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Pinfest 2018 Allentown

By Colsond3

3 years ago

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Post #194 Hotel booking info for the pinball room Posted by djreddog (3 years ago)

Post #652 Tournament volunteer sign-ups & tournament game registration info Posted by coreyhulse (2 years ago)

Post #797 Construction on route 78 eastbound through NJ Posted by Blackjacker (2 years ago)

Post #865 Traffic update for Allentown attendees Posted by Xerico (2 years ago)

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#17 3 years ago

I know I've said this before but I highly recommend the comfort inn Lehigh valley west (fogelsville PA). Very clean, quite, friendly, and reasonably priced. It isn't around the corner (probably a 10-15 min. drive) but it's worth it.

#18 3 years ago

But anyhow, time does fly by and even though 10 months sounds like a very long time, May 4 will be here before we know it since the summer and winter really go by quickly.
I hope to be back at Pinfest 2018. Of course I probably won't know for certain until at least March (due to my day to day schedule), I'd say there is probably a 75% chance we'll be set up in the flea market. Can't wait!

#33 3 years ago
Quoted from poppapin:

It's a shame the show isn't at a hotel/convention center already.
How sweet would that be to just go to your room when you're tired, nice bar & restaurant onsite. Kinda like Expo!!

I don't know of any hotels with a convention center (like the agriplex) in the area. Plus, I would think that the agriplex is the largest and greatest convention center in the area. Plus, the hotels r really only a few miles away.

3 weeks later
#46 3 years ago

Just a general comment here.. I suggest that we use this thread solely for the 2018 show before it becomes 50 pages long filled with stuff relvolving around other things 9.5 months from the show. Just my input

2 months later
#48 3 years ago

As Skip said, the time for York and Pintastic is over. Two great shows! Next up for us northeasterners is the one and only Allentown Pinfest.

#52 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Correction, improve all 4 east coast shows. A 2018 show in November or December in Delaware will happen.

Correction, improve all 5 east coast shows. There's also a very small one in Saratoga NY

#54 3 years ago

Anyhow, let's get back on topic with Pinfest (since that's what this thread is for). I hope to make 2018 my 6th straight time setting up in the indoor flea market. I'll have the typical merchandise; old coinop. MAYBE (I repeat MAYBE) my Gottlieb Crosstown. I'd consider taking the Top Card ivan sold me for free play only, but that one is a keeper and wouldn't be for sale.

#56 3 years ago
Quoted from splitskull:

When is this? Details, please?

This year it was mid August but it may change next year. The promoter hasn't announced the plans yet. Pinballsaratoga.com
But again, even though it's very early, let's please use this thread solely for the 2018 Allentown show

#60 3 years ago

I think the reason why we can't get "a dozen to 20" more booths is partially because many dealers already share spaces, including my self which I'm extremely guilty of . I share my booth with 3 or 4 more dealers. It works out great tbh.
Anyhow, let's get this thread started with 2018 stuff.

#63 3 years ago
Quoted from fingersport:

Have the dates been confirmed? And based on above conversation which is the Official Hotel/Motel for the show? If we book early maybe we can get a good rate. In the past I have been staying at the Red Roof (because I have had my dog with me) and getting a room rate for one person of under $90.

May 4 and 5, 2018. Setup on the 3rd.

#71 3 years ago
Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

I'll book a flea spot again, it was a blast I didn't have an issue with uncomfortable sheets but I'd like to boycott them to support the others that got F'd over . Initially I booked at the Days Inn by the Airport but reading some reviews it has me horrified.
A few exits up is the Comfort Inn, (not Suites) for the price it's the best rated in its price class. I'll consider THE Ramada but will all the pins be SS or will there be 1-2 EM's ?

Is the Comfort inn you're referring to the one in Fogelsville? I stayed there. Very nice and it's great for the price. It is however 10-15 mins from the show. I know some friends who stayed at the red roof on the other side of town and I heard it's good.

3 weeks later
#96 3 years ago

Exactly 6 months till the show (and I STILL have to move my
Top Card from the garage to the basement)! We're officially half way there folks. Felt like the last show was yesterday. These next 6 months will go by rather quickly.

3 weeks later
#126 3 years ago

When does the flea market registration open up and be updated on the website?

1 month later
#148 3 years ago

Any idea on when the flea market registration opens? I recall that by this time last year the site was updated. Even though we're 3.5 months away I want to reserve my booth asap. Idk if we'll get a hotel or not. If worked out very well last year but we're only 90 mins away.

#164 3 years ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

The wife and I are thinking about driving down from RI for this show. The only show we ever went to before was Pintastic; how does this one compare?

