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Pincraft - A Homebrew Pinball Story (Kings of Steel Conversion by Myth Pinball)

By MythMaker

4 years ago

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#251 1 year ago

IMG_7945 (resized).jpg

That is looking more like it! But more to go...

#252 1 year ago

IMG_7993 (resized).jpg

All sanded and prepped... Ready for clear-coating.

#253 1 year ago

IMG_7994 (resized).jpg

Close up shot

#254 1 year ago

First coat of clear is applied to the bare wood, the artwork will be applied to this layer of clear.

IMG_8024 (resized).jpg
#255 1 year ago

IMG_8025 (resized).jpg

Shiny! Some light sanding and buffing to make it pretty even.

#256 1 year ago

Artwork getting prepped to be applied...

IMG_8031 (resized).jpg

#257 1 year ago

Artwork all trimmed up and ready to install.

IMG_8032 (resized).jpg

#258 1 year ago

Lined up and ready for clear...

IMG_8035 (resized).jpg

#259 1 year ago

Clear applied... Looking pretty good. I had some issues with bubbling with this material, so I cannot recommend it to others.

IMG_8069 (resized).jpg

#260 1 year ago

Waiting in the cabinet for the clear to harden. Then it will be polished down a bit and everything will be re-installed.

IMG_8070 (resized).jpg

Stay tuned for more updates.

IMG_8068 (resized).jpg

#261 1 year ago

Very cool!

#262 1 year ago

looks awesome

#263 1 year ago

Great stuff Brian, and something Connor will remember for years to come! Quality time with family doing something like this is invaluable!

Amazing so far, will follow the progress!


2 weeks later
2 weeks later
#265 1 year ago

Just catching up on this thread .. this is the best work you've done since the haunted house lighting.

#266 1 year ago

Pincraft is on the playfield rotisserie getting its parts reinstalled ... lots of mechs getting shopped in the process.

IMG_8230 (resized).jpg

Steve and Alex looking ready to go on their adventure.

IMG_8231 (resized).jpg

#267 1 year ago

Back in the cabinet with the apron re-installed. Still haven't decided what to do with this apron, but it looks pretty cool as is.

IMG_8232 (resized).jpg

#268 1 year ago

And it fires up! On the first try even... gotta love it!

IMG_8240 (resized).jpg

#269 1 year ago

Check out those fancy insert lights... nifty. On my first play I got to the Stronghold, which is where the game currently ends.

IMG_8241 (resized).jpg

#270 1 year ago

Turning the game off, the coils hold their power for a bit and leave this ominous scene. Ender Dragon is like "Where are you going?"

IMG_8245 (resized).jpg

#271 1 year ago

now hook up that roller coaster thing to it

#272 1 year ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

now hook up that roller coaster thing to it

Thats my topper for the Octoberfest pin that I don't have...

#273 1 year ago

I have uploaded an introductory video of Pincraft that shows an overview of the playfield features and different modes. Enjoy!

Coming soon is some more gameplay videos, working on getting more cameras setup to make that happen.

#274 1 year ago

Trying one more time to embed the video...


But if the embed doesn't work, just click the link above for the gameplay video.

#275 1 year ago

This is badass!! Amazing work, so cool to see it (mostly) completed. I love the opening track, and the night mode track. So many ways to play with all the difficulty levels and co-op modes,etc you coded in. That's a lot of extra work, I'm impressed! Love to play it some day, great job!

#276 1 year ago

Finally watched that video . Very impressive work . I think you might be hired soon. JPOP , meet B-craft

2 months later
#277 1 year ago

It looks like Pincraft will be traveling to the White Rose Gameroom Show in York, PA ...

An exclusive chance to see (and maybe play) Pincraft in person.

Game will only be there on Friday October 8th.

As long as the hardware holds out, it should be playable all day.

See everyone there.

1 week later
#278 1 year ago

Been working on solving some of the hardware gremlins and I think we have knocked them all out. Mostly just some switch adjustments and squashing a few more software bugs. Should be pretty solid for the York Show. See everyone there!

#279 1 year ago

Congratulations and best of luck at York!

1 month later
#280 1 year ago

Thank you to everyone who came out to the York show to experience Pincraft! In general the game got some great reviews.

IMG_9006 (resized).jpeg
IMG_9014 (resized).jpg
IMG_9009 (resized).jpeg

#281 1 year ago

Unfortunately the game also had quite a few hardware and software glitches. The upper flipper kept getting stuck on and we had some issue with communication between the various P3 boards.

Time to harden the game to get it ready for the next show!

#282 1 year ago

First thing we did was get rid of the linear flipper mech for the upper flipper and instead replaced the plate and linkage with an older Bally style mech. The upper flipper doesn't need too much power since it is only shooting close targets. This should help greatly.

IMG_9138 (resized).jpeg

Looking great... just ignore the ugly wood fill from the other side. Never got around to sanding that since no one will see it (well I guess you just did!)

#283 1 year ago

IMG_9146 (resized).jpegNext up was the process of redoing all the serial cables across the game. We used shielded cable but it wasn't the highest gauge and I think we were picking up noise in the lines. Plus I found out the pinout we used wasn't 100% correct.

