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#1 12 years ago

I'm interested in seeing if there are more members local to Nashville, Tennessee. So far I've met jayhawkai and mystic. The reason I'm interested is Nashville has an awesome arcade with many classic video games and probably upwards of 15 pinballs by now. It's called Game Galaxy, and you can check it out at www.gamegalaxyarcade.com. Also search for their Facebook page as that's where most owner-to-player discussions happen.

#2 12 years ago

I live in the Nashville area and have been to game galaxy..nice guys..

#3 12 years ago

I'll have to check it out next time I visit some friends there.

#4 12 years ago

I'm not exactly from the Nashville area, but close enough to want to know who the Pinsiders near me are. I live in Bowling Green, KY, about 55 miles 'up the road'. I don't think there is ANYONE in this town who collects or knows pins. There are times I wish I knew other enthusiasts who might like to visit, play my pins, and maybe give me some tips on repair. I've got a Frankenstein pin that has me stumped! Can't get the DMD to working.

We should compile an email list of those of us in this area. I'll start: Mike Giorgio - 270-535-7210. Email: mgiorgio (at) insightbb (dot) com. I'm going to creat a new folder in my email address book to put 'our group' in so that we can easily contact one another.


#5 12 years ago

Not there anymore, but you guys are making me wish I was. As Pintucky already knows, I used to live in Bowling Green. I used to go down to Nashville with friends just for fun. Definitley not too far to meet other pinball people

Hi Mike!

#6 12 years ago

I'm always willing to meet some fellow pinheads. And I have got to visit with Mike and he has an amazing collection. Anytime there is a meet up let me know, I am not too far from Bowling Green/Nashville.

#7 12 years ago

Your JP looks great Crashdance, stopped by two of your locations yesterday. The Hook needs some LOVE!

I didn't do any laundry but I dropped a few bucks in your machines, mostly JP and AF.

#8 12 years ago

It seems so crazy now, a Pinsider visiting our locations. Not sure if you noticed but T-Rex on JP doesn't work anymore, just a couple of months ago the gearbox finally stripped. We don't have the money for replacements. And again, these aren't my locations, and I don't run the route. I tag along with my dad and help clean, repair, and of course, play test.

Yeah, I plan on jumping on Hook and giving it a good cleaning as much as I can, but I don't have the time to tear anything down. Our company simply can't spend time and money on the more detailed cleaning and maintenance anymore. Especially since we're pulling in only a small fraction from the route as we used to in the 90's. Not to mention a bunch of locations have closed as well. Plus the economy. It's just not good.

Did you notice the left flipper button on Hook is sensitive? I need to adjust the leaf switch, and please pardon the mutant flippers.

#9 12 years ago

I'd never played JP before so I didn't notice the T-rex not working.

The left slingshot plastic on hook was hanging off. I wanted to get the Novus 2 out of my car and take the glass off but it actually didn't play half bad.

Was really surprised at the amount of arcade games at the Hook location, it's like an arcade with washing machines! Although I don't think I'd be visiting either places after dark anytime soon.

Hopefully my $3-$5 contribution helped a little. If my main office was near there I'd be playing them on my lunch hour but I'd have to help you clean them up first. Let me know if you ever want to sell that Hook.

#10 12 years ago

you still have my info Mike?

#11 12 years ago

It must've been jay who was wanting to play JP again. Yes, Hook's plastics are trash. Even if we could afford replacements they're far too difficult to find at a down-to-earth price. I wonder if we have some spare sling plastics in the cabinet... we actually have a second Hook in the shop and I wonder if we could pull some plastics from that one. Or actually swap out machines if the other one is in better shape and just include the best parts.

Wash World? We have several games there, but they don't get played too often. The laundromat's owner is a nutcase and the place has no A/C. He's actually the one who moved Hook against the wall. Did it seem cramped?

Crime isn't really a problem in Lebanon, especially not like Nashville (recall the shooting one of our Pinsiders witnessed). Holiday Wash has internet cameras that are watched all day, and the visitors know this. I can't really say anything about Wash World though. Thanks for playing our games, and be sure to come back!

