out "AF" as I still will never get used to why pinball guys use abbreviations for pins...we don't call Sinistar SS or Ms.Pac-Man "MPM" or R-Type "RT" for arcade games or anything....

#115 7 years ago

My favorite machine on 25 cents?? Oh yeah! mystic, you must not have seen the post. We pulled it last month because the power supply went out. We also pulled JP from the Holiday Wash location. Earlier when Frankenstein was on location at the rec center its PSU was destroyed by yet another power surge. We put JP Lost World in its place and pulled it because of a locked on transistor. I know, not enough reason to pull a game but the winter months literally don't make any money since the place is obviously more summer-centric. Now the only pins we have left on route are Cue Ball Wizard and The Addams Family at Wash World. I doubt we will be routing any more before the company collapses, possibly next year or the following year.

Edit: Come January I'll be GG bound if the weather isn't bad!

#116 7 years ago

Sorry to hear it.. but.. does that mean there's going to be a liquidation sale?

#117 7 years ago

Not anytime soon. If we do ever sell the stuff the plan is to sell everything off as a whole to a single party. But that's too far into the future to be seen right now.

#118 7 years ago

Hey guys, just giving you a heads up on "Christmas" week collections on our pins...keep in mind this is the "busy" time of year, but the reason behind this posting is I know there are more people that play pinball out there, but a lot of people are not really "regulars" into the arcade, coming only once in a blue moon...

These are weekly totals:
Bride of Pinbot-7.50
Whirlwind 5.75
Black Rose-4.50
Fun House-9.75
Monday Night Football-16.75
Tron 17.50

Now...since we have opened, we have a Street Fighter IV community that comes in 1-2 times a week and we have a "fight night" usually but consistently that game makes $125 a week overall (3 setups and mostly console) but that pretty much dwarfs this and the cost is small in comparison to pins and maintaining them.

Do you guys want to try a "pinball" night or something once a week because I can't leave some of the big pins in here if no one will play them....Bad Cats and Phantom of the Opera will make just as much as the $2000+ pins as you can see with Monday Night Football romping...

#119 7 years ago

Sad that at least $35 of that is from me.

#120 7 years ago

I like the idea Jason, but I really can't come during the weekdays. The best time is the weekends, so the best thing we can do is try to get some guys together on a Saturday. Mike, we must get together again soon. I'll see if I can make a late January trip if it isn't too cold. Most likely we'll get some snow during that time but we'll see.

#121 7 years ago

Elvira making the least of all pins is a travesty. Honestly I'm pretty sure it's a crime in this state and I will take this up with the district attorney.

I'm one of the guilty ones that doesn't get there very often, just due to it being inconvenient for me to get to. Haven't been there in a couple weeks but I'm dying to come by and try the White Water and Elvira again. Maybe if we get the middle TN pin community going enough we can start a league, make GG part of the rotation, and bring in some extra bucks for you guys

#122 7 years ago

Good grief, I hope it can stay. White Water's calling my name though. Also Indiana Jones!

#123 7 years ago

Crashdance, you know anything about Power Driver Boards? I have one stupid C252 out on a Sega Stern one and Radio Shack doesn't carry the dumb things...any idea where I can locate one? It makes LOTR blow fuses each time, ugh...

#124 7 years ago

Is this what you're looking for? A .01uF 100v ceramic capacitor? Part # 125-5029-00 on the I/O Power Driver Board?

If so, great plains elec has them for 10 cents.

Product ID: CCA-0.01uF-100V
Capacitor, Ceramic Axial, 0.01uF, 100V
Discounts Apply !
20% Discount for purchase of 10 or more

Capacitor, 0.01uF, 100V, Axial Ceramic
Manufacturer: Varies
Price: $0.10


#125 7 years ago

Thanks Mystic...I knew it was a 10 cent part too....I couldn't find info in the manual but the schematic had the value assigned to the capacitor....I hope this gets her working...

#126 7 years ago

mystic, great find. Let all Pinsiders always help all Pinsiders.

#127 7 years ago

I had to order $5 worth, so I have a few of these now, lol.....

#128 7 years ago

Valinor here you come! Good luck!

#129 7 years ago

And the Hickory Hollow mall falls farther into despair..

