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Update: Pinside Roadtrip Part II: The Risk

By Tsskinne

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

One year ago I drove to Missouri picked up three pinball machines. Today I'm going to do the same. I found an ad on craigslist last night seller responded around 3 AM now I am on the road Craigslist is obviously not as trustworthy as Pinside but the games are very tempting but I'm sure many of you have seen them at this point I have four hours left have not heard from the seller hoping the games are there. I will try to track my progress on this drive and trip and hope for the best no risks no rewards just fueled up on Diet Coke and Cinnabon and I'm hoping for the best.

Last years trip.

#2 5 years ago



#3 5 years ago

Good Luck!

#4 5 years ago

Thanks Todd, fingers crossed it works out but regardless should be adventure. If games turnout to be a busy hopefully some pinsiders open their doors to me on my sad trip home to at least play some pinball.

#5 5 years ago

Map not pointing north makes my brain hurt.

#6 5 years ago

Remember, the left lane is for passing.

Good luck!

#7 5 years ago

Keep updating this for all us suckers that are at work right now.

Jealous you're on a roadtrip, picking up pins!

Good luck.. Can you say what pins youre nabbing?

#8 5 years ago

Hopefully TAF, FT, and T3. Will only be able to keep one do others for sale as of time I get them loaded into car but couldn't pass up the adventure. I'm probably just a sucker / fool but time will tell.

#9 5 years ago

New Map

#10 5 years ago

Last contact from seller was 3:18 AM eastern so pretty nervous about it at this point but would been pissed to see a thread from someone else saying they grabbed them when they told me I was first and I had all day today to come get them.

#11 5 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Last contact from seller was 3:18 AM eastern so pretty nervous about it at this point but would been pissed to see a thread from someone else saying they grabbed them when they told me I was first and I had all day today to come get them.

That thread should be posted about a half hour before you arrive. Since you've given away your destination and what you're after and all.

#12 5 years ago

If you're getting a great deal, you're doing the right thing. FIrst there with cash reaps the rewards.

Sounds like the guy works night shift perhaps. Hopefully he wakes up when you arrive.

#13 5 years ago

Good luck on the trip which of the 3 are you gonna keep ??

#14 5 years ago

I trust pinsiders, and I like to live through others threads so I'm taking the risk. I would be wise to keep TAF but might do T3 because every collector seems to have a TAF so I can always find it to play. By the way I'm using talk to type so I am hands free and safe on the road. Sorry if messages get typed funny. If a pinsider screws me on this I will hunt them down though just fyi.

#15 5 years ago

Just used the side of the highway for a bathroom break. No time for real rest stops. Regretting the 64 oz diet coke.

#16 5 years ago

Wow! Best of luck bro. Hope you at least got the guys number. If you got his number, you should be all set. Either way, I hope it all works out for ya. Drive safe.

#17 5 years ago

Haha no number all risk. Like I said probably a fool but oh well. Progress.

#18 5 years ago

Update. Contact with seller, now have address and phone number. Hopefully working out!!!

#20 5 years ago

Safe travels and be safe! Sounds like fun.

#21 5 years ago

Highly unlikely. May rent trailer once there if someone wants them if not going to get 2. Depends on condition and if they good deal.

#22 5 years ago

great thread!!! good luck! at minimum it appears to be a nice day for a drive.

I can feel the adrenaline of the hunt!

#23 5 years ago

Drive was going great until I just hit some rain. 1 hour 45 minutes to go. Stopped for a real restroom this time. Now in the hills.

#24 5 years ago

Almost there. LOVE IT!!! Finger's crossed for ya that it all works out.

#25 5 years ago

I'd never post details until the pins were loaded up/paid for.

There's lots of unscrupulous flippers prowling pinside. I hope you just didn't fizzle your own deal.

#26 5 years ago

Got to have faith in humanity and the fact that I'm driving with weapons in case someone tries to screw it. Everyone who would be a flipper sees the Craigslist ads too now it's just a road race. Hopefully I still have the lead.

#27 5 years ago

I'm rooting for you. Good luck

#28 5 years ago

I saw that Ad... T2, T3, FT and AF. Let us know would be interested in those titles at the right price. Didn't like the fact that they weren't pictures of the machines, just stock photos...

#29 5 years ago

Yep a 2500 TAF with no photos is a fun gamble... what will it look like? As long as its complete it should be worth the trip!

#30 5 years ago

Yeah total gamble but since I don't go to casinos this is my type of bet. If they are decent I'm just going to rent a trailer and snatch them all. I will take pics as soon as I am there. If anyone wants to see anything special just text me and I can send you the pics. He is saving TAF FT t3 for me. The rest are up for grabs.

#31 5 years ago

I will post address once I'm there too in case I'm walking into a robbery / saw style murder trap and then someone can at least come identify my body.

#32 5 years ago

Yep I played one of these bets a lil while ago, snagged a DrWho from deep in KY that wasn't especially cheap, but has been in a basement since 1999 and was really nice. Won that bet IMHO

#34 5 years ago

Awesome thread.

Take pics and post once (if) you buy them!

I think we're all living vicariously through you right now. I know I am.

#35 5 years ago

"Dad, are we there yet"?

#36 5 years ago

I just drove by there yesterday. Wish I had the funds to join you.

#37 5 years ago

40 minutes says the gps.

#38 5 years ago

If I spot anyone with a pinball related bumper sticker or license plate at this point I may run then off the road just to be safe.

#39 5 years ago

Just did one of these about 9 days ago. Over 500 miles round trip through PA. Nice day, blue skies, took the oldest boy, met a good Pinsider, got a good pin. Enjoy it.

#40 5 years ago

The Suspense is awesome!!

#41 5 years ago

Shit. Guy just changed the CL ad to $3500 knowing I'm only 40 minutes away. I am pissed!

#42 5 years ago

Still in this day and age wouldn't be a horrible price... maybe he will honor his word when you get there.

#43 5 years ago

For his sale he better

#44 5 years ago

This has made my day at work so suspenseful! Good luck!

#45 5 years ago

Well if anyone else is bored at work feel free to spam his ads on St. Louis and Columbia Missouri Craigslist

#46 5 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Well if anyone else is bored at work feel free to spam his ads on St. Louis and Columbia Missouri Craigslist

Wouldn't you want to hold off on that until after you get there and verify if he's going to stick to the deal?

#47 5 years ago

What if this guy is watching you post on here..

Looking on the CL you mentioned.. i see a funhouse? for $3600

#48 5 years ago

That's fine. I haven't posted anything wrong or bad.

#49 5 years ago

Yeah he has 5-6 ganes posted.

#50 5 years ago

Find out in a few minutes.

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