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Pinfest 2018 Buy, Sell, Trade

By shlockdoc

1 year ago

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#165 1 year ago

1980 Gottlieb Counterforce project (widebody)
Playfield looks very decent, Backglass decent /presentable, its all there and complete but its missing the cpu. The threaded leg bolt plates are junk. Other than that, its a good project for someone, very fun pin.
Can bring to Allentown if prepaid. Pm me for pictures
Thanks, James

#167 1 year ago
Quoted from Schnollms:

I know that Skip has mentioned this before: it's critically important to ensure that we (especially if setting up in the flea market) do our best to bring as many pins for sale as possible for the general public, not just prepaid. I completely understand that vehicle space is a problem (since it is for me too, and I myself can't even bring all of the pins I desire) HOWEVER, we must remember that if there's no pins for the general public to play and/or buy, there's no point in having a show.

If this is in regards to a situation like mine, I am registered for free play and do not have a flea space, so if someone wants to prepay for a project, then ill bring it..otherwise, what do I do with it?
Every year I hear the same thing anyways, and every year every row is packed with pins. So I don't know about that argument anymore.

#174 1 year ago
Quoted from bluespin:

I attended Pinfest for the first time last year. Parking lot deals on working pins (and projects) will always happen. From my perspective the real issue is people pulling games out early. Last year there were probably 20+ pins taken off the show floor around 5-6 PM. The next day a few new pins were brought in by people that couldn't attend Friday. By 3PM Saturday a lot of pins were being pulled off the floor even though the show is open until 8PM. When people pull pins off the floor early it makes the general public (not raving pinheads like all of us) feel like they were ripped off; advertised 200+ pins to play Saturday, Saturday morning 170 pins to play, at 3PM people start taking games home and by 6PM only 100 pins left on the floor. In order to get people to keep coming back to the show we need to keep the pins on the floor all day Friday and Saturday.

Its a tough one, because a lot of the people taking games out early are a mix of buyers and people that brought. The penalty to remove becomes an afterthought when you have a 5-6 drive ahead.
I know I've had people buy, explaining to them the rules and they don't hesitate at the fee because they have a long drive home with their new game, its hard for everyone to want or be able to stay the whole show.

#188 1 year ago

I am looking for cheap regular style (square, common) coin doors like below, they can be blank fronts, I need 3 for arcade games I have.

lmk if you have anything you could bring. Thanks, James

download (1) (resized).jpeg

#191 1 year ago
Quoted from Drano:

I might have a single slot (Euro) door in that form factor lying around somewhere. It's not really useful as a pinball door for most people.

Would work fine, what do you need for it?

#217 1 year ago

WTB: Bobby Orr CPR playfield or normal/fair condition used one (meaning a little wear okay)

Lmk if you have something,
thanks, James

#220 1 year ago
Quoted from Pbpins:

I have nice one that I may let go.

PM the details.

2 weeks later
#328 1 year ago

Black Knight 2000
Works and plays great, no issues, playfield looks pretty good. Brand new backglass. Boards look good, new battery pack installed. Drop target mechs removed and cleaned. Needs only easy stuff like some bulbs and new rubbers, but plays 100%. Cabinet is very good, but has right side lower cab fade, top display is new glass, lower is crappy/gassing.


#369 1 year ago

Pm's replied-still have BK2k for $2500

Video of it here:

#396 1 year ago

WTB: 25 inch Standard Res monitor working good. Pm me if you have something

2 weeks later
#631 1 year ago

I have a project Bobby Orr I could bring if pre sold and a Bally KISS

Bally Bobby Orr- It's complete, playfield has bad touch ups, cpu has acid. Backglass is mint, strong 9.5 if not a 9.9.


Bally KISS- Works and plays great, could use new rubber, plastics are good, playfield above average, ball swirls and minor wear at a center insert but no huge wear. Backglass is eh, it's been doctored and displays okay, (replacements are available now), cabinet is very faded but solid. Displays are good. $2000

Both for $2500

Thanks, James

#668 1 year ago

The hotel is just for crashing for 3-4 hours tops and having a semi shitty breakfast- the other thread is for hotel talk, this is for buy, sell, trade thread.

#734 1 year ago

I still have a fully working Bally Kiss and project Bobby Orr with mint backglass- $2,200 for the pair.

