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Pincinnati!! The Greater Cincinnati Pinball Show (11/22/2019-11/24/2019)

By chuckwurt

1 year ago

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#28 1 year ago

Big thanks to Jerry and Chuck Wurt for putting this together. Have a feeling this is gonna be another great one. The Cincy group always makes a good show great.

7 months later
#146 11 months ago

I ain't got no ticket and I don't need no stinkin ticket.
Only one lonesome Luci, well that ain't right. She needs a friend. Guess I'll set mine up in the lobby.

#148 11 months ago

Folks gettin all pissy being told they CAN'T bring a machine.
Great problem to have eh Chuck?

#151 11 months ago

Looks like Bob just threw down the gauntlet.
Bon Scott and pals will be available in the lobby for your enjoyment. No coin door, just put your dollar in the spitoon on floor thanks.

#152 11 months ago

Shameless plug for mar dudes in Summon the Destroyer gettin to open for Cannibal Corpse on Thur Nov 29th. They absofuckinlutely deserve it...Indy's best death for a decade. Come get some.
44857168_10218023040026651_1724240644186046464_n (resized).jpg

#153 11 months ago


#154 11 months ago

As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly
Turkey_Drop_detail_600x (resized).jpg

#159 11 months ago

First annual
Pinwhatever it's called hold on. I'm comin.

#160 11 months ago

20180928_094339 (resized).jpg
If you look closely you can see the turkey that won't back down. Take no prisoners take no shit.
I'm going to eat them all.

#164 11 months ago

Sorry for the drunk postin Chuck, I'll "try" to curtail that. I do love that pic up there though cause in our 5 years here, I have never seen a flock of 10+ turkey and that many deer including a buck in our backyard. That baby buck was stompin and huffin and that turkey never backed up a damn step. Just flexed on him. The stand off lasted over 10 minutes. Hoosier turkeys don't take no shit lol.

#179 11 months ago

The light thrown outta GOT is gonna make the Batman spotlight run outta the room with its cord between its legs.

#182 11 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Might not be enough. I’d suggest a welders helmet. Haha

Confession: I have never played Haunted House. You guys have no idea how incredibly psyched I am to finally hit that! OH BOY!

#184 11 months ago

What does it sound like? Is there music playing? Dyin to see this thing.

#186 11 months ago

Errybody knows
LeonardCohen_Press_photo_2016 (resized).jpg

#187 11 months ago

Is Violent Steve
Leonard Cohen?
Lil bit.

#196 11 months ago

Just got Angus in color baby whoop whoop!
Available for $1 plays at the bell hop booth ONLY.

#197 11 months ago

Chuck in all seriousness, if you need me to bring two or three I'll make it happen. I mean, Breakshot ain't gonna fix itself.

#212 11 months ago

Told everyone with ears about Cincy yesterday. Lotta folks said they were down. Guess we'll see. I'm gonna have a GREAT time regardless.

#216 11 months ago


#240 11 months ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

and I need to concentrate of helping fix games while I'm there...

To the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus"
Here comes Breakshot
Here comes Breakshot
Right down the I-74 lane

#242 11 months ago

The voltage alone will shock any game back to life agreed, and thanks!

#243 11 months ago


#252 11 months ago

Jerry is too modest to bring it up, but his boy fronts a VERY B'DASS band called Vacation. They put on a helluva live show so my question is what night is Vacation playin?
The talent in this family is almost sickening.

#255 11 months ago

I'm actually startin to like Super Dave. Somebody slug me.

#256 11 months ago

Once again Chuck....right on the goddamn money. I guffawed.

#257 11 months ago

Still laughin...

#258 11 months ago

Vacation fuckin rules. Live they REALLY rule.

1 week later
#287 11 months ago

What time does Ju Jitsu with Jerry start?

#289 11 months ago

Why Jerry wouldya look at that? It seems we are both forgetting our smiley faces.

There. That's better. I feel more smiley now.

#322 10 months ago

Gotta be some Cinci dudes hittin this show Thurs in Indy

#323 10 months ago

I feel like that should be Cincy with a Y then I I remember it's Cinci like Cindi that stripper I dated in 94.

#338 10 months ago
20181128_221719 (resized).jpg
#343 10 months ago


#437 10 months ago

Jerry and Chuck THANK YOU!!!
Perfectly executed; really could not have been any better!!!

#443 10 months ago


20181203_184132 (resized).jpg
#445 10 months ago

BAHAHA....I laughed my ass off when I saw that.

#447 10 months ago

Chuck I'm still runnin on adrenaline from this weekend. Thank you mar dude; everybody was smilin, havin the time of their lives.

#448 10 months ago

I wished I woulda hung out longer and helped you guys load out. Next year I'm bringin all my machines and not leavin till everybody has loaded up. This is workin on bein my favorite show. Cincy group EFFIN RULES.

#454 10 months ago

Chuck I'm pretty sure it's Vids thread " Stupid Shit You Don't Need but Will Buy Anyway"

#455 10 months ago

500 WATTS haha! It's not better than my HK, but it does pretty damn good for a Wally World speaker. Another great Vid value.

#456 10 months ago

The play but ESP the sound on that Queen pin was GD PHENOMENAL.
And thank you!

#465 10 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I wanted to call out djsolzs for a second.
This righteous dude brought and amazing fish tales to the show. Then he proceeds to get an amazing offer on it, and couldn’t pass it up. Game sells. New owner takes it from the show (that’s their right).
What does someone normally do? Count the cash and go on with their weekend. Well not Adam.
Dude goes back home, gets another game and puts it in the show where his other game was.
If that’s not incredible, I don’t know what is.
These are the kinds of people we have throughout this show. We are so very lucky and we will continue to make this show better so that guys and gals like Adam want to come back year after year.
Thanks again!!

That's freakin AWESOME.
Whatta great dude.

#467 10 months ago
Quoted from shakenbake:

I’ll make a nice spot for him in the trailer

I sleep in my truck at my metal shows, so I'm totally down for that B.
Think we can trench out a hole in the parking lot for a generator. You got a jackhammer?

#468 10 months ago

500 watts need some HIGH VOLTAGE

#496 10 months ago

WANTED: roomie for Pincinatti 19. We'll be in Brad's trailer.
Somewhat spacious, very foggy but pretty well sound proofed. Yoga mat not included.

#500 10 months ago

"Everybody can hear it. I can hear it on the fourth floor, I can hear it on the sixth floor. Everybody can hear it."
"Now enjoy the rest of your shower sir."

#504 10 months ago

Congratulations Trent!

47095049_10157686859947699_8616864870169575424_o (resized).jpg
#515 10 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen!
It's the 150BigGamesand150Genesiscanatti.
Reserve your trailer NOW!

#516 10 months ago

Hey you got Big Game?

Vacation2Big (resized).jpg
#518 10 months ago

GOALS: acquire a 1000 watt Wurlitzer jukebox to bring next year. For the lobby.

#519 10 months ago

500 Cannibal Corpse 45's.

#526 10 months ago

Chuck talk em into jukebox in lobby.
Only 50's songs.

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