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#223 5 years ago

I'm a wagon guy:

my93RMW new woodgrain (resized).jpg

#237 5 years ago
Quoted from boost:

03 Tacoma 9" lift on 38.5" boggers

I gave you a thumbs up for the first pic but then had to flip it for killing a wagon. that car looked to be in decent shape, what a waste.

#239 5 years ago
Quoted from boost:

Haha, it looked good from that angle.
It was in great shape and loved it dearly but was t boned by a drunk driver that blew through a red light. It was totaled. Massive passenger side damage including frame. Also the front passanger where my tire is sitting was damaged from spinning into the car that hit me.

Its tough to collect and try to maintain a 90's boat like these, parts are so rare. So many of these were recycled and so always painful to see one lost. Nobody would have imagined that plastic not the metal has the most value, since thats what's lost for good and least durable.

If I had room, I'd keep a pile of them around for parts.

#242 5 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

I'd love to have seen that! I'm only 5'10" and there is little more than a couple inches headroom for me. Where in the heck would a power sunroof go??! I LOVE the folks that have made them into custom convertibles though.

Love those volvo's, especially the wierd little hatch wagon version.

#249 5 years ago
Quoted from willbeEM:

My original 2.8 EFI 1987 Camaro get hidden in granny's garage on top of a 6 mil plastic sheet and under a fitted car cover from Coverking. with a couple of moving blankets and a tarp over that ( moisture and dropped stuff prevention). Steel wool pads in the exhaust pipes(mice prevention), extra air in the tires (keeps them round), fuel topped off with a fuel stabilizer added (tank condensation prevention and ethanol in fuel ..yeck.), fresh synthetic oil in engine ( I heard regular oil can cause damage..pitting?) Battery removed and stored with a minder ( had one freeze solid once), Body was washed and waxed some dry sheets inside and mouse bait tossed underneath and see ya in the spring.

You should consider waterless coolant as well.

1 month later
#300 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

2016 Dodge Charger Scat Pack

I'm glad to see that dodge has finally stopped making all of its cars look like they have Ram Truck front ends. I really like the original concept charger that was closer to the late 60's style but can say the current version is pretty good looking. I wish ford lincoln or mercury would make another full size bruiser.

#306 4 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Are you thinking of the Challenger? That's about as faithful as you can get to the old muscle car look and still pass modern crash test standards.

When the charger first came out it, along with almost all dodge cars had a very 'ram truck' style grill and headlight arrangement. It was painful to watch IMO.

#344 4 years ago
Quoted from embryonjohn:

69 Polara 383 4 barrel:

I stalked a nearly identical Polara in St. Louis fro years. Left notes etc. I finally happened to drive by it one day when the owner was just going into his front door. I knocked a few times and he came to the door with a handgun. Glad I didn't catch him a few minutes before outside. I explained myself and went on my way.

I'm not a Chrysler fan normally but the late 60's early 70's full size 2door cars have always been a favorite. I've stalked a simmilar Newport and a couple Fury's. 71 and 72 Sport Fury's with hideaway headlights are my ultimate full size barge, especially in triple green.

71 plymouth sport fury gt (resized).jpg

#349 4 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

The new Ford Bronco looks pretty badass...

I hope it looks that good. That's actually a non-ford artist's rendering. I've seen a few different ones, but nothing from Ford. The upside, its garnered a lot of attention and publicity for Ford, so if they're listening, it should be one sweet pinhauler. Sadly think its not due until 2020.

1 month later
#404 4 years ago
Quoted from Travish:

Hey everybody. I got new mufflers today. How do you like them?

Nice Gran Marquis, guessing there's zero drone at highway speeds. If you haven't already, recommend some dumps at the bottom to clear out acorns and cooked rodents?

If I had that car, I'd never leave 1st gear and pour in a jar of Orville Reddenbocker in each side and hit the strip!

Kudos for something fun.

3 weeks later
#481 4 years ago
Quoted from Milltown:

My world of summer prep here in mass for my toys..
And yes my evel kineval project snuck in the pic...

Add a couch, a mini-fridge, and stand up shower and your living the dream. Great looking shop.

#487 4 years ago

Very nice looking 928, and aren't they all projects. They really didn't hold up, like the 944 the average buyer just were not collectors or preservationists and wore these cars.

Get your 928's and 944's now, now that 911's are priced out of 'project pricing' it won't be long before these go next. Same thing's happening with BMW's moving into the 80-90's body styles. Even if the bubble bursts, those prices won't ever come back.

