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#51 7 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

I only know because the White Water was sitting in the shop to be worked on when I dropped my board off for repair. Can't tell you how long it will take to get up and running again, but I'm very confident it will play great after Mike is finished with it.

I was at Mike's last Wednesday picking up my TOM and didn't see it in his shop..so maybe they have it already..I can text Jason and find out..

#52 7 years ago

Hey Crash I can't go on a weekday. Let us know how it goes tho

I am going to try to make that Louisville show. I might take my FH to sell/trade

#53 7 years ago

Erik, lets talk about your fh. I would love to add that one

#54 7 years ago

np, pm me for info

#55 7 years ago

TZ, can you text him to find out? Thanks. BTW, are you free Friday afternoon?

#56 7 years ago

Mike still has his WH20..what time Friday?

#57 7 years ago

Probably around 1:30 or 2:00. Perhaps we can all do some 3 player games.

Seriously though, how will I find you guys?

#58 7 years ago

TZ has to get a game repaired so he can't come.

By the way, I'm bringing a friend but I don't think he's too big into pinball.

#59 7 years ago

Just letting you guys know, I put Indiana Jones in there (Game Galaxy) (Williams one) today. I don't have a coin door so you'll have to talk to Richard at the counter to play it. $1.00 minimum for 2 games. It is NOT shopped out but everything works on it and is clean enough for play and flippers are strong and display is excellent. Sound was turned up and it's in the spot where Elvira was...

I turned Whirlwind off for now because I don't have a spot for it that won't blow up a breaker at the moment....

Road Show was sold (though I am not against buying another) and yes, Dr. Dude was sold.

In the arcade right now all working:

The Getaway
Indiana Jones
Whirlwind (off until we find a spot for it)
Monday Night Football
Bride of Pinbot
Fish Tales
Black Rose
Guns N Roses
Addams Family
The Simpsons
Black Knight 2000

In the museum for free play open once a month (next date is Saturday, November 26) we have Bad Cats, X-Files, Terminator 2, Back to the Future, Phantom of the Opera, and Rollergames on Free Play for $10 all day with 75 classic games.....

#60 7 years ago

And these old favorites (Pinbot, Funhouse, Scared Stiff) were sold in the past couple of years.

I am not against getting another Fun House or Scared Stiff but they are not high on my list..the next games I want are a little offbeat...

Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street (we had one before but it was not mine)
Road Show (yes I know I just sold one but I needed money for Indiana Jones)
Lord of the Rings
Indiana Jones Stern
Medieval Madness

I would bring other games but I am afraid they are going to get beat up and the pins just don't make enough money for me to justify but the ones I have not brought to the arcade are:

No Fear (new ramps, Mike Chestnut shopped out)

Theatre of Magic (originally at Game Galaxy, retired after Mike Chestnut shop out)

Demolition Man (one of the most underrated pins ever, much better than the majority of the $3000+ pins out there)

The Shadow (great game, way better than the movie, and Mike repaired some stuff on this one too)

Star Trek The Next Generation

Twilight Zone

Dr. Who

Tales of the Arabian Nights

I don't see myself bringing those there unless they can make $200 a month each, lol

#61 7 years ago

IJ? Now I wish I was going tomorrow... Thanks for keeping pinball alive in Nashville!

#62 7 years ago

Very nice! I can't even remember the last time I saw an IJ on location. Big upgrade over Roadshow imo. I'd like to see the Demo Man there! If you ever get the urge to sell/trade ToM/TOTAN let me know!

#63 7 years ago

Erik: I doubt I'll get to that point selling those machines unless I get a considerable amount of money for them....those two are in amazing condition...everything has a price but I don't "need" to sell them persay...

#64 7 years ago

Holy crap. Indiana Jones. I never thought I would see it again in person. I have some fond memories of playing IJ when I was really young. The sounds are the most nostalgic.

Pinside Map updated!

#65 7 years ago

I'm definitely gonna have to get out there and play IJ...BTW Jason,Jim bought the rest of the storage unit..

#66 7 years ago

Duane: Awesome, glad he bought it that helped you guys out I am sure, lol...now if only Rob can get these Star Wars working =P

#67 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

Duane: Awesome, glad he bought it [] that helped you guys out I am sure

Sure did..thanks for hooking us up..

#68 7 years ago

Needless to say we didn't visit GG, some school work came up at the last minute. The next meeting will be 2 or 3 weeks into the future, on a Saturday. Weekends make the most sense for everybody. We can do some flash mob multiplayer!

#69 7 years ago

I work every Saturday but one day I will get down there. I'm in retail commission so I got to go in the the Saturdays in December. When the holidays get over, I'll call in.

#70 7 years ago

The museum is open this Sat Nov 26, so there will be plenty of pinball for everyone = )

#71 7 years ago

On Thanksgiving weekend? I'm pretty sure my friend will be tied up Saturday... doesn't look like I'll be able to make it until 3 weeks from now. And that's if I get him to go with me.

