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PinGuy Pinball Machine Leveling App

By someoneelse

6 years ago

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    #13 6 years ago

    Hello, I'm Frank, the author of Pinguy.
    The program is my first app I've put in the store. Unfortunately, I have not so much experience in proffessional programming. But the tool is not so complicated.
    The idea of ​​the voice acting is great. I try to implement this. Either with commands such as: higher at the back, left or down with telling the degree for both axis.

    Next Version:
    There will also be an indication of the degree of x and y axis on the screen.

    Later, I would also install a database in order to teach more than one Pinball on glass.
    but please give me some time.


    1 week later
    #26 6 years ago

    Good news friends,

    today I put a little update to apple for review.

    With following new functions:

    - Actual angle for x and y- axis will be shown
    - Two point calibration for better accuracy
    - Voice guide to tell you where we are when you´re under your pinball
    - new icon
    - Info button to jump to my homepage to get more informations

    I hope It will be turn to store next days


    #57 6 years ago

    Uh. You are right.
    The developing version works fine, but when I download it from the store I have no sound too. I have to investigate this.
    Btw. The next one comes with the possibility to learn up to 300 pins.

    I'm sorry for the missing voice

    #58 6 years ago

    Now I have found the reason:
    The Sound files are missing in the package. I´m really very sory, but the next Version should work fine.

    #74 6 years ago
    Quoted from Turboderf:

    I still cant get the sound to work or to add the pin name what am I doing wrong ?

    The app version from the video is in review. I think it will arrive the store today ore tomorrow.
    I hope you are happy with it.

    Then I will spend some work it documentation. So that it will be clear how to calibrate and how to use it.

    #106 6 years ago
    Quoted from ChadH:

    I'd say give the guy who wrote this app a chance to make the port to Andriod first before copying it. Maybe it is already in the works?

    My focus is on developing this app on iOS. There are still some ideas to make it sexy and easier to use.
    I don't have any experience on android. For me it's ok to become a similar tool for this system too.


    #110 6 years ago
    Quoted from Pafasa:

    I just used it for the first time tonight. Love it. Can't wait till the "store multiple machines" option is worked out!

    Hi Pasfasa,
    have you taken the last update?

    Switch to glass and put in the field "Pin#" a number between 1-300.
    At the top you can insert the name of this machine.

    The next version will come with a user friedly GUI.

    #118 6 years ago
    Quoted from pezpunk:

    i would have expected them to be the same, in regards to left-right. am i missing something?


    after you moved your pine... did you calibrate the app again?

    #120 6 years ago

    Thank you for your big interest in this program. Until today over 660 downloads were counted. I will continue to work on this tool and it also remains a future free and ad-free.

    Today I have made ​​the database for the pinball prettier. Now, more than 300 units may be included. The selection is made via a UITableView and is much more intuitive.
    Unfortunately, with the update of the old data would be lost. All learnings have to be repeated.

    I have 3 devices and for me that is no problem. Would that be a problem for you?

    Furthermore, I would like to improve the voice prompt. thx jalpert. It should come like:
    Left, point four too high
    rear, four two too low

    Is that OK?

    here are some picture from the upcoming version

    IMG_0295.PNG IMG_0293-76.PNG IMG_0294.PNG
    #132 6 years ago
    Quoted from gtown:

    Sorry if this has already been brought up but couldn't there be a standard list with angle differences for each machine?

    Today I sent an updated version to Apple. If all goes well, it takes 4 days for a review. Attention: Unfortunately, if you update to this version, it will kill the old database. This will only happens in this version.

    In table list view, you can now see the learned angle for each pinball.
    Unfortunately I only have 3 machines here. 2 Bally and Williams 1. Therefore, I can not tell you how big the difference is. Maybe later we can collect screenshots to implement a database for each System:
    Stern, Bally, Williams, Data East etc.

    Hope you like it

    2 weeks later
    #134 6 years ago
    Quoted from yonkiman:

    The "Calibrate" button seemed grayed-out.

    Hi Fred,
    You can calibrate, when you switch to playfield. I wanted to hide the button complete on Glass Mode but this is not possible.

    I hope this works for you

    1 week later
    #135 6 years ago

    Hey friends,

    just want to know, if you are happy with the latest version or if you have further ideas?


    1 week later
    #138 6 years ago

    For a next version i try to add a short tutorial on 1st startup.

    I do not want a donation for this. It will be free. I we met us in future, you pay the first Coke.