#12 12 years ago

Checking in!

#13 12 years ago

Did you visit Lebanon yet?

#14 12 years ago

Hi FlipperMagician!! Yeah, I caught your greeting to me at the end of the post
Was just thinking . . . you need my Fish Tales . . . it would fit right in with your line of work!

futurepinhead: I saw my name again in YOUR post! Gettin' popular here!

TZ68: Yes, I have your info SOMEWHERE!!! I'm going to have to hire a secretary to keep up with all my newfound friends here, and fit together their real names with their 'handles'!!! I just started my own 'Pinside' email folder in my Outlook Express where I can put names, monikers, and cities where each person lives in so I don't embarass myself and I can keep up with you guys.

jayhawkai: You just 'checked in', but maybe you ought to be 'checking out' those BOOKS and doing homework!!!

And lastly, "Crashdance22" . . . sounds like you are young, and sounds like you need ALL of us to jump in and have an old fashioned clean-up and fix-up party with all your pins! Only thing is, I'm not skilled enough to do anything much but use a wiping cloth and hold your drinks while you guys do the work!!!!!

We need to really work on making our own little 'club' here. 'Crash' got this thing started; let's not let if falter. I think we ought to try and meet up about every two or three months. I'm all for hosting a group (especially since I'm sort of in the middle [Evansville to Nashville]). Then, maybe we could go to wherever 'Crash' thinks would be a good place to gather. I'm writing down all your names and putting them in a separate place in my computer. I think I'll call it the 'Pinside-South Club', or 'Hillbillys from (Pinball)Heaven' , or SOMETHING like that!!!
Mike in Bowling Green, KY

#15 12 years ago

Pintucky, maybe some day if I ever get a machine for myself.

jay, checking in where?

#16 12 years ago

I like the hillbilly one, I'll order the shirts.

#17 12 years ago

I hope you enjoyed Hook mystic, because the power supply is now shot. It got down to the 30's one night. Now Wash World has no pinballs. Removing the Pinside listing...

#18 12 years ago

So you're saying it's for sale?

#19 12 years ago

You wish! If we do sell something one day I may arrange a thread on the site, but no guarantees. If we start selling it will be years from now. Sorry, no rescuing right now!

#20 12 years ago

C'mon Crash, I gotta start my pirate theme and GG wants too much for the Black Rose! I mean look at my wishlist! I'll trade you my working Mystic for it...

#21 12 years ago

It's not my decision.

#22 12 years ago

Just saying the offer is out there.

#23 12 years ago

I'll be sure to keep Pinside in mind.

#24 12 years ago

Jay, I never heard back from you. I'll see if I can plan another visit to the arcade. I'd like to get some sweet Tron footage in 1080p (I have the iPhone 4s). Also need to spend more time with BR!

#25 12 years ago

Where did everybody go? Has anyone been to GG lately? What machines do they have right now? I would really like to see Pinbot, Funhouse, or Scared Stiff return one of these days!

#26 12 years ago

Haven't been to GG in a few weeks. Was thinking about going to that "museum" monthly thing they had back on Oct 29th but I didn't get around to it. Might try and swing by the regular arcade this weekend sometime.

#27 12 years ago

I was at Game Galaxy a few weeks ago and they had HS2, DE Simpsons, Monday Night Football, WW, EATPM, BK2K, Sopranos, Tron, Black Rose, TAF, Dr. Dude, and Guns 'n' Roses. Even the listing on their own website was not quite up to date.

It's the sort of place that really brought back some old memories. Dirty carpet, windowless room, shopping mall...just like the bad old days! It's the sort of place I wish I could get to more often but I was in from Louisville.

#28 12 years ago

Nashville area checking in! Glad they added a Dr Dude. I need to play that one

#29 12 years ago

Yeah, don't get too excited. I forgot to mention the very important piece of information that we were actually there buying the Dr. Dude. But I can do a brief impersonation:

My life was dull, my life was drab,
'Til I acquired the gift of gab,
Always be excellent, never be rude,
Get the gift of gab from Dr. Dude!