Allentown is the largest show on the east coast and in my opinion, the greatest show of all. Ivan does a great job in terms of putting on the show and is a great guy. Almost if not over 300 pins on freeplay (a good mix of EMs and solid state), about 50+ vendors, and the flea market room (where I am) has about 20+ booths. Mostly EMs in there with many guys just chilling and tailgating as of it were outside. It's DEFINITELY the best show out there and no offense to some of those other shows, pinfest is the cheapest for what you get and you get a lot. Its not as much "fun and games" like pintastic (which is what I like about pinfest) but the show (and the fairgrounds venue itself) is a must go to.
Anyways, can't believe the thread is already booming 4 months from the show. Seems to be starting ealier each year which is great news.

1 week later
#231 3 years ago
Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

I registered for the indoor flea,

So the registration is open/updated?

#233 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

So I'm hearing a lot about where not to stay (comfort). And I know where the party place to stay is (ramada). However, where is the nice place to stay? The comfortable, safe, clean, quiet place? And by quiet I mean the rooms. I hate thin walls in a hotel.

Unfortunately there aren't really any "nice" hotels in Allentown according to my definition of nice, asides from sands Bethlehem. If ur looking for a top notch clean, extremely quite, comfortable, safe, and modern place then the comfort inn Lehigh valley west in fogelsville is a good choice. we were probably the first ones to use our room last year since they just renovated that wing. Very quite. Very reasonably priced for what u get. Only downside is that it's about 10 mins west of the show, but it's worth it.

#257 3 years ago

Even though theres always good and bad reviews, and I know many guys who stay there, I could never stay at a hotel like a Ramada (sorry) or Howard Johnson, red roof or any of those 2-3 star places. Id rather pay $30-40 more and stay at a 3-4 star
comfort/holiday inn or places like wingate and marriots.
Im not booking any hotel yet. Might not need a hotel in the first place but that decision will be made within a month from the show due to personal reasons. If so, Id likely book the quite, clean, and newly rennovated Comfort Inn in Foglesville

#276 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Can someone give me the cliff notes on the show?
When to arrive?
What goes on, when?
What time and date do I arrive to have a shot at grabbing a deal on a game?
Is there a tournament and any details on that?
I know some shows are only worth it the first day and then things clear out by a certain time on day 2... anything like that here?
Any tips?
Where do we stay? I scanned the past few pages but not sure it was ever noted what is actually the best?

1. IF you are a vendor or brining games then thursday night or early friday morning. If your from the public then 12 pm friday.
2. Sadly, year after year the show seems to be "over" even earlier as many people bring presold games or they sell them during set up hours. That`s why I recommend getting a vendor booth or bringing a game for freeplay so you can get in early and be able to get the best deals.
3. Best deals are found either thursday night or at the end of the show on saturday.
4. An outside company (I think its called IFPF or something like that) runs tournaments for all age groups during friday afternoon (not sure about saturday). As for last year, the first round was free and additional entires were a few dollars (maybe $5 if Im not mistaken). HOWEVER, Im not sure if the tournament details and procedures will be the same this year.
5. I only stay on friday. I wish I can stay on saturday however I can't for work related reasons. Honestly like I said earlier, most deals are done very early and the show is kind of played out by saturday (unless your seeking the very last minute deals before people load up).
6. I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Fogelsville PA last year. I know people who stayed at the holiday inn express near dorney park and the red roof inn (both are in allentown) and they were satisfied. I haven't stayed at the Comfort Suites by dorney in 9 years however that seems to be the place to avoid based off of current reviews. And with all due respect to my fellow pinsiders who day in and day out complain, complain, and complain about the hotel situation, there are probably DOZENS of hotels within 10 minutes of the show in either allentown or the surrounding areas. Even though the other guys are correct about the comfort suites situation, it is probably really stressful for Ivan, the show promoter is who is a great guy and is the one putting this all together and making this possible, to hear all of the crap but thats just my input.
Notes: the titled kilt restaurant on (I think its Lehigh Street) is a great pub that has all of the games televised and good burgers and chicken fingers. The Fairgrounds Farmers Market across the parking lot from the show has many assorted booths (the pretzels there are my favorites).

I hope you give pinfest a try!! Its really a great a show and you won't leave dissatisfied. I got a great Top Card last year (from Ivan) that made my day and the show gets better each year. I can't believe we`re only about 100 days till the next show. It really feels like yesterday I was sitting in my booth. This year will be our 6th straight year doing the flea market (and have been attending for many years prior) so please take my advice.

#284 2 years ago
Quoted from too-many-pins:

he already knows he has more vendors then he has room for and the show is 3 months away.

Just booked our booth for the flea market! Approximately 100 days and counting.

#298 2 years ago
Quoted from Irishbastard:

Warning for the "I'm offended by seeing another hotel post" people, scroll on....