    It will be great if you left some stars on app store.


    2 weeks later
    #139 6 years ago

    Last days I spent some time in "trying" to port pinguy to android. I use android studio and till this year i had no experience in programming for android. Please be patient if it takes a bit.

    But the results today looks promising.
    What works:
    Voice guide
    Learn glass

    To do:
    Store settings
    Database for more machines like the iphone version
    Check on different devices, different screen sizes

    Stay tuned.

    #141 6 years ago
    Quoted from hassanchop:

    Still no android?

    I'm working on a android version. The picture shows an android device

    #160 6 years ago

    6.5 is normal for most of the games.
    1. calibrate to a flat ground.
    2. put the glass off and check on the play field.
    3. Put glass on and then add a pin, rename it and learn this machine on glass. that means, that you learn the status quo position
    if you are happy with the current gameplay you can skip step 2

    2 months later
    #179 6 years ago
    Quoted from Atomicboy:

    Also (forgive the inability to understand current tech) but can this be downloaded onto an ipad? My wife has one, and I could use that.

    I´m sorry that the android version isn´t ready to share... there are so many different devices on the market.

    Yes, you can use an iPad too. Go to the App store and select: iPhone only. Then search for pinguy.

    have fun...

    btw... thanks for a review or a handful stars

    3 months later
    #188 6 years ago

    Just want to let you know.
    If you have your new iPhones, your settings are still there, but you need to calibrate your new phone on ground.

    And it is always a good idea to save your collection as text file into notes


    Post edited by Gnassel

    1 month later
    #195 6 years ago

    I wished that the iPhone6 would be flat as the iphone5. Unfortunately now we have interferes with the camera.

    Nevertheless, by the 2-point calibration accurate measurement is still possible. During calibration, both angles are compensated.

    Regarding auto off:
    With the latest version 1.7 of the automatic shutdown should be suppressed if the speech Switch is active. For me it works fine. iPhone6 ​​with iOS8.1

    In a next version, I can slower the speech. A specific statement (rise left rear) I can´t give. The same as: lower front right lower. If I am under the pinballmachine, then I have to decide which legs still have even length.

    6 months later
    #203 5 years ago

    Hi all

    Sorry for the issues. The last update comes with big changes. The user interface must now be scalable for all devices. This is done.
    While testing on iPhone 5c and iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 I got had a view hang ups but I could not found the reason. After reinstall it was ok.
    I will investigate the code and put an update to the store.


    2 months later
    #205 5 years ago

    With myappconverter I get following messeges:

    Framework Header Attribute Type Coverage
    UITableViewCell.h UITableViewCell Type No
    UITableViewCellEditingStyle Enum No
    UINibLoading.h void_awakeFromNib Method No
    id_dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier_NSString_NSIndexPath Method No
    NSIndexPath_indexPathForRow_NSInteger_NSInteger Method No

    It seems it can not convert the list thinks.
    I think: that the converter is good for games with open gl and sprite animations...

    I can try to reduce the app just to measure the level and try it again.

    2 months later
    #209 5 years ago
    Quoted from mac622:

    Is anyone having trouble with the learning glass function? I'm not able to enter a games number and name before clicking on "Learn Glass" like it shows on the online videos. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

    The video shows an older version of the App.
    Now use the collection button at the upper right corner. Here you can add and edit your machines.

    2 months later
    #213 4 years ago
    Quoted from mac622:

    I've tried that but I still must be doing something wrong because when i pull up a game in my collection and put it on the glass i don't get the correct reading.. Could you please briefly list the correct order of the steps to follow from beginning to end? That would be very helpful.

    Sorry for the long delay.

    If you have trouble with the app, please remote it from your iPhone and get it again from the iTunes store.

    Open the App and press calibrate.
    Put the phone on a exact flat and well align surface and press calibrate.
    tap the yellow box
    turn your phone 180deg and press yellow box again.

    Now press Collection Button on the top right corner.
    Press + Button Top right corner
    Insert the Name of your Pin, Press OK
    click on the Pinball Maschine Name at the list.

    The main screen comes back again. The Name in shown at the graphic

    Click on Playfiled button at the button menu.
    Remove the glass from your pin and level it with this app, turn Voice slider on for an vocal assistant

    If everything is fine, play a game to see that it playing well.

    put glass back into the pin.

    switch app to glass mode. Button at the bottom.
    Click learn glass.
    All Offsets and markers goes to 0. Because the pin is leveled fine.

