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Pinfest 2018 Allentown

By Colsond3

3 years ago

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Post #194 Hotel booking info for the pinball room Posted by djreddog (3 years ago)

Post #652 Tournament volunteer sign-ups & tournament game registration info Posted by coreyhulse (2 years ago)

Post #797 Construction on route 78 eastbound through NJ Posted by Blackjacker (2 years ago)

Post #865 Traffic update for Allentown attendees Posted by Xerico (2 years ago)

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#143 3 years ago

sorry if it is buried in the thread...

What is the location and dates of this show?

Thinking of making the trip this year...

#147 3 years ago

thanks guys

#171 3 years ago
Quoted from mkecasey:

It's a pinball show. What's the worst that could happen?

Bachelor party that weekend? I will for sure make the trip

2 weeks later
#275 2 years ago

Can someone give me the cliff notes on the show?

When to arrive?
What goes on, when?
What time and date do I arrive to have a shot at grabbing a deal on a game?
Is there a tournament and any details on that?
I know some shows are only worth it the first day and then things clear out by a certain time on day 2... anything like that here?

Any tips?

Where do we stay? I scanned the past few pages but not sure it was ever noted what is actually the best?

#277 2 years ago

Thanks very much for the complete response!

#291 2 years ago

I am looking for another classic Bally 77-90 time frame, but the good years and odd balls mainly.

#292 2 years ago

Wife and I are officially coming to Pinfest.

I will have an open space on the way down for 1 (possibly 2) games, so if anyone wants transport from Madison, WI to the show then hit me up.

I usually ask for some transport cash but you are getting delivery by a pinhead in a minivan that knows how to care for a game en route and for way cheaper than normal transport.
When I have done this before I have found it is best to note that I prefer the game to be to me (assuming you are buying something in the surrounding area) prior to my departure. I can also stop enroute for something not too far off the direct path, but your seller will need to accommodate my travel schedule.

#296 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Very cool. And I am immediately scavenging for any games that might be on your route.

LMK if you find anything. Always nice ot be able to expand the search radius.
If anyone wants to buy a new game from Chris at KingPin Games then I could transport that also.

Quoted from djreddog:

You partying with us at the Ramada?

Unsure where we are staying. I need to book something soon.

#301 2 years ago
Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

Awesome now all I have to do is find a mint Hearts & Spades on the Madison Craigslist

Ask u2sean if he still has one to sell.

4 weeks later
#405 2 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

People who set up games and booths at the show get in early.

this includes those bringing games set on free play, correct?

2 weeks later
#473 2 years ago

Reserved an old school BNB for the trip.

#500 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Not sure yet, you know we always have lots and all the new stuff... we will do our best...

I offered to drive one down from Spooky and leave it with you (I have a full van on the way back but space on the way there). LMK

3 weeks later
#667 2 years ago
Quoted from spiroagnew:

Two weeks away...I can taste the Billy's Pretzel Wraps from the Farmer's Market already!

Whatever that is, it looks amazing!

#688 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I've lost 15 pounds, so there's no chance anybody will recognize my drastically changed appearance!!!!
But if you do, I'll be happy to say hi and meet and greet! Coming in Thursday night this time around.

pretty sure the socks with sandals will still give it away...

1 week later
#883 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

As others have mentioned, outside of bars/restaurants and the casino, we are shaping up to have one helluva “first ever” after party at the Ramada. We have an entire lounge room to ourselves and we will have several pins setup to play all night long. And drink of course. You do NOT have to be staying at the Ramada in order to join in on the fun.

Is this on friday? Time and address?

#937 2 years ago

Fun show you guys put on! Very welcoming crowd and the show is very different vibe than any other show we have gone to! Thx for having us.

The nightmare before xmas shot so good in its new iteration! Looking forward to the continued refinement. Youboth have done some great things with it! Would be a great future Spooky title if the license could be secured!

#1036 2 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

If you see a game not working, text the number on the info card to let the owner know. Often times, a problem develops on a game, and nobody notifies the owner, so it sits until the owner happens to find out on their own later.
Also, there are some game systems that don't have an easy way to set it on free play, so the owner may have to keep loading up credits periodically.

Lots of games with no owner info unfortunately.

#1038 2 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

I wouldnt say lots. A small handful, perhaps. Most of those were owned by show staff, I believe.

Of the non working ones, probably 50% lacked any owner id to contact.

Seems every show gets some people that purposefully bring broken games to just get the free pass? Sad but reality of our hobby.

#1060 2 years ago

Fun show and finally home. 15 hr drive, ugghhh.

Loved the nightmare before xmas, colsons awesome vampire and finally meeting him in person, great playing radical, some of the AMAZIng EMs I have never seen before that were lovingly restored, the great pretzel wraps, and of course the people. It was fun being at a show where I don't know many and get to meet new people and play some pinball.