First Sears, Kmart closings revealed


— Tennessee (4): Sears in Antioch, Cleveland, Oak Ridge;

#130 7 years ago

hey guys ...anyone know what happened to Mike Chestnut? I heard he's had surgery..did he wreck his bike?

#131 7 years ago

Stop the pinball talk guys, this has me worried. Is the mall the only place in Antioch with a Sears? If so this means one of two of the mall's major remaining anchors has now jumped ship. Macy's is likely to follow too. Jason is Sears still open, or do you know anything about it? If it's closed, what will this mean for the mall and the arcade?

Edit: The site lists the mall as the only location...

#132 7 years ago

Haven't heard anything about Mike although I saw him a few weeks back. Hope he's okay, bike wrecks can be nasty.

#133 7 years ago

Is this Mike in Gallatin? Pintucky this is the guy who was working on your Frankenstein right? Anyone have any info on the mall?

#134 7 years ago

Yes, this is THE Mike Chestnut whom I took my Frankenstein pin to for repair in Gallatin. The wreck happened just a couple of days after I left it. I was to come back the next weekend and pick it up.

Mike had surgery this past Tuesday night. He has had a motorcycle accident before and had a leg amputated below the knee. He re-injured that same leg. The kneecap was crushed or broken in 4 places. They did surgery on the knee, and I understand he has a broken arm too. The information I got was that they might have to do surgery on the arm later on because he had a pin in it from the first accident.

He is going to be slow to mend. Looking at 6 months. I believe he has a cast on both his leg and his arm. This is such a shame. To me, Mike is the PREMIER pin repair person in this whole part of the country. He is a perfectionist and really knows what he is doing. He has the chrome and gold plating business he also runs and his father is stepping in to fill the orders. I hope everyone keeps buying this kind of stuff from him to help keep his income roling in. It appears it will be a long time before he will be able to amble around and repair the pins. It will probably be months before he can put any weight on his leg. I guess my ole Frankie will stay dead there and not come back to life until Mike comes back too!!!


#135 7 years ago

Holy crap, did things just turn really bad for pinball around here! Good grief Mike, you still have emails rolling in I still need to read! God bless him and I DO hope he has a good road to recovery.

#136 7 years ago

MC replied to my email last night,I think he'll be ok,just gonna take some time...thanks for the info Pintucky...let's all go up there and lock up his bikes..

#137 7 years ago

Well evidently the mall is NOT in any danger of closing. Thanks DreamTR for clearing that up. More pinball for everyone!

#138 7 years ago

The mall isn't closing but if we don't do well we aren't staying open...Sears is leaving completely in April...that means all fixtures, etc....I am sure the blowout tool fun and game fun will be soon....now our worst months are typically February and September but the problem is we are directly between two giant empty parts in the mall after April. JCPenney/Steve and Barry's and Sears...we are still adjacent to the food court but the money isn't great here....if I didn't have other stuff to do to make ends meet this place would have closed a LONG time ago. Each year I spend more money in the place than I make, that's a fact.......couple that with Rivergate closing and it's not a positive outlook.

If I can change this to non profit that would make sense but it's a tough road to do that, donations, etc. We need to just buy a building but the fact of the matter is foot traffic is the number 1 concern for us. As dead as this mall is, it is still more viable than any strip mall or location next to a theatre/college.....

I've wrestled with this decision quite a bit...I make more money if I go back to selling console stuff at flea markets...console stuff does well for me, arcade stuff does not (unless I was inside Rivergate/Clarksville, etc) but I do this for other reasons (for players who have not seen these games in years) but a lot of times people still won't come or only come once a year. I can't stay open like that, we need regulars and casual players....

Just know this...I have only one other location other than this right now (laundromat with 25 games) and I can't put pins there....if this place ever closes, I'm only keeping stuff in my garage (and that is way full) but I really do not want the place to close but if there is no business with Sears leaving, who knows...it's a pure guess these days....

#139 7 years ago

Well that's good news. I saw that story on yahoo and got worried. Gotta have my pin fix!

#140 7 years ago

The bottom line is the economy is not good, the market isn't there, and the mall has been rotting for years. There is some reason for concern but it's not as big of an immediate issue as I thought. I recall you talking about the arcade being profitable but that's been over a year ago. The main issue is most likely the fact that there is no appetite for arcade games in this country anymore. Especially since 95% of the regulars of the late 90s don't want anything to do with the new demographics that frequent the mall. We have several pinheads just in the Nashville area on this site but the issue is participation, and there doesn't seem to be a good answer to that.

