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PinBrew 2 April 7-9 2022

By Skypilot

1 year ago

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    #201 1 year ago

    I hate that I missed it this year. I went last year and it was a blast. I am definitely going next year. I hope everybody has a wonderful time because it looks like a kick ass show this year.

    #202 1 year ago
    Quoted from lancestorm:

    How are the crowds or is there a set limit on number of paying customers? Curious how this one is compared to crowded settings like tpf and lax.

    There’s plenty of great playing games to play. You may have to wait to play the newest and most popular, but not for long. Excellent show!

    #204 1 year ago

    A big Thank You to the Pinbrew Show organizers as this year's event was fantastic. Whatever preparations Keith and Marvin had been up to really paid off -- so many games in great playing condition, so many tasty food vendors, such a great environment for this kind of event! Pinbrew should easily be considered one of the premier pinball shows in the nation.

    A few random pictures from the show:

    IMG_9881 (resized).JPGIMG_9881 (resized).JPG IMG_9882B (resized).JPGIMG_9882B (resized).JPG IMG_9883A (resized).JPGIMG_9883A (resized).JPG IMG_9885A (resized).JPGIMG_9885A (resized).JPG IMG_9886A (resized).JPGIMG_9886A (resized).JPG IMG_9887A (resized).JPGIMG_9887A (resized).JPG

    I was able to play many new-to-me games as well as revisit some classics/favorites I have not played in awhile. I attended Friday afternoon/evening; there were definitely more people than last year but there was always a game available to play. Only game I had to wait a short time for was Cactus Canyon. . . and that was only for a couple minutes.

    I also experienced something new in the food world -- Polish Nachos! (sorry about the picture focus, must have been the beers )

    KIMG1388 (resized).JPGKIMG1388 (resized).JPG

    Definitely looking forward to next year!

    #205 1 year ago

    Found a couple more from the show floor.

    IMG_9893A (resized).JPGIMG_9893A (resized).JPG IMG_9906A (resized).JPGIMG_9906A (resized).JPG

    I was able to put a few games in on mrm_4 's gorgeous Xenon. I followed his restoration here in Pinside and the end result did not disappoint!

    IMG_9897A (resized).JPGIMG_9897A (resized).JPG

    Lastly, I brought a buddy to the show that grew up with pinball but has not experienced it as much recently. Lebowski and the Munsters were his favorites. We had a great time!

    IMG_9894A (resized).JPGIMG_9894A (resized).JPG

    #206 1 year ago

    I spent all day at Pinbrew on Friday. The show and craft beers were awesome! I got to play all the new titles and there was a great selection of DMD games. Most of the games were well cared for and in good working order. There was always a machine open somewhere. Tilt amusements really stepped up and brought at least 12 new Stern titles. Coin Taker had a nice booth and there was also a distributor for Multimorphic there. They had the new Weird Al machine. The tournament area seemed to be pretty busy as well. I got to meet several pin heads from all over the place. My son and I thouroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    We stayed at the hotel that had blocks of rooms set aside for Pinbrew. Did anyone else have money under their windshield wiper? I thought that someone may have put $2 bills on everyone's winsheild. I couldn't verify this because we pulled off on the highway to get the $2 dollar bill.

    #207 1 year ago

    Great show! If somebody wants to sell me that Stern Indiana Jones send me a note!

    #208 1 year ago

    Keith and Marvin,
    Thank you for an amazing show. I spent all day there yestereday and had a blast. The highlight of the show for me was the amazing people. It was so refereshing to be around positive, like-minded people that were just interested in having a good time. Both of you should feel amazing about putting together a space for people to be their best selves. Oh, and there was pinball and beer. Both were amazing. The only downside is the show is going to cost me some money because I need to find a Lebowski. Thanks again for a great show.

    #209 1 year ago

    Me and the girlfriend at pinbrew and ironically it fell on her birthday

    20220409_114659 (resized).jpg20220409_114659 (resized).jpg
    #210 1 year ago

    Awesome show. Personally my favorite but I have not been to a lot. Just well-done and they have beer! Haha.

    #211 1 year ago

    The beer was also on point!
    Jelly and blue balls were top notch

    So glad to see this show come alive again

    C9BB30CB-1D41-47F3-8F6A-D693F20D3D43 (resized).jpegC9BB30CB-1D41-47F3-8F6A-D693F20D3D43 (resized).jpeg
    #212 1 year ago

    What ever happened to Pacaks old Ohio Pinball Show?!