Also, major props to Colson for the assist in helping to find me this. What a treat to bring home. She is a little rough but can be repaired and brought back to like new.

IMG_1457 (resized).JPG

#1109 2 years ago

Can we get some name son these dead beats please?!?

#1171 2 years ago
Quoted from acaciolo:

sorry. i made the decision for you on the Orbitor 1. It certainly is a conversation starter and am glad i got it. It now lives in Coopersbug Pa.

you also got it for 1 hell of a price!!!

They normally have chewed up outholes and beat to crap plastics. That one was nice and the last I saw was an asking of 1800 (assuming you haggled from there?)

Nice job and super fun game IMHO. In a collection like your, I bet you find lots of casuals love it when they come over! Players tend to dig it also once they learn how to play it.

#1263 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

A pic of someone else taking a pic...awesome. ultimategameroom posted it in my Vamp thread. And two great Pinsiders chatting it up over the game…oh wait, that's Hilton and I. Nevermind.

I am just glad there is finally photographic evidence to show we are not just one asshat with 2 pinside accounts

#1276 2 years ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Have had a flea spot for the last 10 years to bbq, drink and bring some parts from the stash. No fencing around the outdoor area this year so trucks driving 3 inches from our feet and idling to pick up games all day. No signage telling people there was an outdoor flea.

I asked multiple workers where the outdoor flea market was located and nobody knew. I got a different answer everytime, walked around the back and side of the building and never found it. I assumed it was no longer a thing at all. Bummer if it actually existed somewhere as I never found it and went home with cash in my pocket rather than parts in my car.

#1281 2 years ago

I really like the Thursday 1pm load in and set up. I wish more shows would do this model of loading in 1 day early and just allowing those that brings games to mill about and enjoy the games, limited entrance, and ability to find deals.
To me this was a great perk of the show and honestly, most shows could use the extra day and makes it better. For whatever reason (seems natural) we all want to be done with it and back home in our own beds at a reasonable time before starting the following work week, so come Sat or Sun (whatever day a show ends normally) people are always ready to be packed and out the door.

After visiting lots of the major shows, there are positives to gleam from each one.

Allentown has things well oiled for the load in, fun flea market vibe (you guys seem to have way more EMs and project games still available then almost anywhere else in the country IME), and the best food experience for any show ever!

My small points of feedback to improve the show would be:
-Increase the cost of game removal as is seemed like lots of good stuff left the show almost immediately on Thursday or by 5pm Friday (the attendance seemed to mirror this as we noticed by dinner on Friday things had really cleared out).
-This show had lots of projects/non-working games on the floor from the start (I get the impression that previous years you were not limited on space, so this is likely something that will need addressing if people continue to bring more games then you have room; better off to get the good stuff in the door and force the projects to stay outside on the trucks since they are not playable). I saw good working games turned away that were not pre-registered (understandable, but bummer to have space taken up with non-working projects).
-Figure out if there is a way to increase power/ re-route power so the games show better. Sounds like this was the most games ever, so an understandable thing to try and improve (if it is even possible given the space/location?)
-The indoor flea market seemed sparse and lots of room. If there was an outdoor section, I could not find it and it would have been great to get those people inside and really make that indoor area better utilized. I thought that was really cool room and more stuff in one room would have been even better.

Love what you guys are doing and have built with this show! Very welcoming crowd, fun people, great vibe, and just in general a neat overall experience to be part of. Thanks for all the hard work from all the people that put it on, bring games, etc... We were happy to be a small part of it by transporting 2 games to the show (1 for free play and 1 presold parking lot deal) and even though it was almost 30hr round trip, I would do it again just for those damn pretzel wraps!

side note, if anyone has a recipe for the dough to make those pretzel wraps, please post it up!

#1289 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Nice having some tequila with ya! You should have had Hilton come over...never met him...

I think I was unfortunately gone by the time you arrived.

I missed seeing Ran and Casey also (if they made it?)

#1312 2 years ago

I thought Ivan publicly said that they were turning away games beyond 250? and that you needed to register in advance

I counted just shy of 300 in the entire free play area on Friday morning (that included vendor games).

The flea market area had a bunch more but only a few playable.

#1323 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Who is Hilton? Green shirt or the big bearded man?

I am the guy on the right drinking the jack and coke out of a pepsi cup. Feel free to tell me how much you hate me next time you see me

#1326 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Ok got it. colsond3 is the big guy with the beard, Barenaked ladies guy with the Pepsi. Kaneda in the green.. LOL.

nope O-din is the dude with the beard. Guy would not shut up about eager beaver the whole time he was chatting with us. Colson is the douchey looking dude in the green.

#1376 2 years ago

I think you guys talked about hotels just as much befor ethe show. No reason to change course now.

I actually find it valuable to know what toexpect at the whole show, including afterparties.

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