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Pincraft - A Homebrew Pinball Story (Kings of Steel Conversion)

By MythMaker

2 years ago

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#101 1 year ago

2019-01-20 17.14.39 (resized).jpg

Connor helping to organize wires. We are organizing them by length and laying them out on the ground.

#102 1 year ago

Warning... if you don't want to experience the pain of wiring.. you may want to skip lots of posts past this point!

#103 1 year ago

2019-01-20 17.31.42 (resized).jpg

Starting the first wiring loom on the playfield. This will be the flipper loom (later we learned putting all the flippers on one loom was too much power draw... recommend to everyone put one flipper on one side of a PD-16)

2019-01-20 19.21.23 (resized).jpg

#104 1 year ago

Here is the first loom almost completely wired up.

2019-01-20 19.21.31 (resized).jpg
2019-01-20 19.24.27 (resized).jpg

#105 1 year ago

2019-01-20 19.48.02 (resized).jpg

And here is the connector that will go to the head of the game. We made connectors here to make it easier to remove the playfield going forward.

#106 1 year ago

2019-01-21 21.11.28 (resized).jpg

And here it the playfield back in the game...

#107 1 year ago

2019-01-27 17.25.50 (resized).jpg

Here is the connector from the playfield to the head.

#108 1 year ago

Very excited to try to get everything flipping, so working on downloading and setting up MPF.

2019-01-27 18.19.39 (resized).jpg

However it doesn't even matter, as just powering up the game is causing all the coils to lock on. Here we are trying to debug why this is happening...

2019-01-23 16.08.19 (resized).jpg

#109 1 year ago

2019-01-27 13.17.26 (resized).jpg

While getting very frustrated we worked on mapping out where the next wiring looms would be going, assigning coils to each colored loom.

#110 1 year ago

We tried using the old power supply from the original Kings of Steel. My other Bally game broke so we decided to use that power supply board over there.

So the question came into, should I spend the money to buy a new power supply board or replace the power supplies with solid state supplies.

Since we were still having power issues, we decided to swap the power supplies completely out.

#111 1 year ago

2019-01-31 00.25.35 (resized).jpg

Here are the new power supplies being wired in. A 12v and 5v power supply and a 48v power supply.

2019-01-31 00.25.41 (resized).jpg

2019-01-31 00.57.13 (resized).jpg

#112 1 year ago

2019-01-31 19.10.29 (resized).jpg

We also added a cap board for the coils (same as used in TNA from Spooky)

#113 1 year ago

2019-01-31 19.10.25 (resized).jpg

And here is the full wired setup.

#114 1 year ago

2019-01-31 19.10.32 (resized).jpg

SUCCESS! We have power to the boards... Seem happy for now...

#115 1 year ago

The flippers still were locking on. The ultimately problem is we didn't have the 12,5, and 48v on a common ground. Without the common ground all coils were locked on.

We ran an extra ground line from the 48v supply to the - line on the 12 and 5v supplies and this fixed the issue.

Here is an article on this if anyone else runs into the same issue:

#116 1 year ago

The last issue we ran into is that we could only get the hold coils to work on the flippers. The solution was the cut the diodes and wire the flippers backwards. This solved the issue.

#117 1 year ago

great to see you are back, and right into it

#118 1 year ago

Awesome thread. Thanks for sharing all this.

#119 1 year ago

Great work. I, for one, enjoy seeing the wiring posts and pics.


#120 1 year ago
Quoted from MythMaker:

The flippers still were locking on. The ultimately problem is we didn't have the 12,5, and 48v on a common ground. Without the common ground all coils were locked on.
We ran an extra ground line from the 48v supply to the - line on the 12 and 5v supplies and this fixed the issue.
Here is an article on this if anyone else runs into the same issue:

Unfortunately this is a common problem along new users. We took this as an opportunity to add warnings to all coil related pages in the docs (i.e. http://docs.missionpinball.org/en/dev/hardware/multimorphic/drivers.html).


