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Pinsiders are unique?!!


5 months ago

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    #51 5 months ago

    1. CPA
    2. Pizza maker (Pinkys Pizza Walnut Creek, Ca)
    3. 3d printing
    4. Archery
    5. First love with pinball (8 years old me) = family is Idaho that had a BASEMENT with a Mariner Pinball. Wait, you have abasement with a pinball in it... why do you even leave?

    #52 5 months ago
    Quoted from DavidCPA:

    1. CPA
    2. Pizza maker (Pinkys Pizza Walnut Creek, Ca)
    3. 3d printing
    4. Archery
    5. First love with pinball (8 years old me) = family is Idaho that had a BASEMENT with a Mariner Pinball. Wait, you have a basement with a pinball in it... why do you ever leave?

    #53 5 months ago

    1. CPA
    2. Pizza Maker (Pinky's Pizza, Walnut Creek, CA)
    3. 3d Printing
    4. Archery
    5. Family in Idaho with a pinball (Mariner) in their basement. Being from California where basements are NOT common, I was amazed. (8 year old me) -You have a BASEMENT and it has a PINBALL MACHINE?!?! Why would you ever leave???

    #54 5 months ago

    It seems we have a large amount of Engineers!

    #55 5 months ago

    Golf course operator
    Air Traffic Controller (ZAU)
    Kama Sutra
    I love beer and pinball. It's the new baseball and hot dogs

    #56 5 months ago

    1. Numismatist (see number 4)
    2. Numismatist (see number 1)
    3. Pinball, arcade games and coin operated games.
    4. Coin collecting
    5. My family has dealt in rare coins for 3 generations as a result of my great uncle who was a coin collector that ran a juke box, pinball, soda machine and cigarette machine route in Minnesota. Every time they would go through the coin drop, they would look for better date or variety coins that made their way into the drop that had collector value above face value.

    #57 5 months ago

    1.High school dropout, own Zoological Fabrication, design and build zoo exhibits
    2.Building skate ramps and skate parks
    3 skateboarding
    4 Herpetoculture (captive husbandry of reptiles and amphibians)
    5 I like yesterday's technology

    #58 5 months ago
    Quoted from ZooDude:

    5 I like yesterday's technology

    I like Yesterday’s technology also. Older concepts are simple to see, grasp, diagnose and repair. I’m really into 50s and 60s jukeboxes. I also build my own audiophile tube amps/preamps.

    #59 5 months ago

    1: Mech Eng/ MBA


    3. Basketball

    4. Juggling/Magic

    5. Enjoy hand /eye coordination activities

    #60 5 months ago

    1. Facilities Management Director/BS Arch, MS Civil Engineering, Masters Urban Planning, Masters Strategic Studies (Army War College)
    2: Just left Brigade Command, National Guard
    3. Home Improvement
    4. In a way, military service in the Guard - it consumes a lot of my time
    5. Positive childhood experience with Pinball combined with the variety of mechanical/electrical/woodworking/art/history pinball has - all things I have an aptitude/love for.

    #61 5 months ago

    1. Technical Manager
    2. Dept of Defence
    3. Kitesufing
    4. Acoustic Guitar
    5. Love turning my dreams into reality, and in a short time frame. First Mad Max and now Jaws. Plus lots of custom restos and tweaks.

    #62 5 months ago

    1. B.A. Arts Administration
    2. CDL/Tanker truck driver
    3. Beer/whiskey enthusiast
    4. Music/Film/Comic/Watch junky
    5. I got into pinball initially for nostalgic reasons. I love pinball artwork and am not naturally mechanically inclined, but I can putz around and figure things out, for the most part.

    #63 5 months ago

    None (hoping to change this if I can make this hobby into a career)
    Politics (cancerous, I know)
    Vintage electronics
    I enjoy using my hands, and the problem-solving which comes with repairing pinball and anything coin-operated

    #64 5 months ago

    1. Aerospace R&D on Pneumatic Control Valves for 25 years. If you fly commercially on any major airline, I had a hand in it. Cabin Pressure, Anti-Ice, Engine heating/cooling etc. Also do Military items.
    2. Porn Magazine re-subscription telemarketing lol. Got lots of stories from that job. Sorry if I caused a domestic disturbance when your wife answered and angrily denied that you had a current expiring mag subscription....
    3. R/C nitro aircraft, specifically- Freeflight (pre- r/c)
    4. Vintage Volkswagen restoration, and German automobilia collecting. Also Guitar and 3d printing.
    5. Tinkering, troubleshooting, restorations, electronics, mechanical aptitude. Just like messing with stuff and expanding my knowledge. Love 'bringing things back from the dead.' Also love taking windy walks to the mailbox to pick up Amazon packages- and in pinball there always seems to be LOTS to order haha.

    #65 5 months ago

    1: Physician
    2: Delivering pizzas (seriously, what a fun job)
    3. Camping and swimming
    4. Disc golf, basketball, hiking
    5. Nothing. I like flashing lights and dinging sounds.

    #66 5 months ago
    Quoted from UVAJED:

    I've once heard (Pat Lawlor I believe) that people who play and collect pinball machines are some of the most unique (awesomeness implied) people in the world.
    From the few people I've met within the last year, floating down this rabbit hole, I would definitely have to agree.
    Curiosity wants to know what makes you awesome and thinking outside of the cabinet!?!
    5 answers allowed:
    1: Current /degree/job or not (nobody's allowed to judge on this post). This is a fkn happy post. Lol
    2: Past job that you enjoyed
    3. Hobby
    4. Hobby
    5. Something that you're good/natural at that gravitated you to pins.
    For me...
    #1 Masters in System Architectural Engineering
    #2 Construction worker (built houses).
    #3 Electronics/computers/audio-visual/V.R. and beyond.
    #4 Golf
    #5 MacGyver. My favorite show as a kid and have always loved ripping things apart to se how they work and putting them back together.
    Your turn please, and go....

    1. Masters in System Architecting and Engineering/Active Duty - Program Manager for the B-2 at WPAFB
    2. N/A
    3. Fixing up classic cars
    4. Fixing up pinball machines (Class of 92-98 mostly)
    5. Tinkering at taking things apart, learning how they work and go back together (sometimes)

    #67 5 months ago

    1. Correctional officer @ a maximum security facility
    2. Teaching English as a second language in Jangyu, South Korea.
    3. Building weird shit
    4. Used to be skydiving but now it's spoiling my god daughter (yes that can be a hobby!)
    5. I'm good at pressing buttons....like....really good!!

    #68 5 months ago

    1.Senior Natural Gas Compressor Station Operator.
    2.HVACR Tech
    3.Played keyboards in bands for years.
    4.Electronics, music, R/C's, computer gaming, VR, collecting model railroads
    5.Like trouble shooting. Got bored one winter and restored an F-14, then a Sharkey's Shootout. Got hooked!

    #69 5 months ago

    1: Executive at a fast growing legal cannabis company.
    2. Software Engineer
    3. Pinball
    4. Travel
    5. I grew up with pinball and having been pretty involved in software development I can appreciate the mechanical aspect of it.

    #70 5 months ago

    1. masters in electrical engineering
    2. R&D in microwave and lightwave electronic systems
    3. ham radio, especially tube gear, also any vintage electronics
    4. classic Brit sports cars from the 1950's thru mid '70's
    5. enjoy finding, researching and restoring cool old stuff (duh!)

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