By the way, how does Indiana Jones play? There's gotta be all kinds of pinheads swarming around that one!

Edit: Asked him for the heck of it. This Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday afternoon should be good for me. Waiting on response.

#72 7 years ago

Possible gathering this Saturday afternoon. Nothing for sure yet. I've sent PMs to you guys.

#73 7 years ago

I didnt get one.. am I off the invite list?

#74 7 years ago

mystic, evidently I made a mistake. I thought it was you, not futurepinhead, who had a 6 hour drive. If you're good for Saturday afternoon then there's a chance we can get together.

If any of guys find out you can make it please don't make concrete plans. I don't know for sure if my friend will be available Saturday, he says he "should" be. But if it's not too much trouble to head to the mall on somewhat short notice, I say go for it.

#75 7 years ago

Indy plays fine but Rob needs to put another coin door on it so it's only 2 plays for $1 ask the guy at the counter stuff right now...

We have the museum for this Saturday because it is the highest possible time for mall traffic

#76 7 years ago

I would play the game more if it had a coin mech. Are you saying it would be 3 plays/dollar otherwise? There are too many other machines I like, so my $10 has to spread out.

#77 7 years ago

The $10 is only applicable for the museum, Indy is in the arcade. We just installed the coin door so it's back to normal and is on...

If Erik sells me his Fun House that will go back in the arcade since Silent Scope just sold (hint hint) =)

...White Water is still being repaired and Earthshaker has a problem blowing fuses still

#78 7 years ago

I usually don't spend over $10 so that's why. And the coin door is good. The last time I played Earthshaker there was a solenoid constantly firing near the far left area of the cabinet. It sounded like a VUK, so if that coil was firing a lot it possibly could've overheated, melted, and is now blowing fuses. But, I don't believe the CPU would fire the coil often enough to do any damage.

#79 7 years ago

We might have something guys. Tomorrow at noon, or just after. I'll confirm tomorrow morning.

#80 7 years ago

Just got back from the arcade, and Mike showed up not too long after I arrived. Great guy, evidently he hasn't seen as much of the popular games as I had thought. This was his first time playing Addams Family, and many others. We played some multiplayer and old school split multiplayer on Elvira (one flipper per player). Great fun!

I also met Jason for the first time. He showed us the new games, and Mike eventually wandered off to the museum. There weren't that many people there, surprisingly. Jason, the rear gate on The Getaway was contantly opening and closing. And the ball in IJ was getting stuck behind the left ramp, it still seems a bit confused. For some reason there was a ball constantly locked in the idol.

I got some footage but I'm not entirely happy with it. I shouldn't have left my stand at home! But anyway, I had some decent games and maybe I can get them uploaded within the next week or so. Pics:


#81 7 years ago

More pics:

fr_123_size1024.jpg fr_121_size1024.jpg fr_122_size1024.jpg

#82 7 years ago

Sorry I couldn't make it. It's too nice outside today. I'll probably end up there sometime tomorrow as it's supposed to rain all day.

#83 7 years ago
Quoted from DreamTR:

If Erik sells me his Fun House that will go back in the arcade since Silent Scope just sold (hint hint) =)

haha ok it's yours if you still want it. I got some replacement ramps and plastics coming from Chuck in STL later in the week if you want them.

Those games look good. I think they make a small overlay to cover the flipper wear on your Indy. I love your Elvira, I play it more than any of the others. Really underrated game imo!

#84 7 years ago

Erik: sounds good, just hit me up with your contact info....I actually think I can fit this thing in a PT Cruiser, lol....ramps and plastics fun, guess we'll clean it up some more =P someone asked if we were going to bring back Fun House for the museum yesterday...go figure...

Good meeting crashdance and pintucky...

Pintucky, Rob came in not an hour after you left and fixed the Indy problem ; ) so no more wild stuff, but I am going to take it to Mike sooner than later probably and just bring Dr. Who from the garage to replace it....

#85 7 years ago

Don't tell me you're taking Indiana Jones out! Although I do remember you saying you hoped it didn't give you too much trouble. But if you're considering it, why? The problem was fixed, or are there other reasons for it? No disrespect here but announcing a popular game on Facebook and pulling it out two weeks later just doesn't make sense to me.

#86 7 years ago

Crash . . . after you left Saturday I was playing it and a ball hung up under the left upper PF. We discovered there was some old bits of rubber laying around up in that area blocking it from rolling on down. After freeing the ball, the rubber bits SEEMED to disappear and then next thing you know it hung up again.

THEN . . . the video mode went haywire. The mode was somehow over-riding game play, or the reverse of this. It became unplayable and Jason had to pull the plug. He did the right thing. No use to risk any further damage. It needs a thorough cleaning, if anything . . .

#87 7 years ago

I feel so left out... Another time

#88 7 years ago

Ah . . . we were rather glad you didn't come. You would have hogged the pins!

We didn't stay too long. Got there around 12:30 a.m. and left around 3 p.m. It was such a beautiful day outside and it was kinda hot in there. I'd like to go back when it is a day much like today . . . rainy and dreary.