While we were at it we made them pretty and color coded. Each serial line is now its own color for each diagnosis.

IMG_9144 (resized).jpeg

In this case red is used for switches and blue is used for light boards. Yellow is our new solenoid color and green is our cabinet loom.

#284 1 year ago

IMG_9142 (resized).jpeg

We also took the time to connect the white power strip to the game switch. Previously it was connected to the service outlet. Now when you turn on the game both the computer equipment and the game turn on together.

Little progress sometimes.

Also you can see the new computer mount on the right side of the game and our temporary mount for the high voltage power supply. It is attached with velcro on the underside but we wanted to make sure it didn't move during folding. Will eventually 3d print some brackets for it.

#285 1 year ago

IMG_9140 (resized).jpeg

Underside playfield shot, because why not!

#286 1 year ago

While we have the game apart we decided to do some cosmetic upgrades...

IMG_9150 (resized).jpeg

This was the old upper target on the top left side..

IMG_9151 (resized).jpeg

Here is the replacement target. Also decided to light it up from the back. Has made this a lot more interactive. Looks great!

#287 1 year ago

Also decided to make the target bank look better.

IMG_9149 (resized).jpeg

Here is the old target bank.

IMG_9221 (resized).jpeg

Decided to add decals to the targets for collecting blocks (matches the playfield art).

IMG_9222 (resized).jpeg

And also added faces to the enemies you encounter in the game.

#288 1 year ago

IMG_9225 (resized).jpeg

And finally here is a shot of them in the game all ready to go!

#289 1 year ago

Pincraft will be traveling to Pintastic for the weekend coming up on November 18th to the 21st.

Hope to see many of you there and get your feedback. Remember this is an older style game, don't hesitate to read the rule card before you play!

Will have a QR code ready to scan for feedback, bug reports or issues. So if me or Connor is not around feel free to submit your feedback that way as well.

Also we do still have some software bugs (and they may not all be resolved) that we are working through. Holding down the start button for 15 seconds will reset the game and let you try again.

#290 1 year ago
Quoted from MythMaker:

Also we do still have some software bugs (and they may not all be resolved) that we are working through. Holding down the start button for 15 seconds will reset the game and let you try again.

Let me know if you need any help with that. We can do a stream and resolve some issues if you want.

2 weeks later
#291 1 year ago

Pincraft was a great hit at Pintastic. What a great show! We were honored to be among some great home-brew games such as Sonic Spinball and Haunted Cruise.

Luckily the game pretty much worked great the entire weekend. We had one strange issue where the USB cable to the P3-Roc board stopped working on Thursday night. They were having power problems and potentially a power spike caused damage some how. Will bring a power conditioner to the next show.

Luckily we had a spare USB cable and were back up and running in a few minutes.

Here are some pictures from the show:
Photo Nov 20, 7 29 23 PM (resized).jpgPhoto Nov 20, 9 38 50 PM (resized).jpg

#292 1 year ago

Next stop for Pincraft will most likely be Allentown in the spring. And then who knows where next...

Photo Nov 20, 11 17 42 AM (resized).jpg

Photo Nov 21, 1 37 43 AM (resized).jpg

Photo Nov 21, 12 03 28 PM (resized).jpg

1 month later
#293 11 months ago

Some random pictures that may or may not have been posted before... in High Res Glory...

IMG_8231 (resized).jpg

IMG_8241 (resized).jpg

IMG_8974 (resized).jpg

IMG_9016 (resized).jpg

IMG_9017 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#294 7 months ago

Pincraft will be traveling to Pinfest in Allentown on May 6th and 7th 2022 for play. Look for us in the Pinball Gallery booth.

This may be its only public appearance for this year, so don't miss it!

1 month later
#295 5 months ago

Pincraft is on location at the Pinball Gallery in Malvern Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia) for the next week or two. Stop on down to play it and leave some comments either here or using the QR code on the game.

IMG-0513 (resized).JPG

IMG-0514 (resized).JPG

IMG-0515 (resized).JPG

IMG-0516 (resized).JPG

If you beat the Ender Dragon and make it to the Ender Dragon high score list, message me for a special prize! (First 4 only).

Where will Pincraft be next? Who knows!

3 months later
#296 80 days ago

After being down at the Pinball Gallery for over two months, Pincraft is back at home getting ready for its next journey!

Where will Pincraft be next?

IMG-1117 (resized).jpg

IMG-1115 (resized).jpg

IMG-1116 (resized).jpg

#297 76 days ago
Quoted from MythMaker:

After being down at the Pinball Gallery for over two months, Pincraft is back at home getting ready for its next journey!
Where will Pincraft be next?
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

I'm guessing York show!

#298 76 days ago
Quoted from poppapin:

I'm guessing York show!

Unfortunately we are going to miss the York show this year, however...

Pincraft will be at Pinball Expo this year! October 19 - October 22, 2022

Not sure where it will be yet, so when we have a location pinned down we will let everyone know.

See everyone there!

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