    Do the same from step 2 with your other pins.

    To check, go to collection and select the machine you want to check.
    Put your phone onto the glass. switch to GLASS mode. It should be show how well it is leveled without put ting your phone on the play field.

    Good Luck!

    btw... sorry, I have no time and power to build this application for android again.


    #222 4 years ago
    Quoted from yuriijos:

    So after you calibrate, several questions. With the pinball glass off, do you set phone in center of play field? You level left and right to 0 obviously but incline to the steepness you want, say 6.5 or 7 degrees, then put glass on and set to glass?

    I put the phone between the flipper on the playfield (portrait).
    Left and right 0° and steepness of 6.5 degrees.

    it´s ok?
    Put glass on.

    Put the iPhone onto the glass pane. The underside is touching the lockbar.

    Set App to "Glass" and press the "Learn Glass" Button.

    The crosshairs and all marks show at 0 deviation.

    To Check, you can go into your "Collection" list. The last machine

    The just been learned machine should shown with a Y deviation of about 13 degrees (Williams) or 15 degrees (Stern).

    3 months later
    #225 4 years ago

    I´m sorry if you run into problems.
    In this case I have no idea whats going wrong.

    Please remove the App from your device and install it again. Do the first calibration on a flat surface.
    Add a pin to your collection, go back to the main screen and learn it on glass. Do this with your other machines.

    You can make a backup of your collection. Go to Export/Import and copy the hole data from the yellow screen and past it into Apple notes.
    From here you can restore your collection in case the App crashes again. But this should not be normal.
    Please send me your backup file and tell me step by step, what you did at last.

    Sorry for the trouble

    4 months later
    #228 4 years ago

    my Apple developer account expires on 2016/09/16 or it must be re-extended by 1 year.
    Since I usually offering no other apps on the App Store, I have an annual cost of $ 99 for this tool. I'll probably cancel the membership this year.
    Still, the tool can be downloaded from the store. From 2016/09/16 it will disappear from the store.


    #233 4 years ago

    I tryed to switch this app to 0,99$ but I have to fill out a lot of paper for US tax because I am living in the EU. Nearly the same for canada and australia too. That was very disapointing.

    2 weeks later
    #237 4 years ago
    Quoted from Liftserv:

    How about a donation through PayPal

    Thanks for the tip. I have now placed a donate button on the home page (i)
    I continue my developer account. The app will always be free.

    1 month later
    #243 4 years ago


    Quoted from Pale_Purple:So an iPhone 6 should work fine as long as you calibrate it right? (Calibration will take in account the protruding camera I'm assuming) if so this app is a godsend!

    I have a iPhone 6s too.

    If you previously calibrated the app, it does not matter if the camera protrudes.

    #244 4 years ago

    Thanks to:
    Marcus, Vince and Rick

    1 year later
    #252 2 years ago

    You are right. It is better to place the iPhone in the middle of the playfield instead between the flippers. I have no idea where the difference comes from.

    The legs:
    The app does not know the position of the screws.
    I let me guide by the vocal commands and decide to follow that or to do the other direction at the other side.

    #254 2 years ago

    Please try to deinstall and reload from AppStore again.

    #256 2 years ago

    Unfortunately I do not know how to store the settings, table to iCloud.
    But you can export/import share your settings via text file.
    It looks like this:

    Scared Stiff;-0.06074435;-12.8466;
    Terminator 2;-0.07934046;-12.81649;
    Transformers LE;0.04020482;-14.07659;

    9 months later
    #270 1 year ago
    Quoted from triggur:

    Has anybody compiled a big "collection" that includes a lot of the common pinball machines?
    It would be nice to just import a big list that already has the relative angles of the playfield versus the glass.

    It would be really nice to have such a list.
    Last week I was in a public location and played at a Scared Stiff. The machine was set absolutely wrong. Of course, I could not remove the glass, but it had helped a lot to adjust it with the settings from my old TOM. That works fine, even if it is not 100% perfect.

    A general list with the x / y / data would be nice. Some pinball machines will probably have similar values. If they come from the same time/manufactur.
    Then the data would suffice per TYP. That should be less than 10 in total. Example: JJP, STAR 2015-2019 Williams 1991-1994 or something like that.

    9 months later
    #277 8 months ago

    For a PinGuy extension .... Is there an interest so that the information is also displayed on the Apple Watch?

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