#121 1 year ago

Following. Looks great

1 week later
#122 1 year ago

We were having some problems getting MPF to work, so in the meantime we started planning out the next wiring looms.

2019-02-01 18.53.09 (resized).jpg

With 2 PD-16s we get 4 banks of 8 outputs. Each flipper takes 2 outputs, and we have technically four in the game (two lower, one upper and one gate diverter)

2019-02-01 18.53.11 (resized).jpg

It was important we plan out our wiring looms to make sure we account for every coil. We also have a drop target bank with individual reset coils that takes almost a whole loom by itself (1 for reset, 6 coils for drop target down)

#123 1 year ago

After having an impossible time trying to install MPF on an older computer, my F*'it brain said lets just pick up a new computer to load this thing on.

2019-02-01 18.56.27 (resized).jpg

Here is the current setup, using a mini-pc wired up to the head.

2019-02-01 18.56.52 (resized).jpg

The nice part about this PC is technically it is small enough that we could re-load it with linux and put it in the cabinet when we are done developing as well.

Hard to see in the pic, but that black box by the monitor is the new PC.

#124 1 year ago

And success! Finally we had MPF up and running and got the game flipping!

Now while most of you would post a first flips video after you got the bugs out, I figured I would post our REAL first flips video:


Notice without using EOS switches, the default power to the flippers is not enough to get a full flip. Later on we adjusted the flipper power and got them to work correctly.

#125 1 year ago

This was a lot of work to get to this milestone, but the sense of achievement says all.

2019-02-01 18.57.35 (resized).jpg

2019-02-01 18.57.50-1 (resized).jpg

#126 1 year ago

Awesome work! Keep it up!

#127 1 year ago

We need more room on the playfield to mount the SW-16 boards and PD-LED boards that will be used in the game.

So we built some riser boards out of some left over plywood and some angle brackets

2019-02-02 16.03.48 (resized).jpg

2019-02-02 16.26.11 (resized).jpg

#128 1 year ago

And here is the risers with a SW-16 on the left and a PD-LED board on the right. On the backside will be another SW-16 and PD-LED board.

2019-02-02 17.07.22 (resized).jpg

#129 1 year ago

Then we begin wiring up the next harness..

2019-02-03 15.00.48 (resized).jpg

This one will include the pop bumpers..

2019-02-03 15.00.50 (resized).jpg

#130 1 year ago

And the ball trough...

2019-02-03 15.30.10 (resized).jpg

Lots of wiring

2019-02-03 15.30.13 (resized).jpg

#131 1 year ago

So now we have the green and the blue harnesses done on the game (2 out of 4 looms).

2019-02-03 16.59.14 (resized).jpg

Here is the picture of the wiring progress so far...
2019-02-03 17.10.28 (resized).jpg

#132 1 year ago

And the game flips!

2019-02-07 20.38.00 (resized).jpg

Although at this point it isn't too exciting, since we have NO switches wired up. That means only the flippers really work.

#133 1 year ago

Next thing to tackle was the drop target bank wiring. I wanted to try to re-use the old connector so it was easy enough to remove the drop target mech in the future.

This semi-worked. I was able to use the connector for the solenoids and one bank of switches, however had to put the second bank of switches on its own sw-16 header.

2019-02-09 17.17.29 (resized).jpg

This is the connector that runs to the PD-16 bank and one of the SW-16 headers.

2019-02-09 17.17.32 (resized).jpg

I ended up using pretty much an entire SW-16 dedicated to this drop target mech. There are 6 switches for the drop targets and 5 switches for the targets behind the drop targets.

#134 1 year ago

Time to build the last of the playfield looms.

Here you can see the box of wiring we used to pull a loom through..
2019-02-09 17.17.34 (resized).jpg

And here is Connor showing off the 4 completed looms. The last loom only required 3 coils at the moment.
2019-02-09 18.48.11 (resized).jpg

#135 1 year ago

And here is all the coil wiring in place on the game...