The owner of the place is a TREMENDOUS person who takes a lot of pride in what he has. It's a pretty good collection of pins. Many I had never seen or played before.

#89 7 years ago

Really! I had no idea, that is a major issue. Disregard that post then, Jason. If anything I hope you get it sorted out, try reseating the chips on the CPU board. It would be a shame if you had to pull it out, but I can see your reasoning now. Have enough people been playing it to justify keeping it in the arcade?

Pintucky, the details you have provided are much appreciated! I always want to know things that go on in the arcade.

Edit: Perhaps the stuck ball was confusing the system. It could've been just another unexplained thing that happened, like the game starting after you cycled the coin door instead of displaying "pinball missing." The software is full of bugs, even though you're running a newer version of the game ROMs (I know this because the game returned the ball to me after a wild bounce landed it in the outlane, I read about this). I did notice the fraying rubbers but didn't think they would cause any problems. Like Pintucky said, maybe all it needs is cleaning, or just some new rubbers. There is an explanation for it.

Edit 2: Ok, here we go. This thread talks about an issue with the game merging a video mode with normal gameplay. If you press start during Choose Wisely, the machine will start a new game while the current mode is running. The background music will continue to play, and the guy makes it appear as if you get locked out of the game. Is this what happened? What mode were you playing, was it the one where you had to watch the cups shuffle around and choose the right one? Something important to consider.


#90 7 years ago

Yes, it happened when it went into that video mode where the cups were shuffling around. Pretty good there . . . Crash!

I didn't know what to do, because you weren't there to show me !!! So, I pressed anything I could find! I started with the flippers but nothing would change. I fired the trigger but same results. I bet while I was fumbling around to figure out how to play the video mode I must have pressed the start button. According to what I read on your post, that might be the EXACT thing that went wrong!!!

Nice research!!!

#91 7 years ago

In that case, there is nothing wrong with your IJ, Jason! It's a common bug. The only thing that remains is those rubber bits, but all games can have this problem.

By the way Pintucky, the object of the game was to follow the glowing cup and choose the correct one after they were shuffled using the flipper buttons and gun handle. They move fast but I got it on the first try! 20 million points for that, I think.

#92 7 years ago
Quoted from Pintucky:

We didn't stay too long. Got there around 12:30 a.m. and left around 3 p.m. It was such a beautiful day outside and it was kinda hot in there. I'd like to go back when it is a day much like today . . . rainy and dreary.

Mike???? You weren't watching the Cat"s reverse the curse against the hated Vol's?

Thats what kept me away...

#93 7 years ago

You mean you weren't watching the Toppers dominate Troy?

#94 7 years ago

Crash: Indy is only here temporarily anyway not because of any issues with the game...I want people to enjoy it but it will retire to my garage after it gets shopped out but that is still months away...the issue being not enough regulars would play the game to justify keeping it in here...Simpsons makes a ton of money and that game is in average condition....yet I am selling it because I need room for other stuff so that tells you I'm not in it for the money, lol....

#95 7 years ago

TZ68 and Eric,

Yeah . . . I missed out on two good games Saturday.

I got up that morning and knew that our Nashville group was thinking about playing pins at Game Galaxy and I had always wanted to go to that place.

I decided to go . . . got halfway to Nashville and remembered that I had a Press Pass to Western's game and would be missing the UK game!!!

Kentucky had better relish the moment, for it will most likely be another 26 years before they beat TN again!!!


#96 7 years ago

Saw that Dave & Busters opened back up in Opryland Mall last week.. anyone know if they have any pins? Nothing listed on the website.

#97 7 years ago
Quoted from mystic:

Saw that Dave & Busters opened back up in Opryland Mall last week.. anyone know if they have any pins? Nothing listed on the website.

Was there last night...crowded as hell and zero pin's...incredible dave's in rivergate has a Rolling Stone's and Iron man though..

#98 7 years ago

Ha! I wouldn't visit Incredible Dave's for nothing. You don't kick out the only remaining arcade in the state with 15 pinball machines, over 100 video game cabinets, and who also happens to be a member of Save the Arcades. It's nothing but money. The people who worked at the mall had a really awesome place to spend a couple of dollars playing new and classic games in excellent condition every day. Now you would have to pay $20 or so for a "card" just to get in to play for some plastic crap prizes that will either go in the trash or sit on your shelf and collect dust. Besides, a local Best Buy should have Tron on free play!

Take my word for it. If you want to play some REAL arcade games, visit Game Galaxy in Hickory Hollow mall, Nashville.

#99 7 years ago

didn't want to sound like I was advertising for ID's..I think they did the GG guys dirty...forced them to leave for a big company that took two years to open up,and rumour was they almost didn't..but Jason and Rob have been in there playing their pins..they even made em turn the volume up on the "stones" so they could hear it..but yes their arcade is far superior..

#100 7 years ago

I called the Best Buy Magnolia locations in Brentwood and West Nashville and neither has machines on display.

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