    Last I heard it was coming back with all sorts of new surprises or something?

    #213 1 year ago

    wanted to be there to support this show, but just couldnt make it, work got in the way. Sorry Mr. Marvin!!

    #214 1 year ago
    Quoted from mjg417:

    Me and the girlfriend at pinbrew and ironically it fell on her birthday
    [quoted image]

    Sure she was thrilled.

    #215 1 year ago

    Keith and Marvin...
    I want to thank you for putting on a outstanding show. Shout out to tilt amusement and cointaker also for bringing all the games they brought to the show ..for me this is my favorite show the place is very clean very well organized Great beer good food and good people.. and finally I found my unicorn a back glass for Data East time machine thanks Mike P.

    20220408_112342_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_112342_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_112348 (resized).jpg20220408_112348 (resized).jpg20220408_112918_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_112918_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_113515_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_113515_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_113546 (resized).jpg20220408_113546 (resized).jpg20220408_132522_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_132522_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_132532_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_132532_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_134811_HDR (resized).jpg20220408_134811_HDR (resized).jpg
    #216 1 year ago

    Thank you Keith and Marvin ,Pinbrew 2022 was fantastic. I found a GZ banner for my pinball bar room.

    Thanks again

    #217 1 year ago

    Absolutely fantastic show! Great job to everyone involved! Amazing how many A+ machines available to play with little to no wait. And the beers were delicious. Can’t wait until next year!

    #218 1 year ago

    Great photos and stories! Looks like a solid show I should start attending.

    #219 1 year ago

    A+ show. Very old to very new games and most played well. Excellent food, beer, and facility. From scrap parts to mods to vendors, even polite and friendly guests.


    #220 1 year ago

    What and amazing show. The games were nicely spread and were functioning well the whole time. The guests seemed very laid back and respectful of the games as well. With a great mix of games and modest lines even at the busiest times.

    Great job to everyone who worked to pull off such a wonderful event.

    #221 1 year ago

    Keith and Marvin have done an excellent job again, but I wanted to also thank their family and friends who helped run everything. Those folks gave up their weekend to sell tickets, admission, and beer and I'm grateful!

    Here's to Pinbrew 3!

    #222 1 year ago

    Congratulations to everyone behind the scenes of Pinbrew 2. This is easily one of the best shows around. So many killer games. Can't wait until next year.

    #223 1 year ago

    Some stats on Alien LV:

    Games started: 399
    Total plays: 350
    Minutes on: 1844
    Extra balls: 0
    Tilts: 7
    Left drain: 874
    Right drain: 502
    Center drain: 2665
    Power ups: 36
    Left flips: 204226
    Right flips: 207280
    Total game time: 10h 28m
    Avg ball time: 34s

    #224 1 year ago

    Munsters play math. 401

    E0A272D8-DB48-46BC-8618-C9B954483ED8 (resized).jpegE0A272D8-DB48-46BC-8618-C9B954483ED8 (resized).jpegE961C373-C3BA-412C-9AE0-783EEF07A7CD (resized).jpegE961C373-C3BA-412C-9AE0-783EEF07A7CD (resized).jpeg
    #225 1 year ago

    I saw 391 plays on the Game Show that I brought on behalf of a friend. Had zero issues with it and we were both surprised how popular it was.

    #226 1 year ago

    Sunday 5 pm

    5D4EB658-075E-4E8B-8575-859E678ACB9A (resized).jpeg5D4EB658-075E-4E8B-8575-859E678ACB9A (resized).jpeg
    #227 1 year ago

    And then they rested.

    #228 1 year ago

    Home and in bed already. Not unloading or anything. But the tilt both had over 4000 plays on them combined

    #229 1 year ago

    Keith and the PinBrew Crew put on a great show!!! I had a great time meeting everyone and making some new friends!

    Watching everyone smile and laugh while playing Weird Al was definitely the highlight of the show for me! Heist was a big hit also!

    Big thanks to Sjsilver for taking the time to be there!! Everyone was excited to talk to him about the design process of Weird Al!

    Very glad I could be a part of PinBrew 2!! Can't wait for #3!!!

    #230 1 year ago

    I had a great time and reiterate all the positive comments that are made on this page and in previous posts. Keith and Marvin have put together a great show and I appreciate both of them taking the time to talk to Dave and I and our podcast: The Classic Pinball Podcast. We chronicle our adventures and experiences over the weekend. Please keep in mind it’s entertainment and that you need to listen to it in its entirety for context.