I really don't think theres anyone that doesn't want to see hotel posts. There are just some people (myself included) that are tired of hearing about people constantly rant about their bad Comfort Suites experiences rehashed from 9 months ago. It`s like "all right we get it by now" lol. But trust me theres nothing wrong with mentioning hotels.

#311 2 years ago
Quoted from Gatecrasher:

You have to take all the bad hotel "reviews" with a grain of salt. I do believe people on here when they say their reservations got screwed-up and other gripes and bitches about the Comfort Suites and other hotels but stuff like that happens in this world whenever there are human beings involved in the process. People screw-up. But I've stayed at the Comfort Suites probably more often than anyone on here and wouldn't hesitate staying there again. I actually lived there for 4-5 months in 2016 while working as a consultant before I moved to Allentown and never had any problems what-so-ever.
One the other hand, I've stayed at the much more expensive Hilton Hotels before and had bad experiences with screwed-up reservations and other BS. Doesn't mean I automatically avoid them for life just because some nimrod screwed the pooch.
I'm sure you could find any hotel in the world where someone had a bad experience or felt they were somehow wronged but if every customer had the same experience they wouldn't be in business long. I always like the Comfort Suites because of the on-site bar/restaurant. I could have stayed just about anywhere including the more expensive Holiday Inn Express next door but usually stayed at Comfort Suites. It's nothing fancy but if you notice no one I've ever seen has said there were cockroaches in their rooms or anything like that.
Everyone likes one hotel or another for various reasons. My colleagues I'm traveling with now like the Holiday Inn Express in Easton while I prefer the Courtyard by Marriott here in Bethlehem. They are both about the same as far as the rooms go and the price too. The Ramada in Whitehall has a bar and comedy club and it's cheap but the beds aren't the most-comfortable.
The bottom line is you usually get what you pay for and yes.... people do screw-up occasionally but it's usually not the norm. I'd be willing to bet that the Comfort Suites will be sold-out during Pinfest. They are sold-out a lot in the summer too because of their location right across the street from Dorney Park.

Ok?? All I simply said was that no one is against hotel posts including myself. Just don't need to (9 months later) hear the same stories (regarding any hotel) repeated and repeated on a pinfest thread.

1 week later
#358 2 years ago

It appears that the lodging section of the pinfest website has been updated. The CS is $139, Holiday Inn Express is $121, Windgate by Wyndham is $89, and the Ramada is $72 for Thurs. and $80 for Fri/Sat.

#380 2 years ago
Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

71 Days to Pinfest. Has anyone been invoiced for their flea or vendor spot yet? They came early January last year, now we’re approaching March .

When u say invoice do u mean like a formal receipt?? I didn't receive one yet HOWEVER I did confirm it with him few weeks ago via texting.

#383 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

We registered as a vendor, but were not asked to pay yet. I’m sure they are busy and will get around to it.

yes i know, i already spoke to ivan not long ago. Just checking what he meant by "invoice."

1 week later
#438 2 years ago

What "other pinfest thread??" Someone please post a link to that.

#439 2 years ago

Ok everyone we are officially 3 months away! It's that time of year again! I can NOT wait. Can't believe it's been 9 months already. Looking forward more to it each day.
This week's finds include a Snow Derby (project) and a Bally Sea Ray (only needs a little cleaning). Haven't made plans regarding a vehicle yet so IF I have room I'd bring them. Was going to bring my Hurdy Gurdy but just sold it. I also still have that 1949 Gottlieb Basketball wood rail.

#441 2 years ago
Quoted from Alan_L:

You did mean 2 months, right?

My god I forgot. Even closer!

1 week later
#469 2 years ago
Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

Anyone up for tilted Kilts Thursday or Friday ?

Love the tilted kilt. If we get to the show on Thursday than we'll definitely go there.

#472 2 years ago

Most hotels usually have some sort of patio with chairs

#506 2 years ago
Quoted from Ivan1496:

I just talked with them this week. The rate they are offering is 119.00. We are trying to update our site but are having some issues with their link. It should be worked out early next week. Anyone who may have booked with them will probably get their rate adjusted.

Comfort Inn as in the one is fogelsville or the comfort suites.

#520 2 years ago

Looking for a nice and working 1971 Gottlieb Astro at a resonable price. I have a Gottlieb snow derby (major project) and Bally Sea Ray (needs a little bit of typical fixing and cleaning but works and plays). We still have that 1949 Gottlieb Basketball wood rail too. PM me if ur interested in working out a trade deal for these game(s) and an Astro or nice wedgehead(s). I hope to bring at least 2/3 of them to the show depending of vehicle space. We'll be there on Friday. Booth 14 in the flea market.