Not that 928, 944, or even 924's or 914 will have the same gain's, they may get past affordable for the tinkerer.

4 weeks later
#516 4 years ago

Its a nice car, Smoking Tire has a drive as well, impressive balance and build. Its really a modern AC Cobra formula but with modern understanding of balance and handling. I'd like to see a comparison of these cars with cars at the same price point. At a combined cost (Car plus build) of about 75-80k, its has some stiff competition. I have to agree I like the idea.

2 weeks later
#550 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Bet you never thought you'd own an Australian built car!

Isn't that the last of them, I seem to recall hearing on MCM or someplace else that now both Holden and Ford are leaving Australia?

If so, very sad result of globalization, I was always a bigger fan of the Falcon over the Holden's but what now will be on the Aussie supercar circuit?

3 weeks later
#602 4 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

I have owned the '64 Nova for 35 years now and it has been through a lot of changes over the years.

That's a great look, I grew up in the pro-street era and missed the tubbed look. I imagine a few more years down the road and we'll see that style come around again just like Gasser and Street Freaks are hot now. Finger's crossed that this time we skip the 80's style graphics, bad color combo's, and painted bumpers.

4 months later
#852 4 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

So has anyone seen the Eclipse today?? I was lucky enough get a photo of it

Just like an eclipse to show up with a lot of bluster and then take forever to be less than impressive. When I drove a 5.0 Mustang back in the day, these things were like a plague and EVERY ONE wanted to race at any light. Even when my car was stock they weren't ever a threat. I could never understand if it was they 'seemed' faster than most or if their owners were.. well challenged. I have to presume if its damage maybe from making 'blow off' sounds of their own after each shift, and depriving themselves of much needed o2 to their brains.

bbbbbbbreeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...phsssss..brreeeeepp..preeebbbbbreeeb (missed shift) phsssss..

I will give credit to a wicked quick Lancer at the drag races this weekend. It was a genuine monster and looked like a light tuner at best. You wouldn't be surprised if you heard it running, but parked, you wouldn't think it had 30k in parts under the hood. It ran 8.5sec at altitude, so at sea level a high 7sec car (if it could hook up)

1 month later
#898 4 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

subframe connectors

I'll second that, and they keep the body in tact. Way back in the day when my friends and I all drove built Fox 5 liters on and off track, we were hanging out at a friends apartment before Friday Night Drags. From the 2nd story we were looking down at our line up and noticed the cars without subframe connectors were all cracking at the peak of the a-piller and windshield on the passenger side.

It was fun to see confirmation that we were doing it right, having fun with those cars. Glad to see the mopar guys doing the same these days.

#901 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Extreme parenting.

68 or 69? I had a 69 Fairlane and loved that dash.

#902 4 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

I just love the classic muscle car looks. The new Camaros, Mustangs, and Corvettes are better handling out of the box but their looks don't do it for me personally.

Agree but do like that its brought a LOT of new blood into the hobby. Sure a lot of milenials and some younger are leanding into ridesharing and autonomous cars, there's a real resurgence in enthusiasts. It may be a new golden period, but hoping that caries enough to keep a strong aftermarket and hobby.

1 week later
#906 4 years ago
Quoted from Jason43:

My 400hp family hauler. Bolted and running E85.

I like the little Mazda's but never see them modified. Is that all bolt on Turbo or is there an aftermarket to build up the mazda engines?

#925 4 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Picked up a 17 taco today.

Is that the new 'dumptruck' meal at Tacobell? Good thing you had that sweet pickup to carry all of those taco's and TP home.

3 weeks later
#956 3 years ago
Quoted from crlush:

Sold one of my rides yesterday

Great sleeper look and the you had the tire size dialed in. It looks planted like a bull dog.

1 month later
#979 3 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

Racedeck in their garage(s)

I've been in a garage with 3 year old race deck and it seems to hold up but felt like the vertical surface area was a dust and dirt magnet (and maybe dropped screws and bolts.) IMO I think it depends on the use. In a snowy climate where draining snow off is a factor, I think its in its element.

#984 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurium:

Here's my 72' Monte.....

I love that color combo.

1 month later
#1148 3 years ago
Quoted from someotherguy:

Chrysler 300 SRT8

These are miles better looking than the chargers.

