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PINQUEST is here!


10 months ago

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    #1 10 months ago

    Hello fellow pinheads! We had our soft launch of PINQUEST this last weekend at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown. We wanted to take a moment to share what exactly we are about as well as some photos from our launch.

    First of all... what the heck is PINQUEST you ask?
    PINQUEST is a web app that bars and arcades will use to give players something new and exciting to play for(prizes and digital achievement trophies). A location will subscribe to the PINQUEST app and have access to set up “quests” at their specific location. PINQUEST will be free for the end user(player), and have a small monthly access fee for locations.

    What’s a “quest”? A quest is a series of “missions” or target scores, on a bank of pinball machines. For example, Stern sponsored a “quest” for our launch party that had target scores, or missions of the following: The Munsters-75,000,000 Deadpool-400,000,000 and Black Knight Sword of Rage-100,000,000. Once a user completed the target scores they were rewarded with a translite of their choice from Stern.

    Upon all quest completions a digital trophy is rewarded to the user and stored in their “trophy case” as well. The trophy is a way to show off to your friends via social media, as well as remember the location and scores that you completed the “quest” at.

    For now, each location will be responsible for providing prizes. A prize can be as simple or elaborate as desired, just make sure scoring is set accordingly.

    How does this work as a user(player)?
    A player will log in to the PINQUEST web app and search for participating locations using GPS. A list of locations within a user defined radius will then appear, as well as how many active quests they currently have available.

    Once a player starts a “quest” they will be required to prove their score upon each mission completion. Upon mission completion the user will have to do a few things to prove that they achieved the target score:

    First they will be required to take a photo. A camera icon will appear that ONLY allows for a new photo, and will NOT allow the user to access their photo album(to prevent cheating). The user will be prompted to make sure the photo CANNOT have a high score or grand champion score with in the photo.

    The user will next have to input the score. If the score does not match the photo score, the mission completion will not validate.

    Upon mission completion the app will GPS stamp the submission to make sure the score was actually achieved at the specific location hosting the quest.

    To prevent someone from cheating and using the previous players score, each score submission will have a specific time period where the exact same score cannot be submitted.

    When all missions with in a quest are complete, a “claim prize” button will appear. A user will bring their mobile device to the location staff where a member of the staff will then enter a unique PIN number to the location. The users photos and target scores will appear for validation by the staff. The staff will see score, gps stamp, target score and achieved score. If all of the missions were completed correctly the staff will validate the “quest” completion and reward the user with their prize and the app will automatically reward the user with their digital trophy.

    Pinquest will have a few additional features as well such as a leader board to show who has the most trophies within a specified region, as well as in app advertisement space for vendors and locations.

    The success of PINQUEST will heavily rely on locations getting on board. If you are interested in signing up your location, or if you have a location you would like to see offer PINQUEST, please contact us at info@playpinquest.com or visit our website for additional information www.playpinquest.com

    If you would like to test the app, please visit our website and click the red button to launch the web app. I have set up a demo location called “PINSIDE” within the app. Please use the zip code 80205 to search for the “quest” please note I will delete this location when we officially go live.

    We will be hosting a few additional test sites through June in the state of Colorado. But plan to go live nationwide July 1st. Pricing will be announced soon.

    Lastly if you had the opportunity to play PINQUEST at RMPS please let the world know what you thought!

    Enjoy the photos from launch!

    We truly appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you get to experience PINQUEST soon!


    5075317D-5FBF-4938-A059-74E6C9DB1728 (resized).jpegF25F463B-9EF4-41D6-8D3B-90B8855C1953 (resized).jpeg2C396B9C-AB7B-4982-A658-C08B4A0B9175 (resized).jpeg04B579A2-3428-498D-9D3B-115C082E9024 (resized).jpeg070198B6-13F9-48B2-80FA-E46592671D79 (resized).jpeg153D98A3-4D08-4E83-90CF-7CFCEA012784 (resized).jpeg16E7688A-E344-4DE5-83C5-FF667B477ABE (resized).jpeg20C0D680-A52E-4B29-BC83-CE1460A3E895 (resized).jpeg2197BC53-77C0-4FA9-B121-BC82E86D37FF (resized).jpeg3234A191-CC0D-48BA-8DA8-D72952A1D44F (resized).jpeg338EAF4A-AC45-4FB0-9A98-4DB6CFFABD30 (resized).jpeg353D83B3-9DA3-4F9B-B0CE-615B190987FC (resized).jpeg357DEDF2-41FD-4A30-84D0-224CD24D61D7 (resized).jpeg411436DA-5A30-4DD8-B612-19ED0BB644E8 (resized).jpeg418F86E4-DFCE-4329-8192-99C683BA9D96 (resized).jpeg42FFF9D1-C774-4BF7-BD99-70783D1A5A17 (resized).jpeg44D10375-9E12-4E11-BC31-E50250D41C03 (resized).jpeg4F3CC787-8D84-4FED-8D22-B634AAB32FEF (resized).jpeg57CF9DE1-CD03-4B46-BF7C-AF54BBFC71DD (resized).jpeg60E7044E-4F7D-48B3-A3AA-30E579285C38 (resized).jpeg62CD440A-8471-4D09-B658-B6ABA9FD97F1 (resized).jpeg64733248-4782-4C2B-B573-E424E139A9E4 (resized).jpeg688FB690-E29A-4398-883F-08420243D4B0 (resized).jpeg68C93197-16D2-4C47-BB49-08895850C5E9 (resized).jpeg6B89E452-9228-4FA4-AEF9-EAA1F9CF0018 (resized).jpeg71822F2E-050A-42EF-B604-49B9FBC25011 (resized).jpeg7235DC63-A9DD-4E08-974A-6601E7068701 (resized).jpeg8227F6A7-0025-4FFC-8BBC-CD0A319D139D (resized).jpeg9CE57F26-66D1-483F-AF29-A68961BA8CDB (resized).jpegA27E183B-8F40-4F20-BF97-C1007F79B1BE (resized).jpegACAB635F-28BE-4A0A-9C62-47194DD08624 (resized).jpegAE94A1CA-9724-4756-8666-4539DA0E5125 (resized).jpegB970ECB9-A9CC-4629-BD32-8CF93720D35B (resized).jpegBF7B42B3-7B08-4547-B4EB-4FEC24732CCB (resized).jpegC6F54037-94D3-41C7-8EEE-6243413BE156 (resized).jpegCE222453-6EA8-490A-98D8-7ADBDEA90153 (resized).jpegDB79742B-D058-4987-8E1C-42DA0C9B4517 (resized).jpegEAAC281A-C77A-43D7-961E-9BCCB33495BB (resized).jpegEDCC8F4E-F2A8-4FAA-828B-57B4299FAA51 (resized).jpegF00FAD8B-7615-45EA-A205-66A95C4D78B6 (resized).jpegFD735E2C-9A1A-46A5-8D74-5CBEA1D3B131 (resized).jpeg

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