#532 2 years ago

Interestingly, we're driving past Allentown right now on route to pickup my Volley.

#533 2 years ago

Glad to have added this beautiful, chromey, mint Gottlieb Volley to the basement collection.

IMG_9823 (resized).JPG

IMG_9824 (resized).JPG

#564 2 years ago

ivan1496 How many free play games are Registered to far?

#576 2 years ago

We are officially ONE MONTH from pinfest! Looking more forward to it each day. Time is flying by faster than ever before. Let's get as many spaces and free play pins Registered as possible.

#592 2 years ago

Maybe those in charge of the ramada party should make a thread or separate google docs spreadsheet for that. Just my suggestion.

#616 2 years ago

I might be picking up a Williams Fantastic in the near future. I'm running out of room for the show so I can bring this game (if I buy it) upon request.
I also have a snow derby project, sea ray, and Basketball wood rail that I can bring. I hope to bring at least 3 of the 4.

#643 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Is it in the same hall as last year? I was thinking for some reason it got moved

Yes. Pinfest has occupied the entire complex since 2015. The hall where the flea market is now used to be the entire show many years ago; all which goes to show much pinfest has grown.

1 week later
#711 2 years ago

Just got back on pinside after almost a week off. 55 new posts. Even though the weather is slightly below normal I'm looking ahead to next week and it'll be in the upper 70s. I call that pinfest weather!

1 week later
#899 2 years ago

Looking very forward to the show tomorrow! Cant believe its been an entire year. Is I-78 west still good to take into PA? I heard about traffic. Our booth (#14) will be packed with the usual. Looking forward to seeing everyone, going to the farmers market, checking out the new tournament, and walking through the free play area.

#923 2 years ago

I guess he's on his way to the show

IMG_0243 (resized).JPG

IMG_0244 (resized).JPG

#950 2 years ago

Just got home an hour ago and stayed for Friday only. Thank you to ivan and everyone involved for making this show possible. Thanks to those who came to our flea market space- we certainly cleaned up! (Shoutout to sterling and bob Adams). Great job Ivan and thanks again. See you all in a year.

#1013 2 years ago

My favorite pins in freeplay (in order) included World Series, Domino, Mibs, and Captain Card. Great show! Thanks again to everyone especially Ivan and crew.

1 week later
#1460 2 years ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Maybe if Ivan gave a shit and treated the outside flea market as part of the show as in years past it would be something. I paid for a spot and probably will NOT next year. Have had a flea spot for the last 10 years to bbq, drink and bring some parts from the stash. No fencing around the outdoor area this year so trucks driving 3 inches from our feet and idling to pick up games all day. No signage telling people there was an outdoor flea. It was worthless. The worst part is Ivan’s lack of caring when I mentioned all this to him. I guess the indoor show puts so much bread on the table he can’t eat another bite. It was lame. Years past it was a party. Shame to see this part of the show die( I along with the other couple of outdoor folk shared the feeling). The neon dudes from years past said hi but did not exhibit this year.
I know people don’t like mike pacak and Ivan and him can’t overcome their bs but it a shame he used to bring an awesome lot of stuff outside, which is what this show is about. Treasure hunting.
The inside vendors all brought generic crap, 5 leg bolt vendors and not a single interlock switch. No Steve young, no starship fantasy, no flipper fidelity,it was lame from that standpoint. You could not buy a single ramp at this show.
Sorry to rant but way too many EM’s, no true parts guys and no a single sign to direct traffic.
It’s just easier to pull out a 20 and be done than rent a trailer and go through the hassle to not be appreciated or supported by the show organizers.
I look forward to Pintastic where Gabe takes feedback and makes changes to make it the best it can be. I am happy to follow up if Ivan reads this and can make it better. For now I’ll do like the other folks set up in the parking lot and not stress.

Sorry for responding now, 5 days later. I haven't really been on pinside since the show. If you have any concern or problem with how the show was ran, I would contact Ivan personally now that he's probably free rather than blasting him here (whether whether you liked the show or not). I didn't check out the outdoor flea because there seemed very little out there. I thought the indoor flea market was extremely sparse and most dealers covered their booths blankets by 7pm. Thats why we packed up and left around 7:15ish. Maybe thats cuz EMs are becoming less popular or maybe cuz the veteran flea market dealers are getting tired of the annual routine. However, I would never blame the promoter for that. I will likely do it again in 2019 but like many others, will decide on the following year when that time comes. Im sure Ivan does care about your concerns and maybe you`re right that the outdoor flea wasn't taken that seriously this year. He has been extremely busy the past few months putting the entire show together. Sadly, many people don't express much gratitude for that. But if you really don't like it that much or if you have a problem with the guy who makes this all possible (and spends many months to do so), than please don't do the show.

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