1 month later
#1221 3 years ago

Drove 5 hrs out to New Mexico to pick this up yesterday. Its a 91 LX 5.0. AT car 2 owner. The first owner was an engineer in his 50's and he sold it to his mechanic, who I bought it from him and was his wife's daily driver. These are hard to find not abused. Wish it was a manual, but honestly if it was, it wouldn't be this clean and original. Will be a fun project.

A good pairing with my Roadmaster Wagon.

00S0S_1bGIAa174Qz_1200x900 (resized).jpg

#1224 3 years ago

Great looking cars. I prefer the stripper LX look to the GT, but glad there's both.

This has 195 k miles, very stock, not a drip or leak. I could easily drive it another 50k without a problem. I looked at a few built cars, many with what I would do, and realized if I went that way, all the fun would be taken away.

I'm going to eventually do a manual swap, 5lug cobra brake upgrade, full suspension, probably QA1, then rebuild the engine with heads/cam/intake. Maybe a 347 stroker. Its really an excuse to buy parts and tinker. I'm not in any hurry, I bought solid car so I could enjoy it as a driver and keep it off the road minimally as I accumulate parts.

I love the white but its honestly my 2nd choice. I really want it dark emerald green. 93 cobra wheels in gold or black (I can't afford those 4k Maker's versions but they are so nice), no center cap probably a custom tail and hood I design.

For the next year or so, the focus will be braking/suspension/interior small things. The upside is I was able to get in an affordable car that's not destroyed. It won't go down in value, so if I find a green manual I might swap out if I haven't installed parts yet.

1 week later
#1275 3 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

this is a forged 426 Hemi

1 month later
#1412 3 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Some people think they are going to make a mint in 35 years on cars today. They won't.

All collectibles go through this phase, a bubble. Cards, comics, toys. The auctions are driving up prices but doubtful it will sustain.

IMO buy a car to drive and enjoy. Presume it can be liquid but not at any dependable value, and in most cases, never at a higher value than when you bought it.

That said, market prices are a reality. I bought my most recent project because I felt like if I waited much longer, I'd be priced out. Already asking prices are 1-2 more in 6 months. Are they worth it, probably not, but those owners are sitting and waiting trying to 'get in' on the rush.

1 week later
#1426 3 years ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Added this new item to my Mustang

Nice notch!

3 weeks later
#1495 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Gotta go with 30 inchers.....

Not for me, but can appreciate that they had their own vision. As a car guy and especially one that only imagines customizing a car, anyone who takes a car in a different direction than I do has something in common with me. I can appreciate that.

#1499 3 years ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Quoted from Roostking:

Yes. Anybody looking forward to autonomous cars and the lack of freedom of movement isn't a car person. Not sorry but have a great Sunday!

I can not contemplate using a driver-less car for personal use. If all you want is to go from point A to point B, there is a definite future and purpose.
For the independence, freedom and joy of driving, this is like a stake in the heart.

Ok, yes I would love to get some of those idiots out from behind the wheel... (:

The risk and future problem will be if they ever limit non-automated drivers from the same roads. IMO the upside of automation is getting people who don't like to drive and aren't good at it, away from their own incompetence, making my drive much safer. Neither is perfect, give the option of who I share the road with, I'll trust a mindless robot over a distracted idiot any day.

3 months later
#1604 3 years ago
Quoted from EasternBloc:

Did a quick search and didn't see one of these yet. 1967 Trabant 601S; the pride of East Germany. Won't hold a pin or win any races, but good cheap fun.

I love these little eastern block cars, but my favorite will always be the Lada Niva. Think Yugo built like a tank, 4wd with farm tires on it. They can go anywhere.

3 weeks later
#1632 2 years ago
Quoted from camcamaro1991:

2009 CTSV, Good ol American muscle with a hint of luxury w/4 doors, maintenance is a breeze.

Almost perfect but you have the other model with that weird trunk. I dream of having a wagon manual.

4 months later
#1736 2 years ago
Quoted from Bundy:

My summer cruiser. (The one in the second photo and the one last in the line of 4 cars on the 3rd photo).
The car is an Indigo 3000 made by a company called Indigo Cars in the late -90.
In total 41 cars were made and mine is #35.

Interesting car. I had to look it up. Volvo drivetrain, and noted to be updated for a new run in 2018 (no detail on Wiki to udpate or delay)

Very interesting niche. Wonder how it differentiates from the Mazda or BMW coupes that would fit in this category.

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