I also have a Midway 4 player Gretzky Hockey, works great, needs finishing touches, pretty rare game/htf. -$800
Crystal Castles cocktail, semi project, works, monitor good, also pretty rare, think they made 500 of them- $350

pm if interested,

#837 1 year ago

BOTH ARE SOLD___________

A bunch of interest, but still currently here, so a price drop for both. Can bring if presold.

Bobby Orr project- Mint backglass, playfield has bad touch ups, mpu has acid, driver board works, complete game, cabinet is in the rehab process.

KISS- Backglass is eh, but displays well, Solid cabinet but faded, above average playfield, works great, could use new rubber.

Photos here: http://s1284.photobucket.com/user/banzairunpinball/library/?sort=3&page=1

$2100 for both or would consider separating - BOTH ARE SOLD SOLD SOLD

Thanks, James

#909 1 year ago

Data East Sound board from Guns N' Roses - nice shape, works perfect- $150

Custom Guns N‘ Roses topper- last one -$75

Black Hole and Haunted House manuals, good shape, $25 for the pair.

Large tarp banner for the Avengers pinball- Made by Stern for game promotion, high quality, rare and not for resale. Came legitly from Marco on request with Avengers when I purchased at show. Measures just over 5 feet by 2 feet- $125

If I come across anymore stuff in my stash, I'll add it.

thanks, James

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#927 1 year ago

Semi populated Data East Torpedo Alley playfield, for parts, wall hanger or restore, very uncommon (haven't seen another) $125 b/o

Pictures below


#1233 1 year ago
Quoted from dracula40:

Nice set of 30 inch legs with new levelers- $35

Pm sent, I'll take them.

#1347 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

The games are on free play inside.

We definitely know they're on free play. We like coins and dollars to play ''games'', including a Russian roulette drinking game involving a rotating chamber Nerf gun.
Yeah, we don't mess around in the North.


the-deer-hunter-russian-roulette (resized).jpg

#1526 1 year ago

In the books, and a great time as usual.

Just some thoughts...

Most prices were on the moon and I didn't see any spacesuits. With the exception of the back right corner (Butch and Martian) I don't believe there were nearly as many sold pins as years past, at 3:30 Saturday, there was definitely no vibe of it in the free play area anyways.

There was a very cool Rock Makers EM I was crawling all over with a friend and talking to the seller about it, making an offer on it. Out of nowhere, there was a random guy that came and stuck his nose all up in it while we were looking it over, even started plugging it in and playing it. That was just rude.

Iron Maiden (first plays) Is a blast in a box, so fun.

Nightmare Before Christmas was a treat to play a ball on and see, it's really cool. He's got to get his flippers going better for that layout, but it's in a show environment, so he gets a pass.

I thought there was going to be a lot of good projects brought from a specific flea goer...that wasn't the case at all.

To the guy that gave me a large box filled with #44/555/89 new bulbs for $20, you're awesome.

To the outside guy in the flea market selling a 3k Taxi, telling me ''yeah but wait until you see the playfield'' as he's lifting the headbox up (the worst pop bumper wear I've personally seen and duct taped ramps) - Must have needed money for rocket fuel to get home...

The wings in the farmers market.

To the gas station I fueled up at just over the PA line that I randomly found and bought a cheap Getaway 2 from and brought for free play. (Yes this happened, and yes 5 full games will fit in a short bed Silverado-you make room)

The strong cat shit smell that lingered for hours Thursday night outside our block of rooms at the Ramada. (see pic? wtf)

The good friends and people I've associated with over the years, that stop and say kind things or shoot the breeze, including the OP of this thread, and Bob from Virginia, Kevin McHugh, Eric Bundy for the sweet deal on AC/DC Premium and his help, Brian (96stang) for all his endless help-pinball is family.

It was great to be back and always look forward to next year!

Thanks, James
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#1528 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

nice score on that GW! Looks like no fade either? Cheap?

Decals were replaced and not the best. Playfield was very decent though and worked mostly with only minor fixes needed.

That’s the other shout out- to the guy that brought the Getaway that wasn’t for sale that had the light in the supercharger....that thing played amazingly. I set the grand champ on that with just over a billion and 14 loop record! That thing looped like a dream!

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