Did that GMX Expo a few months ago do anything for Rivergate? I notice all you post on Facebook is about pinball. Do you really think interest in pinball is outpacing interest in video games right now, especially with the resurgence? Have you thought about holding pinball tournaments?

#141 7 years ago

I will say that if there was a bar/restaurant in town with a pinball machine, (ANY pinball machine) I would convince my wife to go out to eat there whenever we went out to eat.

I realize this is a much more expensive endeavour than we're talking about here, but making a point that I don't believe there's one place in Nashville I can go have a beer, a bite to eat, and a round of silverball (other than my game room).

#142 7 years ago

There is one place you can do that: Incredible Dave's has food (albeit terrible bland food) and alcohol with Iron Man and Rolling Stones to play.

GMX was just to be there, had nothing to do with Rivergate. The only reason we post anything on Facebook about pins is because people complain about them the most, that is why we do that. Arcades still are ok, just not so much in Nashville. Not enough people. If we were in Rivergate or Murfreesboro or Clarksville malls, the traffic would be insane...

Pinball tournaments like I said, when the locals here show enough interest more than once every two months coming in, we'll have tournaments. We have 12 guys here right now playing Street Fighter tonight, that is why we cater to them more because they have shown interest more so...it is what it is but not sure what else more we can do, we're still the only place in the state with a Tron...lol

#143 7 years ago

ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY TRON. *angelic music follows* Man, I've never played such a fresh and new machine. I'll be putting some more quarters in that one.

#144 7 years ago

Macy's just announced they're closing as well...

#145 7 years ago

I see that. Looks like our days are numbered. Did they announce a date?

Edit: They're closing in the spring. Here's a snippet from Wikipedia about the classroom plans for 2012:

"It has been discussed with Nashville State Community College that a campus would begin classes in 2012 in the former Steve and Barry's wing, but nothing has been finalized."

This should be finalized soon now that the mall's officially losing its remaining major anchors (I read there is still a junior anchor, what is that?). It may not mean the arcade will have to leave because it's located in the Sears wing. I would like to say the student regulars would be a great thing for the arcade but that is way too far off at the rate we are going at now. It's simply too little too late.

#146 7 years ago

Nashville State would actually be at Dillard's old spot (mall doesn't own that). I think they "just" started cleaning up stuff from other areas up there to prepare for them coming in for classes this Fall, but we'll see....been hearing this for years. There were 4 anchor stores when I came in, now there are 0.

The "junior" anchor is Electronics Express which took over the old Linens and Things after they closed.

We're down 20% from last year already in overall sales...with 2 more anchors leaving, there will be some decisions to make but these places won't completely leave until May.....

In other news, Kingsport auction this weekend. I don't anticipate picking up a pin unless I see a cheap Robocop or cheap Road Show or something....

Lord of the Rings problem is the Right Up Kicking Coil. That caused F20 to blow...I bought a new power driver board from Rottendog and played for 1 minute and that happened. The Magnet works fine and F21 did not blow (I put a 4A in there but only LOTR requires 4A in that spot) So I am awaiting on my coil and the spare board is getting repaired.....hopefully I can play my Christmas present to my wife before the month is up, LOL

#147 7 years ago

I was going to try to make this auction also but I have too much to do this weekend. I sure wish they'd have an auction in middle TN. Seems like they're targeting the same market when they alternate Kingsport and Winston/Salem. Let us know if you add anything!

#148 7 years ago

They have Auction Chuck in Nashville (last one was Nov) but no one brought anything...worst auction I have seen ever and usually they have ok stuff.

Indiana Jones is leaving for shopping this week and won't be back so play it while you can. made $4 this week and I am pretty sure that was mostly Jamie playing it when he came in but that tells you why I can't put these games in here....so come and play it while it is still here.

#149 7 years ago

Let us know how the auction in Kingsport goes. Was going to go but plans changed.

#150 7 years ago

Hold off on IJ please until I make a final encounter tomorrow! By the way, what exactly was done to WhiteWater? Just a shop job or other things like flipper rebuild or wax? Did you replace the Lost Mine kickout coil with something slower or will it still shoot out like all guns blazing, testing my ball trapping skills to the limit?

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