    Downloadable here:
    Accessible to stream via any of the links below:

    #231 1 year ago

    So the dust has settled. PinBrew 2022 is in the books. So we sold a lot of beer. We played a lot of PinBall. Just for the numbers we sold over 2000 pints of beer. There were over 135 working pinball machines. Including some great new titles. We had multimorphic’s Weird Al, Cactus canyon, Alien, the Big Lebowski, Funhouse 2.0, along with so many other great titles. I need to tell all the people that came to the show how much Marvin and I appreciate you all being there. All the kind words were appreciated by us. I would like to especially think my family, Butch Peel Dave Downey, Tom Beezie, Jeffrey Dickson, John “Jitter” Tomsich, Juggs, The Flight Crew, The Food Peeps, The Breweries, Cointaker,Tilt, Outside edge, Project MKC ,Mark Salas, Eric and Arron. We will be tweaking and adjusting the show to make a better experience. I’m so glad you all had a good time. Next year will be bigger and better. Thank you all ! Cheers and Beers Keith

    #232 1 year ago

    It really was a great show.....thanks to everyone involved!

    #233 1 year ago
    Quoted from Asmig:

    I saw 391 plays on the Game Show that I brought on behalf of a friend. Had zero issues with it and we were both surprised how popular it was.

    If that friend is ever interested in selling, hit me up!

    #234 1 year ago
    Quoted from Asmig:I saw 391 plays on the Game Show that I brought on behalf of a friend. Had zero issues with it and we were both surprised how popular it was.

    Even though I do not do well on it, it played and looked fantastic. I noticed that even though the playfield had LEDs in the inserts, the back row GI were incandescent, keeping that "carnival feel" of light strings. Well done!

    #235 1 year ago

    Can’t wait til next year

    #236 1 year ago

    Really appreciated all your efforts! Many cool machines, great craft beers and food, spacious setting--BRAVO. Blake

    #237 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jeffswack:

    If that friend is ever interested in selling, hit me up!

    I already tried

    #238 1 year ago

    Excellent show! I appreciate everyone's efforts to put it together. Shout out to the brewery that did the late night beer run to keep us rolling until midnight!

    1 week later
    #239 1 year ago

    Prepping for 2023

    65FCD67E-D4AD-4F9A-BECB-7FCDB3BCB4AC (resized).jpeg65FCD67E-D4AD-4F9A-BECB-7FCDB3BCB4AC (resized).jpegA2B37554-4FC7-4357-9046-C722962BD92E (resized).jpegA2B37554-4FC7-4357-9046-C722962BD92E (resized).jpegD5D4189F-918D-4AC5-BAFE-6B6B6FF76260 (resized).jpegD5D4189F-918D-4AC5-BAFE-6B6B6FF76260 (resized).jpeg
    #240 1 year ago
    Quoted from Skypilot:

    Prepping for 2023
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    That's an impressive set up! Wanna shoot the clear on my NBX homebrew?

    #241 1 year ago
    Quoted from P1nhead:

    That's an impressive set up! Wanna shoot the clear on my NBX homebrew?

    Ummmm, no. Not loving this part of resto.

    #242 1 year ago

    We are thrilled to have worked with Project MKC at the show this year. Cheers and beers guys and ladies. You raised your glass to a good cause.

    C5DD1D54-22E4-4CEA-937F-BE7AFC43A4D2 (resized).jpegC5DD1D54-22E4-4CEA-937F-BE7AFC43A4D2 (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #243 1 year ago

    Not pinball related but this will be at this location ,just a heads up.

    Screenshot_20220503-213122_Chrome (resized).jpgScreenshot_20220503-213122_Chrome (resized).jpg
    #244 1 year ago

    I might have missed them, but are there any pics of the game winners?

    #245 1 year ago

    Is the other pinball show just done at this point? The one at the old Emidio center?

    #246 1 year ago

    One of our Breweries is suppling the Craft Beer for this event at the Metroplex.I will be pouring for them at the event

    Youngstown-tattoo-classic-7 (resized).jpgYoungstown-tattoo-classic-7 (resized).jpg
    8 months later
    #247 10 months ago

    Where is the new Pinbrew 2023 thread? This has been my favorite show since Expo 99' right after WMS/BLY closed.

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