#30 12 years ago

Wait, so he sold Dr. Dude? I only got to play it once!

#31 12 years ago

Yeah, I felt like a jerk when we bought it. Here's a working machine in a real arcade just like pinball is supposed to be. And then we put it into a truck and drove it to a basement.

Anyway, it'll be at the expo up here in March if that's any consolation.

#32 12 years ago

While you were there how did things look? How many people were there?

#33 12 years ago

I was there for about four or so hours. There were about five or six folks there at a time...maybe fifteen all day, mostly on the arcade side. Of course, this was a Monday afternoon. I guess that's not their busiest. I didn't have any problems with the machines except TAF swamp kickout being somewhat unpredictable. I wish we had something like that around here. Even if they don't sell beer.

#34 12 years ago

I want to get back to TAF. It plays so much better than the one we have on route, ours is really starting to show its age. The main problem is weak flippers.

#35 12 years ago

By the way, was WH20 there?

#36 12 years ago

What was the list of all the games there? I was planning on doing a 3 hour road trip if there is a bunch of great ones.

#37 12 years ago

White water is out for repairs, but should be in excellent working condition upon return.

#38 12 years ago

Dang, how long is it going to be out? FYI, a friend and I will be visiting the arcade this Friday, November 18 just after noon, if anyone wants to stop by and possibly meet me during that time. Jay, you guys are always getting good tips on what's current with the place. Where did you find out about WH20, and will it be back up by Friday? Really what was wrong with the game? Other than the small broken Lost Mine kickout switch issue it played good when I was there.

#39 12 years ago

I only know because the White Water was sitting in the shop to be worked on when I dropped my board off for repair. Can't tell you how long it will take to get up and running again, but I'm very confident it will play great after Mike is finished with it.

#40 12 years ago

Thanks. Do you think you'll be at the arcade Friday?

#41 12 years ago

No, wish I could. With finals coming up I probably won't be there until next semester.

#42 12 years ago

Mystic, Pintucky, Nate, Eric? Any of you guys?

#43 12 years ago

I can do fri at noon. Let me see if I can get some one to ride with me so its not so boring for 6 hours

#44 12 years ago

That's not fair Jared!!! I wanted to be there with you guys but I have a doctor's appointment that day that is messing up the whole afternoon!!! Grrrr . . . .!

I have already met you and Andrew (jayhawkai). This would have been fun.

I just wrote 'Crash' an email thanking him for trying to include me.

Be sure you show them your nose/quarter trick!!!


#45 12 years ago

I don't know an exact time yet, but most likely it will be more like 1:30 or 2:00. Hey, might as well hang around to make the trip worthwhile!

#46 12 years ago

Yeah Mike, I was planning on calling you and doing a drive through Bowling Green to pick you up. 2 hours company is better than 6 hours no company. It will be hard finding someone to go Friday but I will keep trying.

And Mike, I will be too busy putting quarters in pins and not my nose haha.

#47 12 years ago

Oh, and plan on going to this everybody.


EDIT: I just read that there is a pinball tourny where 1st place takes home a Space Shuttle!!!

I wanna win!

#48 12 years ago

I might just go to the Louisville Expo. I started to go this past year, but I was so new at this I didn't know anyone and I thought I might not enjoy doing it all alone.

In this short time I have been a pin addict, I have made SO many pin friends. I think it would be fun to go knowing people like you would be there. I need someone to take care of my old ass when I get more than 10 miles away from home!

#49 12 years ago

Going to Knoxville this weekend to the UT/Vandy game. Leaving Friday around noon so I'm out guys. Would love to meet up with you guys at some point but also note, I'm a banker, so I keep banker's hours...

That Louisville expo sounds great. I can see a second SS right beside my first...

Let me know how GG is looking and what games they have up and running. I got a line on a cocktail arcade cabinet I may be picking up in Knoxville..

#50 12 years ago

Jared, how will I know to look for you? Will you just be playing pins? Any specific clothes? Any specified social security #?

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