2019-02-09 18.48.30 (resized).jpg

#136 1 year ago

The next step is to get the switches working... This part is really exciting, because after the switches are working the game really comes to life!

First step is to run power to all of our boards (SW-16, PD-LED, and Optos).

Here is an opto power board that we used from Pinball Life, we have two of these in the game. One to power our trough and scoop optos and one to power our upper gate optos.

2019-02-09 20.30.33 (resized).jpg

2019-02-09 20.30.37 (resized).jpg

#137 1 year ago

We also powered up one PD-LED board and here is a picture of our overall layout with lights for the first time!

2019-02-09 21.47.48 (resized).jpg

#138 1 year ago

Now it is time to get ALL the switches wired up. This is a very time consuming process for sure.

I also removed all the diodes from the equation as they are not needed for SW-16 boards.

Here you can see one of our SW-16 headers. The wires here are much thinner 22-gauge wires.

2019-02-14 20.26.53 (resized).jpg

And here is an overview of some of the switch wiring. You can see the trough wiring and shooter lane switch that we put in.

2019-02-14 20.31.10 (resized).jpg

#139 1 year ago

A most important member of the team helping out of course...

2019-02-14 22.14.05 (resized).jpg

#140 1 year ago

Having trough switches means we can actually start programming in our game..

Here is our first set of switches programmed inside of MPF

2019-02-15 18.39.24 (resized).jpg

#141 1 year ago

And here is our very first score display...
2019-02-15 20.02.00 (resized).jpg

And first actual game with 3 balls and the ball trough working...
2019-02-15 20.02.31 (resized).jpg

#142 1 year ago

Had to make the display look a bit better than it did and actually show the score, so setup a slide_player in MPF and grabbed a few custom fonts..

2019-02-16 15.32.46 (resized).jpg

Looking better...

2019-02-16 15.58.04 (resized).jpg

#143 1 year ago

Game is pretty fun, but boring without pop bumpers! Time to add some more switch wiring...

2019-02-16 17.11.23 (resized).jpg

And now here is the fully populated SW-16 board...

2019-02-16 19.06.47 (resized).jpg

#144 1 year ago

And here is all the game wiring to date...

2019-02-16 19.13.58 (resized).jpg

#145 1 year ago

Playing catch-up here on the posts! So forgive the number of updates on one given day!

#146 1 year ago

Next it was time to tackle the drop target assembly itself. Unfortunately all the switches needed to be re-wired because the theory of operation was different.

Originally it was column and row wiring, which meant they used the same wiring for the rows and just strobes different grounds (columns). Since now we are using dedicated switches, each of them needed to be re-wired.

2019-02-23 17.56.41 (resized).jpg

#147 1 year ago

Even after having two riser boards, we needed more room to mount more switches.

So here is another section of riser boards, one will be for more switches, the other for another PD-LED board.

2019-02-23 21.52.59 (resized).jpg

Was careful to mount these so it would clear the playfield rails.

2019-02-23 21.53.11 (resized).jpg

#148 1 year ago

Next we had to build the power harness for the PD-LED and SW-16 boards. Annoyingly enough they use different voltages. The 12v for the SW-16 boards and 5V for the PD-LED boards.

2019-02-24 12.41.44 (resized).jpg

#149 1 year ago

Also had to run power to this upper opto power board that will be used for the loop optos (eventually).

2019-02-23 21.53.16 (resized).jpg

#150 1 year ago

We needed to add loop optos so we could open and close the top gates and award loop shots. Otherwise we had no way to detect a ball going around the loop.

We choose optos because the lanes were a bit wider than a standard switch would accommodate. Plus we had the drop target mech in the way as well.

Here is the left loop opto being installed..

2019-02-28 19.46.45 (resized).jpg

And here is a view from behind the rail...

2019-02-28 20.34.14 (resized).jpg

These are tricky to get working right, and of course one of the wires was backwards by accident, so that had to be adjusted as well.

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